Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.

TRAVEL JOURNAL 2007 - 2008

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2007-2008 Itinerary and Journal (dates in descending order)


October 1 - 18, 2007 Fresno, California
October 19 - 22, 2007 Las Cruces, New Mexico
October 22 - November 21, 2007 Oahu, Hawaii
November 22 - 30, 2007 Las Cruces, New Mexico
December 1, 2007 - January 9, 2008 New York City
January 9 - April 7, 2008 Israel
April 9 - May 1, 2008 New York City
May 5 - May 16, 2008 Michigan/ New Mexico/ New York City
May 17 - August 6, 2008 Israel
Mid-August - Mid September 2008 Michigan
October NYC, Peru and to all the new places God will take me to this coming year!


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My Chronicles from Israel 2008


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10/7/08 Final entry


          My year ended September 30, 2008 and I am beginning a new year of travel and discovery as I continue to evangelize and study the word of God. What an exciting time it was for me. I did not get a chance to often post what was happening. I was so involved in outreach or other ministry work that time did not permit me to write as I would have love to. I saw people come to faith, many seed were sown and watered. The problem we often face is that we want to see the evidence of our labor before our eyes. This is not always the case. We have to remember we are following behind others that might have broken up fallow grown and we get the privilege of sowing the seeds or watering etc. Our job is not to question why or when but to go and do. One of my most memorable experiences was to share the gospel with a Chinese lady on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv. She had never heard the gospel story before and had no understand about the concept of God. It was amazing as my friend Bibi from the Congo sat and shared with her from Genesis to the Gospels. This woman was eager for us to continue to share with her and it was so refreshing to share with her how we were created, why and God's plan for us because of sin. This woman readily accepted the Gospel of Salvation and with in an hour accepted Jesus into her life and could not wait to return home to share the gospel with her family. She asked us for a Bible and we were blessed to find a Chinese Bible for her which she received with such overwhelming Joy. This was one soul but I know the greater work continues when she returns to China and breakup her own fallow grounds and sow and water. Our good work continues even when we have long left the scene.

          I met Jews form all over the world who made aliyah to Israel. Many came back with only the tradition of being Jewish. They observe the feast and festivals and go to the synagogue sometimes, but many really have no understanding of the Torah or the Tehnach. Many who survived the Holocaust are bitter with man and with God. many do not want to be told that they are "The Chosen People" of God because they feel that God only chose them to suffer persecution. As the young people are released from military duty they travel for years at a time to countries like Tibet and Taiwan, India and other far eastern nations. They return home with a lot of new age and far eastern beliefs - syncretism. Many will say to you as you share the gospel, "You believe what you want and let others believe what they want." Many Jews are resentful of "Christianity" because that religion has persecuted them to the uttermost parts of the earth. It is difficult to get them to understand that you are not a part of that religious system and that you are a "Christian" a follower or their Messiah Jesus the Christ. There is a difference! The religious sector in Israel and everywhere else thinks we are trying to convert them to Christianity but we are only there to complete them in their Messiah. They make it difficult for us to share the gospel and so to report on most situations is not always the best thing to do. I was very cognizant in the fact that what I write could be read by someone there that might cause the gospel movement a set back. Telling the stories are great but often at what cost.

          I met a young man at the gay parade who was once attacked by five Arab men who raped him and beat him with in inches of his life because he was gay. I tried to share the gospel with him but he kept saying that God doesn't love him or care for him. he was insistent that god had deserted him because of what happened to him. I cried, he cried and I know that God in Heaven cried. He would not believe that go did not or has he forgotten him. All I could say was that he is still the apple of God's eye and that there is room in God's heart for him no matter what has happen or what he has done. Those were seed of hope planted. i pray that some believer will not come along and condemn him to the point where he will reject God outright. Israelis have suffered much since coming into the land. They continue to live under fear and threat of annihilation.  What would that d to you if you lived under the same conditions? Israel is a difficult place to labor in. The people are beautiful but they have many issues that we can barely understand. In their situation I do not believe we would fair any better. "But for the grace of god go we there." Currently many believers who labored in Israel for many years are not having their visas renewed and such. The work is coming more difficult. It will soon be up to the believers there to continue with out us. pray for them.

          Returning home I realize that the so call church must change. I am weary of the same old stuff: preaching to each other and no one leaving the building to evangelize because pastors are telling members they are not ready or not called. That is a life from hell. You are ready the moment you receive Christ form the place that you are. Your basis knowledge of God and He will increase your knowledge as you go. From the place of your testimony is a good place to start. As you grow in faith and in sharing you will go further away form home to minister. Nothing ventured nothing gained so to speak. We have no excuse to be a captive audience Sunday after Sunday fatting our selves spiritually and the lost is quietly going to hell. We are to blame when we with hold the gospel. We have been taught to long that it is the saints against the sinners and I want you to know that that is also a lie. This is about the kingdom of men and the kingdom of principalities. Our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against principalities. Beloved, The more of us the devil have in his court the greater the battle is for us. He knows that his battle is against the kingdom of men we think it is against saints. How wrong we are! He utterly wants to annihilate us all. this is why so many of our men of valor are incarcerated. He is taking out our warriors and incarcerating them so when the real battle comes we can be defeated, You can quote many verses in the Bible why you are an overcomer, but what about the lost. We believers are to apt to think in terms of us four and no more rather than the kingdom of men. Woe to us if we do not visit our men and women in  prisons so when the battle comes they are prepared to stand on our side. Our young people don't believe as we do and they are assimilating themselves into the old pagan ways. Look at the way they dress and the tats and piercings. The enemy is transforming into images of themselves so they will believer they are apart of them.

           I spent this pass weekend in a prison in Texas ministering to inmates. What a response we had. Maybe about ninety-five percent renewed their faith or gave their hearts to the Lord. The harvest is ripe for the picking but the laborers are in the church building entertaining themselves under false pretenses that they are serving God. The word says that we are to pray to the lord of the harvest that he may send out laborers. Well I am here to tell you that the lord of the harvest is the pastor of your congregation. It is he or she who must release you into the harvest to labor. Jesus already said "go" and the pastors are saying "come." You must beg them to release the body into the harvest. Find a ministry of evangelism and ask your pastor to close the building one Sunday a month and take the congregation fishing for souls. Sheep do not mate in the pen they mate in the fields. When you attend the marriage supper of the Lamb what gift of souls will you present to Him? The reason why we are losing on the home front in this country is because believers here are contented to settle for Sunday morning only. So the devil gets Monday to Saturday. No more prayer in schools, no ten commandments in the courts, etc,, etc., etc.

           Rise up oh sons and daughters of the living God and go fishing for souls. Go out into the highways and byways and fish for the lost, go to the prisons, the amusement parks, the bars, the beaches, the drug dens, the red light districts, the barrios, the slums, the market places, the concert hall, the subways, the buses - wherever the lost can be found, in your homes, your jobs, your social clubs. Go before the master returns and finds you sleeping on the job. Satan is gathering his army while we sleep and our army is steadily filling his camps. Leave the ninety-nine and go after the one. Clean out your house and attics and garage and take all your un used items and donate them to the poor and the needy. Buy an extra bag of groceries and give to someone in need. Submit to the greater authority and go into the harvest before it is too late. "The night is far spent the day is closer at hand, awake all ye sleepers, His coming draws nigh." I encourage you to read my newly posted book free of cost on the "Commentaries" page," "Battle for the Kingdom of Men." Please send a copy to all those you know and you have my permission to copy it and give it away. My work continues! You can see from my pass years experience that I traveled far and wide. Much was accomplish on very little income. If I can go so far on my widow's mite, imagine how far you can go with your two  and ten mites. Don't pray and ask if you should go, it is His will for you to go. Start in your home, then go to your neighbors, then to the city and to the state and on to the country and soon you will be in the uttermost corners of the earth. If you can't go, he will send them to you. keep your eyes open for your daily appointment and your visitation from the Lord.

           This entry ends this year's travel journal. Continue to visit this website for articles, daily devotions, news from Israel "Israel Like It Is!, book releases, and all that God places on my heart to do. God bless you and GOOD FISHING TO ALL OF YOU! "Catch a wave any wave, just catch one!"


August  24, 2008


Sometimes we think that we have been blessed with all that God intends to bless us with and then we realize that it isn't over. I thought that by the end of my year the doors of missions would be closed to me as far as travelling away from home goes but to my surprise God is beginning a new journey for me. If you remember when I first listed my travel log it included 6 countries and ended up mostly in Israel - Praise God! I have been faithful in erasing my travel log and allowing God to pen His own into my life. I see this new travel year as God granting me the opportunity to travel to those places I erased for His perfect will. Peru was to be my first stop out of the country but Israel took the lead. Now a new year is coming for me this October and I am being blessed with beginning in Peru. I am still open and I still use a pencil instead of a pen. When you are right with God He will supply all your need. One of my greatest need have been met today. I am a member of a congregation that the Lord has laid on my heart for almost a year now. The confirmation came as a prophetic word from a visiting speaker. He used the exact words the Lord had spoken to me almost a year ago. There is no way He would have known that. this is how God works. I am not alone, I am connected. I caught another wave. I pray that you too will continue to catch your wave(s). There are doors opening all around you - you will recognize them as you learn to trust Him and walk through each door as he opens them to you. Do not make the mistake of trying to enter someone else's door. Your door will come at the appointed time. You need only recognize it when it opens. sometimes a door is closed only so you recognize that He is the one opening and closing the doors and so that you recognize the purpose of the door. The doors are not for your personal use or manipulation, these are for His destiny for you and those He align you to. Every door has its appointed time to open and close. God has open to me a door of alignment as I unite with a part of the body that I am certain has gotten it right - not man's right but God's right. May you be so blessed to be in alignment especially when God does the aligning.

August 18, 2008


In a week I will travel to Michigan for a month of rest, writing, updating my website, and prayer for upcoming events. I am praying that many of you will invite me to your congregations, mission groups, women's, men's and youth groups to speak about my year of traveling and how it is possible for each of you to do the same. I have not been able to add much as I would have liked to this journal because it is important to protect the interest of others especially on a website. There are also things that I learned that should only be shared with the body of Christ where intercession can bring fruitfulness to dyer situations.

I am so thankful to be home again with family and friends. My sister has also returned home from her one and a half year mission trip to the Gibson family to which we belong. We come from a long line of evangelists and a strong Christian heritage. There are over 450 members of our family in 11 countries and 14 states of America. I know that the legacy left to our family is far reaching. We are looking forward to the fruits of her travels and mine. I know that God did not send us out to bring His word back void. We both have seen incredible acts of God and are quite changed by them. I was sent to draw the church out of the four wall and she was sent to draw the family out to the world. We both believe we have done our best to do what our heavenly Father called us to do.

Now the challenge is on to each of you to go and do what we thought would be impossible. We both were penniless and yet God sustained us with the little resources we blessed us with. As we traveled God put individuals in our paths to bless us when a need came up. I remember when I had much resources and could not afford to travel out of the states. On the bear minimum I travelled half way around the world not once but twice. We have both found that with God all things are more than possible. Neither one of us received financial assistance from a congregation or a mission board and I believe God wanted it this way to show us and you that it is possible to step out on faith and do the impossible.

