Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.

TRAVEL JOURNAL 2009 - 2010

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Transfer of Wealth


October 1, 2009 begins a new year of ministry


October 1 - November 9, 2009 China
December 2009 Projects in NM
January 1 - 3, 2010 Prison Ministry Las Cruces, New Mexico
January 2010 New York
February - April 2010 Middle East
May 2010 New York
June 1, 2010- August 2011 Barbados


Please continue to pray for:  traveling mercies, receptive hearts, all financial needs to be met, and that the right doors will be opened and that I will be His servant wherever He leads me.


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Please be patient with my postings as I am not always able to use the computer when I travel.

Here is the end to my 2009 - 2010 mission year. It began all the way in the East in China and ends all the way in the West on the Caribbean island of my birth Barbados. All is well and the work continues. This year ends with a bit of rest and pursuing new challenges here in Barbados. Currently I contribute to the morning radio devotions on 97.5 here in Barbados. I conduct family bible studies, after school tutoring in Reading and working on unfinished books for myself and others while updating this website. There is active participation in street evangelism with some of my relatives who are powerful voices for Christ calling sinners to repentance. I have also spent numerous hours in the Barbados archives researching family history and working on a family book. I hope that when my family and extended family reads about the rich history of faith that is our family legacy that they will be compelled to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers.


The work continues abroad especially in Africa with evangelism, humanitarian and educational projects. Unfortunately there is not enough money to do all the things that are necessary but God continues to meet small needs in amazing ways that somehow seem too funnel up to greater needs being met. The ministry in Pakistan finally got a sister church sponsor in the USA and they are thriving.


The greatest issue on the table right now is what is happening in Burundi and the rearing up of atrocities once again. I believe when we who say that we are believers in Jesus recognize that the issues of the world are one issue we will impact the world as we ought. Satan is seeking to destroy the world - the kingdom of men - while manipulating all of us in various way from within and without of our respective societies. Once we dismiss what is happening in one part of the world as their problem we do all of humanity a disservice. Ultimately the enemy want to destroy us all. The battle is not about religions, races, governments, etc., it is about the whole of humanity.


We were commissioned to go into all the world and preach the gospel because as we preach the gospel and individuals come to faith the atrocities will cease when truth and righteousness reigns. We have put up four wall and invited the lost to come in if they feel like it but so few go out to compel them in. we have forsaken the very commands of God and so the earth is rumbling. We want a gospel of prosperity but we refuse to see the prosperity of the kingdom of God.


It is still a short time left to try and save as many as will come. There is room in the field for everyone. Just know one thing, sending someone in your place does not excuse you from the commission. Jesus said to go and so we must go. Around the corner is going. Over to the other desk next to the one you work at is going. To the bedroom of your brother and sister is going. Yes, you can go really far away to another country or across your nation. Do not leave the work for a few able bodies that will soon be wearied out. On the home page of this website are many suggestions of things one can do to share the gospel and declare your faith. This is your day to make a move!

September 23, 2010


            The world is ever changing. When I was in high school and college I made friends that have lasted until even now several decades later. We call ourselves girlfriends and we can tell each other anything without the fear of being ridiculed or looked down on. We can say �I love you� with such ease and declare our undying friendship and love without a thought of anything other than pure friendship in its God given form and intent.

            I think about the innocence of making friendships that last for a lifetime and looking back I see how they compare to those friendship I have tried to hang on to in the last few years and have not been able to sustain many in one way or another. Even among the body of Christ it grows more and more difficult to love the body and trust the body. Something is definitely amiss. We live in an age when one must steady them selves only on the life line extended to us by Jesus. We can�t trust the very flock we are entrenched with.

            I remember also the lessons we should have learned from genocide in Rwanda and Burundi where these nations that were considered Christian nations turned on their neighbors and massacred each other in the name of tribalism. I ask how things could go so wrong when you allow yourself to love your friends and family and they see it as anything but love. Where are the lessons here to be learned?

            I have worked in ministry with many so called believers who say there are in the mission field because they love Jesus but yet they don�t know how to show love for their fellow co-laborer or even the lost. I find too many people using the mission field as a way of getting away from the drudgery of their lives and or family situations or just looking for a way to get around the globe. I watched some of those people hamper and hinder the good work of others. I have watched them close up their bellies of compassion and refuse to lend a helping hand when it had been in their reach and ability to help.

            I see so many people in the congregations today who are just as complacent about love, helping, evangelizing and anything good just like the unbelievers that hold no ties to anything. People are afraid to trust each other. I see people bending over backwards to wring out of others a pledge of good faith before they would even make a move to do a good deed.  No one wants to extend their heart in matters of faith, romance or humanitarian efforts unless they can exact something in return. It is difficult to be anything of integrity in these days. You cannot trust to anything but the word of God.

            I have found that if you want to make a difference and make an impact you are on your own except for God by your side. Yes, it is that bleak. It is getting worst. If it is as I say, then how does anyone move on or have hope that what they are doing really matters? If you are doing the will of the Father then your do not have to worry. All good works in the kingdom are seen and the Father protects what is His.

            I have learned not to give up or give in no matter what. When man withholds from you what is necessary God will provide a new way. When those you labor with don�t acknowledge you, don�t know how to receive in kind the love you extend, become so shallow they can�t see the forest for the tree, cannot be a source of encouragement and trusting with integrity, God will provide a helper who has no stake in the matter except to do His will.

            The point is that the world is ever changing just like the bible says as men are becoming more and more lovers of themselves.  It will get worst and that is not the time to give up. We must continue to move full steam ahead no matter what. Knowing how to discern what is here and what is coming will prepare us to handle whatever comes our way. God�s word has already told us what will befall the church, the world and the devil so we know. All we have to do is stay clear of the treachery that will show up in the path.

            While the church is sitting in the pews Sunday after Sunday looking skyward for the rupture to come the lost is perishing. I feel the complacency all around me. I feel the earth quaking from within and I hear humanity speaking in a voice it can�t even recognize as its own.

I am living on an island where Christianity is still taught in school, people still pray before government meetings. Everyone educated in the schools can quote the bible and there are no restrictions about sharing the gospel. This is an island where slavery was the engine behind the agricultural economic machine. It is now a nation that is sovereign from the nation that once colonized it. The people are their own masters those who are descendants of slaves.

Somehow we have forgotten something along the way as other nations have also forgotten their past. They have each in their own turn forgotten their own struggles and now we are all on a collision course to a one world government system that most people don�t seem to realize is coming.

The righteous are seen as outside the good of all. We are being looked upon as renegades from society and globalism. Even the church sees those that truly have a heart for God as defectors. We are the troublemakers because we refuse to as like a circle to fit into their square box. We are not moved by their emotionalism that captivates and hold prisoner the believer. Week after week they are becoming more and more desensitized to the presence of God because of the numbing effect of religiousness.

I know people who keep their radio or television tuned on to the so called Christian station 24/7. If they get into their car it is on and if they step into their house it is on and so on and so on. They can quote James Dobson, John Hagee and the likes better than they can quote the word of God. They can quote the philosophies of religious leaders better than they can quote Jesus. They spirits have become desensitized to hearing directly from God. They remain no still moments in their lives where God can speak because Billy Graham or T. D. Jakes is the speaker of the hour on the dial or cable channel. I am not saying that such programs are bad, what I am saying is that God desires to speak to each of His children that He is in relationship with without competition from other sheep. God has a personal revelation for you but you are too busy hearing what someone else thinks is God�s revelation for you. God wants to be personally involved with you but like the children of Israel you have said, His voice is too harsh for you to bear. You are like Israel who said give us a king like other nations and let him decide for us how things will be.

Neither of these situations was good for Israel and surely they are not good for us. We must leave room to hear from God. We must leave room to practice hearing His voice so when he speaks we can recognize the difference between His voice and Joyce Myers or Joel Olsten. Many of these television evangelists started out with a testimony that propelled them into the limelight but somehow they seem to have attracted a following that they somehow don�t seem to be able to direct to Jesus and Him alone. They have carved out their own following and kingdoms.

The point is that any gains in the kingdom belong to God only and He will not share His throne with anyone. If after the message is preached and all anyone remembers is your name something went wrong. If the name of Jesus is still on their lips after you have spoken then all is well. The hardest thing to do is to be used of God and take no credit for your self. Truly, who really wants that burden? It is one I do not want to carry so I do not pick it up. This is why Jesus said we are to make disciples. Every time you make a disciple of a new believer then the work goes on exponentially and no one can take the credit. Carving out an empire in His kingdom becomes too easy. It goes back to Lucifer vying for the throne that does not belong to him. Many want to be like gods in God�s kingdom.

When can we get back to truly loving the body and caring for the sick and feeding the hungry and visiting those in prison? When can we get back to trusting for all the right reasons and when can we love without being challenged about our motives? Has that time already passed us by? No! I believe while hope endures we keep trying but guard ourselves with discernment. The eyes of our understanding must be wide open so that we can optimize every moment and opportunity in the kingdom work.

9/20/10 Urgent prayer request from Burundi


I just received this email from one of my contacts there and as you can see they need desperate prayer.


Want to let you know that troubles are back here in Burundi. Many of political leader, military, soldiers...are not in the country one by one
is going out and most of them are those who lost they post as president in the election last time...
People are killed every day like 6 yesterday mornings and more than 200 we don't know where they are. A father kill 1 of his son but an
other run away after being hurt by the father. They cut the head of a women at night, they raped, kill women here and there. To get water and
electricity is an other problem.
People like this president because he is so simple, love population and great he is a Christian and the wife is a pastor they have a church so
Christians we enjoy it. Problem is on the top of leaders.
We don't know what we can do now because our eyes and foot are out now
so that if something can happen we run.
We really need your prayers.
God bless you,
Queen Betty


I�ve been back on the island now for a little over 3 months and although I feel a sense of belonging to the place I find that there is typically no difference from any other place I have travelled to. There is truly nothing new under the sun. Every nation has its own attitude but yet with each vernacular of expression it all comes down to the same thing. Every one is clamoring for the same things physically, spiritually, emotionally and material wise.

The same insanity I see in other nations I see here. No one really wants to speak out about the wrongs they see even though they might have an opinion of what they see. When a 10 year old tells you that every body has a right to think and do what they want then you know something is more than wrong.

I feel almost in limbo here as I have felt in other places. The handwriting is all over the wall but it seems that no one sees it and if they do it is just a matter of dismissive conversation and don�t bother to give an interpretation because it is all tainted in the end. It is almost as though people are crippled to do anything about what they see and know.

There are so many unhappy people who just continue in the same manner day after day out of habit. They buy the same things in the grocery store, cook the same food, meet at the same places, strive for the same things but in this culture there seems to be no place to go from up or down. There is a quiet giving away to the mundane. You can only do and suggest so much.

People are all looking for the same things from each other but none are willing to really be that particular thing for the other. This is true if you visit China, Africa, Europe, America, or any other part of the world. Everyone wants utopia to some degree but no one wants to be the one to bring it to the life of someone else.

Even pursuit of spiritual things is all the same for all the religions of the world. What else can we invent to soothe or souls? I have been to churches all over the world and they are all one and the same. Many people say that the American influence permeates all around the world in Christianity but I think it is really a globalization of how each culture feels and what they are experiencing � nothing new � its all the same. We are not separated by culture any longer only space and time. Time soon will not be a factor as we are all high tech and even in the middle of the African interior cell phones with internet access is not uncommon.

We have come down to truly a common denominator, child and adult alike. We are all bruised and painfully unaware of each other�s torments. We think what we are experiencing is a cultural thing but it is not. This is humanity coming in for its final show. We have taken the stage of life and we are all represented on the stage: every culture, nation, language and race.

We are all discomforted by what we see and there is a sense of what can I do that has not already been done. People are thinking, what is the good of doing anything when it has all ready been done in one generation or another? They can�t see beneath the surface of what they are experiencing at the moment.

Even in the congregations I have seen around the world it appears that most participants are being moved by emotions rather than an �I know that I know� God is really real. The praise and worship is about an explosion of emotions and once the moment is over there seem to be an attitude of, �did you feel that too.� Then it is over and the week seems to be about making the next Sunday appearance for the next spiritual high.

Whether it is Shabbat, or Ramadan, or Easter or some other highly observant religious occasion it all culminates to the same degree of �been there done that.� This is what limbo really feels like. You are moving about on the earth and you see it spiraling out of control but no one else around you really sees it. It is like we are setting up the stage for the domino effect. The first falls and all fall. The earth is being shaken but very few feel the vibration or the tremor. If they do feel it, it is almost like there are reconciled to it and so be it.

The farmer has taken time to break up his fallow ground and plant his seed and watered and now that the harvest is almost near to the reaping a storm looms in the horizon and the farmer sits on his porch and says nonchalantly, �looks like a storm is coming� and does nothing. I think innately we all know that a storm is coming but we might be too scared or complacent to do anything about it.

There are more and more people now when natural disasters threaten who are willing to stay and weather the storm or situation. Those who flee the torrent of rain or ash or whatever the disaster might bring can�t wait for the �all is clear� to be given so they can make the mad dash back to the familiar even though the aftermath might have rendered all they had exactly that, a past tense.

Even with the global economic crisis no one seems to be letting up on spending and attaining. It is almost like if they stop they will cease to breathe. Here on this island I have a small one bedroom apartment that is scantly furnished mostly with borrowed stuffed like a bed, a patio table with two chairs, a fridge that is an igloo in the freezer portion a tropical island on the other. There is no stove only a crock pot and an electric skillet to cook in. Most of my clothes in the closet are hand offs from cousins and all my sheets and curtains are on loan. I have never been happier.

My dear cousins are often offering to purchase for me such items as a stove, fridge, sofa etc. I am contented to remain as I am until that time those things I might be in need of becomes feasible and not a burden to me or others. Perhaps this is about me teaching others how to live simple and within their means. In truth I lack nothing of importance or necessity. I have come to realize that it is only when you live in contentment that you are able to do the works that Jesus calls us to do.

What does hinder us is that we have not adequately made preparation for His work. We say �here I am send me� but then when the time comes to actually go we say, �but Lord with what should I go?� What should I carry and how am I going to carry it and there is not enough funds or I cannot exist without this or that on the journey. We find that we have grown accustomed to all the trappings of life to the point in which these things hamper us in our going. I know many willing hearts who say God will not put them in a hut to serve Him and they will not go unless they have a modern hotel room to call home away from home.

Such workers hamper the valiant efforts of those who have made preparation to serve in any condition. I am reminded that Jesus also had no place to lay His head. But yet He always had a place to lay it when night fell because the Father made provision in for His Son's going.

