Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.


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Andes checking for anemia

Andes giving vitamins

Pastor Titus and his wife Matrine in their room built for him by Pastor Leonard and his family

Pastor Leonard and his wife and Pastor and his wife

This is the field Pastor Titus's congregation desires to lease and plant for food and ministry

Pastor Titus is receiving a donation from Johanna Halinen and family in Finland

Andes praying over the land

Looking at land for future leasing to farm

Sharing the gospel

New believers

Suzanna who cleans the congregational building at the age of 80 and cares for 10 grandchildren

Pastor Titus and matrine blessing Suzanna with food

Suzanna is greatful

An opportunity to pray

This is the building Pastor Titus's congregation meets in in Mesielo

On the road to evangelize and visit members of the congregation

This is Anna's house that is being rebuilt.

Anna is in the orange lasso

This is the place where Anna's old house was

Anna and her family with Titus and Andes

Andes sharing the gospel with several men who received the gift of salvation

This hen was given to Pastor Titus as an offering

This is violet's husband who just accepted salvation. She was the lady that was burden for him when I first met her in February

His roof needs to be repaired so Pastor Titus gave him and extra one from the congregationm to mend it

This is Suzanna's daughter Antonina and one of her sons. She cares also for 10 of her grandchildren

Antyonina digging up casava

Joy digging up casava

Andes digging up casava

Andes and Helen who translated for Andes while evangelizing

Andes teaching action songs

Peanuts that were purchased for planting paid for by Jonanna Halinen and family in Finland

Finally they are receiving bibles after knowing the Lord for sometime. Three were donated today

Andes with the Meseilo children in congregation after teaching

Joy teaching in Masielo congregation with pastor Titus translating

This is the offering baskets

Pastor Titus and Pastor Leonard receive a gift offering to start a women's cooperative that will help pay for school fees and uniforms

The congregation

This young man needs glasses that his parents can't afford to buy. The script will be filled in the USA and sent back

His family

The peanuts are growing. Donated by Johanna Halinen and family from Finland

How could you resist taking this picture

The two women in the middle received salvation - they were Muslims


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