Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.

TRAVEL JOURNAL 2010 - 2011

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Transfer of Wealth

October 1, 2010 begins a new year of ministry


October 1 - November 3 Barbados
November 5 - February 2, 2011 NYC
February 2 - April 5, 2011 Kenya
April 10 - July 30, 2011 Southwest USA
August 1, 2011 - October 31, 2011 Kenya. Tanzania. Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, S. Sudan
November 3, 2011 USA


Please continue to pray for:  traveling mercies, receptive hearts, all financial needs to be met, and that the right doors will be opened and that I will be His servant wherever He leads me.


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Please be patient with my postings as I am not always able to use the internet when I travel.

This marks the end of the year for CTWM. October 1st begins our new I am looking forward to seeing what Yahweh will do.  I hope that you will continue to be inspired by what you read on these pages and that at some point in your life you will begin to trust Yahweh to move you into serving Him on a full time basis. All things are possible with Him. For those of you who are retired I pray that your retirement years will inspire before you expire. There is much to be done and believe it or not it cannot be done without you. Yes, you are that important to the kingdom's work. Don't let the enemy tell you different. There are lives that are waiting to be spiritually, physically and emotionally impacted for the better by you and only you. Don't miss that opportunity. Please continue to read this journal and trust Yahweh that you too have a better destiny in the kingdom work than me. These pages are written to inspire you to do better and more than me. If I can do it on the little I have you can do more on the much you have. If you are like me with nothing in the pot of resources, Yahweh will continue to fill it with what is required at the right time. An abundance of funds does not guarantee success but a willingness to serve no matter how much you have will bring ete3rnal results. Step out on Faith, Trust me, I have and look where it has taken me.

Father, empower your people to have courage to do what is expedient to You. May they find favor in your sight and the wherewithal to pursue your good future for their lives.

September 30, 2011


Click here for photos for Highway out of Africa trip


This week Pastor Denise and Pastor Joyce both from Uganda came to take the team on outreach every day this week. Praise Yahweh 40 souls were won to the Jesus. George, Simon, Calleb and Milka went on outreach on Monday. Tuesday Calleb and I went with Pastor Jino to Juba proper to purchase two 40 kilo sacks of rice to take to Mangala for distribution. We arrived to late for the bus to Mangala and because our return trip would have caused us to stay over night we returned in the afternoon to Jebel to prepare for the next morning's journey. I made a quick stop at the doctor's office because I was feeling ill again and found that the malaria was back. More pills and more rest but this is not the time for rest. On Wednesday the rest of the team continued their evangelism, George, Simon, and  Calleb with Pastor Denise and Pastor Joyce. Milka and I went to the radio station with Pastor Jino to work on the audio cds. Things did not go so well at the radio station as the room was being used and we could not gain access until later. By the afternoon we had missed the opportunity to do our recordings. On Thursday, Yvonne and Milka went to Rainbow Primary school to share with over 600 students and about 17 staff. Milka returned back to the radio station that day but still was not able to gain access to the recording studio. Calleb, myself and Pastor Jino spent a long 3 hours on the matatu to Mangala. The roads were horrid and what should have taken about hour took 3 hours going and coming.

Mangala is a small impoverished village next to the Nile River. The main concern for Pastor Jino is that only 1/4 of the children in Mangala attend primary school and very few are girls and the vast majority are boys. The girls have no future in the village because of lack of education and so they marry very early as teens and have children while yet children themselves. There is no secondary school in Mangala so the few students whose parents can afford to sent them to Juba to secondary move in with relatives in Juba. It is a most difficult situation at times. Pastor Jino's heart is to have a primary school for girls in Mangala and build a vocational school for the boys so that they can least learn a trade. There are two primary schools in Mangala actually. One is a Catholic school and the other is the government school. Education is not free in S. Sudan. Here are some photos of the schools:


Classrooms made out of reed                                                    Office and staff room                                       Classrooms made out of mud


Please realize that these room do not have tables and chairs. There are also no black boards to write on. A piece of property has been donated for a school but only funds are needed to construct a building. We are hoping to employ vocational teachers to teach trades such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, auto technology, electrical and solar installation, computer technology, agriculture and of course include a place for disable people to learn brail and sign language etc. As it is at this time in Sudan, all the skill laborers are brought in from Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, and Kenya. There is a great need for South Sudan to be educated as in the pass only those of Arab descent were allow to be educated. Those of African descent who were accepted into university only had the opportunity if there were openings after the Arabs students were selected first. There is a great disparity in Sudan. Praise Yahweh there is now a university in Juba.

While in Mangala, I was able to meet with the village chief and donate the rice for the needy in the village. Unfortunately I was not able to take photos at will because the people consider it an intrusion into their lives and rightly so. However it would have made an impact because I don't recall this extent of poverty. We can only pray that the amount of rice donated will become like those two loaves and five fish that will feed more than we could hope.

Needless to say there are many needs in the world not only in Africa. There is also enough wealth in the hands of a few that could not possible be spent in a lifetime or even 3 lifetimes. Such wealth can make the world a better place. In truth it would take even a bit of what you have that you spend on your hair, clothes, food, and social activities to make a difference in the lives of any given village in S. Sudan. A little bit goes a long way and can make the world of difference in the lives of the children in Mangala. If you are a retired person with skills that can help teach someone this is your chance to travel to a new nation and impart your knowledge for the generations to come. One month teaching auto mechanics, or welding can have lasting effects on a nation and on and individual's life. If you have tools of the trade and do not need them anymore you can also consider donating them to a vocational school in Mangala. When I think of retirement I think that one should retire to inspire or else they will soon expire.

On Friday, Milka returned to the radio stations where she was able to do a 20 minute audio to be broadcast on the following Sunday.

September 27, 2011 - Email update

It has been a while since my last update. The problem has been several. First, the lack of power to charge and keep charge the lap top so I can update. Second, it is costly to spend time in the internet caf� publishing even sending email because the system is so slow. Third, I have been down these past 2 week with 2 bouts of malaria. The first bout was not so difficult to endure but that second round was to the point which I felt the life being snatched from me but Praise Yahweh I have rallied to a good recovery. Now I do not go out at night since the mosquitoes are so bad and I fear the unset of malaria again. The doctor has advised me to stay in at night and even though I used repellant I can't avoid being bitten. My last health issue was the lack of potassium on Sunday which debilitated me a bit but praise God what the doctors did not have Yvonne had brought with her from the USA. Milka has recovered from the accident with the motor bike in Uganda and though she has a scar she has a testimony. Yvonne is our support team cleaning and cooking for us. Milka and the others except Yvonne has been down with malaria but we are all working during this final week as our visa expires on the 4th of October so we must leave.

To some degree we are a bit restricted as we would have to travel within South Sudan with permits which do not guaranteed reaching one's destination. S. Sudan is a new nation and has must to build into their infrastructure. Many still have a warlike mentality but praise Yahweh we can work effectively. There are many here from Kenya and Uganda building and evangelizing. We have been able to make great connections that have helped us tremendously. Because we are unable to continue north to Khartoum due to the road being impassable during this rainy season, much tribal killings in the north and also we would be restricted in Khartoum, practically under house arrest where we can not go and come it is best for us not to attempt it at this time.
Yahweh has given a great breakthrough anyhow. We are making recordings on the radio which are reaching far and wide. Milka's recording on diet, hygiene and sanitation was picked up by BBC and has made a far reaching impact. Tomorrow I will go to the radio station to record the book of all the messages for this vision. I have attached the coop which I was able to put together in two days for printing here in Juba. The cost of the printing is $5,000 USD. We had missed calculate the rate of exchange and thought it was $500 but we are now far from the expected mark for printing 1,000 copies. Two books will be printed, My book entitled Debunking Generational Curses and this new book, A Highway out of Africa. Pastor Jino here in Juba read it and is making waves to have it made available in all secondary schools in S. Sudan. Imagine such a thing. The Highway out of Africa book will be translated in 18 languages and we have two person who will do some of the languages for free, about 4 of the languages, and we are now getting cost for the translations. One doctor here has committed to help with at least a small portion of the cost for printing the first 1000 so we are in need of raising funds at least $4,500. Pastor Jino will also read my devotions from the website on the radio and he will print them in monthly booklets for distribution. The Highway book will be distributed freely and to all of S. Sudan once the printing gets on the way. The book is being printed under the name of my mother because I hope to return to the area once it becomes accessible. Printing such documents in one's name will only hinder in the end especially if we are heading north. The second book will be marketed and the proceeds used for mission work and to continue with printing. Please pray for these messages to go forth.

Just imagine what impact these messages will have on this new nation. Already we are making an impact on the airwaves. Yesterday another pastor came to greet us and enlist the team to evangelize a certain impoverished area. We will spend this last week here doing just that. We have commitments with several congregations to do all the teachings and prepare them to continue the work while we are absent.

On another note, we have been bless to meet a young man of Jewish origin here in South Sudan who desires to travel to the land but he is being hindered at every border. It is not a strange thing for this team to encounter him as we are building this highway for Jew and gentile alike. We had been reminded time and time again in our daily devotions that Yahweh is doing a mighty thing and He has chosen us to be used to build this highway.

Isaiah 11:11
    And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

Isaiah 11:16
    And there shall be an highway for the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria; like as it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.

Whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not, Yahweh has said that he has a remnant in all of the earth even in Egypt/Africa/Cush etc. And yes, there are not all Anglos. For His word says there are Jews who say they are Jews but are not. Indeed, Yahweh is prepared to shocked the world with the remnant He will bring out from the nations. This young man we met is a black Jew from South Africa. How blessed we are to encounter him trying to make His way home. But Yahweh SAID, He will bring them out. So watch out world - Joseph's coat of many colors will emerge and Yahweh help anyone who hinders. I am happy to be on this highway. Please take time to read the book and catch the vision. All of us on the team have gone through something in order to be here and to do this work in this climate and with the many challenges we have been facing. Indeed we have all lost weigh and of course that does not help with being sick and taking meds and fighting to have the energy daily to continue. Yet nothing here has been a coincidence. This highway is for Jew and gentile alike. The Sudanese are getting the message and catching the vision. Soon the door north will be wide open and anyone who desire to go to Jerusalem to the feast of tabernacle will move with freedom. We know some prophesies pertaining to Israel yet there are so many prophecies that we over look and they all synchronize with each other. Yahweh is only shaking the heavens and the earth and not one jot of His word will pas away. Let us not be tunnel vision. When Yahweh says all of Israel will be saved He means that not one remnant will be let out. He knows every hair on your head and He knows where you are and He will reach out the second time and draw you out of the nations. It is also the same for gentile believers who have been grafted in. he knows us and we too will not be left out.  We too are a branch on that tree and no one can break us off or prune us out except we become like dogs and go back to our vomit. Zion is not a Jewish thing; it is a Sons of God thing.

Ephes. 2:13-19 
    [13] But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. [14] For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; [15] Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; [16] And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: [17] And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh. [18] For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. [19] Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God.
You see, we both, Jew and gentile has been reconciled to YAHWEH through Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us on this journey and covenant wit us to see this great work completed. The printer is only now waiting for the funds to roll the presses. We are purchasing cds today to make the audios to be translated in the various languages and to be broadcast over the radio waves both in the south and in the north. There are many connects to Sudan as well as S. Sudan so the message can reach where we cannot go. As you know Islamic restrictions is observed in the north and unless you are a Muslim and of Arab descent you cannot move or go. We run the risk of being under house arrest for up to a year if we move at this time. That will not help the work any. The means that Yahweh has now opened to us can do that vast work. We are really indeed of your help to further this work. The peace of God be with you as you ponder how much you can help with the books and cds. Keep praying for us as we leave in a week and making the long journey back to Nairobi. Pray that the work continues and that S. Sudan will emerge as a mighty nation of righteousness and integrity

September 24, 2011

Alex from Grace Christian Church in Jebel brought Pastor Joyce to meet us. We were joined by Pastor Moses who came by with our brother Sisa from South Africa. These two were looking to meet with Pastor Jino. Our circle of contact was growing even on this last week before we depart. Pastor Joyce had just hear about the team and came to request that we join her and Pastor Denise in evangelism. We told her it was our last week but we would be happy to partner with them and evangelize and much as they like. We made a commitment to begin on Monday September 26 and spend the entire week on outreach with opportunities to give our mission teachings.

September 16, 2011


We spent the week going door to door and attending lunch hour services in hopes of an opportunity to share the teachings for this mission. We had an amazing time visiting the local hospital and praying for all the patients. At the end we were able to speak to all the patients and the staff at large. How amazing to be so welcome. We visited many compound sharing   teachings which were received all too well. Milka also had an opportunity this week t go with Pastor Jino to the Radio station to record a message for the Sunday broadcast. We are expecting great things from the broadcasts.

We have settled into camp as best we can. Yvonne is learning how to start the fire in the Giko to cook. Our morning breakfast is usually a boiled egg and a flat bread called chapati or a fried bread called mandazi. For lunch is it a mandazi, chapati or a boil egg and tea. Dinner is soup that we put in one pot with potato, eggplant, tomato, onion, garlic, sometimes pumpkin, carrots, and a yellow pea with chicken bullion for taste. Once we had spaghetti and sauce.  We finally found a can corn beef which we had on occasion and hence protein.

The men are bringing the water to fill the barrel for cooking, washing and bathing. There are many challenges as we are dealing with the mosquitoes at night and freeloading frogs who enter the house to sleep at night. Yvonne and I go through a nightly routine of spraying for mosquitoes and killing them in the tent before bed.

The most challenging time on the mission was the weather. Before 9:30 am it was a bit cool but after that it South Sudan became so unbearably hot and humid. Being out during the day form about 9:45 am to 5pm was a real challenge. One would leave dry and come back ready for a bath. Just sitting in the shade you would sweat. Wherever you sat there was sure to be flies and lots of them. We can all imagine what the plagues were like in the days of Pharaoh and the Israelites. The rain brought humidity and more flies, frogs and mosquitoes. After the rain it was difficult to move about because the roads were too muddy or flooded. When it was dry there was so much dust you would turn the color of the dust. Needless to say it took some adjustment to really get into a routine. Even though the language was a bit of a challenge there always seems to be someone to understand English or Swahili or one of the brothers who helped us came along to translate.

This week Milka and I were down with malaria. Milka had to keep her doctor's appointment to have her wound clean and dressed. After two week the stitches were finally removed. We have all had our bought with malaria except Yvonne whose anti-malaria pills did not fail her.

Our greatest expense has been to purchase bottle water to keep hydrated. Every two days we were buying 12 two liter bottles of water and trying to drink tea to compensated for the lack of bottle water. The joy of being in South Sudan is that we are on mission to teach about the highway of Yahweh and that we were making an impact no matter how small. People were always coming by for the teachings. At night the team continued to do teachings up to midnight and later for the neighbors who could not get enough of the word. Milka's brother and friends came by also and they received the teachings. Pastor's came by for the teachings and other came by who needed assistance with one thing or another. Everyday was a new contact and every week we ventured further and further out with the teachings.

I saw an amazing sight this week. I went to the store to charge my computer when Mohamed the store owner went outside to pray for the night prayer. He is a Muslin. He got a jar of water, put our his prayer rug and sat on it to wash his hands, feet and face before praying. I thought to myself how wonderful that he did not approach his god dirty even though every time I went into his store he was raising his prices. Here we are teaching about a holy highway to Jerusalem and yet we approach our Father just as we are. I remember how the temple had all the bath areas so the priest could wash before service in the temple and yet we who say we are priest of the Most High do not so much as wash our hands before taking up His work or approaching Him in prayer. In times pass the Jews did just this thing but as the Muslins adopted this custom the Jews abandon it. It is time for us to show Yahweh more respect and honor than the world and its false gods are showing.

Father, not just my face, hands and feet but all of me - wash!

September 9, 2011


Since arriving in Juba we met a believer on the bus whose name is Innocent and he introduced the team to his Pastor and congregation. The first night he help find us lodging and the next day he came to get us at the hotel with his pastor and two other fellow believers. Pastor Jino help us locate a house with two rooms for rent which we have been in all this week. Praise Yahweh it is only $100 for the month we will be here. We have managed to set up the tents in the two rooms and we have borrowed charcoal stove and pots form others here and are able to fend for ourselves. The life is difficult at best and unbearably hot at times. There are enough flies to start another plague and are most annoying but we are dealing with them. So far we are eating soup in the evenings from the soup packages we have brought which will soon run out but we are well. Food is quite expensive and so we are limited to bread for breakfast and lunch with eggs and soup for the evening meal. Yvonne is still recovering from the cold, Milka goes to the clinic daily for shots which today she received the last and there is a bit of pus in her wound so the stictches will stay a few more days. George now has the cold and I am now also coming down with one. Other than this we are well.

As for the ministry work. PRAISE YAHWEH for all He has done for us. Since being here we have spoken in one congregation 2 times, another once and we have done door to door evangelism and teachings. Innocent speak several languages including Arabic and has translated for us. We have had several teaching sessions with the people who live in the little community we are staying in. They have seen us and have asked to join in on our daily devotions and some men have asked for teachings at night. Some have asked members of the team to go to their countries and give the teachings. Many are here from Kenya, Uganda, and other nations about. We have been having about 3-4 teachings a day.

Yesterday we conducted door to door evangelism and an entire section of people gathered under a tree on mats and benches to hear the teachings. Some came and some went on their way to the bore hole to fetch water. It seems now that most of the community knows about of and have seen and heard us teaching and is now coming as this is good because Yahweh is bring them to us. Look how great this is. Pastor Jino had arranged for me to be interviewed on Radio South Sudan a government free radio station which I did on Wednesday. Two segments were recorded and broadcast. The rest of the team will have opportunity this coming week to also be interviewed. So the message is reaching far and wide. Pastor has also arranged for us to visit some impoverished villages to share with them. he is also hoping we will be able to help one village build a school as at this time they meet under a tree.

Where we are in Juba the place is called Jabel and it is a den of prostitution, bars and such. Many women came to Juba looking for employment but found prostitution lucrative and have now taken up residence doing such work. HIV is spreading very badly in this area and in the mornings when you come out to the market place the streets are littered with condoms, some used and some still in the package. What is great about the Republic of South Sudan is that the President is a believer and before the referendum he call the nation to join him in 40 days of prayer and fasting. Anyone is free to preach the gospel anywhere in the Republic of South Sudan. The beauty for us is that most people speak English and so it is not difficult to communicate. We are well received. We are hoping to be able to feed some families before we leave.

Pastor Jino is seeking his passport to accompany us northward. He is making arrangement for us to continue the work as we go. He is also making arrangements for us to meet with several of the big officials here in Juba. Please for these open doors as we can cover more territory with them aboard.