It is Sunday morning about 5:12 am and I am wondering what the day will hold for me in congregation. I want more than the usual. I want more than the heated emotional praise and worship and when the praise is over the worship is gone away with it. I want to covenant with others in the body to meet a need this day. I want for the praise and adoration that is elicited from the guitar and drums and tambourines to move outside the four walls and manifest in �as you do unto these so have you done unto me.�

The truth is, it is hard to move a soul to this point when their own souls are racked with its own needs, some physical others spiritual and or emotional etc. Unless one recognize that they too are in need it is difficult to get them to make a difference. Every thing becomes superficial and nothing has a lasting impact. The only way to make a lasting impact is to have been impacted yourself.

How many people do you know including yourself that the gospel has really impacted their lives? Really, think about it. Has the gospel really impacted your life to totally transform you in the way you think, the choices you make and the way you live? Has the words of the Bible really impacted your life to the extent that if Jesus said to you this moment �leave every thing behind and follow me� you will be willing to just follow. Forget going back to collect things and to settle matters. Are your affairs all settled that you can be His 24/7. Are you emotionally able to forsake all that you know and have been accustomed to and follow Him?

What will it take for Him to get your attention today? What do you require Him to do for you in order to follow Him at the drop of a pin? If you have a requirement for any of these questions then you are saying that what He did for you on the cross was not sufficient to compel you. But He bore your eternal punishment. For some that is enough even more than enough.

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are still few. We say it knowingly understanding the significance of the statement but still we grow more and more complacent because we chose to believe the harvest is for someone else or for another generation not ours. We are not willing to live the truth even though we know it.

We think that because we are saved nothing bad should ever happen to us but I am reminded that sometimes death comes to good people to save them from the evil to come. Isaiah 57:1-2 states, �The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.�

As long as our eyes are fixated on what we can see and feel we will fall somewhere short of His will for us and those we come in contact with. I am home again and learning a lot about myself and who I am and about the things that have impacted my life both positively and negatively. I am not a product of my environment I am refined by God�s word. At the end of the day this is my conclusion.

I am in a culture like any other culture that has been through life experiences good and bad. Barbados was once an island of few whites ruthlessly operating plantations on slave labor and it was not pleasant or a paradise for that labor force. I am a descendant of slaves who made it across the middle passage and live to endure the hardness of plantation life built on a foundation of slavery and brutality. Yet I am not defined by the past of my ancestors. I am a product of their genes but I am who God says that I am. Each generation of my ancestors contributed to the growth of this island and at some point, I am sure, someone believed in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Truly they understood the meaning of savior because they were desperately in need of salvation from the powers that were.

Our faith in Jesus was handed down to us generation upon generation. Faith in the saving grace of Jesus was not a tradition but each member in their turn had to make that personal choice to serve the true and living God. Although most of my relatives came along hearing our parents pray or preaching the gospel we all have had to make our own choice in the matter of our faith. In my turn as a teenager I made my confession of faith without pressure or coercion. I knew that I knew that there is a God and that His words and commandments are not grievous.

Even though all these years I have been saved in the vernacular of Christianity I still had my trials and situations. I acted in ways and made choices that I did not really understood why until now I have returned to Barbados. I realize that many of us live our lives based on some cultural inherent principles without realizing it. There are things that have been inbreeded into our psyche without us realizing all through the years they have helped us or hampered us.

Now I know what some of those were. I know why I think in certain ways and why I react or respond in other ways. I also understand what island life is like and the mentality of such living. Living on a rock and so small a rock can be detrimental in many ways and romantic and sufficient in others. Detrimental in that some things can happen and in close confines of community and home and no one say anything. Romantic because so many people are drawn to such places and bring along with them all their trash. Things that they would not do in their culture or around people they know and respect they will do here. It rubs off to certain degrees. Many have their island flings and leave damaged souls behind that inflict on others. They make the outside world seem so grandiose in many ways and what could have been a sufficient life becomes materialistic and cumbersome to a small island that must now depend on importing the majority of its living resources.

Barbados like the rest of the world has its own sins no different from the outside world and not all of it came from outside influences. This is true whether you are looking at China, Cuba, Chile or Colorado. The word of God is clear on one thing, �All have sinned and fallen short of His glory.� Sin is a global thing and every nation has its own unique spin on any particular type of sin.

In Barbados it was not unusual to find older men about 30 plus years married or sleeping with young to extremely younger girls. This is also true today in Muslim countries. I believe this is one reason the veil has been perpetuated. It is easy to hide the age of a wife when she is a mere teen or less hidden behind a veil. Oh well, what do I really know. Everything in the name of God! Any religion that claims eternal perpetual virgins as a reward is definitely not one to consider. I digress.

There are many mentalities here on this island that perturbs me and yet many that delights me. It is not the ones that delight me that concern me so I will not dwell on them. Even in researching my family tree I have found that certain tenets follow throughout the island. It is not unusual to find most families have children from outside their marriage or that most men and women have children from sometimes three or four men and like wise the men have children from that many women or more. I think the sexual revolution hit Barbados from the 1920�s and up but it could have been longer. I rarely speak to people who do not have half brothers and sisters. Before one gets married they really need to research their family tree or they might be in for a rude awakening.

Me myself, I have a half sister that is a mere two weeks younger than me. Such things are not unusual on this island.  Growing up here I was often told and still hear it said that children are to be seen and not heard. Children were never to be around grown ups when they spoke their business and now I realize where and how the Bajan (Barbadian) vernacular developed. It was a way of keeping their dirty secrets. Much is hidden in language when it becomes broken. Older Bajans cannot or will not divulge the truth about their family: one because they don�t know it or two because they are ashamed of others knowing. I find this to be true in most cultures each with its own spin on language and hidden secrets.

Funny, the same thing they are ashamed of here is what people in China are ashamed of and people in Europe and in South America and Africa etc. Every nation has been hit with its shame. Recently I met a much much older man who remembered me as a child. He kept saying to me that when I was growing up I was a very beautiful girl and the look in his eyes and intonation in his voice were as an adult reminiscing about a grown woman. I had to remind this man to watch how he was talking to me because I was under the age of ten in the time frame of his memories of me. He had a stark reality check as did those around him.

As a child I lookup up to the adults and was often in awe of them waving back a �hello how are you� to me. Now that I am grown and have returned I hear the stories that no one dared whisper when I was a child. Child molestation was a mere drop in the bucket of immorality. Incest and womanizing and abortions and being whisked off the island for a new home in some foreign land to spare a life intent on ruin seemed to have been a norm. Lord, how have we all survived the madness of it all?

You see, there is nothing new. Whether you live on a mainland or an island it is all the same. Size does not prohibit sin. Every nation under the sun have laws because its citizens are all capable of sin. Laws are a stark reminder that we are capable of doing bad things. This is no different than God�s laws that are reminders to us that we are capable of bad and good. Remember the tree of knowledge of both good and bad. Yeah! �Good and bad.� Our laws should also remind us that there is good too but unfortunately when we are reminded of man�s laws we only think of people doing bad things.

What does all this comes down to? The world is still in need of good people doing good things and believers in Jesus stepping up to the plate and doing the extraordinary; extraordinary because we must be compelled to go beyond the ordinary loving, giving and doing of the regular man with a mere conscience.  We have to do much more even though you might find yourself doing it all alone. But where there is life in Jesus you are never alone in the doing.  Sometimes you have to shadow your way through life dodging the common person who can�t see the forest for the tree. They want to latch on to you like a parasite and suck the life out of you anyway they can. They fail to ascertain their own vision because all they can envision is your vision. But the truth is, God has a unique vision for each of us if we would only give Him the chance to speak into our lives.

We sing �every breath I take I take in you, Jesus� but after that first breath we breathe for our own selves. My goal is not to hinder anyone but to impress them to acquire that personal touch of the master�s hand on their life. I want my fellow man and believer to realize that God can give and yet there is never an end to His giving. There is enough for all of us and extraordinarily so. 

I don�t mean to come off like some one high and mighty and holier than thou but I am always striving to be in tune and in touch with Him. It is not impossible to live rightly before Him but it is truly difficult to maintain self-righteousness. I strive for rightness and His righteousness manifest.

I admit I flounder quite a bit but less than when I first started. Some times I have moments and days of relapse into the old way of thinking but soon it hits me and I draw nearer with my offering �my heart surrendered.

My work continues around the globe. I have learned how to make disciples and leave them to God and Him alone. I do not micro manage the fields I have labored in but leave them to those that are more capable in language, culture and proximity. The work continues as I know this time is about God using me to bring my family to another level of understanding. While He is doing that I am learning about me in ways that will free me up for the next move. I am happy being me and loving who I am. I do not lack anything spiritually, physically or emotionally. What I want and need He attends to them at the right time.

This is your time to release your life to Him. This is your harvest time. It does not belong to anyone else or another generation. God has a destiny for you. Specifically for you! Let Him move on your life. Let the Spirit of God move upon the face of your waters and He will say �let there be light� and where it was dark you will find light - you will be light.

Don�t fall in love with me and what I am doing, fall in love with He who moves upon waters and let Him water you so that you too can bring forth fruit after His own kind. The peace and love of God be with you.



Something is happening in the world that many believers are not seeing. Putting the pieces together about what is happening seems to be on a level all on its own concerning the rapture and no one is seeing the bigger picture. Everyone is saying He is coming and it is time to be leaving but no one is leaving. Things are getting worst and the handwriting is on the wall but no one is reading it. Perhaps it is being written in a language that most do not understand or read. It is being written in the language of revelation but we are so use to interpreting God�s word that now that he is revealing to us we can�t see or hear.

Rather than step up the great commission and bring in our harvest it would seem that the church age has taken a hiatus and has dispensed with keeping to the great commission.  We have both neglected the fields and the flocks. Congregations have turned to their own ways. Every nation has clamored after the pretense of virtue of other nations rather than seek God for itself.

Missionaries are parked in the backyard of other nations pretending to be helpers of the gospel but many are really becoming cripplers of the work in those nations. I recently saw a documentary where missionaries in Haiti literally build an orphanage there with 12 foot walls and bob wire to boot and at the gate a native with a shot gun to keep the people out. Go figure! How has spreading the good news come to this? A mom and dad who had abandoned their child came back to claim her but the missionaries did nothing to reconnect them.

Rather than teach the natives to care for their orphans and teach them how to be parents they rather hold their children hostage to love. How can such a thing be? We have truly lost our way. There is not much that is recognizable about Christianity in comparison to the foundation which Jesus and His disciples laid out for us. Proverbs 16:25 says, �There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.� Yes, our way might seem right but it is destroying us all.

We were told to go and make disciples of all nations but instead we have carved out our own kingdoms as we go and parked ourselves there as mini messiahs. Rather than turn the people over to Jesus as His children we corral them into buildings we call churches and indoctrinate them into a cultural theology. We have lost our way and we have led others down a wrong path.

The bible does not need us to explain it, it only needs us to deliver the good news in it. The Holy Spirit is more than capable of doing His own work. If we are truly about God�s business we would labor and turn the glory over to Him. I met a man in Kenya who has been there for many years only returning once a year to his native country to raise money so he can return and live a life of luxury. I heard many people now have paper ministries as missionaries. They send monthly reports so the money can keep coming and no matter how much I tell people to go and visit ministries they have vested much money into they keep sending their checks and the so called missionaries keep building their empires with their names on it and the donors names are never so much as mentioned.

But it is not just on the mission field but at home in the congregations that the mischief has gone on. So many false doctrines are being taught and the people are more and more ignorant of the bible than when they first came to faith. I heard a lady preached the other day and told people to seed into the church an offering for their greatest need to be met. Shame on them all! They were told to take the money and pray what their need was over it before putting it on the altar. The statement of faith the preacher made was �Give God something to work with.� But what has happened to the fervent prayer of a righteous man availing much? James 5:16. What has happened to �John 15:7, If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

The great commission has not been called off. It is still an active commission and unless we stop playing church and deactivating the body of Jesus we will all have much to answer for in the end. Who hasn�t made mistakes in ministry? We all have but like David once we recognize our mistakes we are to repent and get back on God�s track. We are way off track. It takes one individual at a time sometimes to make the change come. You all know what God has called each of you to do. Just do it.

We are living in a world of extremes. The world is either extreme atavistic or extreme pacifistic. Few walk on the straight and narrow because the path is rarely found in this day and age. In China of late people are perpetrating on preschool children their frustrations. The Ultra Orthodox in Israel is perpetrating on women seeking to speak to God for themselves. In the west we are oblivious to the condition the world is in and we who have known freedom all our lives are seeking to take that freedom away from others in one way or another.

When righteous men and women decided that the right way is taking to long and the wrong way will get the right thing done quicker something is definitely wrong. God is patient and so we can afford to be patient because everything is about His timing anyway. We cannot circumvent the laws or the word. There is simply no right way of doing wrong. There is no good end result either because if you don�t pay for your actions those that follow you will certain inherit your mistakes and bad judgment. We spent decades building mega churches and now those that would be happy to hear a word from God have lost faith in us because our God can�t help us keep out building furthermore our homes. Most churches are so indebt that they are not in a position to help its own members out of their situations. The church coffers are strictly reserve for bank use.

But everyone I speak to is telling me that the rapture will soon come and take them out of the mess we have made. I don�t think it is that simple. I don�t think we get to lead generation astray and then we are raptured out leaving behind our mess. David had to answer for his mistakes and so did Saul. What makes us think we get off scot free? If God spared not Israel He will not spare us! Israel had their exile and their time of being cast off until they repented. How much more shall we have our time. This is not the time to give up this is the time to step up to the plate and do your thing - the right thing. It might cost you something but do it anyway. God will honor you at your point of turning. A u-turn means you have to turn. Now is the time for the righteous to rise up and do the right thing. Someone is waiting for your righteous move so they can be compelled to move. Go ahead and bust your move.



I spent the last three months in Israel mostly learning the language. Trying to learn a new language at any age can be trying especially when you have to commit to memory a whole new set of language skills and vocabulary that is vastly different from anything you have every encountered. Semitic languages are quite unique and just trying to pronounce a word or even conjugate a verb can be daunting. Several times I had considered simply giving up and just settling fro English to see me through. This thing is le3arning one Semitic language can really be a foundation for learning others. Being able to read the bible in its original text is convincing enough to continue. Actually my expectations for learning Hebrew was quite different. I though I would take a class a few hours a week and over a period of time learn the language. This was an intense three months of nothing but Hebrew.

The greatest struggle for me was that I found learning Hebrew was taking me to a place that was most uncomfortable for me to bear. It had been a long time since I really felt weak at something. Hebrew made me feel weak and stupid. I had travelled around the globe mostly on my own and had no one else but the Lord to see me through and there I was faced with learning a new language and I felt weak and unsure of myself. I was literally feeling helpless. That was not a foot that I wanted to stand on. I wanted this language to come easy for me that I prayed so hard that one day I would awake just speaking and understanding. Finally I committed myself to learning the language and found that my understanding wasn't as bad as I thought. I did quite well. But biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew are two different creatures to a great degree. One is for reading and the other is for speaking.