Valley Faith Center Congregation in Las Cruces, was so kind to give me support when I asked. I met a man on the bus, Bud, from Chicago to NYC who heard my testimony and saw my pictures. He blessed me financially. My family members and other relatives and a dear friend from Singapore and one from Fresno and one from NYC blessed me. My friend from the Congo blessed me, the church I grew up in in Brooklyn, Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God blessed me, My friends Ralph and Norma blessed me. I hope I did not forget anyone. You all blessed me by reading my website and praying for me. This is as much your travel log and those that supported me financially as it is my record of events. Thank you and I pray continuously for you.

If you are waiting for the financially down pour to go and do the work, I can assure you you are no use to God. His work must be done His way and with the limited resources He blesses you with - like the Gideon 300. You much is no good to God as you will get the praise, but His little will take you further because it is His way of repeating the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes. When I consider those that offered me support I realize that they were all the one's with the widow's mite. God use the most humble people and congregations to take me to the other side of the earth. One ministry blessed me because they accepted me with my limited resources. Because of what they allowed me to partake of I am blessed beyond measure. I will never be the same.

Now I must challenge all those that I come in contact with to go ye therefore to the nations. The going starts at home and then to distant relatives and friends near and far. If you trust God, He will take you further than you can imagine if you only allow Him to use your limited resources. When He opens the door be bold and go in. When he closes the door be courage and accept it because He knows what he is saving you from. Do not try to pry open the door just because you think that is the place you should be. His way is easy and His yoke is not burdensome. Whether at home or away, God will provide your needs. Do not say I have to pray about whether I should go or not, the commission has already been given. Approval has been granted. We insult God and become disobedient when we say I have to pray and see if it is His will to go. When you go it is your demonstration of faith in Him. If you remember when I firth posted my travel log, I had listed six countries I would travel to. The wonderful thing about only going to Israel is that I met the nations there. More than the six I had planned to go to. I met people from twenty or more nations and all the continents. I was going to six but God gave me 26 or more.

Since I have been traveling, the hits on my website went from 1,000 a month to over 2,000 a month most months. I had the opportunity to evangelize on the streets, teach, learn some Hebrew and see the Bible from a historic and visual perspective that i did not have before. I have seen the body of Christ exemplified. I have seen the best in men and the worst. I have learned to trust with abandoned to God's will and i have learned to recognized when His will instantly and without struggle. I am changed and I realize that being changed does not mean being pious and religious. It is ok to have the personality God has endowed us with and He uses it to change us and change others. He uses it to do the work he calls us to. My personality and character was the most effective tool I had on the mission field. When God puts His word in your mouth with your personality it is like His work taking on a different light each time. it is renewed over and over again. We are all the different aspects of His image and so his unique way is endless. When you let Him operate in you as He has made you, you will have a greater impact with the work. Stop trying to change you and stop trying to be someone else. There is no one else like you for a reason. If you are funny then be funny. If you are mellow then be mellow. if you are tender in heart or bubbly, then continue as He created you because in the harvest there are many kinds of sheaves so to speak to bring in. These all must be harvested in a different way. The point is, the way you would harvest potatoes are different from the way you would harvest wheat. If we all try to harvest in the same way we will do a lot of damage. Learn the way God has made you  and accept it without compromise. Love you the way God has made you and do not let people condemn you or make you feel little or belittle you for it. You are precious in God's sight and if any one make you to feel small in the way God has made you they are despising God's very imagine in you. This is how we hate the creator and don't realize it. We are all unique for a reason. My name is Joy, I have a joyful spirit and personality, this is also one of the fruits of the Spirit and a virtue of God. I am who He made me to be. I am at peace with who He made me to be. Let yourself be at peace with who He made you to be and watch how wonderfully you will be used. Do not suppress His image in you, let his image be your greatest asset.

As I complete this final leg of my one year mission journey, I realize now that it was only the beginning of the rest of my life of travel and adventure in His service. I am looking forward to entering with boldness each door that is opened to me and I am mostly excited because i sense that the nations will be opened in ways I never expected. I challenge each of you to take your journey. Do not try to copy me. Do not try to be me. Do not try to go through my door. Let God give you your unique journey that is fitted to your unique personality through your specific doors. There is enough work that none of us have to rob the other of his way. Do not be jealousy of anyone but rather provoke the world to jealousy after our God and Savior. Do not hinder someone from going if you are financially able to help them. Do not kill a person's vision by telling them that they do not have the church's blessing or covering to go. Do not withhold your prayers or encouraging words. Do not stifle or try to change a person's unique personality that will be their greatest asset in the harvest. If you can't offer continuous financial support then consider purchasing a plane ticket or a change of clothing or giving a place of rest or a meal. The journey is not about them it is about lal of us - the kingdom of God. Please, think and act on these things.

Blessing and Shalom to each of you.

August 10, 2008


Much has happen since I left home on October 1, 2007 for a year of missions where my travels took me mostly to Israel. I am even more convinced now that it is imperative that mission boards do not engage individuals to stay on the mission field for more than two years. The doors are closing in Israel and it is becoming more difficult for believers to go in and stay in. Recently there was an infiltration into Messianic ministries in Israel where a reporter pretended to be a new convert and spent a great deal of time at many ministries spying. Finally about a week ago she published her opinions in a major Israeli newspaper that depicted Messianic believers in a horrible light. Remember what 2 Cor. 11:15 states, "Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." This article only gives more fuel to the religious opposition in Israel. They believe our goal is to convert them but they do not see that we only desire to complete them by preaching the gospel of the Messiah. Judaism is the root of Christian faith.  To try to convert a Jew to Christianity is folly because you cannot convert the root to be the branch. Our job is to complete them by preaching the gospel not convert them. Jesus came to fulfill the law not abolish it.

Anyway back to the principal thought I started with. If we spend quality time preaching and discipling hand-in-hand, then the nationals can continue the work themselves. They have a greater impact on their communities than we ever can. People will believe the change they see in them because they have known them all their lives and they are of the same background with the same needs and the same language and culture. They will not make as much mistakes as we do. Finally when the doors close to us who are going in, the work will continue. If we fail to disciple then all the work is in vain.  Too often we make the nations dependent on us and so we never really teach them to trust in God but rather to trust in our works. If a mission organization is going to plant so call churches and do not have built into their goals a means of turning everything over to the locals in a short-term time frame, then it is for sure that they have already failed. We cannot micromanage God's kingdom. The doors are closing in Israel and I pray only that those ministries will learn this lesson quickly. But it is understandable when the church must function underground and out of sight. This is the case in Israel. When you have gentiles coming from the nations to do most of the work, when the door close it will not go well. As much as I desire in my heart to return to Israel, I see more so now that at times it is not in the best interest of the ministry. When key people are not allowed back in the work will soon suffer. Pray that God will raise up Messianic believer in Israel that have the courage to fill in the gaps and take on the full load.

I am at home sooner than I had anticipated but I knew then that God was doing something for my own good and the good of the others although I was not certain exactly how things would be. Most of the people I met there are now home or on they way home because visas have not been renewed. This newspaper article will not make things any easier and I sense that it is only the beginning of trouble that will continuously escalate.  Please pray for new strategies for these ministries on how to get the gospel out in ways that will not jeopardize their lives. They are many people who believe the greatest deed they can offer the Lord is to lay down their lives. The truth is, you life is very important to God and He prefers your life rather than death. He is the Truth and the Life not death. If you are dead you can do nothing more. We have so many erroneous views in the church that it makes it impossible for believers to live out the abundant life Jesus came to bring. Jesus says we must live for Him but some say it is better to die for Him. Obedience is still better than sacrifice. He says we should go out and preach and the pastors want to corral us into mega churches making spiritual gluttons of us all. You do not need anyone's permission to go out and do the work. You do not need to pray about whether you should go or not. It is a given - go ye therefore - this is the great commission and nothing supersede that. It is great to pray and have a pray ministry, but He said to go - pray as you go but do not neglect the work or else your praying is in vain. We simply cannot rationalize Jesus' words to mean something else.

The church house is a place for disciple training and then we must go. Pastors are wondering why they congregants are still attached to the milk bottle but fail to see that they will not allow the body to go after the meat. "The meat is in the streets," prisons, mental facilities and any where where sin abounds. Pastors, let the sheep go! Your mega churches are abominations. Like David you seek only to number the people but judgment awaits you. Let them go to the fields of sin so they can bring the sheaves in. Disciple them and cause them to go home and make a church of their homes and then cause them to make churches in other homes. Oh, what do I know? You wonder why your spiritual life is destitute - when was the last time you shared your testimony with someone. What I have done in the last ten months is proof to you all that it can be done. I had no support only my own limited personal resources, so I went to the center of the world. A few strangers and family members blessed me at crucial times but I have been there and back. I put myself in the way and He put people at the appointed time in my path. When are you going to put yourself in the way. It doesn't matter if you can't get your church to support me. My church did NOTHING financially for me, but they said they prayed. Prayer with their financial help could have taken me further, but I trust that God honors what I have done. Just take the first step. Everyone I was in ministry with had quit their jobs and counted all lost but to serve Jesus. We tilled the ground, planted seed, watered and brought in the harvest that was prepared for us. I am now at home and must soon look for work to sustain me, but I trust in Him and if He can take me around the world and back He can keep me at home.

My desire is to continue on ministry home and abroad as He leads. I desire to continue writing and hope I will be given opportunity to speak in congregations who will have me to tell about my experiences in this last year. I also challenge you to take courage and get involved in preaching the gospel. You already have His permission and His provision. Go!

June 2008

The Difference Between Good and Evil Intent


          I know there is a difference between good and evil intent. I had an opportunity to experience these two types of intent of the heart during the last day of the June summer campaign. This last day was spent first in Jerusalem and then stopping in another small city before arriving back to Tel Aviv to do one last march on the beach.

         The day was hot and humid. There was excitement in the air and I believe J. had a sense of what was to come. It is important for an evangelism leader to sense the moving of the Spirit and to act accordingly. First of all, he selected several individuals that would stay behind as prayer intercessors. Their day�s task was the most important job of the day. The day�s events would soon prove J. to be the vigilant experienced leader that he is.

         Everyone was anticipating something incredible or unusual to happen. You can sense excitement in the air. You can smell expectancy and I am here to tell you that it has a fragrance. It also has a taste like that of honey but with a bit of bitterness to it. Perhaps it is the adrenalin that is released. It is not something that is overwhelming but there is a distinct taste of expectancy.

We all boarded the bus and took our seats. J. came to me and asked if I would take the still photos for the day. I hesitantly said, �Yes.� In the back of my mind I felt that this was the menial task of the day and I would have rather be in the ranks singing, distributing tracts, books, and speaking to the people we would soon encounter. I said, �Ok.� He told me to go change out of the Ministry's t-shirt and put on a non-descript shirt.

         I exited the bus and made a mad dash for my room, donned on a blouse and bounded downstairs and back onto the bus. J. with his unique way of cajoling one into thinking they can conquer anything said, �Joy, you can do this right? Go back there and learn how to use this camera and stick to the group and get everything you can.� Yeah! Right! It had been about twenty-eight years since I took professional pictures.

Well, J. thought I could do it, so I guess my reasoning was I could. I took a brief look at the apparatus and thought I could figure things out as I went along. My seatmate helped me discover a bit more about the camera and I put it back in the bag. After the bus pulled out from Gilgal and conducting the usual acts such as prayer and instructions to the group, J. once again made his way to the back of the bus. He stops at my seat and inquired as to whether I knew how to handle the camera. Not believing what I was saying I said �Yes.� J. can hear the unspoken. He said, �Go to the cameraman and he will show you how.� This would all prove to be a day of enlightenment all the way around.