As we stand at this time, we are not able to access funds from abroad as because of sanctions my bank card does not work and so we have to find a way to get funds. We are only now with 100 pounds remaining until we can find a way to get funds. The only choice at present is to use western union.  Internet is limited and so trying to arrange funds is difficult. Pray that the way will be made accessible. As we last night found out that the journey to Khartoum is long and not the best way to go on bus, as a matter of days we are having to seek other transportation north such as a flight about $100 plus USD per person. Please pray that funds will be released to us. We have all the connections we need but the means to get there is now in Yahweh's hands.

I am truly amazed at what he has done thus far. This is our 6 country in lest than a month and although it looked impossible it has happened just the way Yahweh had revealed this journey to us. The team is tired but willing to continue even in the heat and sweat with the flies to boot. We are seeing hope coming to S. Sudan in other ways. Yahweh is indeed making a highway out of Egypt. The people we have shared with are getting hold of the vision and are anxious to join us or for us to go to their places to share. Last night in congregation we prayed for a drunken woman who made a clear recovery in front of our eyes and we look forward to seeing what more He will do. Pray for us. 

September 5, 2011


Praise Yahweh we are now in Juba, S. Sudan and all is well. We left Rwanda on the 2nd of September and stopped in Kampala, Uganda for one day over night to await our bus to Juba. As we arrived about 4am in the morning everything was closed and we had little funds to take a taxi to the next bus stage so we attempted to walk there. it was dark and we were all wearing dark clothing carrying our backpacks and dragging our supply bags. As we were going myself and Milka were ahead when a motorcycle with a drunk driver barreled into Milka. She was injured and as we realized the situation before us we sought immediately for someone to take her to the hospital when within the moment a police truck came on the scene out of nowhere and the men alighted and came to our aid. The police did nothing about the drunk drivers but took all of us to the hospital where Milka received 4 stitches to her forehead, a shot for pain and one for tetanus.  She is alright Praise Yahweh. We were supposed to leave on Sunday rather than on Friday evening but because of a certain situation we felt it best to press on but in trying to keep the Sabbath we failed to do so by travelling. The policemen took us to a government hospital in Kampala so we had no bill to pay and then they waited and dropped us at the bus stage.

We spent the day in the bus stage where Milka was able to get rest and we waited for our bus which did not leave until 1:30am on the 4th. We did not arrive in Juba late evening and began to look for  dodging. We met a believer on the bus who was also staying in Juba and he agreed to assist us with finding lodging. The places we first checked were beyond our funds so we headed out of town for cheaper accommodations. We walk for quite some time as we needed to reserve our funds for the room. As we were going we met a certain young man who also assisted us and lead us to a hotel for government worker where we spent the last of our S. Sudan pounds to stay the night. There were some moment of challenges but Yahweh gave us wisdom and in truth He is wise. In those things we were challenged in we saw those who did not us this wisdom suffered great difficulty wherein we lost a little but gained access of 1 month visa to do this work.
This morning Yahweh gave me Ezra chapters 5 and 6 as our go ahead to do the work and have to have boldness. We are prepared today to seek out lodging on a compounds of one of the congregations since we have our tents. We are not going to let food be an issue as we have been making it on little along the way.

This is a new country and they are building form the ground up so many things are not in place. This is a people with still some mind set of war and so they can be a bit harsh but Praise Yahweh that will all dispel as freedom takes hold and is soundly assured. As with most of Africa the way is dirty, dusty, and poverty can be seen all around but my bible says that where sin abounds grace the much more abounds. Sin being anything that separates us from Yahweh has a chance to be expelled because grace is the higher authority because Yahweh finds no pleasure in the death of men - His creation and His image.  We have assistance to make contacts for the teachings and to help those in need as Yahweh releases to us. Surely we feed many families on what we had left and although we had needs to be met all needs has been met. We are satisfied. Surely we have proved Yahweh by bringing meat into His storehouse. We must see His blessing from His perspective and not ours.

From where we stand we have arrived at His destination at this juncture and it is no small miracle we have made it this far all 6 of us. We have yet to miss a bus. Yes, we have travelled this far across these 6 nations on next to nothing if all we had was fare we had that and we are here. Not by might or by man's power but by Yahweh's Spirit we have come this far by faith. Truly this is a faith walk. There are those who would not dear set out on such a safari with out having all there funds and some but we have undertaken this journey step by step and he has released to us only what is needed. Praise Him because had we had more and travelled in style we would have been accosted as the attempt was made in Tanzania.

Some have asked why are we not travelling by air. It has been our blessing to say that we do not have the funds to do so or to even completed the journey at the moment but we are trusting Yahweh. This is the grace He has given us in His wisdom. Surely, we do not despise the day of small things. Yahweh knows best.

Pray for us and our continued journey. Pray for Milka's full recovery as her body is still sore from the impact and her range of motion is a bit impeded. Yvonne is still getting over the cold. the rest of us are ok. Indeed we are tired but thanks for the oasis in Rwanda that we are able to bear all. Pray for a good and safe place for lodging while we are here. Pray for finances for the next leg of the journey north. We are most thankful because we were expecting a great deal of Arabic being spoken but English is very common here so our work will come with much ease.  We do not need to rush but redeem the time as we have a visa for 1 month but hope to be through in 3 weeks because we have to consider travel time to be back for our flight home to the USA by November 2nd.

Please realize from these postings that if we are able to do this great work on nothing but faith you can do greater with what you have been blessed with. Consider this for the moment! Yahweh has a destiny for us all and we only need to access that destiny by faith and pursue it and the richness of our pursuing is to the benefit of those who lack the faith. We encourage each other and stir up the gifts as we make our own journey of faith. Truly your own wave is yours to be caught so go for it and catch the wave.

September 2, 2011


Today we are leaving for Uganda in transit to S. Sudan where the work begins. We have enjoyed a few days of respite although we have been speaking in congregations daily with all the teachings almost to completion. Pastor Samson and his family has hosted us at their expense with is tremendous for them as they have a family of 8 children. You can not imagine what that can be like in the African economy. This family graciously took us in knowing that we came without resources and fed us. Of course we use water and other resources of the home but we are unable to give what we do not have. The team has agreed to give a small donation to the family and the same donation to the congregation as a tithe to buy food for all the members as the amount will be able to do.

As Milka has been invited back in November for a women's conference we hope she will be able to do a better help project for us and perhaps give a tithe to the congregation outside the city which we visited yesterday. Truly the team is learning to lean totally on Yahweh for all our needs to be met. Each in his/her own turn have presented the teachings of our mission and have done so superbly as I know the Holy Spirit has truly anointed them. We are seeing what Yahweh has meant for Africa. Today we have been reminded of the fact that it was to Africa that baby Jesus was taken when Herod tried to kill Him. Surely Yahweh has remembered Egypt/Africa for its part inn giving sanctuary to His Son.

Psalm 106:30-31 "Then stood up Phinehas, and executed judgment: and so the plague was stayed. And that was counted unto him for righteousness unto all generations for evermore."
Indeed, Yahweh has not forgotten Africa and I see it daily as I realize that the devil has been trying for this long while to crush the heart and spirit of the African people. But for this purpose He has protected Africa and its people. He shall have His highway out of Egypt/Africa. It is on this continent that the way shall be made.

As we continue to teach the way that Yahweh has sent us we are seeing the manifestation of truth taking hold on those we have imparted to. Truly the way is being made holy - body, soul and spirit. The message is being received. Yesterday after speaking at this certain congregation I said to Calleb that I note a difference with our host pastor on how he has truly possessed the vision Yahweh has given us for Africa. Calleb responded this way, "The pastor, he has caught the wave."

I cannot begin to describe how things have been with the team because it has been so transforming as I watch the men sit together and study the word so they are prepared to teach. Truly Africa has all the anointing it needs to get the kingdom work done. I am in awe at what Yahweh has done and will do. As we prepare to leave Rwanda in all its beauty to head for S. Sudan in all its despair we are aware that Yahweh provided this brief oasis in the wilderness before we embark on the greater work. We are thankful. We understand form all our contacts that life is unbearable in S. Sudan. There is little water and food when to be had is extremely expensive. We are looking to buy a few provisions to travel with as we are certain we shall all lost many pounds on the sojourn in Sudan. Praise Yahweh we have visa money and transportation to Sudan but as for food and whatever else we trust Him totally.

We are hopeful for the best but we expect that they will be great challenges. We need your prayers. Cover us.

August 30, 2011


Today the men rose early and attend the congregation of Pastor Samson. Five of us attend a women's meeting this afternoon and Praise Yahweh Milka spoke with such anointing that the people were receptive and received the teachings. After the service she was invited back to Rwanda in November to teach at a women's conference. Let it be so Yahweh, even so let it be so.

We were able to access a few dollars today to help buy food until later in the week when we will be able to get funds for the next leg of the journey. All is well.

August 29, 2011


We left Burundi today with only enough money for the bus, to buy a sim card for phone access in Rwanda and enough to get some water on the way. We did not have to pay visa fee in Rwanda so that was a great relief. Our visa is for 3 months but we will only be here 4 days before leaving to head north though Uganda. What a fantastic opportunity to share the entire mission teachings with a couple on the bus to Rwanda. There are young people returning to Uganda from studies in Burundi and they were more than willing to receive the teachings and promised to take the message back home. It is wonderful how Yahweh has engaged so many people on the way to receive this vision of making a highway our Africa/Egypt.

We entered Burundi the 6 of us on $30 and we entered Rwanda with less than $20. How good is Yahweh? He is ever providing a way. Pastor Boniface arrange for us to connect with a Pastor Samson in Rwanda right in Kigali and he picked us up at the bus. His house is filled with children as they have 8 and two visitors as we arrived. They have taken us in and fed us and given us a place to sleep so we have no need to put up the tents. They have no idea how much they have done for us. We have been existing on very little but no one has complained. As a matter of fact we had asked Pastor Boniface if he wanted to join us but he joked and said he was not sure he could exist on bread and water like us. Last night we had a good balanced meal. Yahweh is a good provider. He said He would take care of us and surely He has,.

Our real work begins up north and we are half way there. The team is getting much practice and continuing to learn reason their way through the teachings with the help of the Holy Spirit. it is great to see Yahweh work in the few people we meet along the way who promises to take the good news back to their nations and villages.

This week in Rwanda we will make contact for the next move through Uganda and beyond. Pray for our health as Yvonne now has a cold. We seem to be going from hot to cold hot to cold. All in all we are fine. the Kenyan companion have never been out of Kenya except one of them and  this has been a real eye opener for them. I know Kenya will see many improvements once they return.

We have been spending too much time on the long bus rides from country to country and it is beginning to take its toll on us physically. Our clothes are beginning to feel the wear and tear as we each have only 3 changes of clothing and the hand washing in not the best water or soap is harsh on the clothes and the body. Another month in Africa and I feel as though I have aged ten years. The work belongs to those that are familiar to the culture and languages. Yahweh is equipping the team to do this work and do it effectively. I have spent a great deal of time in training and I feel now it is time to get them there to the destination and let them do the work. The vision in the beginning was for the brethren here to do the task. They asked me to go along for their sakes but now I see confidence and boldness that is meant to do the work. There are times that we must decrease so that those that were meant to make the impact increase. I am happy to decrease it is not an easy journey. A highway out of African is being made by Africans and it should be so. I believe things are exactly as they ought to be. We all are aware of the situation in every aspect and we are prepared to see things through. Praise YAHWEH.

August 28, 2001


Yahweh has been good to us and we spent the day sorting out ministry for the weekend. We had plans to go to the Congo for ministry but because of lack of funds we had to opt out. In any case it would have meant staying in Burundi for three more days and getting another visa stamp while we waited which would be another $80 USD for Yvonne and me. The visas would also cost $50 plus USD each for the team including the pastor form Burundi who was to escort us. Praise Yahweh, His will be done not ours. Pastor Boniface arrange for us to go to the village of Ndava about an hour away and 3 of us went and 3 stayed to do ministry in Bujumbura. Myself, Calleb and George travelled to Ndava but first we stopped in the city to try to get some funds to work with. Praise Yahweh again that we were able to get enough funds to purchase food to feed 50 families in Ndava with a sack of 1 kilo of beans.

As we travelled to Ndava we had to face a few challenges but all went well. The challenges gave us opportunities to share the gospel. We arrived later afternoon and where we had been expected and things were on the way. I did one teaching but because of difficult with interpreting we had to cut the teaching a bit short but later I found out that it was well received. Calleb and George lead a drunkard to salvation.

We slept in the congregation building. As I did not realize we had to bring sleeping bag and such we were lacking the comforts. The men slept on a mat on the floor and I was able to put some chairs together and sleep on them. Praise Yahweh it was not cold and even though we had no mosquito nets I did not get bite. We did not have much finances to spend on food so we ate our peanut butter sandwich, some dried fruits and sunflower seeds and a piece of beef jerky. Members from the congregation cook some rice and fish late in the night and gave us some tea. We were all satisfied.

Sunday morning Calleb and George prepared to do the days teaching and myself and Boniface went to market to buy a sack of beans. We purchased 44 kilos of beans but we got 54 sacks to distribute. We also bought a bag of candy for the kids. The men put up tarps so that we could have the service outside since so many people came. It was indeed a blessing as all went well with the interpreter and the people got the clear message. We distributed the beans and a few were left for some widows who did not attend because of illness.

When we left the village we met the village chief and we had a few moments to share with him some expectation for improvements. The journey back was long and exhausting.

The report from the other team was outstanding. They ministered to a packed house. They were well received and the translator was superb. All the report all around were great.
Because our visa was up the next day we decided to leave Burundi the next morning for Rwanda. We have agreed to return to Burundi and make the trip to Congo even if part of the team return alone. We have really come together as a team.

August 26, 2011


This morning we left Dodoma for Burundi and travelled all day on the bus. Since buses are not allowed to travel after 10pm in Tanzania we stopped and slept in the bus until 5:30am. The bus took off again and we arrived in Burundi without event. Praise Yahweh we had  pastor Boniface pick us up in Bujumbura. We are exhausted and we arrived with less than $30 USD but all is well.


August 24, 2011


Being in Mwanza has been a trying experience for all of us. We were there for two nights and one day because we missed a connection the second morning. It is a mistake that will not be repeated because such carelessness cost us time that can't be recouped. The constant hustle from the people the moment you arrive and the constant hustle all the way through can leave one at a lost as to how to approach people and what to say. There were several break through even though Tanzania is only a thoroughfare for us. Yvonne shared the gospel on the way from the Tanzania border and the man received Jesus as Savior. She also shared with some staff from the hotel and one lady received Salvation. George shared the gospel with 5 street boys and bought them breakfast of bread and tea. they said they would attend a congregations. He and Simon also shared the good news with 4 staff in the hotel and 3 accepted Salvation. Calleb and Milka took care of tickets for our next leg of the journey and ran errands for the team. We had review time and bible study at the hotel and made plans to leave and discuss what was ahead of us.

Now for the incidents on yesterday August 23rd. Since we missed the bus the previous day because we had to go and get more dollars changed to purchased tickets we missed the last bus form Mwanza to Dodoma. The person at the ticket office told us one price to get us into the office but when we got our dollars exchanged based on the fare we told us he then quote3d another higher rate and by the time we got back form the bank in town the last bus had left. Now we were stuck for another day. The hustled at the bus stage can be challenging and nerve wrecking because it is all about making money anyway you can. One hustler tried to get a couple of the team members to rent a couple of rooms at the bus stage which turned out to be the most dangerous of places. Some of the taxis we inquired about rates to take us to Dodoma kept harassing us with outrageous rates. I finally had to blow a whistle in the phone to finally stop him from calling. While we were looking to then purchase tickets for the next day to Dodoma I told one of the team members who went to make the purchase not to take the Mohamed Bus Line and they did anyway. It was something the Lord spoke to my heart and I had insisted but they purchased the tickets form there anyway because it was the cheapest. Indeed we paid almost with our lives for that mistake of not heeding the Spirit of Yahweh.

This company tried to hustle us the day before and somehow it did not sit well with me. We went to get the price fo the ticket the night before and was quoted one price of 13,000 tsh but in the morning the same person quoted us 25,000 tsh each. As the tickets had been bought and we were stuck with them the next day things began to unfold too soon. The bus was an hour late even though we arrived an hour early. Something kept saying that something did not seem right and even a man from the day previous stood on the shoulder of the stage and yelled at me, "You are all Liars." The day before I had indeed made the statement to the ticket agent as he kept changing the price and even when our team members bought the tickets he charged them still another 1,000 tsh more than last quoted. I merely stated to the team when this man shouted that "He spoke it and so it is, they are liars."

As it turned out the devil is already at his job. Once the bus arrived we were hustled quickly on board the bus and although we had tickets with seat numbers they had sold those same tickets seats to others who had boarded ahead of us. We were being forced to stand until they got off the bus some towns ahead. Something was wrong. We arrived at one destination where most of the people got off the bus and it was near empty. We sat for a bit because we thought the bus would continue on to Mwanza. Then suddenly we were approached again by this ticketing agent who hustled us off the bus and put us on another one. We had to take all our stuff out of the boot and then go to another bus he said was a part of the company. Yet all the buses arrived at the same destination that evening. One person in charged on this new bus guided us with the agent to a set of seats and told us we had to sit exactly there. When the last two of the team came onboard the bus I shifted them across the isle so they can watch for our luggage in the boot. This was unexpected for them as I realize in the end. After another hour the bus finally left the stage. After we travelled for a while we were stopped and boarded by the police and they were looking for a certain man but he was not found int he seat assigned because we were changed to a different bus. The seat number was different and so the person who was assigned to the seat could not be located. We dropped the police off at the police station some miles away and we continued.

As we were going Simon got up to preach the gospel on the bus but shortly after the conductor got up and told him to sit down. He said that the bus carried people from many faiths and they did not want to hear the gospel. Simon sat back down. Then the conductor turned on the music on the bus to a raunchy hip hop song about guns, sex and the use of the "f" word. I asked the conductor to turn the music off as it was annoying me. After a bit he did even though the people seem to protest. They did not want to hear the gospel but the music was ok with them. After a few hours they put a video on with women gyrating in hot pants. I asked them to turn it off but they only turned the music down. I put my head phones on and tried to look outside but after a while sitting back in my seat the video was overwhelming as it was not avoidable. Twice I asked that the degrading music cease but only the first time was something done about it. I sat and thought to myself what is the good but something in my heart felt like pangs of fear and soon I realize if I said nothing this fear would overcome me. I wanted to reach for my shofar and blow it but I reached into my blouse and took out my whistle and started to blow it. The noise startled everyone and I had the attention of the conductors but they ignored me when I said turn the trash off. I began to say, "Fear Yahweh, Fear Yahweh, you have no fear of Yahweh, you do not want to hear His words because you rather listen and watch this trash. Fear Yahweh."