This way is like learning two languages for me. Many words are no longer used and pronunciation has changed for many others and others are completely different. This was really my struggle that i would pack my brain with vocabulary i could not use in day-to-day conversation and having to remember that one word in biblical Hebrew is not even close to the modern work used was daunting. Well, I completed Hebrew 1 and am happy with the results. There is nothing like opening the Hebrew Bible and reading and understanding. You begin to realize how much can't be translated from its original text. You realize how much understanding you lack and you begin to understand how much of the picture of the bible you lack among other things. It is worth it. Now I see clearly how we gentiles have managed to mess up the good news of the bible. We look at it from a western perspective but it was written from a Semitic perspective. It is like the reader trying to tell the author what he meant by what he wrote. But we do that with God don't we. We tell Him what He meant by what he said rather than asking Him what He meant. We interpret Him rather than allowing Him to reveal Himself to us. But we have always done that. Even the Rabbis have done the same. Yes, much of what they wrote in the Talmud and the Midrash are based on their understanding of tradition but yet it is like the teachers of the textbook defining what they think was meant rather than what was written.

The road to truth is narrow and if we are not careful we can all end up on either side of that narrow road way over to the extreme. Unfortunately as our gentile theologians have failed so have many of the Rabbis. This was also true during Jesus' limited time teaching in the temple and synagogues of His time. The teachers of His day had gotten a lot wrong. Even during Jeremiah's time they had it wrong also. Read Jeremiah chapter 18 and see that God had to confront the teachings in those days. I have learned to take man with a grain of salt. After all who is man that God is mindful of him. You see, we err. I will attest to God's word and what i do not understand I leave for revelation to come. It does come. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. When anyone takes the understanding of the Rabbis and theologians over that of revelation from the Holy Spirit I step back. The Holy Spirit reconciles the good news within all of us if we are open.

However to say that the Jews only have the understanding of the word and gentiles don't is also a fallacy. I believe that Jew and gentle have a piece of the puzzle but rather than seek knowledge together we have taken our own sides and said my way is better. After all, the original olive tree can no more reject the grafted branch than the grafted branch reject the olive tree. Look, Jesus is our mediator between us and the father and of course each other. Why do we accept Him on one term and not on the others. With out Jesus to mediate for us on all fronts we run the risk of being extremist. Christian can find themselves on the extreme such falling sway to replacement theology and for the Jew becoming anti-Christian while trying to fight anti-Semitism. My take on the whole thing is that we all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. All of us have gone astray. The Jews failed in their commission and the gentiles have failed. They could not keep the law and we can not keep the commission which is wrapped in law. To often I hear believer say that we are not tied to the law we are free from the law but from my take on reading the word of God  Jesus paid the penalty of the law which is death for our sins. The penalty has been paid but the law not abolished. We are still under the law but not the curse of the law. What the law could not accomplish Jesus did for us with grace. Paul said that as gentiles we are not to commit fornication, eat anything strangled and abstain from meats offered to idols Acts 15:29. In other words he was saying that the way of the Jews is different from the way of the gentiles in certain traditions. The Jewish nation was a foreshadowing of the kingdom of God.

Many gentiles are finding out that they have Jewish roots and are seeking to find that root and them figure out how to reconcile being gentile and part Jewish. Do you throw the towel in on your gentile side and return to a full Jewish culture or do you hold on to the tenets of your Christian faith and throw away your Jewish roots? In truth we all have Jewish roots Jew and gentiles who believe in Jesus. Jesus did not start a new religion. obviously the Jewish believer during Jesus' time found a way to reconcile their Judaism to their new faith in Messiah. Paul was a Jewish believer who stayed Jewish. So what about those gentiles who find their Jewish roots? The bible says that the remnant will be gathered out of the nations and form every isle of the sea. If God sees fit to gather His remnant who is man to say he cannot be gathered. I believe those individuals have a right to be gathered. But what we have failed to understand is this. The gathering is for a reason. God has a plan for the remnant and most people it seems don't understand that plan and to them it is to gain access to the land or some kind of social status.

I have been told that Judaism is based on a culture and one can only be deem a Jew if their are practicing Judaism as a culture. This is most unfortunate especially when they are more secular Jews than religious Jews and they are considered Jewish by birthright. If one was not born a Jew how would you be a practitioner of Judaism unless you convert therefore to be Jewish would be deem being converted thus those who say they are Jews are not Jews. Abraham was called and He went. His descendants were from his blood  line and any who joined themselves to Israel.  A mixed multitude came out of Egypt. The bloodline from Abraham to Jesus are sprinkled with gentile blood. If Judaism is solely based on birthright then when does one become a Jew in practice except when it comes to their attention that the root is there. if it is by practicing of a culture than why were millions of Jews in the last two thousand years murdered because of their race?

Clearly there is nothing wrong with being a Jew or a gentile. Abraham was a gentile before God called him to this special task of being set apart to be the father of a nation of people who would be a symbol of God's love and laws. If Judaism is a cultural thing then they are few Jews in the world. If it is a blood thing then they are millions in the world. If it is a faith thing them their are billions and if it is a combination then even more.

I am not saying it is one thing or another, I am saying that we have missed the plan of redemption as God designed it to be. I know this one thing - a time will come again because the bible says so that Jacob's trouble will come and man will define Israel and persecute her once again before the coming of the Lord. you can define Israel anyway you want but their is a designed way that will bring trouble to her. Why would anyone willingly want to get in on that trouble? Perhaps it is one's destiny to get in on it and only God has the say so on who is. Well, I guess I am trying to figure this out myself and I understand that only in seeking one can find. I think in the end many will be shocked who is and who isn't. considered a Jew.

I guess I can say that this trip was more about finding things out than really impacting things one way or the other. Sometimes God turns His attention to us as individuals. This was a turning for me. I continue to learn and see things that no longer shock me. I am keenly aware of the heart of man Jew and gentle and saved and unsaved. There are bad motives everywhere and in all. There are believers that have the wrong motives to serve and makes thing difficult for those who have good intent. There are bad mannered believers that read like a messed up bible. There are those that want to learn and those that think they can't learn. They are believers that are walking blindly in the world some on one extreme and others on the other and few on the straight and narrow. Some believers are extremist, fire and brimstone is coming with judgment and the kingdom has already come let's just live and let live attitude. Both are ill prepared for what is ahead. One thing for sure is this, the last shall be first. Those who think they know it all will find they know nothing and those who have been tossed aside will come into their own. Jesus said hardly few will be saved. What does that tell you? There is a small margin of success. God help us we have all sinned and fallen short.

My take on the entire things. Jesus said we should be found busy when he returns. that simply means we are to do what He commanded us to do - obey and stop trying to offer our sacrifices that fall short of His glory. As far as I can see, Israel is not keeping the law and the gentiles are not keeping to his commission. I say gentile because in Israel's unbelief the gentile gained a door of opportunity but that soon will close if it has not closed yet. whatever God has put in your heart to do now is the time to see it gets done.

The peace of God be with you in your journey.


"Many are called but few are chosen," that is, few prove themselves the chosen ones. Oswald Chambers




What does one do between trips? There are lots to do in preparation for the next and the next trip. There is a constant updating of website and completing all the unfinished stuff from previous commitments and most of all and very important � letting God prepare you spiritually, physically and emotionally for the next leg of the journey.

Besides all this you have to get some rest and shake off the last trip and be ready to go forward with a renewed mind and mission. There is simply no taking the past forward except for the experiences and lessons learned. God also has to give you the details of the next assignment and strategies to follow.

Along with this God spends a great deal of time working on emotional healing that is a continuous maintenance deal. Nothing to do with our emotions happens all at once. It is a gradual thing fixing the things stressed, broken and vastly in need of repair. This is a necessary thing because every destination brings with it its own issues and struggles. God knows exactly what needs to be worked on before your go so He times everything precisely. If you think God is taking His time then you are mistaken.

It no longer surprises me how God works on me because every time I move on I am faced with issues I have just personally come face-to-face with. It is like the right timing. It is not always about the people you will meet and help sometimes it is also about just you. God is preparing to bless you somewhere else and you must be prepared to receive the blessings.

This time at home was about finishing projects for others and about ministering to family as I am in New York helping a nephew with new mono mono twin girls. What an amazing experience it has been. It is a time to reflect and a time to see the image of God from a different light. I look into the little preemie faces of the girls and I am amazed at such smallness and I recall the verse that says, �Do not despise the day of small things.�

The doctors had cautioned my nephew and his sweet wife to abort the girls but they said no � God will do something. God did something and every time I look into the faces of the girls I realize God is ever present � His image is being increased on the earth. I am encouraged that they invited me to come and help. I am encouraged that they trust me with their little mini them.

For all the discouraging words I received at home and the lack of acknowledgment of what I am doing I am blessed to receive such a great commission. I have been referred to as the wandering missionary, Joy just out there without a covering and a host of other comments that comes before or after mentioning my name. Well as I see it when I am invited to a home or a nation to do God�s work I do not consider my self a wandering anything but a called on or sent out person.

Recently I have been hearing much about what people think about Joy. I understand from several people that most people they know think Joy is rich. Funny, I get the same thing when I travel to other countries. People think I am a rich American. People at home think I have money. I get so tired of telling my story time and time again that I travel on a prayer and a dime, literally. 

A typical trip is first purchasing the cheapest flight I can get for my money. This means I am not taking a direct flight but rather long layovers at three or four airports. Sometimes it includes staying all night at an airport waiting for an early morning flight out and then all day from 10 am to 10 pm at another airport waiting for a connecting flight. In country I have to stay with a host family because I can�t afford hotels or restaurant food or such things. I pretty much live as the natives live.

Once in country I use whatever resources I have to build sustainable projects and do the work as cost effective as I can like printing tracts and other resources etc. When people think more of you than is actually the truth you can be at a lost because you lack what you need. If people think you are just out there and you have no connection with a congregation they will cut you off from resources, prayer in agreement and encouragement. No one seems to think that God can call individuals out because the whole body is crippled in the four walls.

I do not get any monthly support and I have made up my mind not to ask or beg anymore for assistance to help others. It is extremely discouraging when people promise to do something and then you return home and nothing has been done. I will not give room for the enemy to accuse anyone. David said he was young and now he is old and have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for bread. I now only place my needs for others on the website and if someone wants to help they are free to do so.

I am hoping that my next book will provide the resources needed to operate this ministry without having to be dependent on others. My heart�s desire is to build sustainable ministry projects around the globe and by golly I want to be sustainable in my work as well.

Right now God is fixing me and teaching me to release more junk and some of it I had not been aware of. We all react to things due to something we have experienced but not realizing the impact that situation had on us. God is very concerned about all aspects of our life. He is careful to first do no harm as he meanders his way through the intricate areas of our life choices. I know what I am learning now will make its impact on the next journey.

I know that I am being encouraged and prepared to go the next leg and yes even to go the distance. My confidence is growing and I no longer question God about things He ask me to do or places He ask me to go. I find I am a lot less discouraged by bad mannered believers who judge me and my motives and faith. For all those that have been ill mannered toward me God is now blessing me with believers who delight in this work and have partnered with me in different ways and encourages me.

I am reminded of Paul who had encountered many issues with the other apostles time and time again because they thought they were the only ones called of God. Along the way God sent him people like Silas and Timothy and Barnabas and others. They do not all come at once but eventually they show up. Thank God mine are showing up finally.

I have no regrets. I am getting ready for the future and all that God will entrust me with. I hope that you will find something in this posting to encourage you and to propel you into the destiny that God has called you to. Never mind the bad minded and bad mannered people and the things they say. Never mind what you don�t have or what you lack. God is your employer and the one who has commissioned you. He knows what you need and it is often not as much as you think you need. You only need God�s approval and that should give you confidence to go forward. May you be motivated to trust God for all and in all things.

Gradually the needs are being met and flights are due to be boarded. One little boy waited nearly a year for glasses and finally the need has been met. Things are coming together in God�s time. God has given you your corner of the kingdom to labor in. Just work your corner and never mind about the other guy. God will not ask you about the other guy(s) He will only inquire about you. You might not be commissioned to board a plane but rather to walk down the block and make a difference in someone else�s life. Just do it! The next time He will trust you with a train ride and then on to the plane.

I am embracing this time God has given me to reflect, grow, learn and prepare. Everything matters!



This funds for this little boy to see the ophthalmologist and get a prescription was met today by Stephanie Rosita Gibson.  We are looking still for a donation for hearing aids.



Follow up 1/20/10 report received from Pastor Titus. Praise the Lord, this need has been met. Thank you Pastor Titus for showing such continued integrity with need funds.





Please consider purchasing my book "Letters to My Sons" as a holiday gift for the sons and daughters in your life and for your youth groups. This will help out tremendously with my ministry work. My newest book should be out by late January entitled "Debunking Generational Curses." Royalties from this book will help support 5 ministries including CTWM.

Straight from the heart

Jesus said we must be found busy doing kingdom work until He returns. But how many of us are really doing exactly what He asked us to do. Some in the body, a large percentage, has opted to sit lazily by and wait for the traditional teaching of rapture to occur. They think that as long as they have secured for themselves a place in the heavenlies then all is well with their souls. No one is considering the issue of �love thy neighbor as thyself.

What does it mean to be found at work while we wait for his imminent return? It means just that! While the Lord of the house is away carry on as though he will return any second now. When He says He wants to find us busy at our work when He returns He means the work must continue as though He is there all the while. It also means we must continue the watch because the enemy comes while we are unaware and our guard is down. We must be vigilant for the lost before the enemy snatches them away from the kingdom.

What does all this mean? We keep planning our work load. We keep printing tracts and distributing them. We keep making disciples and ensure that when the doors to a nation close they are ready to continue unhindered without outside support. It means it is business as usual and nothing changes until the master of the house comes and says �well done.� That is it, �done� and it isn�t done until He says so.

So what exactly are we waiting for; the rapture to take us away from our labor? It cannot take us away from something we are not participating in. Certainly all we can expect at that time is �depart from me.� It is that simple. Jesus said this is the plan until I come and we say, �Not so Lord, we have a better idea.� But that idea is only to sit around the Father�s table being spiritual gluttons while the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. How much more of the harvest could have been brought in while we sat and debated whether it is the Lord�s will to go or not? It is always the Father�s will for us to go and if the timing is wrong for a place the Holy Spirit will hinder us. Yet we say we are hindered at the get go so we claim to be waiting for the ok to go. No, the word says to go and like Paul if it is the wrong time the Spirit will hinder you from pursuing that particular place. But the right time will come as it did for Paul when he tried to strike out for Asia and then later he was given the ok to go.

Remember the story about the Amorites? God told Abraham that the land was his but he had to wait because the sins of the Amorites were not yet ripe. In other words things were bad with the Amorites but not to the point were judgment was fully warranted at the time. God knew they would increase in their sin and so He was patient because He finds no pleasure in the destruction of men. Finally when judgment comes it is fully warranted and there is no hope left. The people have sinned to the degree that the reprobate mind in them cannot or will not be turned.