        So, with everything in place, camera in hand, people equipped with material, the band ready for a day of musical ministry and the camera team eager to press into the events of the day, we got off the bus in Jerusalem. I admitted already to the group that I am a naturally shy person. I do not like being upfront and center except when I am teaching. This is when I feel at ease in a group. This is because when the Spirit of God is flowing in � I am out of the picture and it is all about Him and not me. My seat-mate had made a prophetic statement on the bus as I was twisting and turning the camera to see how it functioned. She said, �Joy, this is your day.� Right! I thought that by just waking up was my day. But Yeshua said we shall have life abundantly. There is a difference between a day and an abundant day.

        At some point God will put you beyond the music and beyond the noise. He will put you into a place of quiet rest and relaxation in the thing you are doing. At that point you will find that courage begins to fill the place of shyness and learning from what you see other photographers doing will soon take on an air of experience. You begin to expect that you are embarking on a moment, an appointed time of encounter. You become more vigilant and anticipate every set of events just so you can be in the right place at the right time. You want to capture the moment. You don�t want to miss the mark.

         At our first location in the marketplace where we sang, several photographers found themselves at the opportune place.  I watched them work their cameras, the angles of taking a photo and how their held the camera for easy and comfort. The brief experience I once had as a photographer came flooding back. I have not seen the photos I took even now as I am writing this, but it does not matter. I do not think the day was about the pictures, it was about seeing beyond the lens. It was about discovery of my brothers and sisters. It was about seeing the warriors coming out, the protectors standing up, the gatekeepers closing in the ranks of the group, and even seeing the lone rangers who felt they were on a destiny apart from the group. It was often their actions that brought on some of the reactions from the religious. Nonetheless, the day began to unfold in a way that left me feeling a sense of excitement. Whether I should have been feeling that way or not was a matter of retrospective deliberation. The time was then and so I excitedly allowed the moments to come in and fill me with a heighten sense of something is going to happen.

         We went uneventfully through the marketplace and moved on to a plaza where we would stand awhile and sing. On the march, I just happened to see and hear a young religious man on his cell phone saying �Missionary.� I could have brought it to J.�s attention but I didn�t. What I was then seeing and hearing, J. already knew and anticipated for the day�s events. When I look at J. D. I think of Moses or Joshua. I think that they must also have been his size and height. A man of girt and height can only be seen as brute strength, but a man J.�s size must be seen in terms of extraordinary and supernatural. I believe God�s men and women are the run of the mill John Smiths and Jane Does. This is why something or someone ordinary becomes extraordinary. Their feats are beyond the scope of their stature and mortal abilities.

        This is what I saw from a photographer�s angle. I found the quiet warrior that stepped forward or backwards at the appointed moment. This white shirt clad warrior put himself in harm�s way, as a front guard and a rear guard. He stepped to the forefront at J.�s side without having to be summons. He was quiet and reserved but beneath the exterior, I sense the sword of Gideon waiting to be unsheathed. I watched him dispel situation after situation. I saw his armor glistening in the sun but it was cloaked in something supernatural. I saw quick responses and an imposing presence that told anyone apposing J., beware, there is a mountain that merely appears as a mole hill. This mountain cannot be climbed. Yes, J. has his guardian; he is named after the one David dearly loved. He was not only J.�s sentinel; he was the defender of the entire body. It took only a word that trouble was brewing here or there and he was at the task of defending. Only one time in the day he missed his mark. But that was my defining moment.

        While in the plaza, the group sang. The crowd gathered and the religious began their usual raucous. They began to incite people and impose their indoctrinated views on others. Even from my poised position in all the exciting areas of discord I could see how their influence was ludicrous. Can you imagine a man of age being persuaded by a mere youth to give up a book that could lead him to the Messiah? I could not imagine such a thing except I saw it before my eyes. To not make a decision for one�s self based on one�s own discovery is beyond my reasoning. To have a child tell me that what I am seeing is not real is unbelievable. Love was emanating from the group as they sang and the religious were busy trying to shut the door on it.

         I saw God�s divine wisdom in all the acts of the moment. He was provoking their hearts to jealousy. It was the religious confronting the secular when it all came down to the nuts and bolts of the situations. People began to dialogue in the plaza as to who was right and who was wrong. It didn�t matter what else was happening, people were beginning to think. People that are religious based on a life of indoctrination by the rabbis were being confronted about the rigidity of their thinking. The issues I am sure were: is this about converting Jews to Christianity, is it about monotheism verses the God of the Christians, or is this about the rights of maintaining a Jewish nation based on Old Testament Judaism? What was exciting about this? People were thinking. They were, are being provoked to think about God outside of religiousness and indifference. To provoke someone you must stir their consciousness to think, to reason, to look beyond the surface.

         Things were becoming a bit volatile and the police were called. I watched the group raise their voices in one accord. At some point they transitioned into this heavenly choir that sang at a range that was outside the scope of the natural. There was such unity and oneness of voice that a spirit of peace encamped about them and no religious person breached their pavilion. The choir was encapsulated in a blanket of peace and harmony. I only breached that pavilion on the occasion to snap a picture here and there. Have you ever walked into the midst of the oil of praise? I have, holiness is a presence, it is a strong tower, and a place of rest. It is like a shower in the desert in the heat of the day when you are desperate to be clean. It was in the shadow of this oil of praise where J. and his warrior and camera crew lingered awhile. It was good to be there.

          After the police came, we left. The mark had been made. J. knows when to move and when to stand. He was being guided by a cloud by day and it was obvious from where I stood that like Moses he also was hearing the heart cry of God for this people. As we moved on we continued to be followed. I left in the rear of the procession, one of the cameramen and the white shirt clad warrior. I snapped a few pictures of a brief exchange of words between our warrior and a religious man. I proceeded to the front of the group to see what I might be missing. I took a few pictures of no consequence and headed back to the rear.

         There is where the breaking news was occurring. I saw the religious man spit into the faces of the cameraman and our warrior. I saw reaction and response. I snapped a few pictures and moved in for some close-up shots. The antagonist turned facing me and asked me, �Do you speak English?� I said nothing. He repeated several times and being that I was up against a wall I stood my ground and merely looked at him. A man who can spit in the face of another man has little regard for a woman. This is what I was thinking in my mind. There was no fear, just inner resistance to him.  Ever on guard, the white shirt warrior rose to the occasion and put himself between me and this man. A quiet imposing bearded brother step up to me and directed me to move forward out of the way. We all progressed forward leaving the spitter lagging behind.

         At the front of the group the situation is beginning to heat up. The religious are pressing in and the group is being confronted head-on. And then I hear the lion roar. He stood at the front with a drum in hand facing the religious in their frenzy with a fierce smile on his face. He was roaring like the mighty lion of Judah. He was a warrior that kept his ground; he held his stand � having done all to stand. He did not back down or away because faith is a rear guard in our hearts that tells us the battle is not ours but the Lord�s. Blessed is the man that knows when to play in the band and when to stand down and stand guard - the watchman is on the wall. The situation once again is becoming volatile and the group breaks off and heads to the bus while J., the camera team and the assembly of warriors stay behind attempting to dispel an unpleasant situation. The big guy is ever present in the group. He has an imposing figure like a Goliath in the midst. He doesn�t have to do much with his frame, but when he begins to speak things always seems to change. J. is ever in the midst of the situation trying to bring peace and order even as he is dwarfed by the height of his warriors, but he shines. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. J. is at ease in the situations because he is in touched with the presence of God and the heavenlies descends in the midst. Our roaring lion is being taunted and his head goes this way and that to the right and to the left. He is wearing an orange scarf keeping his long tendrils in. His smile is like a lighthouse beaming its light into the dark. The big guy is like the voice that is calming the sea. J. is like the cauldron they want to set on fire but he is blazing with a different kind of fire. The cameraman and our warrior catch up and are encountered from behind. Have you ever seem a lion crouch? Yeah! The Lord was coming down before us to scatter His enemies. And He did!

         On the bus again we headed to a different city. Things were a bit different � not so volatile. There is always resistance. There is always some religious person taking books away from people or tearing up the tracts in a public display.

          This day was not about us, it was not about J., it was about good and evil always being in conflict. It was about love and hate battling for a place. It was about people thinking for themselves or having some institution thinking for them. It was about provoking someone who does not or will not consider God. It was about the secular reacting to Him for better or for worst. It was about unity � the summation of thirteen days of being in outreach together. It was yet to be defined by our last encounter what we and they are made of. It was about stepping outside the realm of us and realizing what we are truly facing and being equipped to do the work ahead of us - the battle for the hearts of humanity.

          Our last stop of the day was back in Tel Aviv, about half a kilometer from Gilgal. We were home again and in safe terrain so we thought. Coming down off the bus we encountered a religious youth we had previously encountered before. He had followed us back to Gilgal with a group of other religious youths. How uncanny that he is in that one spot as we get off the bus. He awaits us with a smile on his face, camera in one hand and cell phone in another. This is typical of the religious. Their cell phones are set to speed dial their cavalry. He spoke kindly to J. and even shook his hand and talked quite friendly to him. We thought things were ok and so we moved to the water�s edge of the beach and began to march toward Gilgal. The group sang while giving out books. At some point J. gave the order to stop giving out books because the young man had engaged another religious youth with a plastic bag to collect the books and tracts from the people.

           First it was the two of them. We proceeded further down the beach. After a couple of songs we were invade from the rear.  At the rear of the group a band of teenage boys fiercely tried to snatch the flag from the hands of one of our own. What was different about this group is that there was an air of malevolence beginning to permeate the atmosphere. These were not religious boys; they were obviously oblivious to the sense of religious rightness or wrongness.

          The religious youth had enticed these boys into a situation that could not end peaceably. It was becoming obvious that this was no longer a campaign of provoking to jealousy; it was a marauding band of idle boys looking for excitement on a hot, humid afternoon.

          When I left Gilgal in the morning I sense a fragrance of anticipation � God was going to do something � and He did. But now I sensed that the enemy was about to counter � and he was. I didn�t sense fear or felt it, I encountered evil intent. There would be no deliberation of truth, and no dialogue of reason, there was just a shift in the atmosphere that screamed peril. By the time I stepped forward to get our warrior to the back of the group the marauding youth took to the front of the ranks. Pandemonium was pressing in. We were being surrounded, pressed in on; young men were pushing each other into members of the group using each other as battering ramps.

          They had broken our ranks. They were in our midst. There was no rhyme or reason to what was happening.  We had left good intent behind us in Jerusalem and here at home we were facing evil intent � one must learn the difference.

          I took several pictures of one vicious young man who was a head above the others. He saw me and tried to take the camera from me. I move back away from the front of the group and soon he was in my face again trying to snatch the camera from me. A small framed young boy began to face me down and our warrior once again stepped in. Our camera team was pounced on as the boys tried to snatch their equipment. I got hurriedly out of the way. I moved to the water�s edge when I saw this vicious young man who spotted me and was attempting to gather other boys to come after me.

         I ducked out of the way and move up the front. I know there was fierce opposition going on the beach with our team but I was taking myself out of the situation because I was no longer what others perceive to be a religious opposition I had become someone�s target of aggression.

I saw the cameraman go down, I saw the other men trying desperately to get the situation under control and our group safely out of the way. I saw men put themselves in situations to protect us all. I saw people huddled together and I saw but didn�t see all that I should have. Suddenly, I felt and heard the hit to the top of my head, it was forceful. I do not know if it was a fist or an object that struck me. I was punched in the back and scratched in the face. I know that for a moment I hear no noise, I felt no fear, I had no feelings that I can recall. I think I was moving by instinct. I remember turning with the camera in my hand and I remember swinging it in front of me to keep that vicious young man at bay. I saw the evil in his eye and the first words I heard were from a man coming out of the water, �What is wrong with you hitting a woman.� Then I saw a sea of orange around me and my brother with the French name taking me ahead and peace flooding in. That incident was not about religion, it was about evil intent. Evil has a name, it has a smell and it has a face.