Calleb went to the front of the bus and spoke to the man at the front and he got up and turned the video off. Soon the atmosphere on the bus changed to that of lighthearted conversation after I was discussed. My soul felt assaulted and I prayed and asked Yahweh to have mercy. Soon after the bus had arrived at a weigh station and all of a sudden police officers with guns and surrounded the bus. Two other Mohamed buses were being diverted into a holding place as we were. The first officer came on the bus and several behind him. Behind his back his gun was in his hand ready and he stopped just the seat ahead of us. he looked around and gave instructions and all of a sudden all the buses were boarded and  the police put his weapon in his front pants waist and reached over and grabbed the man sitting at the window spun him around and handcuffed him. The two Masai men sitting there seemed un-phased but sure of themselves and then got out of the way. The officer reached into the man and took a gun from his body. and hustle him off the bus. As we watched we saw two men each from the other two Mohamed buses being carried off and hoisted onto a police wagon. The buses were freed to go.

This is the long and short of the story. There were 3 buses which left Mwanza yesterday from which we were taken off one and put onto another. There were five men with guns 2 each on two buses and the one on the bus we were transferred to. They boarded the buses to car-jack them. We were told that they rob the passengers and kill them leaving with all the loot. Some how the police got wind of this days incident brewing and we were spared the worst outcome. This is what happened on our bus. Deuteronomy 23:12-14 The camp was becoming filthy but the saints were on the bus. Finally when we got the camp cleaned up Yahweh was able to deliver us from our enemies.  Those who did not want to hear the gospel at the beginning indeed heard the gospel at the end because I stood up and preached after the incident and all were quiet and listen. Now they have a fear of Yahweh because He delivered us all. The man that was taken from our bus was arranged to be there to attack us and he positioned himself across from us as best he could because I had changed  the seats of the two other brothers on the team without knowing what was intended. God put the Masai men there as well to hem him in. When I blew the whistle this man looked at me smiling but I had no idea why. The people were complaining that I was disturbing them from their trash music but not after that. We understood from the events that we were the target on this bus but it failed. Surely Yahweh had warned us not to take this bus. The people on the bus seem to think I saw something and so I blew my whistle but in truth Yahweh was at work not I.

Read the verses in Deuteronomy 23:12-14 and see that Yahweh can only deliver when the camp is clean, spiritually and physically. We each realized that had the filth remained on the video Yahweh could not have acted on our behalf. I feared that had I not taken this final action to have the music turned off I would not be writing this entry now. It is difficult to express what is happening in the land. Something is very wrong but we are being lead to move on to our next destination with all due speed tomorrow so as I write here some of the team is in town purchasing our tickets for Burundi. Let us be watchful less evil overtakes us. Nothing short of obedience will do in the kingdom work. Yahweh is showing us the way and we are told not to be distracted. Our work lays ahead of us and we are making ready to break this camp as well as we set up our tents late last night. it was very cold with out extra blankets but Praise Yahweh we are all  well.


P.S. I just arrived back at the congregation where we are staying for 2 nights in Dodoma and received this news. The news report on the television and in the newspapers today says that the body of 4 men who were taken off the Mohamed Bus Line which we were on were executed last night and their bodies were laid outside the morgue for all to come and view what happens to such criminals. It was about 40 minutes or less before the man on our bus was taken off and the word I shouted on the bus was "Fear Yahweh, Fear Jehovah." It is my hope that in those few words some sense came into that man's heart. What else can be said but to Fear Yahweh.


This newspaper article say that "Police kills four thieves in the City of Dodoma."


Police  in the city of Dodoma, it was a must to use force and kill people who were thieves. Commander of police of Dodoma, Zellothe Stephen said police found the plan which was planned to take place in the village of Chigongwe, kilometers -36 from Dodoma. He said the police after finding out the plan to happen by stealing a car, but when the police reached where the thugs were they started shouting and giving each other guns.

Zellothe said the scene happened at night on waking up yesterday in the forest of Chigongwe that the police killed thugs before doing their stealing. Commander of the army of the police found the secret news from the Chizo's that thugs divided themselves into groups of two and the 1st group was in Dodoma with guns.

The second group of thieves had guns which were hidden in Chigongwe heading to Bahi and that police were following the news and succeeded to arrest one of the thugs.

he said after arresting him, he confessed where they had hid the guns and others under a tree where he showed them. He said in that place they found a gun of SMG with number 310305, others 2oo. Another one with number A 748197. Also 46 bullets and 13 guns.

He said the second group of thugs had a local gun which used bullets of shotgun.

August 21, 2011


Tonight we arrived in Mwanza, Tanzania. The last two days has been great days for the team. I need to back up a bit so here goes. On the 19th myself and Yvonne were hitch hiking up the hill to Siling when we were picked up by a man who turned out to an Area Councilman. he wanted to know who we were and before we could introduce ourselves he stopped to pick up another lady who we knew from the widow's group we were assisting. She told him about us and then he asked if we would mind meeting the District Commissioner. We agreed and he turned around the vehicle and took us back to the place where we were given a ride by the soldier a few days prior. It was so encouraging being ushered into a very prominent office with the District Commissioner seated. I really wasn't sure how important he was but then his office and the way he was addressed verified his high seat in government in Migori. After introduction he asked me to tell him what was on my mind and so we had an audience of about 20 minutes with the Commissioner sharing the word and how important it was for a community to be well body, soul and spirit. I addressed the issue of sanitation  and how poor the community was being kept and the issue of school and how many of the brightest of the students were being chased from school for the lack of school fees. We discussed agriculture, We share ways to attract tourist to the area as well as creating a community center that would benefit the entire district. We also talked about the need to stop burning plastic bags and finding ways to recycle plastic products. The conclusion was that he was most receptive and told the Councilman to make sure those ideas got implemented. He even gave us a blessing for the continuation of our journey. 

After all the training we did in Migori covering all the areas of the scripture that deals with the care of the land, body and spirit I had expected that we would spend a great deal of time in congregations spreading the word. What an amazing turn of events when Yahweh open such an enormous door to get so much done in one fell swoop. The next day he even added to yesterdays results. The Councilman picked 3 of us up and took us to his home to meet his family and show us some land he said he would gladly donate to build a community center. He even said he would donate another piece of land for a agricultural testing project to introduce new fruits and vegetables to the area. Here is a photos of part of the land the Councilman desires to donate for a community center for his area. After the meeting he took us to the council Center and we were introduced t the City Engineer who gave us about 30 minutes to give suggestion on how to improve the town. How open these officials were and as he wrote out a long list of ideas and suggestions he said the next time we enter Migori we will see many new changes. He also visited the HIV help center and were able to offer many suggestion. It is so refreshing to be able to address issues that can be fixed at a government level and be able to speak about biblical text that confirms a need for change and proper care of what we have been endowed with by the creator.

We were taken to the city park that was suppose to beautify the city but due to lack of care has become more of an eye sore than pleasure. As we walked around the park Milka met a young man she was able to share many of the teachings with. it was great to convince him to stop littering and put his trash into the receptacle. After that we went to cyber to make connections for our next country and Milka again had an opportunity to share with a man from her home town. She begged him to return home and share all she has taught him so her people would not continue to perish in the manner they were headed in. Milka stated that after receiving the teachings she was asking Yahweh for an opportunity to send the teachings back home and how amazed she was that he sent someone from her home area. She was able to share the good news with several people in cyber while she waited for me.

While we were in town the men form the team stayed in camp and took down the tents and packed them away and prepared the supplies for the next journey. The men later on went out to share the good news as usual and had great results. Calleb had forgotten his passport in Nairobi and so he went to town later to get it from a bus service that brought it back from Migori.

We had planned to leave Friday morning but Calleb was not due to pick up his passport until late friday so we postponed the  departure for Saturday. that night I had a difficult time sleeping and wrestled with whether we should leave on the Sabbath or not and finally decided keeping the Sabbath was exactly what the team is required to do. It so happened that being obedient saved his a great deal of trouble as that next morning a prominent businessman in Migori was shot to death and it was the second in a short time. This incident enraged the community and the town was shut down because of rioting. the people had had enough. Nothing was moving in or out of the town. Has we not been obedient to the Spirit telling us to keep Shabbat we would have been caught up in a mess and at risk. We spent the day instead resting and studying the word.

Today we were ready to move on and the Councilman came to pick us up to give us a drop into town. We had no problems clearing immigration in either country. we left Kenya and entered into Tanzania. Praise Yahweh, the Kenyans do not have to pay for visas in East Africa. Tonight we are in a hotel because the buses do not move at night in this country. We have running water and electricity so I am trying to make the best of catching up with notes even thought I am exhausted. We leave at 8am for the next leg of the journey to Doodoma, Tanzania.

August 19, 2011


What am amazing two days we have had. We were hitch hiking up the hill to Siling in Migori when the District Councilman stopped to pick us up. He was interested in what we were doing in Migori and then he stopped to pick up one of the widows from the group we support and she told him further of our work. The Councilman asked if we would go with him to the District Commissioner's office to meet him and we did. How amazing to have an audience with him and being able to express what our mission is all about. He gave us about 30 minutes and hear us out and told the Councilman to see that our recommendation were implemented. Today the Councilman picked us up to take to the Council center where we met many city officials and project workers. we met with the city engineer and gave him many suggestions for improvement and share the mission purpose with him. He too stated that it will all be implemented by the time we returned. Time is short so we will update later.

August 18, 2011


Pastor Jonathan Haywood left yesterday to return to Nairobi so he can take his flight back to the USA on Sunday. We had a bit of a tearful goodbye but we had so enjoyed his co-laboring with us. We are praying for Jonathan's good health as toward the end of this past weekend he began to develop painful swelling and today before he left for Nairobi he went to the doctor. He has some issues with the climate and the conditions of living but he will be ok. The widows group which we support with buying cows and chickens presented the USA team with bags they hand made. The team went out for door-to-door visitation teaching all the material we studied in training and 5 souls gave their hearts to Jesus.

In the evening training time we covered much of the remaining topics and hope that by Friday we will be able to leave Migori for Tanzania. Today the team has been fending for its self including making our own breakfast, fetching our own water and other daily task. The team is out in force sharing the teaching with the community in Siling before we leave.

August 16, 2011


Today we finally finished Rose's house and chicken coop. The tar was applied to the holes in the roof of here house and the wire and iron sheet was added to the chicken coop to finish it. We still have much to do to Rose's house but we lack the funds to do so. We were able to pay tuition for Rose's 3 sons as she had lack the means. We need to buy a bed for the family to sleep on since they are only sleeping on a bamboo mat on the floor and it is winter season in Kenya and it is rainy here and very cold.

Rose ask to speak to the team before we departed from her house and and was so much grateful for all we had been able to do for her thus far. Rose has lived a very difficult life. She had even said that some of her neighbors would come to her house to laugh at her because of her situation and the dire straights her house was in. She said many times she would be in her house crying and the neighbors would ask her if she was crying because all the people there had passed away. She said that she only believe Yahweh would help her even thought she did not know when and when asked why she is being helped now she says for the grace of god is moving upon her. Rose has been living with HIV for 14 years now.

Rose said that the last time we visited her that she was asked to fetch water but she did not want to say she was not well. She just felt a need to press on anyway and do what she could. She stated that Pastor Calleb said we would visit her then and see what can be done. At that time Rose's cow and chickens were living in the bedrooms while rose and the 3 boys were sleeping on the leaky floor of the living room. Praise Yahweh both the chickens and the cows are outdoors. There is now room for the family to living in but the bed is lacking.

We are very much thankful for the rain as Africa is experiencing one of the worst droughts in years. Migori has been raining since we arrived. The rain had failed to come before that. Now there are many people in the fields planting their maize where as before they were trying to manage on what they had. Last night it rained so hard and all night that we had to abandon the tents in sleep indoors. This morning was bright and warm. and so we were able to get Rose's house and coop completed. Amen, we finished shortly before the rain came as it is now raining with thunder and lightening. It is like Yahweh is refreshing the earth preparing the way before us. Everyone on the team is beginning to feel tired and a bit worn out but we still have much to study before leaving on Friday or else there is the feeling that maybe a few more days here in upcountry will benefit us to do for ourselves and get some more study in. We will wait and see how Yahweh leads.

August 15, 2011


Today turned out to be a town day all day as we went with Jemima and Rose to market to buy the cow we were given the funds for by Jane and James in Las Cruces. Earlier in the year we were able to buy a cow for $100 USD but this time it has cost us almost $200 USD. Since we also got to market late, most of the younger cows were already sold but we managed by God's grace to get one that has already had a calf and so she is giving milk already. The widow's organization received 2 cows since March through CTWM and those who had a heart to give. The widows now have 4 cows and we hope to give them another cow. There are 20 widows in the group and 5 cows should adequately provide milk for all their families servicing 4 families each cow. In March we also gave a donation to build a chicken coop to keep the animals outdoors. A Swiss mission group had donated 2 special goats previously. With the needs of the widows being met we can fully turn our attention to the individuals homes that are in dire need of repair.

The day was spent walking quite a bit to market as it was about  five miles from the compound we are living on. Going to town is all down hill and coming back is all up hill but with the load we return with it is difficult. We needed to purchase food for the next 4 days in camp and purchase some additional chicken wire and mesh wire needed to finish what we have started at Rose's house. We are in need of purchasing shoes for two of the team members as they shoes are not what is required for the long travel before us. Once we arrived at the compound we discovered that Calleb's shoes busted completely and now we need to purchase 3 pairs of shoes. We spent a few minutes in the internet since it had been a week since last we did an update but after all day in town it was exhausting and we headed for up the high hill to Shiling where we stay.

It is not an easy walk uphill with a 20 gallon bottle of water and a box of food goods. we also had the wire and a tarp we purchase to put under the tens as the ground without one is freezing at night. When we started back up the house it was difficult for some to make the journey so I tried to find us a ride. When I finally looked around the team had all continued up the hill and it was just myself, Jimima and Rose. Jimima is not in the greatest of health and neither is Rose. Jimima carried the heavy box on top of her head and it was proving to be very difficult but neither myself or Rose could have done so and all the others had gone on without us. What made it worst was the rain that caught us on the road.

I tried thumbing my way up the hill but no one would pick us up. Finally I saw two men, one in uniform standing by the road and there were some vehicles parked and I assumed it was one of theirs. I crossed the road and asked if they could give us a ride but they declined. I simply stated that it would be of great help since we were here helping out in the community. Again I was told no but I finish off with "Why don't you let Yahweh bless by helping those who came to help you." No positive response so we moved on. Finally I heard some one calling me from behind and it was one of the men. He said my word touched his driver and that he will call him to bring the car to derive us up the hill. Lo and behold in a few minutes a military Land Rover came around the curve and stopped in front of us. It was a military vehicle. I was praying when the team moved on without us to ask Yahweh to prove Himself to the team this very day. Sometimes we delight in doing things our way and ourselves and we leave no room for Yahweh to do something. Here was Yahweh proving Himself to this team that He is able to supply all our needs. The team had made comments to get a taxi up the hill but we had keep to our budget and only money for shoes remained. I keep saying to myself I could either pay for a taxi and drive up the hill or those needing shoes can go barefooted about the nations. The choice was to let Yahweh provide a way.

Myself and Rose climbed into the vehicle and on the way we shouted for Jimima to get in and what a shock on her face to see the military pull up to offer her a ride as Rose and I to boot inside. We rolled on up the hill and as we were turning the corner up the hill we spotted our team sitting under a shelter by the road. Needless to say it was a moment I have relived several times since then. The look on their faces when the vehicle stopped and I rolled down the window and said "Where is your God, Get in, Get in." Everyone looked like a chariot of fire had just arrived and instantly jumped up and started to climb into the vehicle. One of the team said, "Now I see your God and what He can do." Yes, giving Yahweh space to work is the greatest test of faith. Once we arrived back it was such an amazement for the people to see the team arrive back in a military vehicle with such an escort form Yahweh. The driver was so kind and he said on the way up the high hill if we can give him just one bible.

Surely that was worth the tedious walk down the hill and the attempt to walk back up the hill. The struggle was all about that one soldier and him getting a bible. The cow could have been purchased anytime but today was the soldier's day.

After settling into camp we tried to take a bath but the rain poured down keeping us in. It rained and rained. We shall seek shelter in the houses tonight.

August 14, 2011


Yesterday the team's day of rest as we are keeping the Sabbath (Isaiah 56). What a marvelous day we had. Today the team rested and had a day filled with studying the word. There was no work done in the camp by the team and so we were able to get a bit of personal devotion time and meditation in. How good it was to walk in the upcountry community and pray and seek Yahweh's face for the team and its mission. I spent the morning walking to the main road where I found a rock to sit on to read and pray.

Today we had Sunday Service in the compound and Pastor Haywood from the USA brought the word. We had a lovely praise and worship and then the taught word. After we greeted all those that were in attendance and prepared to say our closing prayer the rain came and chased us off. The team sat down to an afternoon study for several hours and then retired for dinner. We had one visitor who spent the evening in study time with us. There is much to do tomorrow and the rain is keeping us indoors. We had 4 ladies who came to fellowship us. One lady received clothes for her children, another had a bruised rib and we put her hand in a sling to elevate the pain.

August 12, 2011


Today we had our morning devotions and went to the middle school to share with the staff and students. We already had much to do for the say so it was decided that Pastor Haywood would spend the time at the school and speak to the children while the rest of the team go to Rose's house and begin the project of home repair and chicken coop building. Pastor Haywood address the entire student body and staff. We were able to present the Head Master with some school supplies although it was not much.

We spent the day at Rose's house working on her roof and started the chicken coop. At first the men were a bit timid on changing the iron sheets on the roof but with encouragement they took the leaky sheets off and put on the new ones. We discovered that it was difficult to put the tar on because some of the holes were so big that the tar was dropping inside the house on the floor. We will have to make a run into town to purchase some mesh wire to reinforce the holds and them put the tar on. We started the chicken coop and was unable to finish it because the design keep getting altered as we go and we need more material. The nails we were using were bending and we had a difficult time getting the wood connected until Calleb called the fundi, jack of all trades, to help us out. We discovered that the nails were made from recycle metal and so they were soft and bent easy depending on the wood. The fundi showed us how to use the nails properly. The project was half way done.