It is as Revelation 16:7-11 states, [7] And I heard another out of the altar say, Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgments. [8] And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. [9] And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. [10] And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, [11] And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

Judgment will be poured out severely but the people will not repent. Imagine that! It gets so bad, truly hell on earth and the people will not repent. Revelation 16:12-15 continues like this: [12] And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. [13] And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. [14] For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. [15] Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

He is clear here how He will come, as a thief. God endured until the Amorites got so bad and He is enduring until we get so bad. Reread the text to see how bad it gets. Yet He says that we must watch not knowing when He shall come. Yes, this includes continuing until the last second of His return. So what are you up to? Have you abandoned your watch? Have you left the harvest to scorch in the sun? Are you saying to yourself it is someone else�s responsibility?

Look brothers and sisters, the responsibility belongs to the church; that would be all of us. The responsibility is not allotted to denominations or religious orders or traditional roles because it belongs part and parcel to all of us. We can�t dole out the responsibility to some mission organization or layperson�s ministry. You can�t say at the end of the day I didn�t know or that you sent someone in your place. Jesus didn�t send another to die in His stead but rather He voluntarily died in our place. That tells us that we have no excuse. Christ was/is our example. I�m sorry but you and I have no excuse. It is that simple.

You are living life with the expectation that the rapture will come and gather you out of what is to come but you will be in for a rude awakening. Don�t take my word for it. Read your Bible and you will see. They that endure to the end imply that you have to go through something. Ok, so you say that is for those that are left behind. Yeah, I use to think like that also. But I have been reading. Do you know how revelation comes from God? It comes at the appointed time. Not before. It unfolds a little at a time and then with great fervor like a woman in labor. And then there is the sudden destruction the bible speaks about � get it? Sudden! Unexpected! That means you were expecting something else and then suddenly something else happens that you were unprepared for.

That�s it. Time to wake up and shake a leg and don�t be found off guard. Somebody needs a word that will save their soul � what are you waiting for? if you are reading this you have just given up your last excuse because now you know. Someone told you and you can't say you didn't know.


Today the computers were delivered to the congregation in Anthony, New Mexico, 2 desk tops and one laptop. We are expecting great things from the youth department there. We hope that this new publication room will deliver to the internet a website for kids by kids means of evangelizing and showing what God can do in the next generation.




As of today, Joan's school fees in Nairobi, Kenya has been paid by CTWM a total of $250 for the entire school year including books, fees, housing and uniforms.




















Baby Joy in Bungoma, Kenya now has a school fee fund of $50 paid by CTWM and the orphanage in India received $30 to purchase food for the orphans.


The founder of CTWM has also completed the process of publishing her 3rd book "Debunking Generational Curses" which should be available early next year. The royalties from this book will help support 5 ministries including CTWM.


The current home project being worked on is in Anthony, New Mexico at a small congregation with quite a few young people. For these young people CTWM will furnish the youth group with three computers, one donated by the founder of CTWM, another by Georgia Thomas, and the third, a lap top, donated by Courtney Bryan who played for the Miami Dolphins. On Sunday December 6, we will set up the computers and give the youth training on how to build a website for kids by kids, how to do photography and use some other software programs that will enhance a website. We are praying for something radical to come out of this project like other kids receiving salvation and truly a radical way for kids to reach kids. The three computers were revamped for free by Mark of Lightening Computers Systems of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Thank you Mark!



My sister and I have been doing street evangelism by shopping centers and supermarkets in Las Cruces and Anthony, New Mexico. So far 850 tracts have been distributed and several individuals have given their hearts to the Lord and many had staking reminders of their relationship with the Lord.




CTWM is still looking for donations to help a little boy in Masielo, Kenya purchase special glasses and hearing aid.


The orphanage in Malawi still needs materials and support for school fees and to start a men's cooperative. Burundi ministry need tracts.


Thank you for all your help. As it is I use my personal funds to take care of ministry budget and at the end of the day there is no funds for traveling. By helping to take on some of these projects I can be free to move about and continue to build sustainable projects in nations and evangelize as long as the door continue to stay open. if you can't send donations then pleaseeeeeeeeeeee send up your prayers.

I am thankful to the Lord for all the opportunities He has given to me to make a difference. This past week I attend my eldest son's wedding in Dallas, Texas and was bless to see how God extended my boundaries by adding more family to my very small crew. Praise God that He is so faithful and He stretches our tent pegs in many ways.



These are the cost for India mission trip in March 2010. If you are interested in meeting any of the needs for this trip please click on the donate button. Also drop me and email at and let me know what you want the donation to go to. 100% will be applied to that need. Photos and receipts will be posted after purchase.

The email from Pastor Sanjeeva Rao is included in this entry. Catch the Wave Ministries whole heartedly endorse and support sustainable ministry projects. It is imperative that once a mission trip is over the work can and should continue by the local believers. Sustainable mission projects allow the work to continue. I have said before that I do not believe in sending monthly donations that do not produce fruit or sustain life. With the money that can be made from some of the projects the people impacted by poverty can learn skills to provide for themselves and help others as well. I will not give a man a fish if teaching him how to fish is the answer. A part form the listed items I will also need support to lease land for growing food and material to build a chicken coop and stall for the cow. The kilos of rice can sustain this orphanage until a harvest comes in.


Chickens 20 12/5/09 donation received by member of JCIA congregation of Las Cruces, New Mexico (need met for 25 chickens) $4 each
Cow 2   $700 each approximately
50 sack kilo rice 10   $35 per sack
Bibles 100   $3 each

I also hope to lease some land so the orphanage can grow its own food to feed the children.

Dear Sister K. Joy Sandiford,


Thank you very for your email. We are living here in villages so the land is available for rent to grow food on. But it would take more cost for lease.


Regarding Chickens & Animals: Yes! You are able to purchase here, then we will arrange chickens and animals before your arrival to India. Per one Chicken, it would take $4 Dollars, Per one animal, it would take $700 Dollars because here the animal cost is very high. 


Regarding Sewing machines: yes! We do have an electricity. Here the sewing machine also available for buying one to our ministry.


Regarding the bibles: per one bible it would take $3 Dollars. If we buy more bibles, the merchants will give offer (percentage). 


Regarding rice: For 50 Kilo bags, it would take $35 Dollars.  


We are praying for you, for your dates in March and for the expenses of your visit to India.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


In His love;

Pastor Sanjeeva Rao



The work in China continues from here. This is an email I sent to someone I met in China. Please pray that the words will touch her heart and that she will accept the gift of redemption. Father, let these words penetrate her heart and let your Holy Spirit minister to her in ways beyond our abilities. Let your kingdom come to her. Thank you in Yeshua's name.

Hi ----. Thanks for the photos. What a beautiful young lady you are. I hope you have a great year of studies and that you excel at all your subjects. May God bless all your efforts and His love pour down on you. I am able to travel because of God's destiny for my life. I travel to tell other people and nations of his amazing love. He loves me so much, how can I not tell someone else so they too can be a part of His great love and redemption plan for humanity. As I travel I make friends and people with needs and I try to help where I can. I must admit that China was unusual for me as I do not speak the language. I was often dependent on meeting people who speak English to communicate with but I had a small pocket translator that helped me a lot with the Chinese speakers.

I met nice people like you and so many others that I shall not forget. I found that in all the nations of the world I have visited in the last 2 years, 24 countries, that the Chinese are found in everyone of them building their roads, schools, hospitals and you name it your people are doing it everywhere. It is no small thing that is happening to China. You are in the nations around the globe for a reason. 

Either you are there to hear of the love of God or you are there telling others about the love of God. God has a plan for China. He has preserved your nation and its people for over 5,000 years for a reason. It is not so you can come along and be the next capitalist nation but to be a nation of hope to the world. The western nations have all had their opportunities and many have done good things with their chance but in the end they have failed humanity and God. This is China's opportunity and I hope she does not make the same mistakes as the West did. I hope China becomes compassionate, maintain integrity and not be greedy with what they have but be a blessing to the world first starting in China.

You are such a graceful people, like delicate pearls yet there are thing that many have embarked on that is tarnishing your image and it need not be so. There is no need to make fine products for your selves and sell inferior products to the rest of the world. There is no need to allow some provinces to succeed and other to stay marginal or be displaced because of ethnicity. We are all one race of people and that is the human race. One God, one creator made us as unique as each pearl taken out of the water in all their various shapes and colors and sizes.

The one thing I hope to impress on you ---- is that the reason we all make mistakes and do wicked things is because we have all sinned. We have all disobeyed God's laws and so we are subject to His punishment. But God so loved the world He created that He sent us His own son to take the penalty that humanity cannot bear because of our own frailty and sin. His son, Jesus, Yeshua, Isa, Christo, innocent of any sin was crucified for all of us. Yes, he took our penalty for our sin. It was a gift to us.

Time and time again humanity has rejected this gift. We want to tell God how we will make thing right with him. We want to tell God how we will approach His holiness. We reject His way thinking that our way is much better. But God say to us, this is my requirement because I am the one who has been offended. This is "The Way" but we say no, not so, this other way, my way is better. We have tried to go by way of the Buddha, by the way of Islam; by the way of venerating the Virgin Mary pouring out the oil and trying to anoint ourselves with the vessel the oil came in, by way of man�s philosophies, by sacrifice and offerings that He does not require etc. All these ways to no avail!

Do you know why America was great? It is because as long as God was her foundation and cornerstone she was blessed. If you look back at the history of the world you will find that as long as a nation whose God was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel that nation was successful. Once that nation turned away in its own pride it crumbled. Once that nation turned against the nation of Israel it crumbled. It is God�s way or it is doomed to fall. You see I spent a great deal of time looking at the differences between what God requires and what religions and philosophies require and I found that God�s way is easy, compassionate, loving, fair, free and it comes with the penalty paid in full for any mistakes and sin.  At the ends of the day I know where I stand with the true and living God. If I am wrong I know I am wrong because His laws are clear and I ask forgiveness and am assured he has given it. If I am walking upright before Him I also know that and with confidence I know when I lay my head down at night to sleep it is well with my soul. There is no lingering doubt whether I should have could have or might have done more. I know that I am accepted in Him because of His Son.

----, this is how I get about to the nations. I am obedient when God tells me to go even though I do not know how I will get there but I have never missed a plane, train, or bus in getting to where I need to be. I must admit that they have been times I missed a contact with a person because of fear of sharing the word and being ridicule or jeered at or just outright fear. Thank God there were only few of those in recent times. But all the others like you are a divine connection I have not skirted away from.

I take absolute pleasure in sharing with you this message I travel the globe to share. ----, we all have sinned against God and His penalty for our sin is death � eternal separation from Him. But He has provided us a way of escape from the penalty and through His Son the debt was paid in full. All we have to do is accept this gift for eternal life living in the presence of God and we will be saved. God says in His word that we must confess that we are sinners and have sinned. Then we are to recognize that the penalty we deserve, death, was placed on His Son and accept this gift of Him taking our place in death. We must acknowledge that the one who paid the debt on our behalf is Jesus, Yeshua, Isa, Christo and that He is the one, the only one sent by God to take away our sins and we shall be saved. And we must realize that His Son is alive and soon returning to reconcile all things unto Himself, making all things right.

There is no other way ----. It is God�s way and His way only because it is He we have sinned against. The Buddha has eyes yet cannot see, ears yet cannot hear, mouth yet cannot speak, hands and legs and yet cannot move. The Buddha was made with the hands of men that are filthy with sin. How is it that sinners can make a so call holy god or relic? It cannot be so. God has always been and always will be. He is eternal with no beginning and no end. The heavens declare His glory. What we have done in the history of man is to make those things that God has created our gods. We are trying to worship the created things instead of the Creator.

If these carved gods are truly gods or are real then let them come forth out of wood and iron and clay without the help of human hands. It cannot be so because they are only as we deem them to be. ---- I am telling you the truth which might seem strange to you coming from a cultural saturated with over 5,000 years of tradition and philosophy. It is a hard shell to break but not impossible to God. Your culture have tried so many ways as I know because I have visited many of your historical sites and I saw the altars and heard the philosophies behind many. God says, �There is a way that seems right unto man but the end thereof is destruction.� There are things that �seem� right and then there is �the right thing.�

I challenge you ---- to seek that which is right and truth. God says seek Him and you shall find Him because ---- He wants to be found. He says also that He does not find pleasure in the destruction of men. This is because He loves His creation. I am sure I have given you much to ponder here and that it will take sometime to read this because I have a habit of using words that are often above the vocabulary of people with English being their 2nd language. Well, to my good, most people are grateful because it improves their English and there really is no better way of saying this. God�s word at any level will always reach its target. This I am sure of.

I am happy to know you ---- and hope that all goes well for you and that from this email you will find a greater happiness than you have every known.

Your friend Joy



Awesome day! I have been home for about a week and literally not gone anywhere because I was exhausted and feeling fluish. I finally got up this morning and after dealing with an issue I realize that God was using the situation to spur me on. In China I was use to walking daily 5-6 hours a day literally. At home I had not walk anywhere not even outside the house. I completed some emails quite early and then I was out for an hour and a half walk in my neighborhood. It is difficult to walk in circles but  that is my situation at the moment. I came back and called my sister to see what she was up to. I felt certain the day was clearly a day of outreach. She had a commitment but agreed to go print some tracts up at Kinko and head over to Wal-Mart and hand out tracts at the door.

Between the two of us we had about $9 and so we had 200 of the English tracts from this website printed. We hand cut the tracts ourselves to save money and we were off. In about 2 hours we handed out about 300 tracts which included what she already had. At the end of the last few tracts a woman stop to speak to my sister and told her she wanted to donate some money to purchase tracts because she was pleased with what we were doing. My sister and I left home with barely $5 between us and here was a woman giving us $20 for tracts. We thanks here and gave her the website information and handed out the last 4 tracts. On the way to the car my sister received a call which was a cancelation of her afternoon commitment. God was definitely guiding this day. We headed back to Kinko to have more tracts printed and had to spend sometime reformatting the original tracts to be cost effective.

This was so amazing. We returned again to Kinko and decided to print the tracts ourselves so that we could save some money and get more tracts. For the $20 plus $1.65 that my sister had on another Kinko's card we were able to get over 900 tracts printed and cut. We were back over to Wal-Mart handing out tracts again. We gave out about half of what we had and was contemplating leaving when the store manager came out and asked if we had permission to hand out tracts. He said that he was the one to request permission but there were no time slots available for us so we ought to call him at another time. By then we had given out  about 800 tracts and we were tired and the people coming in and out were dwindling. It was a good day. A woman came to us right after the manager left and asked if we would pray for her. We moved to the side and prayed and encouraged her to return to her faith and read the word. Perfect timing.