         At the end of the day everything matters. It is time for retrospection. I pondered whether I reacted the way I should or not. I wondered if others reacted the way they should or not. I am convinced that Solomon was right; there is a time for everything. This was the day to leave the prayer intercessors behind and I see the wisdom in that. There was a time to just stand and sing and I see the grace in that � amazing. There was the time to defend and I saw the courage in that. There was the time to be on the offensive I see the purpose in that. More so, there is a need to recognize when the atmosphere has shifted and taken on a different light. To give your life as a martyr is one thing. To surrender it to evil intent is another. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. That power is to resist the attacks, love to forgive, and a sound mind to react with restrains rather than measure for measure. Only what it takes to live to fight another day.

        To God be the glory when you can face both good and evil and tell of the good and not be overcome with the evil. This was the day that the Lord made and we should rejoice and be glad in it. We are all safe. In retrospect, everything was exactly as it was going to be. No one of us should leave this place not knowing what a team is, what a warrior is, what love is, what grace is, and what there are not.

5/21/08 Tel Aviv, Israel

I am back in the land and am most happy to be here. It was a bit overwhelming getting everything I needed but God as usual came through on the 11th hour. When you are in His perfect will, you do not need to do anything except stand still and see Him do His thing. If you are meant to be somewhere, He can orchestrate whatever is necessary so that the results will come in line with His will for you. I arrived on Sunday May 18th. It was a bit difficult trying to get over the jet lag but I think now I am caught up to Israeli time. Since being back I have been out on the boardwalk participating in outreach. No matter how things go, you have to believe that you have done and said the right thing. You must realize that each contact must be kept in the right context. Knowing the right context can be difficult to discern at times.  It might be that you were breaking up fallow ground, planting, watering or tilting the scale in favor of a positive decision for Yeshua.

God only expects us to avail ourselves to Him while He works through us. For Him to be effective in us we have to learn to relinquish what we think is the right thing to say or do. You simply cannot approach everyone the same way. A scripted approach will not do. Most mistakes are made because many people try to stick to a format. Being opened to God�s working and prompting means you prepare yourself and then toss it all out for the sake of the kingdom.

I have met people from several nations as well as Israeli. I have met people with strange beliefs and those that believe in God but feel that they need not have a relationship with Him. I have met Israeli�s that are hung up on being persecuted by Christians for the last 2000 years and cannot receive what we have to share. I have met Jews that are so religious they are unapproachable. I have met people from various nations that have adapted far eastern religions or simply feel that they do not need a savior and that they are many ways to get to heaven.

Too often I hear the say thing, �I believe what I want and you can believe what you want.� At that point I often feel lead to say, �If you don�t believe what I have said, I challenge you to go directly to the source and ask Him to prove to you what I have said.� People think God is not capable of defending His own self. I think they are more afraid of asking Him the questions because it would mean they would have to get off the throne of their own heart. Whatever the reason, the idols that are erected in Israel are in the hearts of men and women.

The nation is littered with memorials to men and women. There are no statues of idols like in biblical days. They have taken on the names of heroes and heroines like that makes it ok. These are the challenges we face on the streets and market places in Israel. There is a tolerance for all sorts of things. No body wants to rock any body�s boat. Tolerance and intolerance are the extremes in this place and it stifles the efforts. Please pray for those in the fields that their efforts will not be hampered b y the spirit of tolerance and intolerance.

The work continues in the heat and humidity of the day and night and there is always much work to do to keep things running on a day-to-day basis. I am honored to be here. It is a privilege to take on the work. I challenge each and every one of you to take the good news to the Jewish people in your community. Find your place in the harvest and make a difference. Do not try to mimic someone else�s calling, do not try to catch someone else�s dream, but rather ask God to give you your own. Only then can you truly make a difference. There is enough work and gifts for all of us. Latch on to yours and bring in the sheaves.

5/2/08   Michigan

I am currently in Michigan on my way back to new Mexico. I made a quick stop to see my cousin and get a bit of respite. I spent quite a bit of time updating this website and hope the changes will make surfing this site easier. My nephews, Karl Knight and Kurwyn Knight, made excellent suggestions and help a lot with the technical stuff.  We've added search and translation links that will make the sight more accessible and viable. I have yet to add the remaining photos from Israel and revamp the Hawaii photos as the pages take to long to load. I visited my sister's church while in NYC. April is considered missions awareness month and they presented ministries from around the world that they are currently supporting. My one request is that the next time I visit I would love to see a ministry in Israel on the list of supported ministries. I believe!

Please pray for my ticket back to Israel that all finances will be provided. I am on a shoe string budget and the shoe string seems to be getting shorter as the prices of airfare continues to go up. Also, please pray for up coming conference in Pakistan that the finances will come in and all will go well with arrangements.

4/13/08   New York City

I am back in the USA for about a month and a half. I am hoping to return to Israel and continue there for another three months. I am currently updating my website as I have not had the time in Israel to do so. Please forgive the laps in devotions where some are missing. Hopefully I will be able to complete them and post before returning back to Israel. I am short about 24 and will be diligent to complete all or as much as I as able to. If any of you would like to invite me to speak about my visit in Israel please feel free to contact me and see if I will be in your area before I leave. I will write a summary of my visit and post as soon as I can. Please continue to pray for me and purchase my book and other items as  I am dependent on them for support.

Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

While you are praying, please remember to pray for Israel

Daily Scripture Prayers & Proclamation for ISRAEL

1.   Father God, remove the veil you have sovereignty placed over the eyes of Israel, that they would recognize Yeshua as their Messiah (2 Corinthians 3:14)

2.   Lord show Your mercy and favor to Israel in this set time (Psalm 102:13)

3.   We pray for the current leaders in Israel including the prime minister, the major of Jerusalem and all those in military service. Raise up government leaders in Israel and world wide who will not seek to �divide the land: and who would recognize the unique significance of Jerusalem in God�s end time purposes.

4.   He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock (Jeremiah 31:10). Father God, continue to draw the Jewish people to you according to your sovereign plan.

5.   Let them all be confounded and turn back that hate Zion. Let them be as grass upon the house top, which withers before it grows up (Psalm 129:5-6). Lord, deal justly and swiftly with your enemies.

6.   Destroy and divide the tongues of those who would incite violence against Israel (Psalm 55:9) In the name of Yeshua, we bind every false religion and false doctrine that does not acknowledge your eternal plan for the land and people of Israel.

7.   The scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous (Psalm 125:3). Father, break the strongholds of religion, pride and wickedness that seek to control Israel.

8.   The Lord will not forsake His people for His great name sake because it has pleased the Lord to make Israel His people (I Samuel 12:22). Use us to help others understand your plan for Israel and Your love for the Jewish people.

9.   The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing. He makes their plans of no effect (Psalm 33:10). We declare that God�s purpose for Israel will be completely fulfilled and that he will be glorified.

10. Show your loving kindness to Your people Israel and keep them as the apple of Your eye. Hide them under the shadow of Your wings, from the wicked who oppress them, from their deadly enemies who surrounds them (Psalm 17:7-9)

11. We pray that you will remember Your covenants and promises toward Israel, especially when others rise up against her to swallow her alive. When their wrath is kindled against her, the waters will not overwhelm her. God will not give her as prey to their teeth (Psalm 124)

12. Sanctify Your great name which has been profaned among the nations which has been profaned in the midst of Israel. That nations shall know that the Lord is God, when He is sanctified in Israel before their eyes. Sprinkle the clean water of Your word in Israel and cleanse her from her filthiness and from all her idols including abortion and occults. Give Israel a new heart and put a new spirit within her. Remove her heart of stone and give her a heart of flesh that can respond to the Holy Spirit and cause her to walk in Your statues, keep Your commandments and do them (Ezekiel 36:23-27)

13. Cause the church to fulfill her commission to preach the gospel to the whole world, �until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in, and so all Israel will be saved� (Romans 11:25-26)

14. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and for it to remain Israel undivided capital

15. Father God, in your mercy vanquish the tremendously powerful religious spirits which dominates the whole land of Israel

16. We pray for the spirit of unity and love between believers (Jews, Gentiles, and Arabs) in the land

17. We pray for the body of Messiah in Israel to become a praying maturing body. We pray that this body would allow the love and the compassion for Yeshua to flow through them and touch everyone they encounter.

18. Raise up watchmen for Israel. Put more watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem who would give you no peace day or night until You establish Jerusalem and make her the praise of the earth (Isaiah 62:6-7)

19. Father God, bring glory to Your name through the mercy You show to the land. Bring the necessary seasonal rain upon the country. Cause the crops to be bountiful.

20. We pray that the spiritual forces will be broken an rendered powerless (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

21. Bless those that are returning to the land of Israel after sojourning in other nations. May those that are believers usher in a sovereign, supernatural move of the Holy Spirit that they might proclaim Your truth to their fellow Jews.

22. We pray for a radical change in the Israeli system of government. May God grant wisdom and revelation to all members of the Knesset and Israel�s Supreme Court.

23. We pray that, in the midst of the pressures, the people of Israel will turn to You God. We pray that You would hear the heart cries of people in this land and have mercy. It says in Isaiah 30:19 �You will weep no more. He will be very gracious to you at the sound of your cry. When He hears it He will answer.

24. Pour out Your Spirit on the people of Israel, especially on the young people so that Your works can be declared to future generations.

25. Raise up the sons of Zion who takes God�s word seriously in opposition to the humanist (Zechariah 9:13)

26. We pray for the Holy Spirit to intervene in the current situation in Israel. When the enemy shall come in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19)

27. Turn the hearts of the people of Israel to trust in the name of the Lord for deliverance. Not in the chariots and horses of the military might (Zechariah 4:6)

28. May God raise elders and young leaders to teach and train the new generation of Israelis who are coming to faith in the Messiah

29. Pray that the Palestinian Arabs will come to faith in Yeshua and embrace God�s end time purpose for Israel. Send forth laborers to bring in the appointed harvest from the whole of the middle-east.

Despite what may come your way, remember that God still keeps His promises. I woke up this morning to these beautiful double rainbows over Tel Aviv.



During the pass few weeks I have been involved in outreaches, traveling the length and breath of Israel to some extent. I spent a day in Jerusalem and desperately want to return - so much I have yet to see. We had the opportunity to visit a town to the south of Tel Aviv named Sederot. This town suffers greatly from missile attacks coming in from Gaza. We had the privilege of visiting a young girl whose best friend was killed about three years ago from a missile attack. She was about fifteen years old. It is incredible to see how many Israelis live from day to day under such stress. I do not think it is possible to live this constantly in such conditions, but the Israelis are resilient people by the grace of God. They have endured much. Imagine being scattered to the four corners of the world and pushed to the point of near annihilation. Now to finally have a small, but I say, small piece of land to call their own and being squeezed and pressed in on from every side by the world. Israel simply can not become any smaller.  



