Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.





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  1. A Coupla of Fish Stories

  2. A Cup of Water

  3. A Famine in the Land

  4. A Hedge of Separation

  5. A Matter of Destiny

  6. A Matter of Truth

  7. A Thin Line

  8. A Time of Visitation

  9. A sure foundation

  10. A Surrendered Life

  11. Accepting God's Choice

  12. Access to Participate

  13. After you Pray

  14. Ageing

  15. And God said

  16. Apathy in the Church

  17. Are you a Legal Beagle?

  18. Are You A Wave Rider?

  19. Are You ready for your harvest?

  20. Are you willing to endure?

  21. Arm Yourselves!

  22. As oft as you need

  23. At your place of failure

  24. Be in good health

  25. Be not Conformed

  26. Be Patient

  27. Becoming A Balm

  28. Been there done it!

  29. Before it is too late

  30. Behold the Lamb

  31. Being Contented

  32. Being Sick

  33. Belief must be Transforming

  34. Blessings

  35. Breaking Away

  36. Breaking out of the Box

  37. Bring the Harvest in

  38. Build Yourself Up!

  39. Bust A Move!

  40. But know this

  41. Can God Change

  42. Can God Inspire us to Fail

  43. Catch a New Wave

  44. Changing Your Mind

  45. Children are a blessing

  46. Christian Responsibility

  47. Clear Your Mind

  48. Commitment

  49. Communication for Life Eternal

  50. Consumed by Things

  51. Containment Christianity

  52. Cosmic humor

  53. Count the Cost

  54. Dear Papi

  55. Declare who God is

  56. Destiny

  57. Dilute and Refute

  58. Distractions! Distractions

  59. Do good at any cost

  60. Do No More

  61. Do not be Deceived

  62. Do the Father's Will

  63. Do You Know?

  64. Do you know what He wants?

  65. Do you see Christ?

  66. Does every good idea come from God

  67. Doing God's Will

  68. Don't be Discouraged

  69. Don't go back!

  70. Don't Rock the Boat

  71. Don't worry be happy

  72. Dream Again

  73. Dying Once

  74. Encourage yourself in the Lord

  75. Every Word

  76. Everyone Must Die

  77. Expect God's Best

  78. Experiencing the Heart of God

  79. Eyes That See Jesus

  80. Eyes Wide Shut

  81. Falling in Love with God

  82. Fear Not

  83. Feed the Hungry

  84. Few are Chosen

  85. Finish with a flourish

  86. Fishers of Men

  87. For Better or for Worst

  88. For the Perfecting of the Saints

  89. Forgiveness

  90. Forgiveness when it still hurts

  91. Get down right dirty

  92. Give God your Rags

  93. Give Someone a Chance

  94. Glory to Glory

  95. Go after the One

  96. Go it with God's flow

  97. God Cares

  98. God do not have a delete button

  99. God has a Plan

  100. God has not Forgotten

  101. God is making a transfer

  102. God is putting your Mantle on you

  103. God of Mercy

  104. God will take care of you

  105. Going the Distance for Christ

  106. Grace - Amazing!

  107. Grace outside of the box

  108. Growing in Grace

  109. He is the Rock

  110. He makes provision

  111. He Reigns

  112. He Restoreth my Soul

  113. Hearing from God

  114. Hemolele

  115. How Big is Your Faith?

  116. How do we know we are progressing?

  117. How he Attacks

  118. How to deal with difficult people

  119. How to Love

  120. How to make a difference

  121. I Died and Went to Heaven

  122. I Know Not Any

  123. Ignite your Community with the Love of Christ

  124. Ignorance is not a Virtue

  125. Illegals in the Midst

  126. In His Season

  127. In the midst of soul-winning

  128. In the Midst of the Storm

  129. In the Shadow of the Almighty

  130. Inexplicably Walking the Walk

  131. Inoculation against the Corrections Department

  132. Introduction to Faith 101

  133. Involved but not Entangled

  134. Is it carnal or spiritual?

  135. Is it Possible?

  136. It Begins

  137. It comes from God

  138. It is time

  139. It is time to make your move

  140. It is upon you

  141. It was not in Vain

  142. Jehovah Ropheka

  143. Jesus the First Born of all Creation

  144. Jesus went

  145. Judgment in the House

  146. Keep and Seek

  147. Keep the Sabbath Holy

  148. Keeping your Word

  149. Know That

  150. Know when to give thanks

  151. Know your calling

  152. Knowing when to let go

  153. Lay it Aside

  154. Learning Discernment

  155. Learning to Love Yourself

  156. Legalism - Enter In

  157. Let God do it!

  158. Let God Take you to Another Step

  159. Let Him Ruffle your Feathers

  160. Let it Fall

  161. Let the Spirit move you

  162. Let this Mind

  163. Life and Death is in the Word

  164. Line up your Confession

  165. Live Life with Expectancy

  166. Living in His Presence

  167. Living out Christ in our Community

  168. Look to the Small Things

  169. Love in Conflict

  170. Loving Through

  171. Managed Care in God's Hospital

  172. Minister from where you Stand

  173. Moving from Insanity to Sanity

  174. My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

  175. My National Unity Restorative Effort

  176. No contact no impact

  177. No Excuse

  178. No Good Thing

  179. No memory of things past

  180. No More than Nominal

  181. No Need to Speculate

  182. No Regrets

  183. No Turning Back

  184. None Perfect

  185. Not Born Again?

  186. Not Condemned - Forgiven

  187. Not Just a Dream

  188. Nothing but the Blood

  189. Nothing is Impossible

  190. Notions! Notions!