We had 17 adults and 16 children and 7 from the team who attended the evening fellowship.

August 11, 2011


Today was a town day purchasing all the material we needed for Rose's house repairs and to build the chicken coop. Upon our mid-afternoon return to the compound we met many children waiting for us. The children sang to us and then we distributed the clothing we brought for them and gave out the school supplies. Later in the evening we had a study time and we had a fellowship after dinner where the community came by to hear the word of Yahweh. There were 20 adults, 2 children and the 7 from the team who attended the evening fellowship and teaching.

August 10, 2011


Yesterday we had a delay in leaving for Migori so we did a final sort on what we were taking and leaving in Nairobi. Our bus left at 10 pm in the night so we arrived in Migori about 4 am. Pastor Calleb called his cousin, Peter, who lives in the town to take us to his home until the morning broke because uphill is dark and the roads cannot be travelled in the dark. We slept and then when the town came alive we got a taxi to take us to the compound.

Once we arrived in the compound we quickly got the tents set up, 1 for  the men and 1 for the women. We lacked a mallet to hammer the pegs in but we manage in any case. Women began to arrive in the compound with pots and fire wood and live chickens. They began to set up a cooking are and clean up the compound. One of the team members got some bamboo mats and made us a makeshift bath area. We each took turns taking a bath and getting the house set up with our supplies. Calleb's dad came over and we prayed. Pastor Jonathan put up the hammock we brought him and he had a good relax rest in it. The team got together and talked about what we needed and planned the weeks activities. It looks like rain is coming.

Tonight we had a house full of widows who came to hear the word spoken.

August 8, 2011


Today we are making final preparations for our upcountry trip to Migori where we will make needed repairs to the Widow Rose's home and build her a chicken coop. We will also dig and build a toilet on the compound we will spend the next two week at preparing for the journey. We will study the word, pray and decide on routes to be taken and make final connections with our contacts in other nations. Today will be my first opportunity to go to the internet to publish an update to the website and to check on whether we have receive much needed funds to help with the journey.

August 7, 2011


Today we attended a gathering of congregations, 7 in all, in Riruta on the other side of Nairobi. Each of us on the USA team were given and opportunity to share the word of God. It was such an amazing experience because there were believers from several tribes in Kenya who also sang songs in their native mother tongues. How precious to see such a gathering of a diverse group of believers fellowshipping together. As for the USA team members we each sang songs. Yvonne is Mexican American Japanese, Jonathan is African American and I am of Caribbean African descent. The tribes represented at the gathering today were from the tribes of Masai, Luo, Luhya, Kamba and Kikuyu. These groups sang and danced in their traditional way.

After the message we had an amazing rededication of lives form the majority of those present. many felt they had a special calling on their lives, being chosen for something specific and others desired for Yahweh to chose them for a greater purpose in their lives. Many recommitted themselves for greater use by Yahweh in His kingdom work. Many people received prayer for healing and that the work of their ministry will be effective. One person gave their life to the Lord. What an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The people had a desire to be challenge by being chosen.

After the teaching, we were able to distribute clothes and school supplies to the children. The teachers that were present received some supplies for their students. The widows and mother of 3 or more children received a loaf of bread each. These were supplies donated by Character Kids of Las Cruces, those given to Jonathan from individuals in Las Cruces and the remainder of the bread form those purchased with funds donated by Shirley Warren.

Jonathan had a pastor's meeting with all those who attended the service. There were about 15 pastors present. Several of the students on the African Student Fund Project were present and we renewed our commitment to help sponsor their education. On of the student since being on the list in March when I visited have since being accepted in University and so far his fees has been paid to date but he is still in need of fees for next term. Please look at the Student Fund page and choose to render help to these students. In the end you can say you have given Kenya a doctor, nurse, engineer, etc.

We had our first team meeting last night where everyone attended. There were still some minor needs to be taken care of like George who still needed to get his Yellow fever shot and some others who needed some articles of clothing. We discussed our available funds. The Kenyan team were only able to contribute $64 for the entire trip. Pastor Calleb will be closing his small business tomorrow for the next 3 months and his wife Hilda will look for produce to sell and maintain a small mpesa business to help provide for the family while Calleb is gone. George's family is well for this time and will fend for themselves with his parents. Simon's children are all grown and so he is free to travel. Jonathan will return to the USA in 2 weeks. Yvonne has settled her affairs at home before leaving. As for me, I have no other possession than the clothes on my back and so we are all prepared to move ahead. As far as for the children, those that are on the African Student Fund Project will have their fees paid hopefully by September as funds come in. You can certainly help us give these team members with small ones have a peace of mind while they are on the journey.

Tomorrow night we will all stay at Calleb's house so we can rise early and take the bus to Migori. There will be a gathering of the pastors at Calleb's house and they will pray for the team and send us off with their blessings. Pray for us as we seek Yahweh to supply all our needs. We have discussed the lack of resources and have all agreed we are moving on and Yahweh will meet all needs at the appointed time. It is all in His hands.

August 6, 2011


Today we had an outreach in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi. Praise Yahweh 19 individuals accepted Jesus as their Savior. Yvonne ministered to about 100 children who were gathered in the school house while the others from the team and congregation where out and about knocking on doors sharing the gospel. All the children present in the school house made a confession of faith whether it was for some the first time or not. After the evangelistic outreach we all gathered in the school house and we distributed shoes, clothes, school supplies and 99 loaves bread to a host of people and children from the Mathare Slum. We were able to purchase 123 loaves of bread with funds donated by Shirley Warren from Dallas, Texas. All the clothing and shoes were donated by Mike Tellez Character Kids project of Las Cruces, New Mexico. School Supplies were donated from friends of Jonathan. The day was long and tedious but Praise Yahweh successful. Every child and every adult received of the items we brought one item. There is a greater need in Mathare Slum than what we have brought. First there is the need of salvation to every person living in the slum, second there is a great need for education and perhaps of equal need that of safe, clean housing. In the slum each row of houses share a common toilet and wash room and the running water used to cook with is also located in the toilet compartment in many of the rows. The drainage is in front of all the houses and open. All other waste, household waster, food and other trash is dumped in the rear of the house, to the sides and in many places at the front.

Because of such living conditions, sickness is very common. money that should be spent on rent, food and education is being spent on medicine. Families are all crammed into room that are about 10' by 7'.  This is true whether it is 1 person or 10 person living in that family quarters. We as a body of Jesus can do better for those in need. In the west what we live on in one day is what most live on in a year in some countries. So many mission teams visit Africa and other third world nations every year working on project but many do not take time to make good investment in housing or other help projects because of their time frame in countries and so they build structures that had very little thought put into it and how it will be impacted environmentally in the long run. Instead of making things better is makes things worst on a larger scale. When groups go in and dig bore holes and put in a water pump and do not train the villagers how to make repairs that project though viable sits on used because someone did not consider leaving replacement parts. When houses are built for the poor, initially it looks nice but once people start living there and using the toilet and disposing trash in a matter of months what was a grand idea turns quickly into a slum with the stench and the rubbish that children go through looking for recyclable items to sell or make into toys.

What we do and what we report about doing might sound great and make us feel good with all the photos and such but in the end the damage is greater than we found it. We must consider environmental issues, sanitary issues, health issues, and social issues. Some slum units are built without doors and the families use only a piece of cloth draped at the door to give them privacy. In such units many women and children are raped in the night because bad people have easy access. If we from the west or from any other quadrant in the world are apt to do a good deed for a third world nation we must put thought into it and consider what the impact of that project might be in the future. We build elaborate structures we can churches and indebt ourselves for years with ridiculous mortgages just so we can meet on Sunday for a few hours but we spend so little on the human building. In the end this is what will matter for we are made in the image of the Almighty. Instead of providing the people with places that the presence of Yahweh can make a visitation we ensure that the camp is filthy and when the people cry out He turns away because of the filth. (Deut. 23:12-14)

All in all, there is much to be done and there are enough needs to be met that anyone from any financial position can help. This work is to show that with your little or with your much you can do something. Go for it! The world is large enough and small enough that you can go far or near and do the work we are commanded to do.

August 5, 2011


Today I went to town with Hilda to sort out finances to feed the team this week and get transportation and funds for outreaches this coming weekend. Jonathan had been suffering greatly since last night with a toothache so he was taken to the dentist and Praise Yahweh the antibiotics and pain reliever given was enough to abate the situation. No extractions needed. While myself and Jonathan were in town with Calleb and Hilda, Yvonne remain behind to sort out all the donated items for outreach tomorrow. At some point in her day, about 7 visitors came to the house to specifically receive a word from Yahweh. Yvonne was available to give a teaching and praise YAHWEH His word continues to go forth. Our missing suitcase arrived from the airport and Praise Yahweh nothign was missing.

Simon joined us today to begin the journey with us. Brother Daniel a Masai believer came with us to spend this time in outreach. Most of the time has been spent in organizing for the outreaches here in Nairobi. We have decided since we received a large donation from Mike Tellez of Character Kids in Las Cruces of clothes and shoes to take out a third of the items to take with us to Migori to distribute there. We also reserved some of the school supplies for Migori. We also had to arrange the food we are travelling with on the journey and sort and pack the backpacks with the supplies we will be distributing to the team members as they arrive. All day we had visitors coming and some staying for the weekend. Having to feed so many people can take its toll on one's budget. Praise Yahweh they came to help in the outreach and so we are blessed to feed physically so that we can feed spiritually.


August 4, 2011


I arrived in Nairobi at about 6:10 am after spending and entire day in Amsterdam looking for Jonathan and Yvonne in the airport. We had arranged to meet at the 24 hour Starbucks there because we thought that they flight was on the next morning. After paging them time and time again and not getting a response I finally checked the flight again and realized that they left on the morning flight to Nairobi ahead of me. By that time my cell phone was about to die and I had only enough power left to call Calleb in Nairobi and hurry him to the airport to collect Jonathan and Yvonne. I walked the entre length and breath of the airport looking for my team and by the time I realize they had been in flight I was exhausted with still a few hours before my all night flight to Nairobi. Calleb, Mary and Jonathan came to the airport to collect me after which I spent half the day resting. One of the suitcases could not be found so Jonathan and Yvonne left the details with the baggage claim people at the airport.

It was wonderful seeing everyone again and I was so grateful that Calleb and his family took great care of Jonathan and Yvonne while I was in route. By dinner time Jonathan had a severe tooth ache and Calleb had to take him to the doctor where he received antibiotics and pain medication. So far all is well otherwise.

August 2, 2011


We left Dallas today for Nairobi. We travelled with 10 suitcases all with supplies and donated items to be distributed to the poor and needy. We were allowed 2 suitcase each but we had 4 extras at $200 each and we had not the funds to pay $800 for 4 suitcases. Yahweh blessed that situation and it only cost us $120. Within 40 minutes we received donations from believers in El Paso, Texas for the entire amount we spent. I will include the names of the donors when I receive that information.

I left on a morning flight to NYC while Jonathan and Yvonne left on an afternoon flight to Detroit on the way to meeting me in Amsterdam. I was fortunate to be able to visit my family while on the 8 hour lay over in NYC. I received a text from Yvonne at 7pm that she and Jonathan was on the same flight to Amsterdam. I had thought that we were all on separate flight but Praise Yahweh all worked out for the best.

July 26, 2011


The past few weeks has been a time of finalizing flights as well as prayer and fasting for this need to be met and Praise Yahweh today the final payments and arrangements have been made for travel to Africa and back. Both individuals who will accompany me on this journey have had their moments of seeing Yahweh workout finances in the nick of time. See Yvonne's page and see Pastor Haywood's page. We are thankful to each person who has contributed to their flight expenses. Each received much support in their fund raising event and thanks to those who also contributed to CTWM we were also able to help purchase flight tickets. We are thankful also to Shirley Warren for contributing to purchase food to feed 40-50 families in the Mathare Slums of Nairobi. Our mission is not just to preach the gospel and teach to equip and bring change but also to do the work commissioned to us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those imprisoned, care for the fatherless and widows and the strangers.

We are determined to show integrity in all our mission efforts to being glory to Yahweh and show the body of Yeshua how they also can do their part with the very little they have. Each of us doing a little can make a big difference. Pastor Haywood has been given school supplies to distribute to the school children and he travels with the expectations of doing many more good deeds on behalf of organizations he is connected with as well as the congregation he shepherds. Yvonne has been involved with meeting the basic needs of the poor and downtrodden for many years in the USA and also in Mexico and will manage the helping hands part of this mission trip.

We continue to covet your prayers for the 3 months long journey or longer as Yahweh leads. We leave from the USA in less than a week and we are each looking forward to doing at least what is required of what has been commissioned and pray that as we do what is required we too can increase our faith and be able to say to the tree, go plant yourself in the sea.


Thank You All So Much

Catch the Wave Ministry Africa 2011 team to East and North East Africa would like to extend our thanks to each of you who have been a blessing to us. Thank you ever so much for your sacrifice of giving to meet our basic mission needs. Because of your kind donations we have also been able to purchase all supplies needed for the journey with much assistance to the purchase of our airline tickets.

This mission trip is as much yours as it is ours. We are all making this journey together for the Holy Scriptures says that the body is fitly joined together - each part contributing to the entire whole. We are so grateful to each of you and certainly words cannot say enough how much this means to each of us to be able to go where Yahweh sends us. We know that it is by the moving of His Holy Spirit that has prompted you and your obedience that spurred you to act on our behalf.

Our journey will take us into 11 nations as we travel on this journey and I believe most of it might be by foot as we are understanding that much of the infrastructure in some of the nations are no longer in place. This is how Yahushua sent out the disciples � two by two and on foot. At this time as we make final preparation we covet your prayers most earnestly. We truly realize that action coupled with prayer will move mountains but we go not by power or by might but by the Spirit of Yahweh. We go in the light of the gospel news.

            Your financial assistance has helped us this far and now we ask you to go a bit further with us. Please, please pray for us as you think of us. Do add the CTWM Out of Africa team to your prayer list and ask your congregation to intercede for us. We are ever so thankful and we pray this pray for you.

            Yahweh our Elohim, we come before you thanking you for the goodness of your provision through these amazing individual who have supported this work. We ask that you will remember their willingness to give and that you will meet their every need along the way. Watch over their homes and family members. Keep Your hedge of protection round about them and keep at bay the works of the enemy from their path. I pray Father that as we go forth to do this work that you will keep this team every obedient to every task you call us to do in good faith and with much integrity. Help us to hold fast to the mission that we may bring no shame to You, ourselves or to those who have diligently seek to assist us. May Your will be done through all those You have connected in all these ways.

July 12, 2011


There is nothing more exciting than watching the Father make provisions for His children. First we have been able to purchase our supplies for 7 people for this upcoming journey. Our focus has been to thank the Father for what He has done so far and turn our efforts to the next stage which is purchasing our plane tickets. As of today I have my ticket and 2/3 of the funds for another ticket. Slowly by slowly the funds for the third ticket is coming in and the final passport is due back by next week. The shots were not as expensive as we thought so they are just about completed. We are thankful to donation we have received recently from Silke, Bishop Lawson, Carl Swopes, Larry Weiedmaier, Emma Flournor, Ruth Boyer, Linda McMillan, Susan Gonzales and Cecil Robinson. We are fully cognizant of the economic crisis the globe is in and so we know that giving is truly a sacrifice and we post here on this website because we want you to know that we are keeping our integrity with what has been given. These donation has helped and will help with passage to Africa, shots and as specifically designated.

Every Wednesday the team has been praying and fasting in thanksgiving and for our needs to be met. Each week we have seen the Father release to us as our needs have been brought before Him. He is faithful to His cause. Please join us in prayer and fasting as we seek our Father's face for His kingdom work and provision. We ask that He will remember all those that have given with love for His work and pray that they faith will increase and that He will pour out His blessing on each of them. Each of those who have given will have a part in this journey. The body fitly joined together is each part doing its part. All those mentioned on this page and other pages to do with this journey is part and parcel of this great undertaking.

I pray that you will all be inspired to find the Father's will for your walk and do it. have faith that He is more than able to raise you up and take you through. If you do not go you will never know how far you can go.

July 5, 2011


Praise God, I have my ticket to Africa, however we are still looking to God for tickets for two of our team members from here in the USA. One will travel on a short-term 2 week stint and the other for the entire 3 months. Currently we have 6 suitcases travelling with and if I am to travel alone I will have to pay extra baggage fees for 4 bags which is about $200 which is needed else where. Your contributions and prayers are greatly needed..

June 30, 2011

I am thankful to those who have recently made a contribution to the African 2011 trio: Teo Kee Meng, Susan Gonzales, Cecil Robinson and those that have keep us in prayer and have fasted for us as the time of departure is quickly approaching. Tomorrow I will make flight plans and I still believe that all the funds needed will be here in God�s time to purchase the tickets. We are currently working on the scheduling of our nation visits. Pray that all connections being made will continue to be viable and that we reach every destination on time. We are full speed ahead just like the word says, leave all behind and come follow me.

It is my greatest hope that as you read this entry you will be encouraged to believe that God can do anything in your life and take you to every destination we has purposed in His heart for you. The purpose of CTWM has always been to encourage you the nominal believer that all things are possible with as little or as much as you have in your resources. God is able and if He can take me to the places and accomplish what He could through me, imagine what He can do in your life. We are all called with a purpose - you must move beyond the call and be chosen. So many of us receive the call but so few fail to choose to act on the calling. God believes in you that is why He calls you and He does call you by name. You must also have the courage to proceed by what you know - faith - even if what you see in front of you is not all that you need. What you think you need is not what God has planned for you. You see, the victory and glory is in Him doing a grand thing with little. The miracle of what God can do is that He takes nothing and makes something. As long as you keep looking for the something He can not work His miracle through you.

My greatest accomplishments have come through the little amounts people have given to this work. I am amazed that God takes so little and do so much. God does not need our grand standing to make a name for Himself � He did that all by Himself when He said �Let there be and there was.�

I pray that you will come to terms with your walk of faith and allow the Lord to manifest Himself in your life. It is time to move from the nominal to the phenomenal. The peace of God be with you.

June 8, 2011


There are times in one's life when things don't seem to go the way we want but then something good happens that prove that God is still in the mix of things and that He sees all and knows all. God delivers the fatherless and the widows even if man don't. What man fails to do God so adequately completes to His honor and glory. This just shows us that we should never doubt God. The failure is not in God but in man. God will always come through for us. He provides when others withhold and he does so on so little. When man takes from us God will restore in amazing ways. These widows and their orphan children will endure another season because God has seen fit to supply another need in spite of man's greed and lack of integrity. All thought the bible we read about how God takes care of the fatherless and the widows and He compels us to do the same. When we steal from them or withhold form them God does not take it lightly. How much does it take to meet such needs? Not much. First you can only give out of what you have and in that giving God will always make a way for you to give more.