These are some of the missiles that were launched against the town of Sederot


Today I spent the day in Tel Aviv retyping the manuscript of the story of Laura Rusk, Auschwitz number 79564. Who would have thought that someone born on the small Caribbean island of Barbados, thousands of miles away from Israel would be extended such an opportunity. I sat there holding back the tears as I read and retyped the manuscript. In awe of someone who survived such tragedy. I reflect back at my life and I think now how insignificant it all has been in comparison to what Laura Rusk suffered through during the Holocaust. I could not understand how it is so possible that I would be the one to have such a privilege. As I typed her words, I found myself being renewed in my mind and wondering what else the Almighty has in store for me here in the Holy Land.  I thought I knew why I am here, but there seems to be something greater in store for me. Have you ever had a sense of something coming but can�t seem to put your hand on it. What can I say to those of you who read this? You think your life is so insignificant and that it is impossible for God to place you in a place at an appointed time to part take in something beyond your dreams and comprehension. You think you are touching someone�s life or someone�s ministry but in actuality you are being profoundly touched. You are being changed and challenged beyond your expectations.

When I completed the manuscript which I was unable to put down until completed, I walk back to Jaffa alone. It was dark and only a few people on the promenade. Few people were about and it was extremely cold. My toes and finger was frozen and I had no feeling left but incredible pain. How strange that was. It is about a forty minute brisk walk walking along the shore line of the Mediterranean Sea. I was a bit scared because all that ran through my thoughts was suffering through frost bite again. I began to pray and jog hoping that my toes at least will warm up. Eventually, about a mile from Jaffe, I felt the blood coming back into my toes. By the time I got home I was well again. I am wondering, what is the significance of this situation? Now I see clearly. There are times when I think I am done in, I think I am at the end of my road, but yet there is more to come. I think God is trying to show me and establish in me that I have a destiny and there is nothing that can keep me from it but fear. When you know that you have a destiny in your life, do not be afraid if you will attain to it. Nothing can or will separate you from the will of God if you keep on the path and the course he has set you on. Now I see that He wants me to set fear aside and realize that the course I travel on is set and I can trust Him to bring it to pass. I am glad I am here. I exalt His name for all that He has done and what will come.


Today I visited the house where Peter saw the vision on the roof top. Much of the area had been improved and so I doubt that I was able to touch a spot where Peter touched except for the door of the house. Who knows? Yet it is so clear that Jaffa and all of Israel wherever I am able to travel to and see or not see is an incredible place to visit. You cannot be here and not realize the impact this place has made on the world. I also attended a Calvary Chapel service as this is the Sabbath and most of my friends are in Jerusalem for a healing conference. I am glad for the time to get over a bit of jetlag. I heard one of the most enlightening statements this week, �The Christians want the blood without repentance and the Jews want repentance without the blood. We must see both parts of the coin, blood and repentance.� The Jews want God to forgive them without acknowledging Yeshua as Messiah and the Christians want to acknowledge Yeshua without having to repent.


Luke 5:32

    I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.


Luke 15:7

    I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.


Luke 24:47

    And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.


I look forward to the teachings and the preparations to do the things that I have come here to do. Last night I celebrated my first Sabbath in Israel and it was so incredibly moving. We Christian seem to have tossed out every thing Jewish about our faith, but it is when we put back Judaism into our faith that it truly comes alive. �To the Jews first.�

Shalom from Israel.



I am now in Israel and I am amazed at all I have seen and learned in such a short time. Flying over the Dead Sea to Israel was such an awe struck moment that I took out my prayer book and began to pray and present my prayer list to God. Flying over the place where the rich history of God�s plan for humanity to be restored to Him was such an incredible place to make petitions known. I thought when I left home on October 1st to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world would be the entire world including Israel. I have come to realize that Israel is the world. It is like the center of the universe. All eyes are focused on Israel. Everything that occurs in Israel affects the rest of the world. Every nation is represented in Israel. The nation of Israel is a patch work of the descendants of the tribes of Israel, the remnants that are returning to the homeland. I have seen Israelis of every race and tongue. On the plane, in the airport, in the streets, in the taxis, in the market places and everywhere I turn. This is truly the world. From Israel then we can go to the uttermost part of the world. From the world to the uttermost part of the world means from Israel to every nation and tongue. Remember what the word say, �To the Jews first.� In our witnessing, why is it that we never include sharing the word with the Jews. It is almost like the church has given up on God�s people and relegated them to a forgotten place. The church is guilty of replacing God�s chosen with itself. It is guilty of neglecting God�s people rejecting the total sum of His word. John 4:22 states, �Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.� Salvation came through the Jews and they have not been replaced by the church. The gentiles have been granted a time of access to grace but that is inclusive of all humanity. �For God so loved the world.� The world is Israel and the uttermost part is every other place that extends out from Israel. We must not be so wrapped up in our own self-worth that we neglect God�s chosen people.

I am here with people from the uttermost parts of the world. Austria, France, Italy, New Zealand, New Mexico, Singapore, Hungry, Israel and other places I can�t remember at the moment. We have been invited to study about Israel and to show our love to them. I am refreshed to begin my second night in Israel learning about Israel from a Jew who is more than capable of explaining what is both precious to us and them from the original Hebrew text. We gentiles think we know more about the Jews than a Jew, but in actuality, a Hebrew can see the picture of, let's say the Bible, in a way that we lack. They understand the vocabulary and customs of the Bible in a way that has been lost or never received by the gentiles. Remember, �Salvation came through the Jews.� I attended a study and someone read out of their NIV a verse and the word that was translated was not in the original Hebrew. As the person persisted to infer that her text�s choice of word was correct, the instructor corrected her by stating, �I have the original text and this is what it is.� �To the Jews first,� has meaning on more than one level. Presented to them first, and can best be interpreted by them once they come to the saving knowledge of the Messiah. Without the Messiah and the benefit of the Holy Spirit to bring them into total truth they lack the knowledge of the New Testament. The church has the New Testament which we feel we have the monopoly on interpreting. But truly, the Jews have the Old Testament which is the key to interpreting the New Testament. Now imagine how clear the gospel can be if we preach to the Jews and they believe. This is what the enemy wants, for us to not come together and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Yes, we know that God has closed the eyes of His chosen for a time. Yet, He said He will in no doubt cast out those who hear and believe. It is still to the Jews first.


I am grateful for the way God has been moving in my life. The people He has sent across my path have prepared me for the next leg of my journey. I had the awesome privilege of meeting a Palestinian in Hawaii. Getting to know him and becoming his friend allowed me to see those that are Arabs and Palestinians in a different light from what I had anticipated. I can look at this nation of people from the standpoint of friendship with one. It is like seeing and knowing the best in one and looking for that in others. If you see Christ in the faces of all people you will be better able to witness to them. In actuality, we are really all the same. We are divided by customs, traditions, values, and faith. Yet we all hope that we have each found the true God. The difference with Christianity and other religions is that we serve a God who paid in full the penalty for our offence toward Him and they serve a God that requires they pay the penalty or make atonement. We have hope in knowing that we have eternal life although we did not earn it ourselves, they think or believe that all of life is about earning something in return. We either accept the gift of God, Jesus Christ or reject it outright. They do not believe that the true and living God could be so merciful, yet they call Him the merciful God or think He is requiring too much. How can He possible require too much when he offered his own Son as the penalty for our sins? Perhaps they cannot fathom such love. I suppose it is easier to believe the worst than the best. When we were in sin we all felt this ways as well but we some how seem to forget. Please do not forget where He has brought you from. Remember that we all came to God with our own challenges and it took Him time to compel us of His love. It will be challenging for other and it will take them time as well.


Things have been a bit hectic. I visited my sister in Brooklyn this pass weekend and attended church with her family. I was given the opportunity to speak in the Sunday AM service about all that the Lord has been doing in my life. There are many people who really have a desire to work for the Lord but I think they feel that they must have every dime and know every turn in the road before they would consider stepping out in faith. What I have learned is that when you step out with the little you already possess, God will increase what you have offered up sacrificially. Jesus said we ought not to take thought for what we will say or take on the journey. No thought means just that, no thought. I am traveling to six countries, one ticket at a time. If I were to wait for all my tickets to be bought before I go, I would not be here now. When we give God our todays he gives us His tommorrows. 

Currently, I will be speaking at two churches in Brooklyn and Queens this coming week. I am also visiting my friend who is in a wheelchair. His spirits has been lifted and is making progress walking again and he continues to be fervent in prayer. I am spending this week refurbishing my sister's bathroom. Jean has sarcoidosis and is inclined to respiratory infections and such. She has mold and mildew in her bathroom and as her home is an older building in Brooklyn. The former owners did some cosmetic upgrades that were poorly done and has created some health issues. I spent the last four days stripping the shower and tearing off the wall paper. I had to first pullout the fiberglass insert that was glued to the original tile. I had to rip out the tile and of course rip out the rotten walls. The new sheetrock has been replaced and I am currently putting new tile on the shower walls. There is a lot of mildew on the window which desperately needs to be replaced. I am certain it is an easy task but outside the scope of what I know to do. It is dead winter so I will have to rely on bleach for the time being. Because of my sister's illness, we have to avoid the use of chemicals etc. It really has been a challenge to work on her bathroom with poor ventilation and it is the only working shower in the house. Isn't it funny how God can redirect us once we come to truth.

I find myself involved in the things that are the heart of God. I am visiting the sick and lending a helping hand to those in need. This is just to show us that the work to be done is right around us. We have great ambitions for the kingdom work, but God calls us to do the work of servant. In the midst He is opening other doors where people's attitude are changing about church attendance, warming pews, doing the work of the kingdom, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Since being in NYC, I have rarely had to go find work to do. I am constantly being approached by people who want to know what they can do. So many people are just plain old tired of churching. You know what I mean, going to church on Sundays and occasional prayer meetings and that is it. The church is not a challenge even though God gives us new challenges everyday.  Boredom is driving people out of the church and what is keeping others is entertainment.

We all have skills and abilities that we do not realize until we avail ourselves to Christ. All of a sudden we see ourselves growing and expanding in incredible ways. I am most blessed as God is opening up my eyes to see that as I am serving I am also teaching others how to serve and develop new skills. Use what you have and God will increase you abilities, speak what you know and God will increase your knowledge, serve where you can and God will open more doors. I see now more and more why I am on this journey. There is a story that must be told and I hope I am doing it justice. Get out of your comfort zone and do the work of the kingdom.


Help needed: The Ohana Church of the Living God in Oahu, Hawaii is looking for a dentist who wants to relocate to work with the homeless. They have a dental truck they desire to take to places where the homeless are and give dental care. If you know a dentist who has a heart for the Lord and would consider relocating please have them call Brother Sage Chee at 808 232-2244.

12/14/07   NEW YORK CITY

Sometimes we think we are here to do God a favor and then He surprises us with his plan and purpose. We set out to win the world for God and all He places at our doorstep is one individual and you begin to wonder about His divine plan to save the world.  We think it can�t be done one soul at a time, but in actuality, if each one of us do our part we will win the world one soul at a time. The least among us is the person God wants us to minister to. The least among us is often those people we think don�t need us. That person standing in the shadows hoping someone will notice and pay them attention is the one He is trying to get us to notice. The friend we think is all sufficient and safe because he is saved is often the one we need to reach out to. Do you want to win the world for Christ? Win it one soul at a time. It is God�s plan most often to use a Gideon force to conquer the masses.