That's how it is folks. I am encouraged. I did not get the name of the woman who gave us the $20 but I know God sent her and we got more tracts just so we could be at that door when this woman needed prayer. And for all the 800 plus people who took the tracts and we saw them reading as they were walking or sitting. It was as it should have been. Even the man who was sitting at the computer station working in Kinkos whom I asked to take a picture of my sister and me cutting and sorting the tracts so I can post here was an opportunity to give a tract to. And all the friends we met at the store while we were handing out tracts. I hope we have spurred them on as well to do likewise. I am tired but it is the best kind of tired one can feel.



What are you doing to win the lost? Never mind what I am doing, what are you doing? Don't compare what I am doing to what you are doing. Obedience is obedience on any scale. When it comes down to the truth about what we have done and are doing all the praise and glory goes to Yeshua anyway so obedience is really the only thing that matters. Did you share a word of encouragement with that sad face on the bus, train, plane, in the office at school or on the streets like your felt Him telling you to? Did you give that poor cripple some loose change or did you just ignored him and kept walking. God does not ask us to qualify what we do just do it. Do not even rationalize what He tells us to do. He can make a way when there seems to be no door or opening in the wall. God is not impressed with how many times I get on a plane to go somewhere, He is only pleased with my obedience when I respond to His beckoning to go whether it be on a plane, train or just walking downing the street. And yes, whether it is on the streets in China or just around the corner from where you are. If you want to go to China then I have learned that I had to go around the corner first. I had to be willing to go to my local hospital, prisons and shelters. These same doors are open to you as well.

I do not have a job or monthly supporters or even a person or organization who sponsors any of my trips but God. As a matter of fact every time I return home I am at least 20 pounds lighter because of insufficiency. When you lack things on the mission field the first thing you give up is food. Does that mean that God does not supply all your needs? No! It means all I think I need is not necessary. The people I minister to is also in lack and I am right exactly where there are in need. All the playing fields become the same. We must be willing to endure that lack to win the greater - the souls of men. With what I have God has done great things for His kingdom and with what you have He can do greater things for His kingdom. This is your time. Go and do what you can with what you have. You can do it because greater is He who is in you. We gentiles still have a window of opportunity and even so after the knowledge of Yeshua comes to Israel. We just have to continue and He will keep us because we are grafted in and as long as the branch that is grafted in continues in Him we will not be broken off. He did not spare Israel and he will not spare us. Read Romans chapter 11 and see what is God intent to the Jew first and then to the Gentile. God has not forsaken then and He will not forsake us. Remember, "For God so loved the WORLD."

I am at home recovering from jet lag and this horrible cough I developed in China from the air pollution and soon I know it will pass. I am eager to go but my body is weary. My open door at the moment is my family. Specifically my youngest son to speak into his life and be there for him. For my eldest son to attend his wedding in 2 weeks and  encourage him. It is to establish them so when I am off again they can continue in the way. Your life is just as important as mine and so I encourage you to take every opportunity to do what you can and the things that matters to you God will make a way for you to minister in that area as well. God neglects nothing. Go or stay, just do something. All things are truly possible with God. The time is shorter than you think so get a move on. Every little counts in the kingdom. Just do your part and with all of us doing our part the kingdom work will be done. Realize that you not doing your little might be the reason someone else can't do theirs. Or better yet, you might be the catalyst to someone else doing theirs. You see, the body is fitly joined together.



I have been traveling in the nation for over two years now and I can tell you I have seen some things and felt some things. I think I am in a position to say what I am feeling because I have been about and can first hand tell you what I know to be true. There is a feeling that has been growing in me that some thing is wrong. For about two years or so I felt that something evil has entered this world and that people are acting in ways that is really not normal. It is what I call the reprobate mindset that has invaded us. People are doing and saying things without realizing what they are doing. It is like they have no control of their acts or words. Some of this I have written on articles on my commentary page.

All the nations are digging their ancient sites looking for relics to draw tourism in. What Noah's flood covered and what the good kings of Israel and prophets destroyed are now being uncovered. People are turning to the ancient ways for answers and hence we have emerging cultural trends that mimic the ancient pagan paths dressed up as cultural relics. America have a president that announced to the world that after 300 years we are not a nation of faith but of diverse philosophies and ideologies.  A pagan by any other name is still a pagan. God said this is the path to me and we say, "No God, my ways are better. they will all lead to you." People are turning to the Mayan calendar for answers. They are turning to ancient relics and so on but they will only find destructions as these ways are opening doors that have long ago been closed. We are legalizing dope and homosexuality and abortion. We are seeing an increase of immorality and our television and movie theaters are no longer concerned with what we view.

Many people I meet are on a so call journey for truth and when I tell them the truth about God they simply dismiss God as a myth or a cosmic energy of one mind consciousness which we are all apart of. But God said He has no part in darkness or evil so how can He be this one consciousness inclusive of evil. "Be ye holy as I am holy." Michael Jackson was right about one thing, "This is It!" It for Michael was one last curtain call that never happened, he only made it to the rehearsal. What will it be for the body of Christ before the end comes. Let me spell it out what I know. The fullness of the gentiles is at hand and we have not done much with the time that has been allotted to us. We have corrupted the gospel until we can't even recognize Yeshua in it. We have not lived what we speak and so the world will have nothing to do with us. God says in Romans 11 that if He did not spare Israel He will not spare us either. Israel had a purpose and they failed and we also have failed. At the end of our fullness Israel's blindness will cease and they will see messiah for who He is. I can only say that what I sense in my heart is what has already happened to Israel time and time again in their history. We become so jealous of God's blessing and anointing on them that we have persecuted them for what we lack. Jacob's Trouble is coming and guess who will be behind it?

Remember Rwanda and Burundi, they were about 80-90% Christian nations and look what they did. Yeah! We can learn from our mistakes. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. How can Christians do this. The bible says there will be a falling away from the faith. That reprobate spirit and that wrong thinking we are right mentality. Redefining what is Christianity and so on. I just read that the Vatican is now looking into life on distant planets and there is a group of prominent religious leaders of our times that is spearheading the one religion movement. We are talking about every category of religion coming together to form one consciousness. We are talking about a one world government based on humanism. This is the reality we are living in and moving in. Heaven is already departing as a scroll when it is rolled together. This is no rehearsal folks. It is the real thing.

We are at this place in time and as a woman in labor the pangs are coming faster and faster. Why do you think Israel has been disallowing gentile to come in? So many ministries and the Christian body who have been serving Israel out of love have been restricted from entering the land these last few years. Remember Joseph when he was in Egypt. Before he revealed himself to his brothers he sent out his servants. Joseph is a type of Christ. Before Yeshua reveals Himself to His brothers, Israel, the servants must leave the room. Oh, they will return after, not to worry. The blindness will soon be removed and He will pour out His Spirit - to the Jew first. Not all of the body of Christ will continue with Israel. Israel will be persecuted but God will preserve her. God will curse those who persecute her and bless those who continue to serve her. This is the times we are living in. What do you think it will take for all this to happen? The gears are already turning. Yeshua said it will be sudden. Do you know what sudden means? Unexpected! Without warning! This means people will be unprepared.

I know what is coming and I can put a name and face to it. Hell is coming and the devil is riding its back. Ok, that was a bit dramatic, or was it? Obama is not our hope, our economic stability is not our hope. Yeshua is our hope and our only peacemaker. Hail to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! How prepared are you? Are you ambivalent to what is coming and what is already here? Do you think I am an alarmist and too dramatic? Are you willing to wait it out and see if I am right? Well, there you are. Some thing is here and something more is coming and I know it. I've tried to put words to it and hope at this point it is enough. Pray and seek God's face. Better yet, read the word, for sure that cannot lie.



When I left Beijing it was freezing, raining and snowing. I was on a train for 26 hours than heading to the airport for a 10 hour flight back to Germany and then on to a train for an hour to meet my friend to travel and hour to her house by car. The next morning we headed by train two hours away back to the golden ladder to give God thanks for His journeying mercies and angel of protection. We were anticipating something more from God and so I took many pictures and will post later. You can make up your own mind about what is there. After that my friend went on to see her husband and I return by train all the way back to Darmstadt for my early morning flight the next day. My flight home was 10 1/2 hours to Atlanta with a 6 hour layover and then a 3 hour flight to El Paso, Texas and 40 minute drive home. All in all I slept a few hours. Since being home I have hardly slept. I am up all night literally and sleeping a few hours in the day. I have a terrible cough which I first got in Beijing and now it is back back but I think it is my body getting rid of the air toxins from my trip. I have only left the house 2 times and am finding myself a bit restless.

I am ready to go again believe it or not. There is someplace I have to be and no funds to get me there. Yet I know I have never missed a plane, bus or train. God is more than able. One thing I can tell you. It is time to get the harvest in. Never mind the results that is God's business. What was China all about? God planting seed and spurring others on to bring in their own harvest. it was about letting His light be seen and seeing how it really is in the world. China is the best and the worst of humanity. Truly we are a cabaret and China is an opera on the stage of life. They can do things in a bigger than life way. What Mao tore down is now being restored but for sure China understand the concept of monotheism. Is it coincidence that Obama is now slated to be in China at this time? Is it a coincidence that China is on the world stage at this time? Is it a coincident that Asia is experiencing such natural disturbances at this time? God is shaking both the heaven and the earth.

I tell you here and now. God has a destiny for your life. This is the time you have been waiting for. It is now the time to do those things you have put to the side all this time. God just wants your obedience and He will do the rest. He will form every alliance and make every connection and provide every need. Time of of the essence.



I travelled to Xian with a new friend I met in Beijing who was on his way home and decided to stop over with me to see the the terra cotta warriors and some of his friends in Xian. How amazing a trip it was. After leaving our stuff at the train station in a locker we went to the Beijing tea district where there are over 2,000 tea shops to buy some tea from one of his friends. We must have walked for about 45 minutes to reach this place and we sat too long testing teas. Finally once my friend made his purchase we left and it was late. We hopped a cab and as the cab could not pull up to the station we had to run all the way though one large railway station up and down stairs and then retrieve bags. By the time we got to the gate it was closed and we missed our departure so we thought. All of a sudden my friend was surrounded and being hustled by other men who apparently was telling him if we follow them for a price we could still make the train. I was reconciled to missing the train and then my friend say we could follow the guys and see what happens. We made a mad dash for the train down the stairs and a split second before the doors closed we leaped on. Exhausted, breathless and sweaty we made it. We were in for a 13 hour train ride. Opportunity knocks and there is plenty of time to share. Now you should know that this friend of mine is a Buddhist and a Vegan and extremely committed to both. A good soul at heart and opened to listen. When God says he has given me an open door to China and has sent an angel with me he meant just that. No fear or apprehension. This was my third time sharing the good news with this friend. This was the friend who found my hat that was lost and brought it back to me.

Buddhism is really a philosophy about doing good deeds to get to enlightenment. Being a vegan is really more about having a body that will last for a long time, efficient. Anyway that is what I got out of all the hoopla. Trying to explain to someone about faith from such a perspective is difficult but not impossible. I hope my friend reads this entry so I will keep it light. To make the transition from philosophy to needing a personal savior is difficult but God is able. We arrived at our destination about 5 am and headed to our hotel. we could not check into our room until 9am so we left our stuff and went looking for a tourist bus to see the terra cotta warriors 3 hours away. With little sleep and being up from the morning before we were out and about. we headed to the train station again and purchased my return ticket back to Beijing the next day and then off to find the bus. Ok, we got there and made our way into the place which was about a 1/4 of a mile walk or more to get to the sight. We were hungry and tired and so we sat for a long while. During this time I got to share some more and my friend thinks I have a good philosophy but I tried to tell him it is not a philosophy but the truth. Anyway, all that is the business of the Holy Spirit. So after a long while of talking and having other tourist wanting to take pictures with me and so on we went through the exhibits and museum.

It truly was a good sight to see. Amazing the extent that emperors and kings and pharaohs have gone to to ensure they make it to the after life. They bones are still in the coffins if the grave robbers haven't already gotten to them and their labor of extremes are shattered, broken, decayed and spewed about the sights as a reminder of the silliness of man's actions with out the knowledge of God. Ancient places being uncovered and opened. Anyway we finally left the park after several hours and got something to eat. We were exhausted from the lack of sleep and food. Once we let the sight and hopped on the bus back to the city I realized my scarf was gone. I thought first it is ok and then frantically I said I can't leave without my scarf. I leap up from the bus and my friend behind me and as exhausted as we both were we ran headlong retracing every step all the long way back inside. I was afraid they would not let us enter again but favor is favor. I was looking everywhere in the trash cans and all. We were permitted to enter the first gate and then when we got to the last gate my friend gave me my ticket and told me to go in and he headed over to the lady who picks up the trash. For a brief moment I thought to go there also but instead I went for the gate and they let me in. I was so frantic by this time and was just so remorseful that I did not take care of this scarf my friend gave me and was such a blessing to me. I knew that I had left through this gate with the scarf so by now I felt defeated. I turn to go back and there was my friend calling me. He was smiling and holding my scarf. I ran over to him and he was so surprised himself and people by then were watching. This was the third time my friend recover something that was lost for me. I was so thankful I just started to thank God and praise Him for this what I thought was a small thing.

God uses everything. I just kept saying, "Thank you God you love me so much." My friend then said "Thank you God' and was in agreement with my prayers and praises to God. he said before we leave that I should take a picture with this woman who found my scarf.                       

My friend said to me after than if I lose one more thing and he finds it he will believe in my God. I reminded him that 3 times already he had recovered what was lost. Go God! he both headed out the sight thanking God for recovering my scarf and for loving me so much to care about this little thing. My friend even took my camera and hat and put them in his bag so nothing more would be lost.

We got back to the hotel and checked in our rooms. Some of you might not know how good it is to have a hotel room even for one night when you travel as I do. I remember asking God once on this trip to please make it possible for me to have a hotel room for one night before I leave. You see, it fells good to have a hot shower and to wash your hair and to and yes color it. LOL! And even watch television. Oh yes, one English channel.  Sometimes it is the only time you know what is happening in the rest of the world and the one you are in. All that and some much needed sleep. About 9:30 my friend called me to see if I wanted to get some dinner. We went around the corner to a little dive and got some soup with dumplings. We sat and chatted with the shop owner and a few customers enquiring where I was from. One man told my friend the city was not safe and that he was not to leave me alone and to keep a watchful eye on me. That was not necessary as God had already dispatched an angel to me. Back to the hotel and a good nights sleep. By 10am my friend called and by 11 or so I was on a bus to see a few places in Xian while he was off for the day with his friends. He was going to meet me about 7pm to take me back to the train station for my train but things changed and I was off on my own. made it after about one hour walking the streets trying to get information on the bus and find a cab. Finally I was at the station and sitting in the line waiting for the train and by then I was felling sick and had earlier gone back to the hotel to rest with some Tylenol cold capsules I found at the local pharmacy. I couldn't wait to get on the train and get in my sleeper bed with five other people in my compartment sleeping on bunk beds 3 high. I was in the middle. Yup! just me and a train full of Chinese people and I was the only foreigner I saw. I hopped in bed and went to sleep.