These widows in Migori, Kenya have been neglected for so long that God put it in their hearts to help themselves and so those that have been rejected by their own society are the ones to help themselves and others. They use the little they have to helps, yes even those who denied them the right to have a good life. Even those that have neglected them they have not spurred but rather turned the other cheek. Here is an opportunity to any of you to do the same. It takes so little to buy a cow, or some chicken, or buy a sack of maize to feed 40 families. You can do it on your little even more on your much.

       A milk cow $150

        A chicken $7 each

        A sack of maize that can feed up to 40-50 families $42 each

        Bibles $6 each

        Mosquito net $6 each

        Iron sheets to repair roofs $8 each

June 5, 2011


After trying for the second time I was able to finally make the drive to Dallas. The first day only less than a 1/4 mile onto the highway I had a nail in my tire that cause me to turn back because I discovered I had no spare. Someone had at some point stolen it and I did not realize it. I did have a spare from when I change all the tires but no rim. By the time I got the rim on and it was mid morning and I felt it better to make a go the next day. It was a blessing because I really was tired and I was able to do something I had forgotten to do and pick up other things I had left behind. God is really good. The second day I got on the road really early in the morning and made it pass the half way mark right at noon. It was so hot I finally put on the a/c and the car lost all power and finally stopped. I was in a precarious situation on the highway and the car would not start. I called 911 and a trooper came out to help me. Clearly a divine appointment to share and leave behind some cds. He called me a mechanic and found out that the alternator was faulty. I was blessed because I got good advice and again was able to leave a message of the good news on cd. It was after 3 pm the hottest part of the day that I got back on the road. I was not able to use the a/c so I sweated the rest of the journey. All in all I arrived safe and intact.

I believe that God is in my path every step of the way and I only now look for the purpose of things happening. Every situation has his reason. I am amazed how over the years God has changed me and equipped me. People come into our lives for a reason and we will never know truly why unless we look to God for His purpose. When it unfolds we are almost always in a situation to be a blessing. If we walk with the gospel on our feet our path will always take us to an opportunity to speak life to someone's life. The words we leave behind might be the very words to save a life or set it right before the Lord at a time we can not imagine. It is well. Along the way we come in contact with others for a reason. We will never know when we will become a reason for someone else. God is amazingly Good.

June 2, 2011


I am so thankful to God who is supplying all the needs for this upcoming trip back to Africa. I am thankful to all the congregations who have allowed me to speak and share my vision and what the Lord has been teaching me. I am thankful to all the ministries that have allowed me to volunteer at their ministries while I was home and I am thankful to all those who have bless this ministry with donations and provisions for the trip. Each time I return home I have been bless to have a computer guy in Las Cruces that has always serviced my computer and have been my source for all my computer purchases over the last four years of travel. Truly the changes of climate and the moving about with my computer takes its toll. Things go wrong and things fail but thanks again to my computer guy all is back to normal with my trusty computer which I use on the road to update my website when possible. If you are in Las Cruces or passing through and need to buy a computer or have work done on your computer by a reliable guy, Mark is the guy at Lightning Computer Systems located at 1067 N. Valley. You might remember Mark from last year when he refurbished 3 or 4 computer for a youth group in Anthony, New Mexico free of charge. It is people like Mark that makes what I do much easier. I am most thankful to Mark for having done such a good service for this ministry time after time.

Another mega blessing for CTWM was from Mike Tellez of the Dream Center of Las Cruces - Character Kids Ministry. Mike has been a blessing as well these last few years especially when I have returned home and brought guest speakers with me. He has been a blessings because of the food program which he fed many of the hungry people of this county and provided a means for anyone in the community to volunteer and help pack food for distribution. Mike's project in the past years have fed over a million people. What a blessing he has been to us all. I also have been able to volunteer at the Dream Center and have been bless to meet some amazing people along the way. On my return trip to Africa this time I am taking back 3 suitcases filled with brand new donated shoes and clothes from Mike's Character Kids Ministry for the kids in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya. This is going to be very exciting as we go to the slum and give Mike's donations out making Character Kids Ministry a global ministry. (see photos) If you are in the Las Cruces area or passing through and need a place to volunteer at please go by the Dream Center on 6th Avenue off of Valley Drive and give Mike a hand. There is also a Spanish congregation that meets there on Sundays. During the week there is also a Reading Foundation that has a growing reputation for taking kids reading scores to the highest level.

I leave tomorrow for 2 months in Dallas before Africa. I will be speaking at a congregation there this month and I am most thankful for the opportunity. With all the supplies in hand my attention now turns to raising funds for the air flight back to Kenya and then on from there. There are 4 from abroad that are traveling to Kenya and the rest of the team is Kenyan. We are also in need of assistance with visas for each nation (10) and travel expenses or we will have to foot it across Africa. If you are able to help please click on the donate link and bless this mission trip.

We are also thankful again for those that have donated funds to buy a cow and chickens to help the widows in Migori, Kenya. In the last four years to all the nations I have travelled to God has never failed to meet a need. The help comes from many places unexpected. Like from Andes in Singapore and Silke in Germany, who  have been a tremendous blessing. Not t neglect all those around the globe who has been praying for this ministry and holding our hands in prayer. I am so thankful to JCIA and Valley Grove Baptist Church  here in New Mexico that have extended their covering to CTWM and its team members. Without prayer, CTWM could not have done so much. God is gracious to this work and truly he has never failed us. We do little by little and with all those that are faithful in the doing we all come together as one body filling in all the parts and making the Kingdom of God grow on the earth.

I do not say that all has been perfect because there are those you will run into that makes it difficult and try your faith. There are those that will abuse the gospel for their own selfish ends and those that will at times take from the work to serve their own purposes that come to no end. All in all, the bible is true to its word, the wolves are among the sheep. I have learned to strengthen myself in the word of God and resolve time and time again not to let any ones bad manners hinder me from continuing the work. It is not always easy but if you do not become weary of well-doing God will continue to approve you along the way and soon you will be able to recognize wolves as you go and the work becomes easier because you can see the pitfalls before they come. The point is,  if you become discourage you will never make it to the end of the journey and God can not release more work to you, He will give it to another and rightly so. The best advice I every God was from a mentor who said, "Joy if you are afraid of what God is giving you, He will take it a way and give it to someone else." I have since then purpose in my heart that I am going all the way with God. He shall not take it away from me. I want the job and so I am sticking to it no matter what. My eyes are on the prize. Yes, there are still time I have to wait on the Lord to strengthen my resolve because I have been tried, but still He has never failed me. "The failure is not in God it is in me." Through every situation let God give you discernment and let Him build you up and as He does you will begin to come in contact more and more with people who will bless your work and not take from it. he will surround you with people like Mike and remind you of people like Mark and so you keep going full speed ahead.

As I leave Las Cruces this time, I go with the last of what I need to keep me on the journey. All I have now is what is in my suitcase and in my heart with family and friends. That's it folks! I no longer have a bill to pay and that includes house, apartment, household goods etc. I am free to roam in His work. Once a pastor referred to me as the wandering missionary and I was highly offended until now I have come to realize that to wander for God is better than being at home stagnating in the common humdrum of life. What does it matter what people call you when what matter really is are you in God's will or not. Jesus said to go so I am going and He has never failed me yet.

Be encouraged, God has a destiny for your life. Don't just resolve to accomplish things be resolved that you will fulfill your God given destiny. Put God to the test and see if your life is not fully enriched and yes, people will call you names too so what. We all know they called Jesus worst than they can call us. Breakout of your humdrum life and do something for God. At least do the minimum and go and tell someone about the good news, go a little further and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to those that are thirsty, visit the sick and those in prison, take in the homeless and watch god increase your faith to where you can say to that tree, "go into the sea."  God bless and good service to you.

May 26, 2011


What an amazing opportunity to  speak at the Women Aglow International here in Las Cruces. It was so good to see old friends and co-laborers in the gospel again. It is an awesome feeling to come back home and share the word of God that He has been faithful to reveal to me as I travel about the globe doing His work. I met two lovely ladies who were inspired by the taught word to go out and win the lost of their community. I met them on Thursday at Aglow and on Sunday I met them at JCIA. What an awesome report on their first encounter with sharing the gospel. Jill and Esther told me how they left the meeting and went out to the local park and shared the gospel with people they met there. They even took along two other women with them that they met on the way. Esther told me how she met a man name Lazarus in the park. He was beaten on the head with a baseball bat and thought he would die. Esther share the good news with him and he received salvation. Then she said to him, " Now you are saved and if they come back to beat you again you at least know where you are going." She jokingly said that her brother stated about the entire incident that she literally raised Lazarus from the dead. Last night Esther called me to tell me that she went to another park and met a man name Jesus and she led him to the Lord. It was rather ironic that she raised both Lazarus and Jesus from the die. Who says that God does not have a sense of humor.

Tonight the ladies came to a congregation where I spoke again and how exciting to see their love for the Lord and a desire to do at least the minimum requirement of His word - share the gospel. They were so excited in what God has been doing that they even connected with a couple who attended the service to go with them into the prison to do ministry. This is how God works, you start where you are capable and He will expand your tent pegs. I pray that God will raise up many ladies like Jill and Esther. I pray that God will begin to transform this valley of Las Cruces and make a highway where His word can go forth to the four corners of America. I also pray that the next time I return to Las Cruces that they will be so many Jills and Esthers about that they will be no room for me to move about. I also met Jane and James Eguires who have been working with the juvenile delinquents at the local jail. They use their horses in ministering the gospel to the kids. Jill and Esther will go with them on their next prison visit on June 15th. It is too easy working for the Lord. You take only the first step and he does the rest.

Jane and James also contributed for a cow and some chickens for the widows in Migori, Kenya. Janice Haley also made a contribution to assist the widows in Migore. The widows project in Migori help many women who have lost their husband because of HIV. They are many women in the village that have to fend for themselves and their children. Life is not easy for them but now it shall be a bit better with help from these individuals. I am looking forward to posting photos of what their contribution will do in the near future. I am most thankful to all those whose heart has been open to help with this upcoming trip to Africa. Thank you also One way Life Center and Jill Salome. I am thankful to God for His provisions along the way. I look forward to returning to Africa ready to do the work and go wherever He ask. Please keep praying for the team and pray that hearts are already being prepared to receive the blessings that God has in store to all we come in contact with.

May 24, 2011


CTWM is grateful to members of JCIA: Judy and Sam, Jerri, Roy, Yvette, Emma and all those others who contributed to the upcoming African mission trip. Some of the funds were used to purchased supplies and the remainder will help purchase airline tickets. Everyone's prayers are coveted and greatly appreciated.

May 16, 2011


Praise God as of this weekend CTWM has all the supplies needed for the August trip back to Africa. Through donations from members of JCIA and a dear friend in Germany, Silke all the equipment for the 7 person team is packed and ready to be transported to NYC until flight time in August. God has been good. My efforts now turn toward purchasing airline tickets and I am believing God for that as well. I am looking to God to complete all efforts for this journey and to make the final selection for this 7 person team. I am grateful to all the people you have given me opportunity to teach the word of God and those with an open heart to hear the truth of God's word. I am also thankful to those that have aligned themselves with this ministry to pray and see this project through. Everything comes at God's appointed time when you are in the center of His will. You too can be in the center of God's will if you stay obedient to His word and faithful in your walk. Let us do the will of God and be faithful. Let us render to God His deeds as he has ordained. Let us see His kingdom establish.

May 10, 2011


The past week has been busy speaking at congregations, being interviewed for a local cable television program (view the interview by clicking on here. If the interview is still there it is the lady with the black blouse) and some volunteering at the Dream Center in the Reading Foundation. I have also been gathering some supplies for the trip in August and am happy to have acquired 6 fleece sleeping bags. Only one more needed. I am working on 4 books for publication and met with the artist who designed my other book covers. The ministry has also been blessed with a love offering from the Valley Grove Christian Faith Congregation in Vado, NM which this ministry has used to send $10,000 Kenyan shillings to Migori, Kenya on their behalf. A bit more was left over from the love offering so it was sent to help one of the team members pay for a much needed surgery. Since I was told today that it has been rescheduled for 3 months the money has been put aside in Nairobi for that time. I have also been attending JCIA Shabbat services on Saturdays here in Las Cruces and other congregations here in the city. I have been busy preparing my little used van to ship off to NYC for my nephew and his family. Today was spent calling some contacts in East Africa and Central Africa to arrange for the trip. I will spend the rest of this week in the afternoon volunteering at the Reading Foundation at the Dream Center. On May 19th I will be the guest speaker at the International Women's Aglow monthly meeting. If you are in Las Cruces please attend. I am very much grateful to Mike Tellez who has been an encouragement to me and have allowed me the opportunity to labor while I am here. Pastor Jonathan Haywood from the Vado congregation has also been an encouragement and a blessing.

The team: There has been some changes to the team but we are still to be 7 in August setting out on the trip. It will be quite and international team. We shall see what will be the final outcome in August.

These are the items we are still in need of: 2 tents, one for the men and one for the women, first aid kit, mosquito nets, extra large backpacks but not the large hiking ones, rain ponchos, dehydrated food and trail mix, mosquito repellant, sun screen, and vitamins. I have yet to purchase the airline tickets for myself and the team member from the UK. Mine is $1,500 USD plus depending on when purchase and his about $1,200 USD depending on when actually purchase. I will also be traveling with many suitcases filled with supplies and donated clothing so that will cost as well.

I have not mentioned much about the trip as it is important that we do not do so because of some of the places we will go to. Just keep us in your prayers and if you desire to donate to this trip please click on the donate link above. Send an email to let me know how to want it used and receipts will be posted when completed with photos if possible. I hope that as you read this journal you will realize that I am not doing anything that you too are not capable of doing. We only need to make ourselves and our resources accessible to the Father and He will do the rest. The 11th hour is upon us and so little time left to see the harvest brought in. May God bless you as you endeavor to do His work.

May 2, 2011


Since being back in the Southwest USA I have spent the past week volunteering at the Las Cruces Dream Center working with a group of 88 middle school students from Denver, Colorado. The students were from a school that use their break to do a mission project. The group worked on repairing the building and putting inn a water sprinkler system among other things.  The first and second day there a team went to visit two nursing homes, singing and playing games with the residences. Another team went out to the community and distributed about 3000 gift bags to the nearby communities. The community was invited to a carnival with games, barbeque and jumbo inflatable bouncers. The Dream Center's clothing house was open to the public and people were able to go in and take clothes free of charge. The congregation t hat meets in the Dream Center had its members present to invite those coming to the fair to services. Much was accomplished and I learn a whole new skill set for ministry and met many new friends.

I am currently trying to study some languages for the next trip and reviewing some old languages to help me study the bible better. At my age I find it a bit of a struggle and wish I had the knowledge of foresight when I was younger. I would have been prepared for today. LOL!


I just received communication from Pastor Calleb in Nairobi from Rose whose home we are rebuilding. Rose has 3 sons who belongs to the second wife and her late husband who both died of HIV. Rose has been living with HIV for 15 years. We have purchased for her 7 iron sheets to repair her roof. In August when the team returns to Migori we will do some intensive repairs to her house.




The team will continue from Migori to about 10 other nations taking the gospel. We are desperately in need of supplies for the trip. If you are interested in helping purchase supplies please click on the list here. There are still 62 students on the African Student Fund Project who needs school fees paid. You assistance will be greatly appreciated. I have just received an email from Pastor Titus stating that the cost of maize has jumped form 2,000 shillings to 3,500 shillings which is making things most difficult for the Kenyans. Already the drought has brought much hardship and now the cost of food is making things more difficult. The past trip to Kenya about 500 plus families were fed. Those people living in the Rift Valley where drought is hardest hit are desperate for anything. I was not able to get to that location this trip but have some hopes of making it there on the next. There is much that can be done to help. The bible states that our tithes belongs to the priest, fatherless, widows and strangers in the land (homeless). Simply read Deuteronomy 14 and the book of Malachi. I am currently working on a book entitled Heave It and Leave It on this very topic. The free will offerings of the nation of Israel was used to build the temple. Tithes in the bible is always described as food or meat for the Father's house. An offering was something of monetary value. There is a difference. It is time that we do things God's way and stop trying to sacrifice to Him something that is not acceptable to Him.

I hope you will all be challenged by what we do here with CTWM. This is being undertaken to show the average believer that all things are possible and that you can do the same for God's glory. When you take the little you have and use it as he directs, all your need will be met. I pray that God will open your eyes to the season we are in and that we will all make haste and do the work of the harvest before our time has run out. There are many people who call themselves believers that actually believe that there is no work in the harvest to be done and that who the kingdom is for has already received it. I say shame on them for thinking of themselves only. God says that He find so pleasure in the death of men. He wants everyone to have a chance at eternal life but the bible also says no man will hear unless he is preached to. Unless we preach the word in season and out of season how will they hear. Many came to the truth of salvation while I was in Kenya so that tell me that many are still willing to come if they hear the word of God. There are reports all around the globe of people coming to salvation daily especially in China were 50,000 plus are coming daily. Anyone who believe their only purpose in the kingdom is to wait on the coming of the Lord is deceiving themselves and the bible calls such people unprofitable servants. God sowed a seed of salvation in us who already believe and He desires that we too sow that seed into others so much more fruit can come forth. I pray that this day you will find a good fertile soul to sow into.

April 18, 2011

How many people are missing the mark today because they are not looking to the harvest? Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be with His return. Always before Messiah comes the gospel of repentance is preached. We must make way for His return - whether the gospel is accepted or not is not our concern - that belongs to the Holy Spirit - except He draws, no man comes. We are commissioned to go and preach. Jesus said "go" and we put up buildings and say "come." Obedience is better than sacrifice. The night is far spent and the day is closer are hand - awake all ye sleepers, His coming draws nigh. If you think things are happening now in remote places just wait a bit and you shall see things happen even where you are. The entire world is sitting on a fault line, most islands are volcanic and we have made so many technological inventions that now they will hamper us not help - just look at the nuclear reactors in Japan. The winds will drive their radioactivity to us whether we are far or near. There is no hiding place on the earth folks so don't think of running. "Go to the rock but the rock will not hide you unless it is Jesus. If you can't come down from the roof or return to the house where will you go?