I have a dear friend in NYC that I didn�t know was succumbing to ill-health. I was rather shocked when I met him at a restaurant in the middle of a sleet storm and saw him in a wheelchair. I was shocked and upset because I had no idea and he said nothing because he did not want me to worry. I was mad at him for not saying anything - - but he was in the wheelchair. Rather ignorant of me, right!  When I finally got over the initial shock I realize what a tender creature he is and how absolutely humble he�s always been. He spared me the worry; I did not spare him my hurt. I spent the first two days in NYC visiting him, going with him to the doctor, pushing him around Manhattan in a wheelchair, and helping him in and out of that wheelchair most of the day. So I am not winning the world for Christ, I am visiting the sick. Have I missed the mark? No! Absolutely not! I am hitting the mark right on the spot. I fell short of His glory but He humbled me to learn lessons in frailty and compassion. Actually, I am the one that was frail and had to learn compassion not the other way around, my friend I mean. My friend�s sweet and forgiving character exposed me to the weaknesses in my walk. I learned another side of compassion when I realized that my friend had more compassion for me being hurt than I had for him being in a wheelchair without me knowing. I though I was being kind to him, but the truth is, it was he who was being kind to me. He overlooked my weaknesses and let me impose myself on him for two days.

Isn�t it funny how God works those things out of us? I pray that you will all learn such lessons from a friend like mine. You don�t realize you have learned something so crucial until after it�s all been said and done. All the while you thought they couldn�t go on, and it is you that have been maneuvered around all day. God used them to guide you into the path of right thinking trying to get you to the place where you can go on and forward.


I am currently in Michigan visiting my cousin until the 10th. It is cold and the one thing I detest the most is winter. We have snow on the ground and since coming to visit I have left the house once in three days. I have spent the time updating my website as I have not been able to do so since arriving in Hawaii last month. My laptop crashed on me and I could do nothing.

I always find it amazing how God helps me to redeem the time. My time in Hawaii was a constant going about in ministry. I had the awesome privilege of serving the Lord with a body of Christ that was, is, the living embodiment of what the church ought to be. We feed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty, took in strangers, clothe the naked, and visited the sick and those in prison.  We literally lived Matthew 25. I was given the opportunity to work on the landscaping as well. Several of us graded and put in rock paths that lead to the yurks (see photos).

It was amazing to see how dedicated this body of Christ is as they ministered to others. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we had feedings at the A�ala Park in Honolulu to feed the homeless. Of course food had to be prepared and transported to the other side of the island, Oahu. We set up and there were always others form other ministries there to help with the feedings. Some times we had anywhere from 75-100 people and often we had enough left for refills. On holidays there were about 200 people that would show up or more. Cooking at the Ohana Church of the Living God was a constant, sandwiches, soup, rice, salad, breads, pastries, gruel, etc.

We also feed once a month at one of the shelters which. Sometimes we feed from about 100-200 men women and children. When laws changed in Hawaii to keep the homeless out of the parks at night, they had no where else to go. A fellow believer made it his mission to secure a place for the homeless in one of the warehouses. It is in by 6pm and out by 6am. He has organizations that come in at night and feed. The Ohana feed one Tuesday night a month. Other organizations would come over to help serve and we would prepare the food. Some volunteers would be there as well to help tutor the children with homework. In the shelter, families, women and men had their own section. This same individual has a dreams and part of it came to fruition while I was there. He has begun to convert donated tourist buses to sleepers for the homeless. It is called The Evan�s project or the Evening Angel Project. The bus drives to locations where there are homeless individuals and take them to a location like at a church or place where there are facilities to wash and eat. The bus is parked for the night and the individuals can get a night sleep without fear. In the morning they are dropped back off where they were picked up from. Many individuals who are homeless have jobs but because of the high cost of rentals and lack of rentals in Hawaii many are homeless. Employed but homeless! There are several more buses to be converted to sleep the homeless. While there we had the dedication of the first bus at the State Capitol. There was also a �Walk the Talk� walk around the island where individuals raised awareness about the plight of the homeless. It took about 10 days and ended with a rally. Over five hundred individuals were feed that day.

We visited two prisons while on Oahu, a men�s prison and a women�s prison. We were able to share the gospel, sing songs of praise, and share our testimonies. I am constantly reminded that we do overcome by the word of our testimony.  It was always difficult to leave behind those who have a desire to know and grow in the Lord. Believe it or not, many people in prison are there to make a difference in the live of those that are there. Remember Paul who spent a great deal of time in prison. Many were converted because he was incarcerated. We often find ourselves judging people for being incarcerated but fail to see that while they are they many come to know the Lord because they share the gospel. Someone recently told me that he knows someone that belongs in prison because he does his greatest work there. Interesting! Have you ever seen a holy man in prison? I have, many such men and women I have seen. I have met Billy Grahams in prisons. I have met the best of praise and worship teams while ministering in prisons. I have seen grown men with tattoos on every part of their bodies bend on their knees and received Jesus into their hearts. I have seen women in prison that look like angels. In Christ, there is a freedom that is not of this world. There is a peace that passes all understanding, and there is a hope that prison walls cannot kill. I do not mean to romanticize this; I only want to say that if you think people in prison don�t deserve your ministering to them, then it is you who have missed the mark. A thief got saved on a cross and went directly to paradise. Certainly someone on death row or incarcerated for life can have the same opportunity.

I had the opportunity to visit a juvenile detention center. I have seen the youngest of boys with little or no hope. I remember telling one young man no bigger than Tom Thumb among such gapingly larger boys that Jesus loves him and that I love him and that if I could I would take him home with me. His response was, �Miss, if you knew me you wouldn�t.� He spoke as thought he had no redeeming qualities and as though he was the worst of the worst. He was a mere 12 year old. Have you ever met a person with destiny written all over them? It is not an arrogant or confident manner that you see, but rather an air of something supernatural. It is like if God could get their attention they would be an Elisha or John the Baptist. Sometimes it takes a person hearing this spoken to them over a period of time and from different people before they believe. Why aren�t we in the church visiting these children? Why aren�t we embracing the lost of our society? Are we quite satisfied to relegate them to the prison systems? They are the strangers among us. When will we take them in? This is what I found. At some point in time, these little ones have been tragically abused verbally, emotionally, physically, and only God knows what has really happened to them. Yet God visits in the midst of their situations in hopes that they do not rebel against Him.  Next time you see someone who you judge is undesirable, just ask yourself the question, �What did someone do or say to that individual along the way to alter his/her image?� Now, speak life to them instead of insisting that they are useless to society. Just remember that the Breathe of Life, God, is in them. Do not speak God�s name I vain over that person. Confess that as long as the Breathe of Life is in that person, they are of value and worth to God.

The Ohana took in strangers. I am one! One day into the ministry they said yes to me staying on an additional three weeks. We were all strangers and they took us in. The homeless and volunteers who did the walk around Oahu for Homeless Awareness were all given accommodations as well. People showed up and needed a place and the door was opened. They not only feed them, they clothe them, feed them meat and the word. Instantly we had new family members and there was never a doubt that we all were, is family. I do not know that any one at the Ohana is capable of turning anyone away. I will take in the stranger, what will you do?

We visited nursing homes and the joy that I saw on the faces of the residence and staff was most precious. Our nursing homes and assisted living facilities is a treasure trove of prayer warriors if we would only tap into it. Do you need a prayer warrior, ask someone in a nursing home who has time and they will make the difference on your behalf. Take your children with you on a visit and see what joy lights up the eyes of the aged. Spend time listening to someone who has already been along time on the journey and you will learn how to avoid the traps and learn how to enjoy the moments. You will receive more than you anticipating giving. We visit the local nursing home every Sunday morning and once a month we visit one on the other side of the island in Honolulu.

We had our daily sacrifices as they are called at the Ohana. We met each morning at 6am and 6pm to lift His name on high. Friday sundown to Saturday sundown we observed the Sabbath and partook of communion together. One Friday night a month the Ohana have a beach park ministry. They set up all their instruments, and prepare food for the homeless and anyone who wants to fellowship and we praise in songs, testimony, the word, and food. The other Friday nights is at the Ohana where I think it is more of a jamming for Jesus night. The immediate Ohana family is large to start with, the extended family, is even larger and you would not be able to make a distinction.

I attended a pastor�s breakfast and a once a month church service in the park. This was quite incredible. Many of the churches on the windward side of the island attended as well as the homeless. They not only feed the homeless, they gave away the offering instead of collecting it. Everyone lined up and new two dollar bills were given to all. Why aren�t we doing this? Why are there people in the church who have needs and we refer them to social service programs? Why are there unmet needs among us? Shame on us when we collect an offering every time the church doors are open and no one can come and make a withdrawal. Enough said!

Sight seeing was incredible, the beaches were fabulous, the food was great except I was allergic to everything I ate. The people were friendly and pleasant. The weather started out nice and progressed to rainy off and on. It turned out to be better that way for me because I absolutely exhibited no discretion in getting my tan on. The worst day to get a tan is on an overcast day. Really! You burn. When it rained, clothes took three days to dry. I lived in a yurt and so if I needed to go to the bathroom at night I had to go to the house and if it rained I had to dry off before getting back into bed. I met the most awesome people of my life. I gained a family and got to know many of the locals and now my prayer list has been expanded.

You too can afford to expand your prayer list. You do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money to be involved in ministry. People say you can stay home and minister in your own community. Yes, this is true. The problem is no one is doing anything in the community. We are building churches and the family is disintegrating at a phenomenal rate. More drugs are coming into our communities, more homeless are being driven out, and less money is being designated to missions. The smaller the church the more probability they will support a missionary. Don�t let anyone tell you that you shouldn�t go. Don�t let them tell you that you can do the same thing at home. Don�t let them tell you that as long as you attend church service you are alright. Don�t let them tell you it not affordable, and don�t let them tell you it�s not your job. It is! Go and see for yourself what needs to be done and return home changed and make a difference.

In the mean time this is what you can do:

         Cook enough food and share with someone else

         Give away your clothes to a needy person instead of selling them at a garage sale

         Support a short-term missionary, you might need the support someday

         Visit someone at a nursing home or hospital

         Open your  home to strangers

         Check out the �CATCH A WAVE� page for additional suggestion


Since arriving in Honolulu, things have been moving rather fast. I struggled for the last few weeks attempting to locate a place to stay while in Los Angeles. Most doors never opened and those that did would open for a moment or two and then close. My friend recently said to me, "If it is this difficult to resolve finding a place to stay, then it may not be God's will." It was my friend Ann that got me to realize that we ought to write our plans in pencil so that God can erase at His own discretion. I continued to seek a place to stay so I could work at the Dream Center and/or the Fred Jordan Ministry in Los Angeles. As nothing was working out I left for Hawaii not sure of the direction I was moving in after my stint in Honolulu. I did entertain the thought that I might have an opportunity to stay on in Hawaii. I thought it, I spoke it our loud, and I even shared the idea with others. I remained hopeful that something was going to work out somehow for that period of time.

After meeting our host in Hawaii and him graciously chauffeuring the team around the island our first day in Hawaii, I asked the question of our host about the possibility of staying and his response was, "If you like." No hassles, no on today off tomorrow, no stress as I anticipated his response. It really was a definitive yes. God had better plans and I can see so clearly part of his purpose. I will write more about what I have learned and discovered but I am exhausted and need rest. God is working every detail out and I am grateful that He knows exactly what He is doing and what I need.

Please continue to pray for Johnny Gonzales that His recovery will be complete and speedy.