  191. Old wine skins

  192. On Abundance

  193. On Being Centered

  194. On Dominion

  195. On God

  196. On Practicing the Presence

  197. On Self-Actualization

  198. On Omnipresence of God

  199. On the Form of God

  200. On the Oneness of God

  201. On the Value and Power of Thought

  202. On those who sleep

  203. On Truth

  204. Only Grace so Amazing

  205. Open the Book

  206. Our Father

  207. Our Time of Visitation is upon Us!

  208. Our Worth is in God

  209. Out of the Darkness

  210. Peace Be Still

  211. Pentecost Is

  212. Personal Responsibilities 

  213. Positively Talkin

  214. Pour Out Your Libation

  215. Praying in the Spirit

  216. Praying the Will of God

  217. Praying without Works

  218. Press In

  219. Pumpkin Pie

  220. Puppy Love

  221. Put Yourself in the Way

  222. Reality Check

  223. Redeeming the Time

  224. Reflections

  225. Rejecting Our Senses

  226. Rejoice with Me

  227. Release to do Battle

  228. Reposition yourself

  229. Respect my Opinion?

  230. Salvation and Transformation

  231. Say Nothing

  232. Season and Time

  233. Seeds of Life

  234. Seek God's Approval

  235. Seeking the right thing

  236. Setting the Captive Free

  237. Seventy Times Seven

  238. Solitude, the Devil's Hell

  239. Sound Doctrine

  240. Speak Life to Yourself

  241. Speak the Word

  242. Speaking the Same Language

  243. Spiritual Anorexia

  244. Spiritual Stalkers

  245. Spiritually Reproduce

  246. Stand Fast

  247. Standing Firm

  248. Standing on His Promises

  249. Step up to the plate

  250. Stop Playing

  251. Stop Spiritualizing

  252. Stop your Unbelief

  253. Super Size It?

  254. Swimming against the Tide

  255. Take care of yourself

  256. Take no thought

  257. Take the First Step

  258. Take the precious from the Vile

  259. Take time to refresh yourself

  260. Taking God's name in vain

  261. Teaching and Preaching

  262. Tear Down the Walls

  263. Teetering on the Edge

  264. The Alabaster Box

  265. The Apostleship is given to all

  266. The Aroma of Christ in a Community

  267. The Bringing is in the Getting

  268. The Call on Your Life

  269. The Call to Worship

  270. The Comforter has Come

  271. The Covering

  272. The Divinity of Man

  273. The enemy is stealing from you

  274. The Eyes of your Understanding

  275. The Finished Works of Christ

  276. The Fruits of the Heart

  277. The Glory to Come

  278. The God of the Bible

  279. The Grace of God

  280. The Harvest is Here

  281. The Heart of the matter

  282. The Hidden Man Revealed

  283. The House

  284. The Intelligence of the Word

  285. The Issue of Covering

  286. The Issue with Imperfections

  287. The Kingdom

  288. The Law is Fulfilled

  289. The Lilies of the Field

  290. The Lord Is

  291. The Lord is with Thee

  292. The Lord Speaketh

  293. The Mark of God on a Community

  294. The Mirror of a Man

  295. The Names of God

  296. The New Move is On

  297. The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  298. The on Ramp

  299. The Only Begotten of God

  300. The Promise

  301. The Prophet Speaks

  302. The Return of the Ancient of Days

  303. The Shepherd of my Soul

  304. The Sinner must be Saved

  305. The Slothfulness of the Believer

  306. The Spirit of Holiness

  307. The Spirit of Joseph and Daniel

  308. The Spiritually Weak

  309. The Stumbling Block

  310. The Taco Stand

  311. The Time is Far Spent

  312. The Truth

  313. The Way of the Cross

  314. The Wind of Change

  315. The Word must be Relevant

  316. There is Still Hope

  317. They that Wait Shall

  318. Think on these Things

  319. Think Spiritual

  320. This is the Time

  321. This Kind

  322. This time of year

  323. Thy sins are forgiven thee

  324. To Whom Much is Given

  325. Today is your Opportunity

  326. Train to Reign

  327. Trusting God

  328. Trials and Tribulations

  329. Try the Spirits

  330. Unlocking God's Mysteries

  331. Up Jacob's Ladder

  332. Wake Up!

  333. Walk the Talk

  334. Walking in Forgiveness

  335. Walking in Your Anointing

  336. We Being Disobedient

  337. What do we really know?

  338. What Have Ye Offered the Lord?

  339. What I know

  340. What is Faith?

  341. What it takes

  342. What we gain

  343. What's in a Name

  344. What's in the Tongue?

  345. What Must You Do?

  346. Whatever is in your heart, do it!

  347. When God Makes Provision

  348. When Life Keeps Coming at You

  349. When People Fail Us

  350. When there is Nothing Left

  351. Where are our Testimonies?

  352. Which is easier?

  353. Who Touched Me?

  354. Why God can't use us

  355. Why I Love God

  356. Why Not?

  357. Why seek ye judgment on God's behalf?

  358. Why the Bible?

  359. Why the enemy hates us

  360. Why we don't hear

  361. Why we don't Witness

  362. Why we are losing the battle

  363. Why witness to individuals that are addicted to drugs

  364. Why Would a Person Who Has Known Little or no Suffering Need a Savior

  365. Why you should be involved in prison ministry

  366. Yes Jesus Loves Me

  367. You are dead unto Sin

  368. You ARE Free!

  369. You are somebody

  370. You cannot circumvent the law

  371. You just can't

  372. Your Greatest Fears

  373. Your Whole House can be Saved

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