I am back in the USA and I see people are still going on as though nothing is happening. People are still in a frenzy to buy and to have. No one has put oil in the lamp for when the bridegroom comes. No one has built their houses out of rock but sand. There is a strong delusion and few men take anything of God to heart. There is still that hope in man and not in God. Churches are still putting on their programs and where there were main street congregations there are now mega congregations away from the main streets. No doors to knock on only miles of highway and large parking lots. The tithes that are meant to feed the fatherless, widows, strangers, givers and Levites are being missed used - misappropriated for buildings while the buildings made of flesh and blood are being neglected Deuteronomy 14. Everyone is saying the law has been abolished and so there is an increase of killings, theft, adultery, covetousness and anything and everything is being worshiped but the true and living God.

It is time for us to get busy about God�s work and stop thinking about ourselves. Store up treasures in heaven � that would be the human souls reaped in the harvest.

Leviticus 23 tells us about the feasts of the Lord and where we are at in end time prophecy.

Shabbat is a continuous feast � eternity is that final eternal Shabbat

Passover has been fulfilled in Jesus as He is the Passover Lamb offered for the sins of the world � when the angel of final death sees the blood he will pass over those that have accepted forgiveness in Jesus

First fruit has been fulfilled in Jesus as He is the first fruit from the dead

Pentecost was fulfilled 50 day hence from Passover and we know that in the Book of Acts the Holy Spirit did descend on that 50th day

Blowing of the Trumpets - we are waiting for its fulfillment when Jesus returns with a shout from the arch angel

The Feats of Tabernacles is being awaited when the nations will go to Jerusalem who did not go against Israel to celebrate with Messiah the feast of tabernacles in Zion � Jesus shall tabernacle, dwell, with man again

The feast of Booths is our finally journey when we occupy the mansions not booths Jesus has gone to prepare for us

Do you see where we are in prophecy? We are waiting for the trumpet to sound and Messiah to return. Like John the Baptist who preached repentance we are commissioned to do the same. Make ready the way all you who call yourselves sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

Read Matthew 25 and how Messiah will separate the nations by their deeds, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, visiting the sick and those imprisoned etc. Where will your nation stand when Messiah returns? Have you done enough so that your nations will not be judged as a goat? The work is not finished. The fullness of the gentiles is at hand. That means that what we have failed to do in our allotted time others will come and do it and receive the reward. Just read Romans chapter 11 and understand that God has a plan for Israel. We have been given this opportunity because of their unbelief but their unbelief is only temporary. God has not replaced Israel.

I tell you folks, it is time to get back to the bible and the whole truth of the bible. It is time to hear from God and not to read into what we think He is saying. �Not one jot will pass away.� That means, as it is written so shall it be. Things are getting worst and by November things will get even worst. Read Matthew 24 and see that the church will suffer greatly. The wolves are among the sheep and they will show themselves for who they really are. Your very brother will deliver you up. Right out of your own house you shall be delivered up.

If you don�t work now to bring the gospel to your neighbor your neighbor will bring the end to you. If you don�t feed your neighbor when you are hungry he will not feed you. If you don�t love your neighbor as yourself when the time comes he will not love you as he loves himself.

Come now and let us reason together. The nations are falling because they have lost hope in their leaders. It is like God is making a highway in the nations for the gospel to be preached. While people are being discouraged one way the door is being opened another way for the heart�s of men to be turned to God. Here is our opportunity to turn the hearts of men back to God. We are yet discussing politics like that is the answer. America is filled with peoples from all nations. Begin to share the good news as nations come down. While many people are calling home for news and to see about their loved ones let them deliver hope of Messiah. God is indeed shaking both the heavens and the earth. While the nations are all speaking about up coming elections and replacing governments just realize the stage is being set up for the rulers of darkness to take position. The world in general is looking for an answer. Jesus is still the answer. Stand up � position your self to be used of God.

Every struggle is an opportunity for God to do something. First do the things He has already commanded us to do and just do it just like He said and not like we think. Obedience is still better than sacrifice. It is only after obedience that God can do something supernatural in our lives. Without total obedience God can do nothing. Jesus was obedient even unto the death of the cross. That is the epitome of obedience. Obedience is uncomfortable and it can be brutal but it is not impossible. It is this way because not everyone is willing to do things the right way. Everyone is looking for a short cut. There are no short cuts. All our modern conveniences have made us lazy and put us in poor health.  

I pray that I have said something here to shake you off your comfort zone and put you in God�s zone and His divine timing for your life. Preach the gospel to the lost, teach the word to the believers so they can go and do likewise. Go to the harvest � have you ever seen a fruit get down from the tree and come into the barn?

April 14, 2011

Something is happening in the world that many believers are not seeing. Putting the pieces together about what is happening seems to be on a level all on its own concerning the rapture and no one is seeing the bigger picture. Everyone is saying He is coming and it is time to be leaving but no one is leaving. Things are getting worst and the handwriting is on the wall but no one is reading it. Perhaps it is being written in a language that most do not understand or read. It is being written in the language of revelation but we are so use to interpreting God�s word that now that He is revealing to us we can�t see or hear.

Rather than step up the great commission and bring in our harvest it would seem that the church age has taken a hiatus and has dispensed with keeping to the great commission.  We have neglected both the fields and the flocks. Congregations have turned to their own ways. Every nation has clamored after the pretense of virtue of other nations rather than seek God for itself.

Missionaries are parked in the backyard of other nations pretending to be helpers of the gospel but many are really becoming cripplers of the work in those nations. I recently saw a documentary where missionaries in Haiti literally build an orphanage there with 12 foot walls and bob wire to boot and at the gate a national with a shot gun to keep the people out. Go figure! How has spreading the good news come to this? A mom and dad who had abandoned their child came back to claim her but the missionaries did nothing to reconnect them.

Rather than teach the nationals to care for their orphans and teach them how to be parents they rather hold their children hostage to what they call love. How can such a thing be? We have truly lost our way. There is not much that is recognizable about Christianity in comparison to the foundation which Jesus and His disciples laid out for us. Proverbs 16:25 says, �There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.� Yes, our way might seem right but it is destroying us all.

We were told to go and make disciples of all nations but instead we have carved out our own kingdoms as we go and parked ourselves there as mini messiahs. Rather than turn the people over to Jesus as His children we corral them into buildings we call churches and indoctrinate them into a cultural theology. We have lost our way and we have led others down a wrong path.

The bible does not need us to explain it, it only needs us to deliver the good news in it. The Holy Spirit is more than capable of doing His own work. If we are truly about God�s business we would labor and turn the glory over to Him. I met a man in Kenya who has been there for many years only returning once a year to his native country to raise money so he can return and live a life of luxury. I heard many people now have paper ministries as missionaries. They send monthly reports so the money can keep coming and no matter how much I tell people to go and visit ministries they have vested much money into they keep sending their checks and the so called missionaries keep building their empires with their names on it and the donors names are never so much as mentioned.

But it is not just on the mission field but at home in the congregations that the mischief has gone on. So many false doctrines are being taught and the people are more and more ignorant of the bible than when they first came to faith. I heard a lady preached the other day and told people to seed into the church an offering for their greatest need to be met. Shame on them all! They were told to take the money and pray what their need was over it before putting it on the altar. The statement of faith the preacher made was �Give God something to work with.� But what has happened to the fervent prayer of a righteous man availing much? James 5:16. What has happened to �John 15:7, If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

The great commission has not been called off. It is still an active commission and unless we stop playing church and deactivating the body of Jesus we will all have much to answer for in the end. Who hasn�t made mistakes in ministry? We all have but like David once we recognize our mistakes we are to repent and get back on God�s track. We are way off track. It takes one individual at a time sometimes to make the change come. You all know what God has called each of you to do. Just do it.

We are living in a world of extremes. The world is either extreme atavistic or extreme pacifistic. Few walk on the straight and narrow because the path is rarely found in this day and age.

When righteous men and women decided that the right way is taking to long and the wrong way will get the right thing done quicker something is definitely wrong. God is patient and so we can afford to be patient because everything is about His timing anyway. We cannot circumvent the laws or the word. There is simply no right way of doing wrong. There is no good end result either because if you don�t pay for your actions those that follow you will certain inherit your mistakes and bad judgment. We spent decades building mega churches and now those that would be happy to hear a word from God have lost faith in us because our God can�t help us keep out building furthermore our homes. Most churches are so indebt that they are not in a position to help its own members out of their situations. The church coffers are strictly reserve for bank use.

But everyone I speak to is telling me that the rapture will soon come and take them out of the mess we have made. I don�t think it is that simple. I don�t think we get to lead a generation astray and then we are raptured out leaving behind our mess. What makes us think we get off scot freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It is time to do the right thing and keep the word, yeah even the letter of the word. It is better to keep the letters than toss them all away.

April 12, 2011


Why not post this here?

House Minority Leader   Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk,  pictured standing, far right, speaks while  colleagues Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford and  Rep. Jack F. Hennessy, D-Bridgeport, play  solitaire Monday night as the House convened to  vote on a  new budget. (AP)
The guy  sitting in the row in front of these two....he's  on Facebook, and the guy behind Hennessy is  checking out the baseball  scores.  
These are the folks that  couldn't get the budget out by Oct. 1, and are  about to control your health care, cap and  trade, and the list goes on and  on.
Should  we buy them larger screen computers - or  - a ticket home,  permanently?  

This  is one of their 3-DAY WORK  WEEKS that we all pay for  (salary is about $179,000 per  year).


This is the way it is in the world. We have grown complacent. Few are taking the situation of what is happening in the world seriously. We take things for granted and hope that the people we place in charge of our affairs are minding the shop. Our faith belongs in God not in man. God is on duty 24/7 and he is in control. This picture depicts what is happening everywhere. Someone is suppose to be watching our nuclear reactors and looking at the seismograph to tell us when things are going wrong but they are asleep on the job or playing some video game or on some social network. It is no different then we who claim to be believers in Jesus and we spend our time playing church and no one is in the field. There is a strong delusion upon us. This is not really a shocker but conformation of the state of the world.

It is time for us to wake up and do God's work and stop pretending to be doing it while we entertain ourselves and pretend that we are sharing the gospel. Unless the lost is sought out and the gospel is preached how will they hear. PLEASE, let's stop pretending and represent our Lord who sends us.

April 7, 2011


Now who is crying?

When Obama was running for president I wrote some emails concerning his ability to be president of the USA. I stated that the issue of voting for President was not an issue of being black or white it was an issue of being the right person for the job. I stated then that the most qualified person was a better pick rather than the most popular person. The campaign signature then was �Change� but instead of getting money to trickle down Americans got money that only changed hands to the haves out of the hands to those needing and all we are left with is small change � nickels and dimes. Big banks and big corporation got the wealth of America. CEO�s got what was promised to main street Americans and the only one who got the house was Obama while millions of American lost their homes. The White House went to Obama and millions of American homes went to the bank.

When I sent out my emails before and after the election about Obama not being the right person for the job some of you wrote me emails to give the man a break. Some people blocked me from their email contact, some asked me to take them off my list and others even went so far as to call me a few choice names. I believe in freedom of speech so I didn�t take it to heart.

Here we are now and still things don�t look any better but worst. You know the saying, �The grass always looks greener on the other side.� Well we are well over on the other side and as far as I am concerned, the grass on this side looks worst. I have been told that the mess Obama is facing was because of the Bush�s previous administrations. Well, my thing is this, if a man stands up and claims that he can fix it all and accepts the position then he can�t turn around and point the finger because he agreed too accept the responsibility to do better with what is handed to him. He named it, he claimed it and surely he owns it.

The issue of race does not exist here, for me a qualified black man, a qualified white man, a qualified yellow or red man or green man would suffice. I would have voted for Colin Powell had he been a candidate. Anyway, today we find ourselves in a much worst situation than before and all the backers of Obama have long lost their romanticism of him. In the last 4 years I have visited 26 countries and have seen Obama�s picture everywhere and the word �hope� being synonymous with his name. Hope in my opinion only belongs to God or the Son of God. We took a junior senator and made him president and now we are all wondering what is happening to America.

So what is the answer now that you know the complaint? The answer is still God and reason. We can�t turn back the clock. What we can do is pray as a nation and begin to help each other when people cross our path. Yes, we Americans can do what the government has failed to do. We can provide food to those that are hungry, give drink to those that are thirsty, clothes to the naked, shelter to the homeless, visit those imprison and the sick. We can console those that have loses and encourage those that still have to take better care of what they have for the future generations to come. We can stop bickering and start planting fruit trees, vegetables and other crops that can help sustain us in an uneasy economy. The problem with Americans is that we have left our needs up to the supermarket to fill but in the situation of crisis no one is able to go outside their door and pick a single fruit to eat when the shelves are empty. We have learned to plant ornamental shrubs and trees to beautify rather than feed.

It is time to take action and I fear the time has already passed. God said that if we take care of those that are suffering, in the time of drought, be it financial or lack of rain He will keep fat on our bones. Well, we need not look far in America to find someone in need so let us do for each other what our government is unable to do for us. It is always possible to find grace in God�s eyes when we do the right thing. In Deuteronomy chapter 14 the bible tells us that tithes is what we give from our crops and flocks. Malachi tells us that the tithes are meat (food). We have taken what God have intended to feed the needy of this world and built buildings and paid salaries. Actually, Israel gave offerings (something of monetary value) of gold, silver, brass and precious stone as their offerings to build the temple with. The tithe is for meat and offering is for building. It is high time we do as God says and not as we think. Surely He will open a window and pour us out a blessing even when all seems hopeless. (The tithes are to feed (not pay) the priest, the fatherless, widows and strangers in the land (the homeless))

Government is not the answer, it is the law. Government is not the solution, in these days of unrest it is the problem. God is the answer and He is the solution. Things will not get better in the world but with God things can be bearable and even in the midst of despair not hopeless. In Matthew 25 the bible tells us that Jesus will return to judge the nations on the issue of how we have taken care of each other and the poor and destitute of our lands. It is time to turn our attention to God�s business. If we all do our part every need can be met. If there is trash on the ground pick it up, if there is hunger feed it, if there is sickness offer comfort and support, if there is homelessness give shelter. What I love about the American homes is that most rooms are bigger than most houses in third world nations. If you are going to water your plants at least make sure you can eat from what you water. The food supply for the world is diminishing so at least try to add to it.

Those of you who call upon the name of the Lord know that we have a command to reach the lost with the gospel. If you don�t share the gospel with the lost they will lay their depravity on your door step. In spite of where the economy is going and how bad things seem there is this great opportunity to share a real hope with those that are anxious for a better life. So many people around the world that I meet seem to think that the American dream is the epitome of life. Most don�t realize that that dream cost a lot to get and more to keep up with and hang on to. Jesus said that He has gone to prepare a place for us � a mansion. There is life and then there is LIFE. I hope you share the real McCoy with those that you meet � real life is in Jesus.

Coming back from Africa I can tell you that there is nothing new under the sun. We are all faced with the same dilemma only in various degrees. Governments are toppling because people are dissatisfied. If you think what is happening in the world cannot happen in America or in your nation you are wrong. Their solution is also only temporary. We usually trade one bad situation for another one. People are looking for their government to be the solution to their problems but whoever replace those they cast down may be the one that ends it all. God will not share His glory with another so eventually they will all have to come down. Eventually they will all come down because the bible says when Jesus comes back every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. He is coming back to rule and reign and so those that will refuse to bow are being brought down. We can�t change yesterday but we can impact today and tomorrow.

Let us now turn our hearts and minds on those things that are the heart of God. While the world is looking to replace leaders let us be certain that we are not trading again one mistake for another. Let us then stop crying over our spilt milk and let us cry to God for mercy and let us give Him every opportunity to hear us by doing His will. If we are going to cry let us cry to the Messiah to delay His return so we can bring in our harvest.

I believe by November this year things will take a greater turn for the worst. I also believe the fullness of the gentiles as stated in Romans 11 is upon us or we are on borrowed time. Take heed less you lose the opportunity presented to you to prepare the way of the Messiah. Remember when Messiah first came John preached repentance. I believe that on His return we also much more need to preach repentance. Repentance always comes before Messiah. We need to dismiss the doctrines of prosperity and such and call others to repentance. This is not the time to build another building and call it the house of God for 1 Corinthians states that we who believe in Jesus are the building. Let us therefore invest in buildings that have eternal value.

I pray that you will all take heed and at least ponder the words written here before you pass judgment on my words.

April 3, 2011


This Sunday I taught on tithing and how the tithes are intended to be food for the fatherless, widows, strangers and the priest but the offering is monetary which can be used for tangible things. Read on my commentary page "To Tithe or not to Tithe." After the teaching I was amazed that other people went out and purchased food to offer as their tithes and they also gave an offering.  Read Deuteronomy 14 and the book of Malachi to see what God says about tithes. In a few words tithes is for meat and offering is for matter. 30 loaves of bread were given as tithes, 4 bags of ugali flour, a bag of sugar and 2 sodas. Everyone in the congregation got a loaf of bread, the four widows received the ugali flour and the pastor received the sugar and a second and a half loaf of bread. 20 loaves of bread were given to children from within the Mathare slums community and several loaves were given out by the slice to others. Finally people are being fed and things are starting to happen for the better.

As the work continued up until I left Kenya yesterday morning, we have been dealing with issues of transportation on the matatus, private transportation widely available in Kenya. This is how the majority of people get around. The vehicles are licensed for only 14 people but it is normal for them to squeeze in 20 plus people and charge them all the same fee even though other people are squeezed into your paid seat. This issue is if there is an accident the insurance will not pay if there are more than 14 passengers on board and even though the municipal city government is responsible for oversight on the matatus, most police officers overlook the issue by taking bribes for the drivers. The situation is indeed challenging for anyone wanting to change the current situation. I have pretty much refused to ride in a matatu that carries more than 14 passengers and I voice my concerns when I am aboard one and they try to squeeze in more than the law requires and so far things have been that they will put the extra passengers off or I would get out and walk sometimes quite a distance for the right of things. Finally, before leaving my team members had started to voice their opinions as well and make a bit of a ruckus on the matatus about the illegal overloading. More and more people and becoming aware of what the consequence could mean to them if something happens in the overcrowded matatus and are saying something. It was great to see how many families began to adopt using utensils to eat with rather than their hands. An impact has also been made there as well. So many families have monthly trips to the doctors because of stomach aches and viruses and bacterial infections. Just imagine putting a plate of mashed potatoes on the dinner table and everyone putting their hands in the potatoes to take their share over and over again. Many people don't have soap to wash with and most often the soap is used after the meal not before. It is good to see people understand why their life span is so short and start to do something about it.