PRAISE THE LORD! My passport arrived today

I was due to return home tomorrow morning but by the nudging of God I decided to change my schedule and return a day earlier. I called my niece to pick me up and I arrived and began to survey whether or not the house had been maintained to my standards or not. With in five minutes of being at home the dog ran to the door and began to bark. It was the mail man delivering my renewed passport. Praise God! Why at that time and moment when no one was due to be home. God's timing is carefully planned. I finally completed my application for Israel and need only to put it in the in the morning. I also received an email from my contact in Israel and they have received both of my references. Now I can begin the process of making more specific plans and dates, God's will be done. I am writing them in pencil so that God can erase at His discretion.

I am keenly aware of God's divine intervention in all my plans. He is filtering out some things and altering others.  We need only to put ourselves in the way and avail ourselves to His will and He will intervene as we go and interject along the way.

The trip back on the bus was twenty-three hours. My legs are a bit achy and swollen but with rest I will be on the mend. God open the door for me to share with several individuals on the bus and I am grateful for the results. On the last leg of the ride a lady and her son approached me and made inquires about my travels. She came up to me and said, "You are a missionary aren't you." I said I will be on the road for a year sharing the gospel and we began to talk. She is an incredible woman who finally got the courage to take a step in faith and make a major move in her life with her youngest child. She has been through a lot but God is not through and I believe she will impact others with her testimony when God gets through with her. It is funny how we never think that we could meet people at a particular time in their lives after we have gone through the same thing and we are now able to encourage them. Timing is so crucial to God. He is the master of people crossing paths at just the right time. He wants us at that place where we are willing to share not only His word but ourselves and all that we have. You cannot speak the word if you are not also willing to meet the need. I thank God that He supplied my need so that when there was a need I could meet it.

This is what it is all about, being available to God at that place in time when He can make the difference in a person's life.

Thanks for your prayers for Johnny Gonzales. His surgery went well and he is on the mend.


Today I am leaving for home for a few days and then off to Hawaii. Please pray for Johnny Gonzales of Prison Door Inc. He will have heart surgery today. The team will continue to Hawaii as planned while Johnny recovers and his wife and family takes care of him. God's timing should not be questioned as He knows best. All our need have been met and please believe  with us for a bountiful harvest.

Praise God all went well in Fresno. I was able to accomplish all that I desired in my heart to do and more. There is nothing that can be compared to God's schedule and timing when you learn to write your schedule in pencil so He can erase at His discretion. God who can see around every bend knows exactly what needs to be done and He is excellent at orchestrating change. Trust and obey is paramount to going forth with any endeavor for God.  God opened numerous door for me to share, minister to, and serve others. He is amazing.

I am still trying to locate a place to stay while in Los Angeles and hope to have some good news soon. My plans for December and January are changing a bit but God is in control and things are working out better for me and my finances. Keep praising God with me that He has supplied all my need and all my provisions are already at each destination.



I spent the weekend ministering to my friend who has been most hospitable to me and her kiddos. We have more single moms that are in need of respite than we realize. A simple thing in helping with household chores, taking the kids for the weekend so that mom can have alone time, washing her car, or simply entertaining the kids can mean so much when you are going it alone. We have somehow equated benevolence with money. Benevolence should not only be synonymous with money because it is not always money that is needful. Money is an excuse to withhold our time and care from others.


�For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed [thee]? or thirsty, and gave [thee] drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took [thee] in? or naked, and clothed [thee]? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?� Matthew 25:35-39


When we see a need and not meet that need we have neglected the Lord. The need is there to be met and it must be met. We cannot say, �Lord I love thee, here I am send me,� and then when we go we say Lord send some other to help in this area or that when it is in our ability to meet the need. God sends us out to preach, teach, and make disciples, but making disciples must be done by example, teaching must be done by way of what we have learned along the way, and preaching cannot be by word only but must be by action, not what I say but what I also do. I am also not feeling up to par so today I am taking some time to rest because the rest of the week will be hectic. I will leave to return home on Thursday and I have to prepare for the long ride back.

Please praise God that all my need will be met. I have already asked. Now I am simply just praising Him for what He is going to do to sustain me for the coming year. Blessings!


I have spent a great deal of time reading the last few days and some time at the park in the town I am currently visiting outside of Fresno, California. It is important to take time to study the word daily so that you are taking a fresh word out. Yesterday I spent several hours in the city park where the community�s homeless converge on until late evening when the Rescue Mission doors are open for dinner, chapel time, and rooms. I had the opportunity to minister to eight individuals that gathered around as I shared the word of God. We think that the world knows so little about God, but in actuality they know quite a bit. I met a young man about twenty-one years old that could quote the Bible and tell you exactly where to find things in it. He said he read about seven different version of the Bible and books from numerous other religions. He was homeless, a recovering addict and well versed in the scripture.

I also met a gentleman in his forties that grew up in a Christian home, was also recovering from substance abuse, homeless and well versed in the Bible. He could quote the word, preach the word, and tell you exactly where you can find it in the scriptures. Everyone had their own story. Although the young man had Christianity and other pagan religions merged as one, he soon became a willing listener and asked many questions. I thank God that studying His word paid off and He was able to use me to explain and bring truth to verses they distorted. I prayed specifically for two of the eight individuals present who ranged in age from late teens to about late sixties. The door was never closed for discussion and so I believe many minds were changed on how they viewed God and understood the scriptures.

The young man, about 21 years old, at first did not want to be engaged in conversation about God but as I began to speak to others around, he came closer and began to put in his views. I am allergic to nicotine.  This young man took out a cigarette and lit it up. My instant thought was to tell him that I was allergic and would he put it out, but the Holy Spirit promoted me to say nothing. I knew that he would have felt offended and would have left after we were making such good progress. I yielded to the Holy Spirit and I was amazed that I did not even smell the cigarette nor did I smell like nicotine. We spoke for several hours and when it was time for me to leave he was receptive to me telling him about the love of Christ.

Today I went over to the Rescue Mission to sign up to volunteer but I was not able to stay as the person I needed to register with was away. I had another opportunity to witness to two individuals as I was leaving. God knows exactly where we need to be and to whom we need to speak at exactly the right moment. He also gives us the exact words that will illicit the right response. People need to know that God loves them even when they struggle. They also need to know that they cannot out sin God�s love. We do not realize that at times it is not about how many people we make contact with, it is about a specific person at the right time that have access to more people than we may have access to. Salvation and hope to one key person may be the door of hope to many more.  I will return on Monday to the Rescue Mission. I will also be speaking in the chapel service one day next week. I will conclude my last week in Fresno area being there for my friend and her kids and volunteering at the Rescue Mission.  We should never forget that while we are reaching out to the world we should also be reaching in to those that are dear and close to us.

Pray for opportunities at the Rescue Mission, and continued opportunities to fellowship in sharing and bible studies with my friend Ann. Also, continue to pray for my finances, my passport, and my schedule being opened to God�s plans and will.


I spent the weekend in Fresno proper helping my friend's sister who is also my friend, with some yard work. I do not believe I have used some of those muscles in a few years but I accomplished quite a bit for my friend. I would like another opportunity to go back and help relocate some large shrubs and do a bit more planting. On Sunday we attended church and I must admit I was kinda feeling like maybe I should just pack up and head home. Sometimes you feel like the world is heading in one direction and you are the only one heading somewhere else. The Bridge in Fresno is truly a New Testament church. They minister within and without. The teaching was incredible and right on target with what I have been writing for the past year about getting out of the pews. He compelled his congregation to maintain a balance in reaching into family and out to the lost. This is one of the most active "not busy" churches I have visited since visiting Tommy Barnett's church in Phoenix earlier this year. You know what I mean by "not busy," not putting on shows or entertaining each other, but really working for the Lord, truly a definition of the early church. They truly minister to the needs of the body in every way, and they participate in witnessing to the lost at home and abroad. I changed my mind about going home. It was like God sent that word just for me. God is still refining me as I go and the enemy is starting to attack in subtle ways that on occasions preoccupy my mind with worry. I have a long way to go and a complete year to finish. I have only just begun. I am learning that the results I have seen so far are exactly what God intended. We are looking for the Red Sea to part, the grand exits, and the Jordan to part, the grand entrance, but God is still looking for our hearts to break so that we can go farther than expected and stand against all the odds against us. Mt schedule is beginning to change a bit as I must include time for major family events like my sons last college football game, his graduation in May, and then we have Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Yet Jesus said, "Sell all you have and follow me." Hum! This is not a sell all, this is a compromise. As I change dates to accommodate these events, airfare prices are rising and worry is increasing. This is what He means by leave all behind and follow. I am beginning to think that this journey is not only about winning the lost, it is also about me. The refining process is painful.

Pray for me as the Lord deals with me and that I learn and avail myself to His perfect will.


I spent the afternoon in the park passing out tracts and witnessing to several people. It is not only the unbeliever that is in need of the gospel, many Christians are out here who are clueless as to what it means to be a Christian, one who follows in the foot steps of Christ. I spent time explaining why it is important for us to be witnesses and the results were phenomenon. Transformation can come to a Christian or a sinner in the same manner, by truth.

We are going to a wedding feast when Christ returns for us. No one I know would dare attend a wedding without taking a gift. The only reasonable gift we can take to Jesus on His wedding day is what He does not already own, a lost soul. A lost soul is the only thing the enemy really have a hold of. The lost will inherit the rewards of the devil, hell's fire. When we share the gospel with the lost and they yield their life to Christ, it is giving Him, Jesus, what He does not have. We certainly can't present to Christ our self-righteousness, those are like filthy rags. It must be something the Father does not already own, and It must be apart from self. The only logical answer is to give a soul redeemed from the lake of fire. How simple is that?

I also had an opportunity to share with some men working in the park. One was joyous and one was rather sad. Have you ever seen a grown man cry when you begin to share the word of God with him. It was obvious that this man was struggling with being committed and he was only making an effort because He realized that God had done something for him even though he did not deserve it. It took speaking to him just so He could realize it was divine intervention in his life. Sometimes people only need you to speak to them so they can make the connection with what is happening in their lives and the hand of God in it. People need us to point them and steer them to the Master. Paul said on Mars Hill, "Let me tell you who this unknown God is." Do you see? They just may only need us to tell them who it is that is have that good thought for them.

I met others that I only gave tracts to and left them with a word of peace or a blessing. I have been asking God to place people who are receptive to the gospel in my path. If He only puts people who are receptive in our paths then we will never be used to brake up fallow ground. We will become lazy farmers only harvesting in fields we have not planted. We must be willing to be used in every way. We must avail ourselves to each unique situation. People are all at different places in their journey and we must be equipped and discerning to meet them at that place and minister to their specific needs.

I met a couple that was totally shocked by my words and took a hold of the tract as though it was the most foreign thing they have ever encountered. I guess the word is, they were stunned. I told them that as much as they seems to be in love, God loved them more. They were young and in love. I do not think the love of God was ever a concept in their young minds. This was fallow ground being broken. We never know who will cross our paths so we must be ready in season and out of season.

I met a lady and her kids at the jungle gym set and gave her a tract. She said she was a Christian and that she goes to church. I told her I was here to share Christ with others and she seemed a bit bewildered. We have grown use to the four walls of the church building that taking the gospel beyond it seems so strange. Pray for these people that others will come along and complete the work in them. Pray that they will remember that it was in the park that the truth about some things came to them and that they will someday return to that place and do likewise. I encourage you to step out of the pew and do the same. It really isn't that difficult. It takes a bit of courage to speak to the first person and then after that it becomes easier. Soon it will become addictive.

Blessings all!


