Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.

               OOA South Sudan 2011

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Our first day in Jebel, South Sudan - These brothers took us in and found us a place to stay and connected us all the way around - Praise Yahweh

Around Juba trying to access funds

Moving to our home for the next month

Moving day, Makishima and her one chair

Pastor Jino's house

Preparing food

Thank you Yahweh for our daily bread in our daily one pot meal

Is it soup yet. That is exactly what it was every day - one pot of soup

The house we stayed in - this is camp

This is how we lived - on a dirt floor with tents set up inside and the floors stayed damp, with frogs, worms, mosquitoes, the no-seeums that bite us

This is the guys room

Our water barrel for cooking, washing dishes and bathing water

The mountain before us

Sharing the teachings in a compound

Lunch hour service in one of the congregations in Jebel

Teaching in our camp

Yvonne really learned how to start a giko for cooking

The site of a rainbow is always a blessing

Full moon


Praise Yahweh for an amazing time of sharing the teachings

Life in Jebel

Clouds on the mountain


Our community

In congregation in Jebel

We purchased a sack of rice for our landlord to take to his village for distribution at a new church dedication

Finally the landlord started working on the house to finish the windows and doors

The team spent the morning cleaning up the camp including the landlord's compound

The door on the left is the toilet and the door on the right is the bath area - we share the space with all the critters

our landlord teaching us how to shoot the bow and arrow incase the crocodile returns - one of the critters that lives in our compound

Pastor Joyce came over to invite the team to do evangelism with their congregation

This is the standing water that many of the families use for washing and bathing

Milka at the radio station

Morning devotions

At the Nile River

Receipt for 2 sacks of rice to take to Mangela the next day

On the way to Mangela

A minor breakdown

Pastor Jino and Calleb

Still waiting

these children should be in school but there are not because of the lack of school fees

The government school compound

Young villagers in Mangela

Donated rice

These 4 brothers just came from the north to go to school

Pastor of Grace Bible Church

Evangelizing in Gudele

On the bus leaving South Sudan

Another breakdown

Home again in Nairobi


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