As I left Kenya the total students needing school fee support is now at 62 and although we have no idea where the funds will come from, poly poly (slowly, slowly) it is being done. We are trusting God to meet these needs. Without education the poverty will continue. Before I left Kenya, Pastor Calleb's family received a gas stove to cook with. They were using paraffin and charcoal. The smells from the paraffin sometimes can overwhelm you and the soot from the charcoal does its own damage in the lungs. These are photos of cooking when I first arrived and upon my departure. In the first picture the paraffin cooker is on the floor and the make shift electric cooker is in the corner. The next photo on the right is the new gas stove and now cooking preparation has moved from being on the floor level to being up on a counter. The last night in Nairobi was spent giving cooking lessons, how to bake, prepare balance meals, how to use the new pressure cooker, and how to make cook healthier with olive oil rather than animal fat.

The family learned how to bake apples with raisins and cinnamon, make a meat loaf, a hamburger, bake lemon pepper chicken, use left over rice to make rice pudding, and bake a cake. It was exciting to introduce cinnamon and black pepper to them. I even bought some cheese and most of the family and friends gathered for dinner liked the cheese and the texture. They have tasted things that were so foreign to them but would really add some excitement to their diet. I am certain that these small changes will extend the life span of this family. Finally food can be cooked until finished. Imagine eating meat so tough you can't swallow because it is undercooked. Once the paraffin and charcoal is finished the food is finished cooking. At least now with the gas, the food has a chance of cooking to completion and the pressure cooker will ensure that the meat and beans are fully cooked. (photos are posted with permission)

There are many issues that a challenge to the African people that can only be solved with proper application of the gospel. Many people will present the gospel - spiritual application of the gospel but so few really address the issues of diet, health, sanitation, spousal abuse, corruption and other such issues that can extend the life span of believers. Jesus said He came to give us abundant life but so many people in 3rd world nations have the privilege of living and abundant life when their life span is 45 and less in years. I spent part of my last few days in Kenya mending clothes. You would be amazed how much changed a child can feel about themselves if they are wearing clothes that have been mended and not in shreds. I hope that you will consider as you share the gospel to consider what else you can add to the life of the people you meet. Have courage to share in all aspects of the good news.

March 30, 2011


Ministry can have its ups and downs because people in ministry are just that, people. It is a struggle at times to discern the good and bad characters of those you connect with because in these days Jesus said many things will happen to the church. Many deceivers and false people will be with us more so than ever. He warns us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We need to be wise to avoid the attacks of the pretenders and we need to leave the judgments to Him because we are accessible to the whims of men and they can do us harm. Of course their hands are too short to reach Him so He can handle them better than us. Will a man rob God? Yes they have robbed Him in tithes and offerings. If you read the book of Malachi you will see that judgment was being passed because the priest were robbing God in that they did not take the tithes and feed the fatherless, widows and strangers. They offered polluted things as sacrifices to God. For this God said He will cut off that man that doeth these things. It is a very bad thing for any man to fail at taking care of those things that are the heart of God. Any man who takes from the care of the fatherless, widows and who fail to treat the strangers right will be cutoff. Any man who with hold form these people or who use what was intended for them to do other things will be cut off.

This is the reason why the organize church is failing today. We have take the tithes that was meant to be meat in the Father's house and used it to build buildings and pay salaries and utility bills and we have neglected the purpose of tithes. read Leviticus 14 and the book of Malachi. We have ever robbed God. It is time the church turns back to the truth of God's word and keep His commandments. Some one says we are no longer under the law but my understanding of the bible says that we are no longer under the penalty of the law because Jesus took our place of death - the penalty of the law. Surely God has not done away with the law - are we now free to kill and steal and worship other idols? Surely not! The law is ever with us but it does not oppress us because we can go now to the Father and say forgive and we are forgiven because the penalty has been paid. There is therefore now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.

The organize church is failing because we have robbed God and continue to do so because of our false teachings. God has not abolished the law, or the Sabbath, or what tithes are and how it is to be used and for whom. It is time to return to the bible and see things God's way. Like the priest of Israel we have done much damage to the name of God. It is time for us also to be wise in how we deal with those people whom have offended God. If the work is to continue and the gospel move about the earth we must do so with eyes wide open to what is really happening. It is not the time to abandon the work because of men doing evil and because they use the name of God to do so. It is time to press into the good work and like those employed in the last hour we too can earn our penny for the work done. Don't give up the fight and for goodness sake don't be discouraged by the evil of men even though they might wear a collar and call themselves men and women of God. Just press into the good work and set your eyes on the prize and let God finish you right. Even if you have to go it alone and do the work alone you are not alone when He is with you. He will set angels to protect you and He surely will come down and scatter His enemies from before you. Never mind the bad manners or the bad mind of man and how they abuse the good name of God. He is in control and as long as you remain obedient and stay faithful to the calling you will be well. Everything belongs to God anyway so what man do to you they are really doing to God when you have surrendered everything for His use.

If you are laboring with someone of bad report you will soon find out and you can escape the evil to come. God will surely show them to you. You have have been hearing with your ears will soon see with your eyes.  Seeing is not an option to abandon the course but to fix your eyes more steadily on the prize.  Gather the remnant and press on. God always leaves a remnant. Soon things will worsen, if today you can't run with the footman how will you contend with the chariots tomorrow. Leave evil men to God. Stay focus and when one door close another will open. God is cleaning house so many things will be exposed and laid out with the trash for all to see. When men begin to fall, just say, "But for the grace of God there goes I." Yes, it is God's grace that is keeping us. When you are righteous before God, what can come nigh unto you?

March 27, 2011


Today we fellowshipped at Wisdom Celebration Center in Mathare Slums, Nairobi, Kenya. We had a packed house and many visitors. The Sunday school children sang. Due to a donation from Eva Knight we were able to feed 104 families with a sack of ugali flour containing 2 kilos of flour in each sack. Every family in the congregation received a sack including visitors and the remainder were distributed through out the slums to families, about 50 sacks. We also gave the children bread and milk about 100 children received. We also picked up several new students, orphans, from the slums who are in need of school fee assistance. See photos.

March 26, 2011


As the entire Middle East begins to collapse it is time for the body of Christ to make a move toward the gospel getting through. Where people grow desperate for change they are more receptive to the gospel no matter the background. It is time to take back the old roads where the gospel was once carried. It is time to make a move in the Kingdom for the kingdom�s sake. God will surely make a way in the desert.

March 25, 2011


Finally today I was able to get my updates posted even though there is still some information needed on several students and photos to upload. It has not been easy and on Sunday we have a large crowd to feed of about 90 families receiving about 2 kilos of maize each. The children will have milk and bread. This is really a large undertaking. Please pray that all will receive their sacks of maize. There will be a large crowd at the congregation on Sunday so the opportunity to teach and preach the word of God will be a blessing. We are working on starting a tailoring school with Pastor Calleb to help deprived individuals secure a means of earning an income. The curriculum and fee structure has been completed and only now need to be distributed. Pastor Titus returned to Bungoma with curriculum and fee structure to organize for a school also in his area. We are looking to purchase 10 sewing machines for about $150 USD each to begin the school. They will need at least one or two over-locking machines $450 USD. The school will not only provide a skill for unskilled individuals but also a means of funding ministry projects. We hope to be able to employ many graduates upon graduation. We already have a building but no machines so please pray that with in the next few months we can get started. There are several other project we have in mind but those also will take time. Much of the money will go to pay school fees, aid widows, buy mosquito nets, bibles, food, medicine etc. We have already spoken to a doctor who will provide free medical care in some of the villages this coming summer. We will need funds to purchase medicine for dispensing on those visits. As the team will be travelling later this year we are in the process of getting everyone their international passports. We have 3 more passports to be paid for of about $120 each which included travel to the city to submit and pickup the passports. We will travel to approximately 7 countries to stir up the nations to make an impact in their harvest and prepare the way for the return of the Lord. We are expecting to travel for a month to 3 months. I am not able to state now exactly where we are going for issues of safety but we are asking if you can assist us to purchase sleeping bags, a first aid kit, mosquito nets, rain jackets as it will be during rainy season. We will need to purchase food, and we are also looking to feed widows and assist orphans on the journey. We shall be travelling by bus, train if possible, boat and foot. Once we reach our final destination we hope to fly back to Kenya if possible. God has given us a vision for Africa. Hopefully we will be able to keep you posted as we go. Besides getting everything ready for the trip we are making sure that the families of the team are provided for as their lives are a day-to-day struggle in ways you will not believe. They are making this journey that might cost them more than they can imagine. We are putting into place sustainable projects to keep them cared for.   The team has agreed that once we begin the journey no one will return no matter the situation until it is completed. We are 7 going to 7 nations. Pray that we will be able to raise up teams as we go to travel with the good news in other directions until all of Africa has been touched with this vision. We shall make a highway out of Africa.

There is much to be done but none-the-less we shall leave on our journey as God opens the door. We are determine that we shall  go forth. The team will begin to work together on outreaches while I return to the USA so that once we get moving we can function together as one united force. We have a lot of teachings and preaching to prepare for. We will also have to get familiar with other languages and start working out our route of travel. The time is short and we must make haste. I hope that all of you reading this journal have come to realize the times we are living in and have made preparation to labor in the fields. The time of the gentiles is drawing near to an end and we must redeem the times. As the year progress we will be faced with many more natural disasters, economic crisis, food shortages and diseases that we are not prepared to deal with. Wars and fall of nations will continue and the people will look for hope in man but they shall not find it. Do not be as the foolish virgins who failed to prepare and when the bridegroom came they were left out. By November we will see many changes for the worst but the end is not yet come. It is still the beginning of birth pangs. The gospel to the gentiles must be preached and leave the people no excuse for rejecting salvation. Please pray for all these endeavors. I will write further on the matter later so keep reading to find out what God is up to with us in Africa.

Today I also went back to Joan's school to get photos of student we are hoping to assist with tuition. I had an opportunity to meet with the director and make plans for improvement to the school. Unfortunately what little lab equipment they have is locked up rather than being used in the classroom for fear of them being stolen. They fear things being stolen but instead that fear is causing a lack in the education of the students. Both teachers and students have received a challenge to improve. We are hoping for 50 or more percent of the student body performing on national exams for university entrance by next year's national exam. It is imperative to this student fund project that we find a school that will ensure high performance and ensure university entrance. With this accomplish this African Student Fund will have a place refer its student's with hopes of better success. Right now a few brilliant students have been challenged to tutor struggling students to bring their grades up to university entrance levels. With success they will have school fees assistance paid for a year or 1/2 a year both for the tutor and the one needing assistance. 8 teachers in Joan's school has been given a challenge to get the student body 50% or greater to university grade level. If accomplished they will receive a bonus and the director agreed to include a performance basis means of giving bonuses to teachers who help the students make the grade. So much to do but I am certain God will assist those who care for the fatherless, widows and strangers.

March 24, 2011


We just returned from visiting Brian's school where I had the opportunity to speak to some of the student body. Brian is now at a new school because of some disturbances at his previous school. Several of the student's changed schools mid-term. Things seems to be going ok as the student in Kenya are now preparing to take the national exams. The students were extremely attentive and we were able to challenge to students to excel beyond the average grade in return for one term school fees being paid for them and their student tutor if they are able to raise their grade from a "C" to an "A". We also did this challenge at Joan's school and we hope in the future that we will see better test results. We also challenged the entire student body to show marked improvement on the national exams and CTWM will provide some science lab equipment as high schools in Kenya do not have labs of any kind. Every thing is learned by rote and memorization is the key factor to learning. So many students attend boarding school in hopes of bettering their chance of entering university with better grades but more fail than succeed. There is no application of knowledge offered in the schools here. We have challenged them to give them some solar panels to experiment with while Pastor Titus will instruct some on how to install solar panels for electricity. Perhaps this will be a start to change in Kenya schools. Today's newspaper stated that the schools are failing because of teachers. I believe it is because of the type of system, the teachers, the students and the fact that the parents have just decided to give over the education of their children to boarding school that have a high rate of failure and are only taking their money with no results. We just visited a school where only 5 or less pass for university out of almost a hundred students. Eventually most of the student body end up doing some menial job or settling to be a hair dresser or start a small road side store, transporting people and good on motorcycles or bicycles. If Africa is to change there must be a change in education. Pray for the students we are currently sponsoring and that they will indeed receive school fees and show improvement in grades. There are many challenges in their lives but surely they now realize that challenges do not have to defeat them.

This project really, really, really, needs your support. It is very young but I believe we can make a difference. Many of the students are orphans and children of some of our pastors that are actively involved in evangelism. They spend a great deal of time away from their families when I am here on outreach and they hardly make a living to keep their families above ground. With school fees paid much can be done otherwise. Please lend your support on this project.

March 23, 2011


We arrived yesterday evening from our trip up country to Rongo where I spoke at a girls school and then we went on to Migori where Pastor Calleb is from. It was all quite a trek as we also made a trip to where his wife is from which is near Lake Victoria and quite a distance away through terrible roads. The rains that have now come to some parts of Kenya has washed away many bridges and it was difficult at times to maneuver the vehicles we travelled in. Many times we had to get out and push or lift the vehicle off of large boulders.

Hilda's young sister-in-law died and so we attended the funeral and I was graciously given an opportunity to speak to the mourners where there were hundreds who attended. The deceased was a mere 38 and the mother of 5 children.

Back at Calleb's homestead we had many opportunities to visit the sick, widows and a widows group who have organized themselves to care for each other and their orphan children. The team has agreed to send $5,000 ksh in April and later $10,000 ksh to purchase a milk cow that will all help support the widows group of about 30 widows. There are many widows due to their spouses dying of HIV. One widow, Rose, has been taking the HIV pills for the last 15 years and is doing well. She has 3 sons. The team has agreed to sponsor her and her children with school fees. Her current home is in desperate need of repair and one brother-in-law has promised her for the last 9 years to build her a new home. There is this tradition in Kenya that when someone died the house is torn down. This woman has been harassed about leaving this house she is in because two people has already died in it. She has no choice but to stay. The house is actually well built but need new iron sheet about 7 so we will supply them. The two nicer rooms are being used for the chickens while the family lives in the room that leaks the most. The chickens are their livelihood do it is difficult for them to keep them outside even though they cause health issues. They fear thieves will take them so they sacrifice their health. We will address the issue of the chickens and build a coop to get them out of the house so the family can have back their space. There are no beds in the house, and the family sleeps on the floor all together in a leaky room. We have agreed to purchase a bunk bed, a single bed and a double bed for the mother and children. We have also agreed to complete the roof line to the iron sheet roof so the wind can be blocked and we will paint the house as it is all concrete and dark and dismal. Finally as we noted one of her sons is experimenting on solar lighting we will install solar power light to the three room so she will not have an electric bill.

We visited Joan's mom who was very sick. Joan is the first student we sponsored for school fees in Nairobi. We praise God because when we arrived at her home she was desperately ill but when we left God had revived her. The next day while we were leaving the report was, she is well. It was good to return to Nairobi with a good report to Joan. She was not told for sometime that her mother was sick because they did not want to disturb her studies. Her uncle had however called the day before to tell her how ill her mom was but we arrived in time to say otherwise. Praise God for a good report.

Praise God also that the rains has finally arrived in most of Kenya and we pray that those that are able to prepare their fields can do so and reap a good harvest this year. The country has really suffered from drought for quite sometime now. The rains also helps with the issue of dust which makes so many people sick with upper respiratory illnesses. Also, there is the issue of mosquitoes that comes with the rain and the rise in malaria due to a lack of mosquitoes nets. The constant use of the same meds for malaria takes its told as soon there will be resistance to it. We are hoping that we will be able to supply some mosquito nets to many house holds soon but everything depends on finances.

There is a lot that can be done to help elevate pain and suffering in third world nations because of the currency exchange. Unfortunately many world know organizations that pledge to do just that has done far too little. It is nothing to see sacks of clothing meant for the poor and needy that was to be freely given sold in bundles. In all my travels in Africa I have yet to see a free distribution center anywhere. Even so called briefcase pastors that solicit aid from abroad use the finances for personal gain and nothing is being done to help the people they promised to assist. Catch the Wave Ministries give 100% of its donated funds to the cause but I must say that what is donated is less than 1% of what is being used. We have no sponsors, congregational support or well wishers except now and again some one actually keeps their word and sends what they promised.  That is a fact. You can see the few who support the ministry on this website where they donated funds are recorded with photos. I have learned to say, never-mind who gives and who do not, I have truly seen miracles with the little that we have. I am amazed that god can take so little and do so much. I have met people who have donated thousands but have seen no fruit or results.

I am encouraged as I check back in my travel log book and see all the helps that have been rendered. God is good. Surely the windows of heaven is opened to this ministry even if the pockets of the people are not.

Photos of this trip will follow as I have time to down load later. Still no internet available. Today I arrived at the cyber cafe and as soon as I logged on to the internet the power shut down. I am still unable for the last 3 weeks to gain access to fund needed to do projects as we travel so only promises has been made. It shall soon come to past all that has been promised. I believe!


Today, I was given the opportunity at Bridgeway Secondary School to speak to the students and teachers. I spoke for 2 hours and I pray that at least the teachers and the students were both challenged to success. This is the school Joan attends. Two students were challenged to bring their grades up from a "C" average to .a B+ or an A we will pay school fees for a year for one student and 1/2 a year for another. One student will tutor another and if met with success he also will be given $51 ksh and school fees paid for one year. Kenya school system is rigorous routines of memorization and rote but little successes. This one school out of almost 100 student only 5 or less pass national exams annually to attend university. There is no practical application for the students in their studies. Much money is spent by parents yearly for their children's school fees and the success rate is so small. Definitely much reform is needed in the education system here. Too many students are completing form 4 but so few are in university. I meet too many students completing high school with nothing gained that is usable to get a job or get them toward their dreams. I am hoping when I return to Kenya in August that I can return with some teaching aids in science, physics, math and other areas that will help improve the system. Just think of a science class, physics class or a biology class without a lab to perform basic experiments. Everything is a picture in a text book. The majority of houses here do not have electricity or running water. There are no televisions or radios. Yet this educational system expect a student taking form 4 exams to problem solve and write answers to problems they have no hands-on application in. The system is designed to cause students to fail. I am praying God for a change. I am also praying for an opportunity to speak to individuals that can make a national difference in Education.

The gospel is more than just preaching to the lost. The gospel much change lives, spiritually, physical and mentally. God has given me a vision to make a difference in Africa. It can be done on so little if each person is doing a bit.  I believe that one day the world that had so little expectation to blacks, Africans will be put to shame. I believe in the months and few years to come things will drastically change on the face of the earth. We swill continue to experience many wars, natural disasters and the world is not ready for what is coming. Africa has survived on so little for so long it will survive and overcome. God shall make a highway out of Africa.