I am currently in Fresno, California visiting with a friend and hoping other opportunities will present themselves for me to witness. Each day I have had the opportunity to hand out tracts and have Bible study with my friend.  We have broken bread together, prayed together, studied the word, and encourage each other in the Lord. I think it is amazing how God can put us in proximate to people who are going through what we have already experienced so that we can be a light in they moments of uncertainty. This is what it means to be �in the way� where God can use us. God sends us first to our family and friends and as we go we launch out to the utmost parts as we go.

I will be here until the 19th and I look forward to caring for my friends kids as she take some desperately needed time for herself and seek the Lord in resolving some issues.  Sometimes we fail to realize that just sharing the burden of others can make the journey easier for them. We think we have to do the most incredible things just to please God. It is the simple things that matters the most and helps others to go the distance. Jesus said, �Take my yoke it is easy.� Yet, we do not make enough of an effort to pass His easy yoke on to others. We are sitting back saying, �Lord, I pray that you will make my sister�s yoke easy,� but personally we do nothing about it though He is waiting to use us as His instruments.

I am off to a good start and He is using the situations I have already encountered to teach me real Christianity. I took the Grey Hound bus to Fresno and it was a real experience. I have grown so accustomed to hopping on planes and with the exception of minor delays here and there I have usually arrived at my destination in a relatively short span of time. It was not so traveling on the Grey Hound bus! A trip that would have taken me three hours on the plane took me twenty-six and a half hours. They were numerous delays, difficult passengers, unrealistic layovers, a restroom which permeated its stench, and some passenger that was on the bus for a couple of days that lacked opportunity for hygiene. They were people who reeked of cigarettes, alcohol, and a dry cheesy smell l that seems to be their level of cleanliness. There were attitudes that needed to be put in check at ever scheduled stop. On two occasions there was the threat of physically taking two passengers off the bus to be taken into police custody.  Some passengers were so attached to their seats that several confrontations were close encounters of bodily harm. Every stop meant some passenger dismounted to satisfy their nicotine fix. People from every walk of life got on and off those buses. We had loud people, disgruntled people, vulgar people, insensitive people, and absolutely obnoxious people. Thank God that Grey Hound hired bus drivers that could handle the diversity of the passengers.

I know that besides saving money this mode of transportation was in God plans for my journey. I know why some Christians would not leave the pews. We have become so sanitized that we do not want to get dirty again. Out here where the gospel is desperately needed, the world is dirty: spiritually, physically, morally, and emotionally. There are so many people who live off the grid of society and every now and then they emerge as they move from one physical locality to another. It is like they surface just for that moment in time and then they disappear again. These individuals are in need of Christ, but to get to them we must go where they make an emergence for that brief period of time.

So much of the world is living on the edge of society. These are individuals that feel they would not be accepted anywhere else, they are poor, broke, they are hoping against hope for a better opportunity at their next destination. Meanwhile the church is hiding out in the pews and the world is slipping into the shadows.  We are trying to keep clean while the world is going to hell dirty and broken. I do not mean to imply here that all people who ride the Grey Hound buses are dirty and unsaved; I only mean to say that the affordability of this mode of transportation lends itself to people who might be of a caliber that is not often found flying in the wide blue yonder. Sitting in the pews will not get us to them and traveling by modes of status will not get us to them.  

When my sons were waiting with me to catch my bus out of Las Cruces which was one and a half hours late, we commented about the type of people that were waiting to board. My sons warned me to take care and not draw attention to myself traveling alone. I myself felt pangs of regret by not taking the plane until the Lord showed me that these are the people we, the church, have neglected. These are the people He is desperate for us to reach. It was only right for me to be on the Grey Hound bus, if I can�t stomach those I encountered on the bus, then I would be useless to God in the harvest. God really has a sense of humor. I said, �Here am I, send me Lord,� and when He sent me I questioned the reality of who He was sending me to and how.  I am learning how to get down right dirty for the Lord. God allowed me to be in the mix of people in need of His grace so I can see what I am in for during the next year and the rest of my life.

On the bus I had an opportunity to share with a Christian lady the need to get out of the pews. I also had the opportunity to show many kindnesses and meet a few needs. I feed two people who were hungry, pray through difficult situations, and observed the need for Christ in our dying world. Trying to stay clean is the reason why we continue to minister at the altar to those individuals that are clean and of status. We do not want to get dirty. We miss the mark because dirt can wash off, but a self-righteous Christian is not so easily cleaned because our righteousness is as filthy rags, they must be thrown out.

Pray for me while I am in Fresno and still working out the details for the Hawaii Prison Door trip. Pray for my finances and remember, put yourself in the way so God can use you to minister to those around you.


I picked up my new CDs today and am very happy to have a real means of self support while on the mission field. God is so amazing how He provides for me and the turn around time I am encountering in getting things done is incredible. Last Saturday after I had finally completed the purchase of the tickets for the Hawaii prison ministry trip my niece, Chelle, and her boyfriend, Joe, came over with a great surprise. He was able to retrieve all my word documents from my hard drive that had previously been wiped clean by a virus. Today with all things so far through the end of October finalized, he came over again with the final retrievals, now all my photos have been restored as well. It took losing everything for me to step out on faith and undertake a year of missions. It took losing everything to gain everything back and more.

I am finally packing and I am amazed at the amount of stuff that I can pack in a medium sized suitcase. I am determined not to go over my weight and not to over pack. I am certain that I have packed only the bare essentials. The last year I worked at a real job, I began to purchase light weight year round clothing, wrinkle free, wring and dry. I though it was just the sensible thing to do then but now I realize that it was all for such a time as this. Right down to the smallest detail of my travels God has had His hand on. I am at peace with my house being in order, my sons settled in college, and everything through the ending of October paid for. One day at a time, one month at time, and one year at a time is taking shape. It is 1:00AM and I am checking my list twice and calling it a night.

To all of you who have been encouraging to me, who have prayed for me and sent me off with expectations for mighty things to happen, I thank you and pray that God will equip you and place you into your destiny and that we will soon meet at some juncture while in the process of kingdom building.

Father, bless my brothers and sisters in the Lord and thank you for their encouraging words and prophetic words spoken over me. May my feet only go where thou leadeth me, and may the souls I encounter along the way receive the preached word unto salvation. Bless Ralph and Norma Molina, Pastor Bill Gomez, Christian Crossing Bookstore, and my family and friends as I take my leave and they remain behind to labor and disciple those that are eager to work in Your kingdom. Amen! Still no passport.


I am patiently waiting on my passport to arrive. Yesterday I spent about two hours recording a CD of my poems and tomorrow I will spend another two hours recordings some of my devotions. I believe that the sales of these products will help sustain me in the mission field for the next year. My third book Debunking Generational Curses should be out in about a month or two. The publishing wheels turn rather slowly.

About two months ago I logged onto the internet and a virus erased all of my hard drive and I lost years and years of writings. No, I did not back up! My friend Paul Wynne told me about 3AM that day that I should not stress over something that will come back to me, so I did not. It was the first time in my life that I literally released something so tragic to me in that instant. A few days after, I asked the Lord what I should do now that I have nothing left. He said, �stop writing on the computer and �go ye� and write on the hearts of men and women that are lost to me.� I took it to heart and within that hour I made plans to leave home and go on short-term missions. If I had not lost my life�s work I would have been contented to simply go on as I was with posting my website, writing my books, teaching my Sunday school class, preaching on occasion, and going on missions every other month to the prisons.

Devotions are time consuming, writing for others are time consuming, volunteering at local ministries are time consuming, but the blessing of it all is that you must spend more time in the word studying it so that you can write and minister. Yet, our lives must be well-balanced. There must be equal time for all the things of God especially laboring in the harvest. I am a laborer and have always been a laborer. Unfortunately the church today is not willing that any should leave its pews and go out into the harvest because then the Sunday morning worship hour will be empty and the coffers will be sparse. This is sad to say but it is true.

We must get out of the pews and go into the fields. This is where the real work for the Lord is. There are too many retirees sitting at home, on the golf course and fishing when they could be harvesting souls. I lost everything that mattered to me little by little over the course of one year so that I could get to this place of leaving.

I walked away from an excellent salary job about a year ago as I felt the Lord led me to. Since then I have volunteered in several ministries over the last year. I was blessed by an individual in one of those ministries who believed in what God called me to do and helped me designed and post this web site. Her name is Pat Shannon. I have also had to learn to let go of my sons whom I spent my life discipling. That was most difficult because it came at a time when I had just completed my last book dedicated to them. Then I lost all my writings. Jesus showed me how I must leave all that I have and follow Him. It was a gradual process and not all at once so I had time to transition.

In this pass year God has shown me that He has a destiny for me and that it is my choice to chose His destiny for my life or I can just continue as I was. I choose God�s destiny for my life. Choosing God�s destiny means leaving behind all the baggage you have acquired on the way. It means allowing Him to turn your baggage into gladness, give beauty for ashes and strength for fear, and a testimony that overcomes. It means trusting Him explicitly. It means living within your means and often below the fashion you were accustomed to. No more designer clothing, no more operas, no more dinners at pricey restaurants, and no more shopping sprees. God has also taken the time to show me those people in my life that would be supportive and those that were a hindrance.  He severed unprofitable alliances and taught me how to rely on His Holy Spirit when those close to me sought to destroy my ministry before it had a chance to grow and tarnish my reputation that I spent my life cultivating. What I have gained in comparison is peace of mind, a renewed heart, a life of service and opportunities to go places that have been a life long dream. I have gained a simple life that has brought in a greater harvest than what my great salary could have brought me. I am healthier, feel younger, and am happier. God has truly supplied all my need.

In three days I will be leaving for my first leg of what I expect to be the longest and one of the greatest and most rewarding years of my life. I am living a life of expectancy and destiny.

Father, I pray that all who read this journal will realize that you have a greater life for them than they can even imagine. Show them how awesome Your will is for their lives and help me to accomplish all that you require of me in this coming year of expectancy and visitation.


I purchased my ticket to Fresno yesterday and finally it seems that all things truly work together for those that love the Lord. All needs are being met in the most unexpected ways but right on time. Those things that are the Father's will are coming to pass, thy will be done. I am currently working on my application to missions in Israel and Uganda. I sent off for my passport about a month ago and still have not received it as yet. It was supposed to be 3 weeks expedited. It is now over a month. Even that is in the Father's will an in His care. I take my rest on what He has already supplied and the door already opened. Take no thought for tomorrow means exactly that, no thought.

So far my itinerary has changed  and constantly changing. I have to remind myself that this is not about me, it is about the Father's will being done.

I am open to the will of God and of course everything depends on available finances and so far so good.   I will be living on a shoe string so pray that the sales of my book and other products will be enough to support me in all my endeavors.    


Waiting is the most difficult when one is waiting for His will to be done. I am in the process of helping to arrange a week long mission trip to Hawaii.


I have made contact with several mission boards and I am certain I am blessed to have located a ministry to serve under in Uganda. I have to renew my passport and start getting my house in order. I am also considering a personal ministry that will have lasting effects and bring in a greater harvest. Sometimes speaking life mean giving life - faith without works is dead, right? David asked God to decide the fate of Israel after he numbered the people. Only God knew which decision would have the least affect. So, only God knows which decision would have the greatest impact. Perhaps God would honor a decision to bless beyond the right choice as He did with Solomon. He added to Solomon that which He did not ask. I do not ask but I desire, would God honor that? I trust His final decision.


Today I am contemplating going out to the harvest on a one year stint. Actually I have already made some inquires and am patiently waiting for some responses. This is the life I have always dreamt about and now I am at the stage of my life rather than take it easy I can "go ye therefore." There are so many choices I can make, but I choose this one. I am joyful.


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