Xian was warm and Beijing was cold, freezing cold. I was due to leave the next morning.



I am leaving for Xian today to see the terra cotta warriors. This will be my first trip outside of Beijing. I was really excited to see the land but then I realized that I will be travelling at night and no chance of seeing anything spectacular.  Never mind, I am about the people not really the places.



I spent morning at the Beijing Capital Museum. It was quite interesting and I highly recommend it as a place to see for anyone visiting this city.  The Chinese culture depicts the dragon and the mythical phoenix. I have read about the phoenix in the past but I actually.


Mythical Phoenix Bird

In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths derived from it, the phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird. Said to live for 500, 1461 or for 12594 years (depending on the source), the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix embalms the ashes of the old phoenix in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in Heliopolis ("the city of the sun" in Greek), located in Egypt. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible - a symbol of fire and divinity. Although descriptions (and life-span) vary, the phoenix became popular in early Christian art and literature as a symbol of the resurrection, of immortality, and of life-after-death. Originally, the phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a stork or heron-like bird called a benu, (see Bennu), known from the Book of the Dead and other Egyptian texts as one of the sacred symbols of worship at Heliopolis, closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra.


To say the least I was a bit fascinated by the phoenix depictions at the museum because recently I had shown the photos I took to some Chinese friend and one of them outright stated that she thought that on the top of the head was a very distinct phoenix. One of my friends at home said it looked like a crown and other said it looked like a blaze of fire. Nonetheless, I found it interesting because the phoenix identification struck me rather forcefully and when I went to the museum one of the first displays I viewed was that of a phoenix. To my surprise, I instantly identified the phoenix as what I saw on the head of the face by the golden ladder in Germany. Needless to say I spent the time at the museum taking as many photos of any depictions of phoenixes.

After the museum, I met a friend and we went to the 798 art district in Beijing to hangout and get to know each other better. It was cold but pleasant going in and out of art galleries. I had hoped for an opportunity to share with her the gospel but I did not want to lose the opportunity to make a lasting friend as I know it is easier to share the gospel with a friend than a casual acquaintance.  We had a really great time and found some really unique art work of Mao�s head done in rice grains, studs and stars. It took 50,000 of each medium to create the face of Mao. Anyway, I digress. We had a nice dinner and spoke openly about our relationships, expectations and hopes for our future in various areas of our lives. What I have learned from all my travels is that the entire world is the same. We all experience the same issues exactly the same way and handle them very much the same. Culture only really impact the way we say things and how we dress and eat. I know what the sociologist and anthropologist say. I also know what I know.

We are all doing the same things good and bad. A Chinese friend said to me the other day that America has been involved in so many world wars. It was a negative slight on America but I had to remind him that although China has been closed off from western influence for over 5,000 years they have had their share of wars from within. Clans, dynasties, warlords, political factions etc at been at it longer than any other civilization. What China has been doing internally for millenniums the rest of the world has been doing externally for the same length of time. What is the difference? Not much. Nations have been battling and conquering nations all this time while within China peoples groups have been doing the same to each other � nations within nations.

You see, there is really no difference in the world. We call it something else but really it is the same. Just like Solomon said, nothing new under the sun. My new young friend at her tender twenties age had already experienced what it took me 45 years to experience. One generation to another and one culture too another with the same results. I am not speaking theories here. This is life and this is the reality that we don�t really want to face because somewhere in the back of our minds we want to think that where we fail someone else has succeed so there is hope for us. By now someone needs to realize that we are all in the same boat of sin. But thank God there is redemption in Jesus.

So I digress again! We spoke quite openly. It was good to finally be able to have a full fledge conversation in English and express one�s mind and heart. No, I didn�t speak of the gospel overtly. It just wasn�t the moment. So I began to consider that the moment would not come where I could express the gospel to her. Never mind! I have learned by now to go with God�s flow rather than mind and I have to tell myself not to be anxious for anything.  After dinner my friend suggested we go to a place where we could see the stars. I thought she was trying to tell me to go to a planetarium but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. It is at this mall call The Place. Outside there is this long overhang that is actually a screen of sorts. It is quite long maybe about the long side of a city block. When you look up there is a screen showing the galaxies and stars moving along the length of the screen. We got there in time to see the ending of one show and thought at first it was the end. Suddenly the screen came alive once again and this amazingly, orangey, fiery, exotic bird began to fly across the length and breathe of the screen.

Then my friend said, Joy, that a phoenix. I certainly did not need her to tell me that. It was so real, so apparent, so gloriously displayed. It was breath taking. Yes, this was the thing I saw. If the clouds could take on color I am sure that what sat on the head of the face would be this creature. Here is a great description of an angel:


Ezekiel 1:4-13

 [4] And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. [5] Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. [6] And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. [7] And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. [8] And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings. [9] Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward. [10] As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle. [11] Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies. [12] And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went. [13] As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.


My day started with a phoenix and ended with a phoenix. What an opportunity to lead into sharing the gospel. This same person I was with was the very person who said right out, �There is a phoenix on the head.� I told her what God has told me about sending an angel with me to China. I told her how interesting I thought it was that she mentioned the phoenix to me and that my day was so filled with images of the phoenix. The door was opened and the sharing of the gospel began. She was quiet and attentive had a few questions. At the end she said that she was happy that I had such a concept of God but she did not feel that way. My last comment on the issue was that it was easy for her to believe in many gods but her real issue was to believe in the one true God. She is living in a culture that has existed on mythical dragons and phoenixes for millenniums and here I am asking her to believe in the true and living God.  Perhaps the dragons and phoenixes are not myths after all. Perhaps she has a hold on one reality and I have a hold on another. What was real to man at one time became history, then legend and now a myth. We have only made gods of the myths which were once tangible truths and the real truth about God we have lost.

We have lost the creator and now worship the created. Perhaps China has been keep away from the world�s influence for a purpose � to remind us of what once was. The bible and Jewish scripture speaks of strange things afoot in the world at a time when man was new to the earth. �As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.� When they come again we shall have our reminders from China. I recently spoke to another Chinese friend who said that China had lasted so long because it has maintained its culture. I had to remind him that everything in the world have changed and will change. Nothing that man has created has lasted. Every way of life, every form of government, and every form of religion that is not of the true and living God will come down. Yes, I even said that even communism in China will come down like in other nations. Everything is for a season. When the Messiah returns to claim His own He will restore all as it should be. Man�s arrogance and pride will come down. It will take us all by surprise but nothing we have created or invented will mean a hill of beans except God be glorified. That�s just how it is.

Opportunities come in so many ways and through so many avenues. It is a matter of keeping one�s eyes and ears glued to the Spirit of God to cease the moment. Have I met every opportunity? I can�t say I have for I am certain I missed a him or her sometime when my mind said to me, �Are you crazy?� Once I passed a man outside the Lama Temple that I felt a strong urging to speak to but I was fearful of being nailed to the temple wall so close by. I justified in my head that if I share with someone else further away it would be a compromised obedience. Ha! HA, HA, HA!  Obedience is obedience or it is outright rebellion and failure. I mentioned Jesus and they just totally dismissed me. Did I turn around and go back to that man? No, by then I knew I had lost the moment. God is redeeming. I have other opportunities I went right for and praise God with good results. I will always have a vivid memory of the one I walked away from.




I spent some time this morning working on my website, answering some email and speaking to my family at home. In the afternoon I went to a friend�s tea shop and drank so much tea I was a bit water logged. He invited one of his neighboring store owners to come have tea with us and of course opportunity to share knocked on my door. He spoke and understood English well enough to understand and at the end he said it was a fate that bought me to China to share about God with him. He was most thankful and spent a good deal of time after having cups and cups of tea with us. Another friend joined us and again the absolute mother of all opportunities where he is concerned came knocking. I don�t even know how to express what happened.

Do you know when you complain about why you are the way you are and wish you were different but then you realize God uses you in that very unique way you don�t like? It is all the little quirky thinks about yourself you wish you could leave behind but God keeps resurrecting and using in His God like way. Well, He did it again and impact made. A little closer to penetrating the Buddhist mentality! It really is true, when we are at our weakest God is at His best in us because we literally have to be put out of the way so He can operate and we can truly take no glory for ourselves. I am amazed by God�s actions. I look forward in humility to see how this one person will come about to God�s way of things on God�s terms not mine or his.



I attended a congregation today. I had hoped to be able to assist them with posting their website but things didn�t work out and I am afraid the time will not allow it to be so. This evening I met two new friends and spent a lovely evening with them getting a Chinese foot massage and had dinner. One of my friends introduced me as he had with several other new friends I met. This new couple attends one of the Catholic services in Beijing and we were to join them but at that time it was in French so we took in a foot massage while his wife who is French attended the service. We had a lovely meal and I was most happy to learn more about China from her. Things are always never the way we hear reported on the outside. There is really a lot of hype out there about China that is not true. Yes, some is true but not all. It is the not all that no one cares to mention.

I though China was closed to the gospel but not truly the case. From what I have been told, the government is opposed to any religious organization that holds allegiance to any person outside of China like the Pope. Apparently the Chinese government is the one that appoints the priest in China and many of the underground churches are Catholics who holds allegiances with Rome which opposes the Chinese government�s policy. This makes it difficult on other entities of Christina faith. I also understand that there are entire communities in China that are Christian. Well, that is the other side of the coin. This is a very hard working culture and diligent people. They are very likable and courteous.  I have only met one man that was out right rude to me because I would not buy his painting that he felt I should buy because I need luck. One out of 1.4 billion is good!



I am exhausted and spent the day at the apartment with mama. We had lunch and spent the afternoon sleeping. My feet simply could not go any more. Surely the work does not belong to one but at least two. Who will encourage you when you are only one?



I spent the evening with my new friends I met at the Tea Convention and then we were joined by a new friend. I acquired a copy of The Book � part two while in Beijing and was able to give a copy to one of my new friends who promised to read it. So now it is up to the Holy Spirit to do His thing. We did share views and spoke about the tradition of tea drinking and so on and got acquainted with a friend my friend met on the internet but never in person. After sampling my friend�s special blend of tea and agreeing to return the next week and make my purchase we took off for a late dinner. It was a Vegan meal and quite good. I and the new addition to the group became fast friend. She is a lovely young lady from the south of China studying in Beijing. We will meet next week to take in the art district together. My other friend is making plans for me to go visit the terracotta soldiers. My other friend I will see again when I make my purchase of tea. Imagine that, I am making friends with, atheist, Catholics, Buddhist, Christians and traditionalist etc., all in China. Imagine the people each of these can reach with the truth of God�s love. If nothing else they have no excuse.

Keep all these people in your prayers. Not all seed germinate at the same time. The opportunities are in every moment and situation. At dinner I took a moment to save grace and then my friends bowed their heads and had their thoughts. My friend from the tea shop asked me what my thoughts were when I meditated. I said I was not meditating but thanking God for the food. He said he was thanking the people who prepared the food and my other new friend said she sent thanks out to the farmers who grew the food. I said, but who made the people who prepared the food and who made the farmers who grew the food? They both said without the farmers they would be no food. I replied that without God who sends the rain and sun and created us we would have nothing. You see, what I have found is that people are only will to go so far back. Most are not willing to acknowledge the beginning � The Alpha! Whatever we do we have to point them back to the beginning. Every opportunity is a chance to turn things around and back to God. Pray for opportunities and an answer to every man.



Well, God send many people in our direction. I spent the day with an academic atheist from one of our higher educational system in America. By the end of the day she said she was apt to believe there was a God because she acquired something she really wanted. One lost dog that was not found was her decision to let the idea of God become a fleeting temptation. Because of a d o g she could not receive G o d. But seeds are seeds. Who knows, maybe we are just waiting for after the winter and a new spring to come. But then, this is not my business but the Father�s business. Shut up joy!



I attended the Beijing Tea Convention with my host. It was quite an experience. It was the second time I had attended a convention with her. I had previously attended the Organic Food Convention. It is always the same. People staring and taking photos are a constant. Once we got into the event I was at a booth waiting for my host when a young lady whom I had noticed starting came over to me and asked me if she could take a photo. I agreed because she asked and not did what most others do, wait until I pass and take my photo or pretend there are on the phone and snap my picture. I went over to the booth and the cameras came out and cell phones and others from other booths and other on lookers who felt an opportunity to get a photo came over. The young lady spoke really good English and really was a very nice person. I bought two bottles of their water and then one young woman put a bottle in my hand and apparently wanted me to pose with it. I accommodated them with the picture and all of a sudden I was being posed and photographed even more. Opportunity!

During the entire event I found her or she found me and we exchanged email and so forth and took more and more photos. I received an invitation to come to their province the next time I come to China. This young lady was the first person I made contact with at the convention and the last. Sometimes open doors are ajar until the right time the door can be opened unhindered. Throughout the convention it continued this way. Those that were bold enough asked for a photo with me and others seeing got into the act. Toward the end I went with my host and her friend to enter our names into a drawing and I walked away with a nice gift box of tea. After the drawing we sat a bit and got ready to leave. Suddenly this very loud man in broken English invited me to come and sit at a booth and have a cup of tea. I was apt to move on but he was so insistent and loud I though I could quiet him down by obliging. Opportunities knock in many ways.

It was a divine move of God. I had an awesome opportunity to share the gospel with him and his friend � both Buddhist. His friend spoke really good English and was indeed a gentle soul. We spoke at length and then this other man invited me and my host to come to his tea shop for tea. Well it wasn�t possible but he gave us his card and asked us to come by. I gave my word that I would go by and we continued out. I met up with the first young lady again as I wanted to say goodbye and more photos and someone wanting my email. Yes God! It was good.

My host and I spent the entire day together and we ended up at a place she sometimes go to set up her table to diagnose people�s illnesses. I spent the afternoon with more wonderful people with opportunity to speak of Jesus even though not at length. I spent the time helping them with their tasks and we all became good friends. One worker spoke great English and what a wonderful time of making new friends. I don�t think people expect us from the west to come on a visit and then turn about and help. One small deed speaks a thousands words especially when you don�t speak the language. Being curious about me brought my friend some business so that was good. All things work for the good of those that love the Lord. Let me just say that my host and I are family and leave it at that.



