Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.


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Pastor Stewart and Pastor Titus

Daily life at the Chawinga's home

The youngest is one of the twins daughters of the Chawinga who is developmentally disabled

Patrick is being supported by the Chawingas who is paying his school fees. He is studying to be an engineer.

This is the Chawinga's congregational building

This is the plot of land outside the building where Pastor Stewart desires to plant crop to help feed the needy

Inside the building

Titus and members of the congregation preparing to go out with the tracts and evangelize the neighborhood

This man was the first to accept salvation on the day's outreach. His daughter is standing by him.

Pastor's wife Lenata next to new believer and other members of the congregation who also participates in evangelism

The young man in the white shirt just received salvation. He was a Muslim.

This woman with the sleeveless top accepted salvation

This woman also accepted the gift of salvation. She was a Muslim

This is the work of the second team in evangelism

It was a long day of evangelism. Lenata, Joy and Titus take a rest waiting to be picked up to go home

This is a common occurence at the Chawingas home. Neighbors come for assistance. Many of these troubled women are now forming a cooperative.

The Kenyan boys

Creativity of a young Malawian boy

Why shouldn't I join in the fun?

Pastor Stewart and Lenata

The congregation

Teaching in the congregation

Lenata translates for me in Chichawa

Praying for the sick

Photos with the congregation

Maria has a heart for evangelism and is currently being trained with others to be more effective. Her first day she lead 10 to salvation

This corn field is where the Chawingas want to build an orphanage

These are the plans for the orphanage

Lenata's brother is a builder and offered to help build the orphanage forfree. They need only the building materials.


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