I am always in amazement of how God works. Considering that I do not speak Chinese God has certainly made good on His word to give me contacts while in China. Everywhere I go I meet people and usually most are curious about my hair. They are genuine and sincere as we speak and open to friendship and hearing what I have to share. One day as I was walking through the Olympic Park I was exhausted from the long hike and as I was looking for a place to sit one lady beckoned me over to sit next to her on a bench. It was really my first open invite rate than curiosity that beckoned me over. I know it was a divine appointment and we spent about two hours communicating using my BESTA translator. She asked me why I was in China alone and I just out right told her. I told her what God laid on my heart and she readily accepted and the next statement from her was that she also believed in Jesus. She said she was a Christian and felt that it was her responsibility to help me with what I was doing since I could not speak Chinese. I told her the vision for China and what it required. Speaking at every opportunity the Lord opens about the saving grace of Jesus. I told her about the vision to go along the silk and spice route taking the gospel all the way back to the gates of Jerusalem. She said she was willing to do whatever she could and what a grand delight to know that the work even though I could not do it would go on.

Sometimes things are not about us doing but connecting to those who can much better than we ourselves can. These last two years I have come to realize that God�s plans are vaster than ours. We often can imagine that the work can�t be done without us or that we are the catalyst but in actuality God is trying to connect us to that one man or woman or couple that can enter doors that we only dream of knocking at. As we continued to speak my new sister in the Lord�s work took time to encourage me that my trip was not in vain. I was wearing sunglasses and she picked them up and tried them on. It occurred to me to give them to her. I completed my though to her on the BESTA and as she read I placed the sun glasses on her bag and then a bit later I told her they were a gift to her. She seemed to be looking for something to give me but found nothing and I was happy but she said, �No, I can�t take them.� By that time a man came by and I asked him to take a photo of me and my new friend. He was a bit reluctant but did it anyway.

We took a few photos and sat a bit while I conveyed to her to tell him I really appreciated his effort. It happened that he worked in the park and was waiting for the cleanup crew to arrive where we were seated. They came and started removing the tree branches that were earlier pruned. We were sitting where the removal truck pulled up so I got up to get out of the way and they apparently said to her never mind. An opportunity always presents its self in your lap if you just see the moment for what it is. I got up and began to haul tree branches over to the truck and everyone seem a bit surprised that I would do such a thing. My new friend got the camera and started taking pictures.  The leader of the crew was clearly pleasantly surprised by my work and thanked me heartedly. He gave me the thumbs up sign and ev and got the camera from her and began taking everyone cheered. The he took the camera and began taking pictures and everyone got excited and there was much laughter.

He motioned for me to take a picture shaking the hands of the driver of the truck and my friend came over and put my hand in his hands. People came over to see what was happening and the entire situation turned in to one really nice coming together of the East and the West. I hope I left a good impression of Americans and Christians even though they had no idea except my friend. I know that I was the first bible most if not all of them was seeing. They moved on to their next pick up and the crew leader continued to give me the thumbs up as they continued to work. Surely, sometimes preaching the gospel is not about speaking but doing.

Again my friend and I were alone on the bench and it was getting late so I had to go. I put the glasses on her bag and told her I wanted her to keep them as a reminder that before we met she did not have a vision for China and now she does. She accepted them! I continued on and my spirit and heart was lifted even though I walked alone. It is this way in Beijing. People are rarely alone. Couples are together, friends or family. Usually I do not see people alone at any of the sights in Beijing. Sometimes days go by before I speak to someone who knows any English. You can�t imagine what that feels like at times. You have to keep conversations going in your own mind or who begin to feel abandoned. I have conversations with God. I listen to my music but after a while no matter how anointed it can give you a headache in the heart. Reading is great and meditating on the word is wonderful but it is true, one can get full on the word. I don�t think it is about being alone rather more about being isolated at times. Yes, even in a city of millions. The battlefield is in the mind. Once you can conquer it you can continue but at times it is a daily battle. The enemy wants you to turn inward and make you think you are self sufficient but in actually we are truly not islands. We are meant to be inhabited with communication, relationship and feelings.

It was a good day indeed!



I spent the day at the Summer Palace and as usual it was a divine time of connection. I was meandering my way back to the north gate to leave when I happened to hear someone speak English. I turned and it was two black ladies with an obvious American accent from the voice I heard. Wow! English and black folks! Well I just swung around and made an introduction of myself to the two sister wearing badges that said New York and Virginia.

I asked what they were doing there. They were on a Marilyn Hickey crusade trip for about 9 days. Believers! Yeah! I told them the name of my website and we parted. I ended up going out at the wrong gate and it was quite far to travel back through the site to get back to the north gate. I took a chance to walk the distance back to the train station from the street when lo and behold I ran in to one of the lady�s again.

So they were lost and separated from their group and this was their first official day in china as they had only arrived the previous night. Opportunity knocks on the door again and it would seem that I spend more time helping Americans out. To make a long story short I spent a number of hours with them getting them some help to find their group and bus. We had a great time sharing and eventually someone from the group found them to take them to either the bus or the hotel or to catch up with the group.

What was the purpose of that meeting?

         first to rescue two lost sisters,

         second to share the vision for China

         and third to encourage and strengthen each other.


I don�t believe for one moment that such a meeting was only about those sisters being in need. When I said good bye one sister gave me a hug the first time I gave them directions to the exit and the second time we said goodbye. She held onto me a bit and I instantly knew she was praying a blessing on me. I held onto the embrace and receive the blessings. Her name was Esther. Esther is synonymous with being in a place for a certain divine appointed time and opportunity. I received Esther�s divine appointed time in our meeting. Esther, if you are reading this, thanks! You will never know my sister how much your prayer and embrace meant to me. It was the hand of God upon me.



Tonight I attended an above ground Chinese congregation. It actually was the youth night and the place was packed solid. They use a sound system that could be heard all the way outside onto the boulevard. I was stunned at first when I notice the large cross on the steeple of the building. When I realized that the music spilling onto the streets was coming from inside and it was Christian music I was even more shocked. It seems the city congregations are fairing much better than the rural areas. Truly the church is emerging in China.

Congregation operated by foreigners meeting openly here as well. One I attended seems to be involved in open evangelism with no fear. My pray for China is that western doctrinal errors will not seep in. I pray that as the doors of evangelism opens and the church emerges as a force to be reckoned with that we westerners will leave China to the revelation of the Holy Spirit. 

We have so many doctrines that have come and gone and most have failed. China does not need a new trend or twist on Christianity it needs to maintain the pure gospel that has already been delivered to them. It is the pure gospel that has imprisoned many and cost many more their lives. The Chinese believers seem to be effective at winning their own. The church here does not need revival but an open door to operate in. It doesn�t need a crusade that filters in unsound doctrine and so called miracles and such. As far as I know miracles follow the believers not come before them. China already has its miracles of the lives of hundreds and probably thousands of persecuted believers that God has worked miracle upon miracle for their survival.

What can the western church bring to China? It is for the Chinese believers to teach us how to effectively keep the gospel pure and how to make a stand for God unwavering. If the Chinese believers are capable of reaching 50,000 plus of their own daily for Christ then we are the ones to learn at their feet. In the west that number is probably leaving the church monthly or daily. At least that much I know is refusing to hear the gospel daily every second when someone reaches for the dial and change the sermon being broadcast on the radio or television. The church house can�t seem to be filled unless it is Easter or Christmas. Unless the church invites a well known speaker or band you can expect more than 2/3 of the pews to be emptied.

Even the mega preachers are experiencing a decline in attendance and offering and this is why they are looking at foreign fields. I wish they will stop advertising elaborate meetings in other nations that rarely produce fruits that remain. Often times they are in connection with many congregations in those nations that help promote their crusades and so the events are crowded with believers. Most of their evangelistic trips are really sight seeing trips where 9/10 of the times they are visiting sites and shopping with one night to so call hold a crusade with an entourage of believers who do not speak the language and can hardly help. They do not come to build sustainable programs so the local congregations can have a financial basis to double their efforts.

Money spent on sight seeing could be sown into orphanages, feeding and clothing the needy, purchasing bibles and so on. Well at the least we can say that they are helping the economy. I see what the issues are and I am gravely disturbed. China needs our prayers and godly guidance so they do not make the same mistakes we in the west have already made. The church is alive and well in China and growing.

I came to China with an expectation from reports in the west that the church was a non entity in China but I realize now that it is most definitely alive. So how can we make a difference? We need to pray for China. We need to strengthen the hands of those that are already there. We need to connect with people who are already in strategic positions that can do above more than we can hope to do. We need to encourage those in business with the Chinese to be the living word so the Chinese business leaders and government leaders can recognize a difference and make the inquiry of our faith. We need to care for the needy and the orphans. We need to ask them what help we can be to them rather than telling them what they need.

I am excited to be here. There is much I will not be able to share here so if my journal seems scant then just accept the fact that to preserve the gospel in certain places we must be entrusted to protect certain details. May God bless you as you read and he leads you in a direction to do more.



 Today I met with an African businessman networking in China. We happened to bump into each other on the streets on day, him and his colleagues. We had agreed to meet and take in a site together but as things are there were on business and time was/is of the essence. We called for several days with in a week and emailed but simply could not find the time until Wednesday afternoon. He actually made a hole in his schedule to speak with me on a business matter and I had great expectations that this for me was a divine appointment.

As we met he told me that he was looking for a contact in the US to broaden his business horizon and as I was not interested in the least bit in undertaking the business arena I gave him my best reference. Someone I know with an MBA and have much integrity. Now it was my time to share my purpose for meeting with him.

I wasn�t sure how receptive he would be but I believe it was a divine appointment and so I asked the question if he was a believer in Jesus. The affirmative response gave me the go ahead to be bold and make my spiel for the Lord. It was the perfect timing to step to the plate and bat.

I shared with him my purpose for being in China and that I felt very strongly that one of the reasons I was here was to make connections with those already in the land to make a difference with the gospel. It wasn�t enough to be in business with the Chinese but the opportunity to travel about the nation and hub nub with those in positions to affect thousands meant a clear open door from God.

It is not enough for China to be emerging as a Christian nation, yes it is!  About 50,000 mainland Chinese come to faith daily and not just in rural areas. The cities are exploding with new believers as the church is not coming out of the underground here. Its presence is more and more accepted. I heard one businessman state the other day that the Chinese government is beginning to realize that Christianity in China cannot be halted and that it is good for the nation. Without Christianity China will not go far.

As I spoke to my new friend I explained that for him to come to China as a businessman only was throwing away the greatest opportunity God has given to him. It is not sufficient to make capital gains from the emerging world of commerce in China and not leave behind a spiritual contribution of the gospel. My friend is after all in a key position to share the gospel with people connected in many provinces.

So many companies are sending laborers out into the nations of the world unprepared to make a spiritual impact. 50,000 plus daily coming into the kingdom and few prepared to take with them the flip side of success. Just believe with me that this man of God will be impacted by a greater success for the kingdom of God.

I have been inspired to write a booklet entitles the Pearl Manifesto on principles of righteous living and dealings for the emerging Chinese leaders. Pray that something good will come of it.



This morning I spent sometime talking to my family on Skype. It was a very good morning. I began to prepare some journal notes to be posted when I return home to the USA.

Today is one of my most memorable days in China. It was the first opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with mainland Chinese on a one-to-one basis. I happen to pass by the silk market today and decided to go in for a look around. I came to some peal dealers and began to browse a bit. Of course if you don�t have your wits about you they can talk you into anything at ridiculous prices.  Two girls took time to demonstrate to me how to identify real pearls. It was really quite interesting because as you scratch at real pearls a dust forms and eventually the area scratch smoothes back out. Somehow when you get use to looking at fake pearls of exact perfect replicas you seem somehow to expect that the real thing will be just as flawless and identical. In actually each pearl is found in its own oyster and so as unique as each individual human is from each other so are pearls.

            Indeed no two pearls are the same although similar. Real pearls have natural flaws that look like little nicks. People who deal in pearls, painstaking separate each pearl into strings of similar size, color and shine. Hence we get a string of pearls that look almost identical but really are not. I made a selection at a reasonable price and sat down with a bottle of water as the girls made me a necklace, and bracelet. As I sat and watch them place a knot after each strung pearl I struck up a conversation with the girls. It was really good to be able to speak with the girls in English and talk about Jesus. I use the pearls as examples and said that the Chinese people are like an ocean of pearls waiting for a great heavenly harvest. I asked the girls if they had heard of Jesus and they said yes but they were Buddhist. One mentioned that many Chinese people believe in Jesus but they believed in Buddha. One even said without being asked that Buddha wanted people to serve him and it was a way of life. I explained that Jesus died for us because we are incapable of making things right for us and that Buddha also needed Christ.

            I continued by saying that as it took them to demonstrate for me how to identify real pearls, Jesus also wants to do the same for them. He wants the chance to demonstrate to them while He is the real true and living God and not Buddha. I told them that of they would only ask God to prove Himself to them that He would. Like the pearl that can with stand the test of the scraping so can Jesus stand up to the testing that He is the true God. After all, it did not harm the pearl one bit to be scraped and it would not harm Jesus. I also told them that as they demonstrated for me that the pearls were real and so I bought them, then like wise if they ask Jesus to show them proof of His deity then they like wise must decide whether He was worth having.

            One of the girls said to me that she would not give up Buddha and I told her that if Jesus proved to be the true pearl she would have to decide on the real thing or the plastic one. I asked her what she had to loose. I left them with the decision to challenge Jesus and Buddha as to which was the true God. They looked a bit taken back buy the challenge and then it seemed to dawn on them that something was right about what I proposed. Yeah, will the real God please stand up!

            Later I went outside to catch a taxi back to the apartment. A little man in a rickshaw peddled next to me and appeared to be asking me if I want a ride. I totally ignored him and began looking for a taxi.  After about 40 minutes I could not find an empty so as I moved around looking I was snubbed by two cabbies that refused to take me so far out of the way. Finally I moved back to the place where I spent about 40 minutes hailing taxis. I got help at a counter and they called a man to their booth and I though they were asking him what bus I should take to my address. Instead he turned out to be the very same old man with the rickshaw who I ignored earlier. He agreed to take me home. I had not realized how far it was from the apartment. This delicate little bit of a man peddled that rickshaw through traffic alternating peddling, walking and using his motor for about 40 minutes through the most incredible traffic and people I have seen in a while and what he was asking me to pay for the trip was not even close to what it might have cost in a slow moving taxi. All I could think of was whether this old man would be able to make it back and get home in one piece. Do you know what it feels like when you realize that God is orchestrating something? It was the second time in 24 hours that I felt God pressing me to meet a need. I got out of the rickshaw and paid the man exactly what God placed in my heart which was way above his asking price. He took it and looked at me as though he expected me to give just that amount. It was as though he knew before I did. The look was a look of agreement or was a well done look of approval.

            I only said that Jesus loves him and he gave me a warm smile and said thank you. I crossed the street and he was gone. Perhaps it was bad lighting. Indeed, these are the days of small things.


Zech. 4:10

    For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth.


So far so good! Things have certainly been a blessing these pass days. I met the most incredible people and had the opportunity to join them in some of their activities. God means exactly what he said when He told me he was giving me an open door to China. I have learned a lot since being here and can said that the outside world knows very little about China. The church by and large is growing here at an alarming rate. The last statistics I heard was about 50,000 a day with maybe over 400,000,000 by 2012. There is indeed an underground church in China and some places are experiencing persecution and are limited but the church is definitely alive and well. There are some foreign lead congregations in the city that are open and operating above ground but by and large the Chinese congregations are home cell groups with no building edifice as such. I pray that they will not reach to the place where the western congregations have reach which is investing in large edifices and losing sight of the body.

The congregations are faced with many challenges but I believe by and large god has a plan for this nation in these last days. There are shakings in Asia both with earthquakes and tsunamis and many natural disasters but I believe that God is trying to get their attention. The rumblings in the earth are often an indication of what is happening in the heavenlies. I hope that you are all praying for China. In every corner of the world the Chinese are being employed in many area of development. Surely this is an open door to the nations that God has given to them if they can open their spiritual eyes and see this.

While in the Caribbean I saw the Jehovah Witnesses harvesting among the Chinese and now I wonder why if so many Chinese are coming to the Lord why aren�t the believers in China making sure that those going out to the nations to labor aren�t believers as well. What an incredible labor force for the Lord would be let loose on the nations. Sometimes we are to close up to see what is before us. God gives us the opportunity but at times we are thinking along carnal lines and cannot see His intent. I do not mean to imply that carnal is sinful in this context only natural or horizontal thinking.

There is a destiny that God has shown me for China and that is that they must increase their efforts to bring in their own harvest. It is out of this harvest that the nations will be reached. I met a group that has a heart to enlighten the Chinese of another vision of taking the gospel back along the ancient silk and spice roads all the way back to Jerusalem where it originated. In order for this to happen they must win their own. God has shown me that the harvest in China is like a bed of pearls waiting to be discovered and these spiritual pearls are pearls of great price to God. Out of the harvest to come will arise great spiritual leaders here in China that will lead the church back to Jerusalem and the nations.

It will take a church being lead by integrity and holiness without compromise. This harvest must bring forth good fruit that will not stray to the left or to the right. The Great Wall of China is a natural indicator of what God has in store for China. The wall has kept China from western influence for many millenniums. It is like God has been preserving this people of this ancient way and language for a reason. The great wall has kept them in and the influences out. The faith that they have received from the early church planters here in China has been good. It has been so good that although some have tried, most will not surrender their faith though persecuted. Unlike in the western world, many believers are turning from their faith without even a threat.

The church in China has many issues to face but I believe it has much integrity. It is still by and large virgin faith. I came to China thinking that the people here are widely unreached but have come to learn that near or over 50,000 new believers come to faith daily. With 1.2 billion Chinese on mainland China and 22 million in Taiwan, 6.6 million in Hong Kong, 4.5 in Singapore, 450,000 in Macau, and millions more in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and the rest of the world, this is a great force to be used in the kingdom of God. God has His reserves and it is China. China is leading the world in many arenas. Globally it is making an impact. What is happening in the natural is also happening in the spiritual. God says that He is the one that rises up and bring down nations.

Many empires and nations have come and gone from the face of the earth. It has always been the intent of God that a nation will arise and provoke Israel to jealousy for Him. We think it is by evangelizing the Jews that this change will come but in actuality it is by a nation honoring God to the point that He blesses them as He intended to bless Israel. Israel will be so jealous to see what their God is doing for a pagan nation who calls Him God and keep His commandments and ways that they will themselves turn back to Him.

Many nations in the past have failed even after being blessed by God. We see this very clearly in the United States now that we have lowered our moral standard and taking God out of our way of life. If China can only recognize that it is God who is elevating them and yield to Him God will do mighty things. They must find their way into doing things with integrity and moral prudence. China has many social problems. Divorce is on the increase and so is homosexuality. There are more males than females in China today because of the one child laws. Most will not find a mate here in China and so immorality with each other seems to be on the rise. There is also the 4-2-1 dilemma. This means that there are 4 grand parents to one set of parents with one child. That is a great burden for one child/offspring to bear when those relatives become old and dependent on them for assistance.

Also, we have a nation that is propelled onto the global market with many western influences and so the desire to become materialist is very real. Yet I understand that Chinese families save about 30% of their income where as in the United States we have been living on credit that we can�t afford to save. As of May 2009 the United States of America owe china $772 billion in debt. Pray for China that they will act with integrity. Of course pray for America that we will turn back to God and a right way of living. Pray that China will face its challenges with God�s virtues. Yes there is a lot of corruption in China as with the other nations of the world. Pray for believers to arise in the Chinese government and in the market places. Pray for the gospel to remain pure and for the Chinese believers to realize what an opportunity God is granting to them at this crucial time in the history of man.

Yesterday I had an urgency to go to the local caf� even though I was in a rush to go somewhere. I allowed myself to be lead by the Spirit in this regard and when I arrived there I encountered a couple with a young Chinese child. They were Americans who came to China to adopt their second Chinese child. So they were lacking enough funds to pay their bill and so I extended my funds to them. We did not have time to chat but we introduced ourselves and I did give them the name of my website. I wanted to tell them so much that God is giving them a great opportunity to adopt one of these special little ones. I hope they will have an opportunity to read this entry and recognize themselves here. What a blessing it was to be able to assist them. When I was leaving they sent me God�s blessings and so I could only imagine that they too are believers. I know that that was a divine encounter but I have no other idea why except God was taking care of their needs.

I met up with my Singaporean friends after at a fellowship and their in turn blessed me with a love offering.  Thank you God for this gift that will help pay for my room! Please take sometime and go to the Back to Jerusalem website and see the vision God has for China. Do not withhold your contributions as I can attest that this ministry is very viable and have much integrity.

There are things I wish I could say here but all things are not expedient. I simply have to say that this open door God has extended to me is truly an open door. All fear is gone and I am doing what He places in my path to do. Keep me in your prayers especially my health. The air is badly polluted and so I have developed a nuisance cough. I will not be able to travel to all the places I had hoped to but God will ensure I go where I am needed to go to. These notes will be posted once I return home.




All is well in Beijing! I am learning my way around and trying to keep my eyes opened for every opportunity. I am being reminded that my work here is about 20% what I say and 80% what I do because of the language barrier. My dreadlocks are certainly a novelty here but this is how I meet people. Funny about life and how things work, �do not despise the day of small things.� I spent last night amidst the thousands of people in Tiananmen Square with my new friends. How a exciting it was. I am also waiting for my divine appointment with its connections and believe it will come soon. Sorry but there is not a whole lot I can share right now and wisdom dictated caution. Keep me in your prayers and pray for a move of the Holy Spirit in this nation. Pray with earnest for China.



Today after 12 noon I set out to learn the lay of the land. It took me all day but finally I got it. Actually it is now 9pm and I just put away the map after finding the subway system and learning how to mingle walking with riding. I am trilled with my own self but really you all know it is the Lord that gives wisdom and boy did I need it. I am practically alone in this huge city and nation but not absence from His presence.

Walking among this people has been a privilege and awesome adventure. I got more stares for my dreadlocks which brought out many smiles. Truly the Chinese people are a cultural people who live kindly amongst themselves. It was good to see that even though things here are quite modern the people including the young people I saw live respectable. The youth are a bit funky but not sexually explicit. Refreshing! I am only speaking about what I have seen so far and so far so good. What couldn�t God do with such a people? I see families, couples and men and women of all ages walking hand-in-hand. This is a culture that has not lost its ability to express genuine affection without the biases of other cultures.

Certainly there are political issues that impact this nation but in light of Christ and His gospel of redemption, salvation is the key. It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to change the hearts of men. Now the issue of language! Although I do not speak but a few, let me repeat, a few word of Chinese I am remarkably amazed on well my host family and I can understand each other. I have not had one opportunity to share the gospel but if my actions speak for me I believe much has already been said. I am looking forward to Thursday when I meet up with some new friends that I know will launch me onto a path of sharing and encouraging the believers here.

What I am realizing is that God wants to use the nations to bring in their own harvest if we learn to release it to them. I think part of what I am here for is to spur on the believers and compel them to go beyond the nominal and do something phenomenal for Christ. It is not easy to say this as I know that here in China there are risk where the gospel is concerned. But it must be done. An army of Chinese believers are waiting to be released in this the fullness of the gentiles. This is how I see spiritually the Chinese people. A sea of pearls waiting to be harvested! What part should I play in this?



I arrived in Beijing on October 2, 2009. What an absolute pleasant surprise. Beijing is impressive, clean, sprawled out, great highways, all seems well maintained, and the city is set in 6 circular road designs. I asked my host what the six circular roads meant and she said it was just a design with no significant meaning.  Mind you this is only my first few hours here and yet I feel I have sufficient to make a statement on what I have seen.

How warm and friendly these people are. There is an iridescence glow about them. Like people of the pearl! I mean to say they seem like walking pearls. But I don�t think they realize it. Something hidden but seen! My host family is so warm and helpful. There is a friendly warmness, hospitable, kind and genuine openness.

Matthew 13:45-46 says, �Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: [46] Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.� There is definitely a pearl of great price here. I think we in the west have been biased by Hollywood. I think we have been biased by greedy careless leaders. But isn�t this true of all nations and people. Few have risen up to bias the lot of us by the bad behavior of a few. I already sense that this is a good people who have been long hidden from the world. Daniel said that tidings shall come from the east. I believe it. I believe in the end of days china shall arise with a fierceness to help save the day. Isn�t that like all of God�s hidden treasures? He has always used the day of small things to accomplish amazing things.

Small people might not do things quite the way the big ones do them but they certainly leave a lasting impression. The Great Wall of China can be seen from space. A little people who do things in a big way! Their operas are elaborate, they celebrations, their monuments etc. Now imagine this all turned for the grace of God. Imagine that god do in the natural what He desires us to see in the spiritual. China harvest the world�s greatest and most prize pearls. Pearls takes years to develop and become what they are because the host had to suffer much in tolerating the irritation of the one grain of sand until it became so smooth to be tolerable. China has been like a grain of sand before God for centuries waiting to be harvested at the time of perfection � His appointed time.

No two pearls are the same but they are all just as valuable. This is the China I see today. God�s first impression is the way it is. The ocean has given up its pearls to China and God will have His pearls from the harvest of the people of China. They will come. When the nations come before the Lord in heaven in al of their glory, I think we all shall be floored by the glory of China. They have had centuries to hone their glory unlike the many other civilizations that have come and gone and yet China stands. God has a remnant in China. What the enemy has stolen from God He shall recover in its entire splendor.

I am looking at the celebration of this nation�s 60th year and how absolutely spectacular. It is the world�s largest opera production on display. China became a Republic one year after Israel became a nation; the smallest followed by the largest. They is always a forerunner God does something spectacular. China will change; she shall have her part in the kingdom of God. The strongholds will come down. God will wash away the filth and the miry clay. They will make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Just as their fireworks display lights up the sky so will the heavens be lit up by China�s turn to Yeshua. A Tsunami is coming to China. This is why I am here.


I felt it was worth it to post this picture I took by the golden ladder in Germany right before my flight to China. It is hard to see things when you are anxious to see it. All things in God's timing. This is truly my first solo trip and I understood the Spirit to tell me that an angel will accompany me on this trip. When my friend, Silke, told me of this golden ladder in Germany I felt a hankering to go there. We both went with some expectancy but nothing significant happened except we really had a great time sharing and I felt such a peace about my trip to China. I snapped some pictures hoping to see something but we both looked at the photos and thought, ok, I don't need to see to believe, all things by faith.

I knew what the Spirit had spoken to me because it was confirmed by two other people. A visiting pastor, Frances, said to me before I left for China that the Lord said an angel will go with me. I was a bit freaked out even though I knew she was confirming what I had personally heard and written down. It was funny because she gave a name of the angel and said one thing but I heard something else. I asked her later what she had said and then showed her what I had written about this angel several days before she came. She was very pleased to see that I had annotated this word of knowledge and she was indeed confirming it. Right before I left for China a pastor friend from Africa send me the verses below and that was all. It was just out of the blue and it is not how he corresponds usually. 

When I arrived to visit my friend in Germany at her home we took an early morning walk and prayed as we went. One of the last things she prayed for me was that God's angels will accompany me to China and His will be done. I have to admit I anticipated a last confirmation about this angel and I took it as that and finally got enough courage to tell her what the Spirit had placed in my heart and how it was confirmed twice before. We both had this hankering to go to the golden ladder anyway so I set in my heart that God will give me His finally confirmation by showing me something at this ladder. I went with anticipation.

As we arrived we prayed and took photos and sat looking and praying but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Well, with the exception of feeling really at peace we just accepted everything by faith. You couldn't imagine the havoc the enemy can place on your mind when you are alone. It is one thing to be alone but when you are in a country with 1.4 billion people and hardly hear a word of English and no one really to express mentally your frustration or your thoughts, things can begin to formulate in the recesses of your mind. The enemy can begin to formulate ideas that normally are out of your realm. Doubt and loneliness can swallow you up inside of yourself. We don't belong in a box.

Before I left New Mexico I attended a congregation where a sister gave me her favorite pray shawl from Jerusalem. I was told later that it was her favorite and she never would have parted with it so it was special. I almost wanted to hand it back to her but I felt a need to hang on. I tucked that prayer shawl in my bag and tote it about with me. The day my break through came the Spirit told me to take the shawl and cover my head with it. The instant I did so my mind began to clear and peace and truth came to me once again. I knew that I knew I was exactly where I ought to be and that the Lord was with me and I was in a place of personal trial and that I would be victorious. I have been wearing that shawl every since. I even sleep with it on my head. Ok, a bit extreme but it works for now.

So, this is Monday night. Yesterday I attended a congregation in Beijing and and the word was just for me. The message was about getting out of the desert and into the Promised Land. All of the the thoughts the Lord had for me came rushing back and His promises were once again solidified in my heart. I returned back to the apartment later that day and thought I would just relax and organize my photos from this trip. I pulled up the Germany pictures and began to look at them and all of a sudden I saw this face I had not seen before in one of the pictures. (See below) I had not seen but I was more certain than ever that it was as He said it would be and then I saw the face.

My hopes for the trip to the golden ladder was to connect with this angel that would go with me to China. Yeah, yeah! I know it sound silly but it is the truth. I heard, I didn't see, I went by faith, I struggled, I overcame and there he was all the while. Perhaps you can't see what I see and it is only meant for me but I know that is not true because my host family sees it as well. Am I seeing things or imagining things. Hummmmmmmmm! Whatever it is, it all by faith. I hope you are blessed by this situation to trust God at His word. I know that He is a God that cannot lie.

Exodus 23:20-23
[20] Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. [21] Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him. [22] But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.


This is a new mission year for me and I begin my journey in Asia.

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