You shall expect more natural disaster to come our way this year and economic and food shortages. I hope there are at least a few people reading this journal that can see the reality in what i am saying and make preparation. I have been telling my family for some time now that they must make preparation and too often I am asked "why?" Jesus told us to trim our lamps with oil before the bridegroom comes or we will be left behind. He did not say pay the electric bill but trim our lamps. I believe the world will be  in utter chaos when He returns. We will be in darkness when he makes His appearance.  Humor me and buy a lamp and some oil. Africa already has its lamps and oil. They don't have to reach to far to survive as they have been doing so for so long a time and survival is natural to them. they know what is coming from year to year. They know how to tighten their belly from hunger. What does the west know of such things with its plenty. I think by November 11 things will really change for the worst.  We have too many leaders in the world with little experience, no morals, and with a drive for personal power that they have no any desire to serve the people who got them into the position in the first place. I pray God to help us.

March 17, 2011


Today we leave Nairobi for up-country where we will do some ministry and have opportunities to speak in several secondary schools. Pastor Titus arrived last night from Bungoma and Evangelist Faith arrived from the other side of Nairobi. We will leave this evening with Pastor Calleb until March 22. We have finally formed our evangelism team of sound individuals. We are looking forward to seeing what God will do for us in the future. We have many many endeavors putting into place that will move us in the direction God desires and as things unfold we will share the blessings of God with you. African winning Africans and making a way where there is no way.

March 16, 2011


Masielo March 3rd - 6th: We returned back to Masielo to evangelize and teach where as previously we only had opportunity to teach on the first Sunday visit. We praise God for all that was accomplished and the moving about in the Masielo community. Unfortunately I was ill on this trip and did not get about so easily. We encountered several individuals who readily accepted salvation. Mostly the time was spent in teachings in the afternoons after door-to-door and the results were extraordinary. Again we taught on many topics and in this place we had so many question from the teachings concerning health issues, sanitation and personal issues of how to deal with abuse and marriages where the spouse is unsaved and drunkards. We discussed diet and how the daily diet of ugali add to the issue of diabetics. We had planned to purchased a sack of maize but the store locally was out and so it had to be put off until this past Sunday while I am now here in Nairobi but I understand it went well and the widows received 6 kilos of maize each and the remainder was distributed to other families in the congregation. 4 souls came to salvation on this visit.

I just received a report from Pastor Titus concerning Masielo visit. There were certain men who had gone to the neighbor of pastor Leonard to buy local brew that I chased away on the second day in Bungoma. The night before there were so many men next door drinking all night and making a raucous. The next morning I spoke to the neighbor and told him his behavior was appalling and an embarrassment for the Pastor. They were people now arriving to purchase their morning brew and I chased them away. I told them how alcohol affects the body and that they had no idea what that man was putting in that brew. From Pastor Titus I understand that those men that was chased away came to congregation on this past Sunday. Praise God for all that he is doing. Even Pastor Titus' wife Matrine received many written question from members of the congregation. It is amazing to see this in such a culture were women remain almost silent on personal issues.

Match 15, 2011


Finally, I am in Nairobi once again and finally have the opportunity to charge my computer and add some much needed updates. The home I stayed in was solar powered and no inverter to charge the computer. Now there is a bit of time to catch up and tell what has been happening. I have had a steady cough since arriving in Bungoma and travelling to the interior villages. I have also been on alti-biotics since arriving in Kenya, amoxicillin twice,  erythromycin, co-amoxiclav and 5 shots of shethycim among other meds. The malaria is gone, the cough remains and mostly I think it is due to the dust in the air. Kenya is going through a drought and Bungoma is definitely the filthiest place I have been in so it has not help much. Everything is n the dust and coming from the posher flour mills where maize and other grains are turned into flour. This has not been a healthy trip but I have persevere even though there were times I felt I needed to check into a hospital or take the next flight home and check myself into a hospital. I am happy I did not do any of that even though my body feels like it has been weakened by this trip I know that I shall recover all. Much has been accomplished and I am happy to report that the work, teachings, evangelism and helps have been successful.


Lunakwe February 24th - 27th: After spending a few days in Bungoma after being in Bumulla we headed for Lunakwe from Thursday to Sunday evening. We were hosted by a very nice family. All three of us on the team were ill but the work continued. Pastor Titus and Pastor Benson both had malaria and though it was a struggle we kept working. I was still on a new anti-biotic,  the weather was really hot and we had some long trek to make the second day that was really exhausting but good. The first day we had opportunity to do some teaching and visit a tilapia fish farm in the area. that was operational. There were others that were only dug out ponds waiting for the rains to come and fill or for boreholes to be dug so water can be pumped in the ponds to be stocked. There were many challenges in Lunakwe but not impossible to see improvement. Teachings consisted of issues dealing with diet, health, sanitation, the law and present application, the seven feast and their impact on end time prophecy,

There are many issues being faced by women due to traditional that has really assaulted the mental health of many women that had to be addressed. There were the issues of the care of widows and orphans and how the bible describes the use of tithes to provide food for the priest, fatherless, widows and strangers in the land. How to care for the land was of great concern because there is really no teaching s on crop rotation and planting for a balance diet. Most people sustain themselves on ugali made from maize flour. It is not unusual to be served ugali, rice, bananas and a meat at one meal. Little vegetables if not none are served. Because of the lack of a balanced diet when people get ill there bodies are not able to handle the medications because of poor nutrition.

Village after village and home after home we find the same situations. Animals are living in the houses with the people because they fear them being stolen. Such close confinements in such a small hut or house compromises the health of everyone. The chickens, ducks, doves, and other farm animals come in and out of the house with liberty leaving their dung behind. The floors are mostly made of cow dung and once it dries and then is swept daily the dust is released into the air and breathe in by all. Even when the animals dung on the floor and it dry it is dispersed into the air at each sweeping. It is not uncommon for most households to spend most of their money monthly taking the child to the doctor because of upper respiratory infections, malaria and rashes on the body and head. Most huts or adobe houses have only two rooms and there can be anywhere from two children in the house to eight or more. Water is scarce and have to be hauled from a long distance so the opportunity to wash hands often, bathe, wash clothes and linen is trying. Often you find the animals drinking out of the cooking and eating wares that are sitting on the ground waiting to be washed. Even when washed they are pecked at and then used without further sanitization. It is one thing to preach salvation to people but when they are not taught about health and sanitation issues their life span is cut short and so no abundant life in Jesus. Every opportunity is one to teach salvation, good health, sanitation,  how to deal with domestic abuse among other issues. Most women who have children are up from 5 am because they have to get the children ready for a day of school that often have them leaving home by 6am and returning by 6 or 7 pm.

The second day we did our door-to-door evangelism while every now and them stopping to greet congregational members. we came across some men who were idle by the road watching a tree cutting crew fell trees. It took some time to convince them to go home and care for their own families and help their wives in the field. As we continued to move about in the community we came to some men who were sitting drinking local brew and others were coming to join them. It was an opportunity to preach the gospel. The group grew from three individuals to twelve and at the end of about an hour preaching and teaching their each gave their hearts to the Lord and the first three who were sitting with their cups filled of local brew threw it way. There were young men, elder men and widows in the group. What was the turning factor for these individuals accepting God's gift of salvation was preaching and teaching on all areas of live and how alcohol can affect the body after drinking and returning to the field in the hot sun to work. Teaching about what it means to be saved  was crucial and how often when a free gift is given it has no impact unless received. To often we have spiritualized salvation to the extent. How amazing it was to have each man with his local brew take up their container and throw away the remains. As we continued moving about in the community we looked back and saw the group still gathered together rejoicing together. The day ended with a teaching at one member's house where many had gathered sitting outside in chairs on mats and on table tops listening to the word of God. We taught on body, mind and spirit. You would be amazed how many women have come to salvation after marriage and now struggle with their husbands about going to congregation. Many believing women are beaten for attending congregation. Many women are married to drunkards and men that do not work but wiled away their day idle and come home at night ready to beat their wives if food is not yet prepared or enough. One of the greatest fears of many women here is that they husbands will bring HIV home to them. Most women start their day at 4am or 5am and it does not end until 11pm. They haul 20 liter containers of water sometimes 3 times a day on their heads and carrying in both hands. The wells are not tested for toxins or bacteria but they normally put water guard in their drinking water. They are using this treatment method rather than boiling water and although some bacteria are killed they still suffer with stomach ailments, diarrhea and upper respiratory conditions. I am amazed at how many types and often medications are taken. At least once or twice a month most household are at the doctor's with sick children. How is it that the doctor's are ready to prescribe medication but are unwilling to tell their patients to practice good hygiene, sanitation and eat right? They are willing to keep keep treating the ailments but not give the cure. The teachings are well received and it is such a blessing to return to a home and find them practicing what has been just taught a day ago.

In Lunakwe we had 19 souls who received salvation. We were able to pay the school fees for 3 primary school students and one form 4 student. We purchased a 40 kilo sack of maize corn and distributed to the entire congregation. The widows, about 5 of them received 4 kilos of maize whiled all the other families received a kilo each. All families were fed from the congregation which included new believers who attended. There was one family of a man and his five children who we met on the Saturday door to door evangelism outreach that was brewing local brew and selling in his home. When we arrived at the house there were 4 men sitting getting ready to consume the brew but the man realizing we were preaching the gospel took the bottle in the house and came back out and sat so we could share the gospel. When his children came out to be introduced to us we were shocked to see the condition of their hygiene. The 2 middle children were so grossly infected with chiggers that both their finger and toe nails were badly infected and they had just came from eating their afternoon meal with their hands. It was only the youngest child, a girl, that that had maintain here body in cleanliness. The 2 middle children were unwashed and the father could not say when was the last time they had bathe. Too much of that situation to tell but this man and his friends heard the gospel and the man promised to care for his children. We left and I felt a need to do something more for these children and so the team left to go to the market to purchase slippers for each of the children and the youngest received shoes and socks. We bought soap for the children to wash with and a basin, some hydrogen protoxide for the infections and took them back to the house. When we arrived we found one of the previous men had returned and some other and their cups were filled of the local brew preparing to drink. I went over to the group took the bottle and the cups and threw it all about and scolded the father for being so untruthful about his previous commitment to the gospel and caring for his children. I should say he was truly repentant and after being sternly admonished he promised to take batter care of the children. In actuality when we returned the children had all gone to fetch water to bathe. We left the things and one sister from the congregation came over and said she would look after the situation. The next day the 3 younger children were in congregation freshly bathe, heads shaven and clothes clean. Their grandmother who was newly converted was also there. We came to find out that the man had learned to make the local brew from his mother. She has since repented. The congregation now checks on the progress of the children and all the children attend congregation. There was one young albino girl that also received sun screen lotion and sunglasses to protect her eyes. It was also from this family that 3 received school fees.

March 7, 2011


Mission trip: I have been traveling to other villages, Lunakwe and Masielo for evangelism, teachings and services. I have also been very ill and although the malaria has left i now have a bad cough and am on anti-biotic once again. I also have stomach pains and struggle at night to sleep from the coughing. This week I will be in Bungoma before returning to Nairobi to work there until I leave. Notes and photos will be forthcoming as  it has been difficult to find the time to write and go to the internet for publication. The weather has not help the situation is it is extremely dry and hot and the rain season that should have started mid-February has yet to begin. Baby Joy has been sick but now recovered after a week of struggling with malaria. Most of the children have been coughing or have a bad cold. I spent the last week on other issues that can change the quality of life for the people of Bungoma. Please click on the proposal that I drafted for residence of the city to deal with health issues etc. A lot of work went into the proposal and thank God I had a meeting with the Mayor of Bungoma on Thursday morning and he received the proposal with a copy going to the engineer and other pertinent individuals. Pray for Kenya as elections are coming up next year and they they have a new constitution with can't be put in effect because they have 2 leaders sharing the role, a prime minister and a president. They are busy campaigning for the next election and in their time of office nothing has gone forth. The people are suffering and there is no relief. The border of Kenya and Somalia, Ethiopia have been in the news here as some forces have move onto Kenya's soil looking to disturb their peace. It has been stated that they are rebels forces already in Nairobi looking to create problems.

There is chaos all over the world in ever venue. There are no more rumors of situations but evidence of things happening. If there is any doubt in anyone's mind as to the times we are living in, I dare say, turn on the television or the radio. We only need to recognize that we are living in perilous times. Before the Messiah return as with the first time he came repentance has to follow. This is the time preaching repentance not prosperity. All these men and women that are now frustrating the gospel will be used even in a worst way by the enemy if they do not repent. What we fail to deal with now will be or undoing in the times to come. When good people sit by and do nothing evil will have its full reign.

For years people in free nations have been sending money home to assist in terrorism and other activities. Today churches ignorant of people operating in other nations are doing the same thing. They are sending funds to individuals that will one day break the backs of the church. It is time for congregations to clean their houses. It is time to preach repentance and make disciples of those converted. if they are not converted today tomorrow they will be a part of the force the enemy uses to persecute the body of Christ. Jesus said "go and preach the gospel" but we have put up buildings and said no, "you come." Obedience is still better than sacrifice.

May God help each of us to redeem the times. Pray for Susan and her deliverance. "And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he hath seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity." Leviticus 5:1 When we see or hear of evil and do nothing we are also guilty.

February 21, 2011


Yesterday Pastor Titus and his evangelistic team and I return from Bumula on a 3 day outreach. God has indeed been good to us. The day prior to going to Bumula I was sick again and taken to the doctor and was diagnosed with malaria. While in Bumula I completed my prescription and am now fully recovered. I am so amazed how very little it cost to see a doctor here but because the average annual income is way below the poverty level what seems like little to me is a great deal to the people who live here.

            Today, Pastor Titus� daughter had to go to the doctor as well and praise God all shall be well. Just simple things like boiling water before drinking and putting a bit of Dettol in bath water or a bit of bleach in laundry water can make such a big difference on health issues and can even extend one�s life span. Many homes here in the interior of Kenya are agricultural based and so many households have ducks, chickens, pigeons, guinea hens, cows etc. Too often these animals stay in the homes of the families and go in and out of the houses leaving behind their droppings. It is truly the most unsanitary conditions one can live in. The people have to go often to the wells to fetch water so washing up after such messes do not happen.

            The worst of these conditions is that the children eat while sitting on the floor and it is no surprise to see the animals hovering around the children pecking at their food and steeping in and around their plates. This is still a culture that eats with their hands only after washing a bit with just water which does nothing but smear the dirt more. The lack of water also causes many families to launder their sheets infrequently and wash their dishes on the ground outside with the same animals sticking their heads in the water to drink. Most people dry their wares on the ground where animals dying for a drop of water will peck or lick the dripping water from clean wares.

            Most people don�t seem to open their windows for some reason and so the home remains dark and dingy. This only causes mosquitoes to stay indoors and without mosquito nets the people suffer from malaria. Already their diet is poor and so when they get sick even the medication don�t take full effect because of poor nutrition. I spent a great deal of time teaching also on health issues and thank God I am graciously received even thought the topic and issues can be a bit embarrassing but when God leads the way the hearts are ready to receive. It took 3 days to finally have the team and visitors at are host home to use utensils when eating. Centuries of tradition are hard to break, but slowly slowly God will make a way.

This time in Africa I feel compelled to read Torah so I have been reading Leviticus and Deuteronomy and praise God when an issue of health and sanitary conditions arise it has been the very same chapter that I had just read to show how God�s dietary, sanitary and agricultural laws are beneficial to all of humanity. With the readings in Leviticus and Deuteronomy lives are being impacted. Africa has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world and it is due in great deal to such poor conditions.


Bumulla February 17th - 20th: The evangelistic efforts in Bumula were such a success that people were calling the bishop in Bungoma for the congregation to inform him of all the work. Normally on a Sunday in the Bumula congregation the number have only been between fifteen and thirty in attendance. After outreach the congregation was filled to capacity. Even member who have not attended in months attended because many of their homes were visited during outreach along with the homes of their unbelieving neighbors. Fifteen individuals gave their hearts to Christ during the three days and all of the backslidden and unattending members attended on Sunday. There were even members from other congregations who attended and one pastor in particular came about 15 kilometers to attend.

We were able to pay tuition in full for 3 primary school students for the full year and two school fees for one semester each. For of the students were orphans from the same family. For as little as a hundred dollars tuition can be paid for about 20 plus students for a full year for primary school. Basic education is so very crucial to Africa coming out of its poverty. There are many concerns with the educational system but in general an education at this point is of value with or without systematic issues. One school was more concern with spending $90,000 ksh for three toilets rather than equipping the classroom for learning. Many students are chase away from school due to lack of school fees. I had to remind the principals of the schools that they might be chasing away their future doctors, lawyers, politicians, nurses, inventors, engineers etc. The promised that they will discuss with their district school leaders how to better assist brilliant students who due to poverty can�t remain in school.

One small group of people living in the same compound, one a widow with aids who recently lost her husband to aids and one of her two children, a woman with asthmas who cannot adequately care for her children and another woman were given a sack of maize corn so their can feed their families for about three days. The issue with the woman with HIV is that her parents who are caring for her don�t have sufficient to feed her and her son so the medication is not effective as she is undernourished. Often from taking the aids medication on an empty stomach she gets even worst. One widow taking care of four grandchildren whose mother died and father abandoned them were in the cane field looking for a certain weed to go home and cook for the children. She received some shillings to help buy goods.

There was a little boy who had a sore on his leg for the pass three years with no sign of healing. One observation was that the conditions he lived in is unsanitary and the wound is not dressed only when it gets more infected and mom takes him to the clinic. We purchased necessary medical supplies to last about a month and showed the mother how to wash it and dress it. The members from the congregation in Bumula will follow-up every three days to ensure the leg is being tended and in a sanitary manner.

Many people were encouraged and prayed for. We had at least two or three teachings daily and many people attended. We were extended an invitation to follow-up in one private school to teach health and sanitary conditions to students, parents and staff. A certain man after hearing about the children whose feeds were paid came to seek us out at pour host�s house. He is a retired teacher who uses his pension to build a school for orphans. He pays the salary for seven teachers and provides uniforms and food for the orphans as well. At present he has 80 students whereas a few are paying students which helps alleviate some of the financial needs of the orphans. Imagine that, he takes his entire pension to ensure these students can have a future.

Our host family was exceptionally kind and generous to us. There were five of us who travelled to Bumula to minister and the family pretty much gave us their living quarters and fed us 3 full meals a day which I know was an amazing sacrifice for them. They hauled water constantly form the well across the way so that we could eat and bathe. I tried drawing water from the well and one container takes 20 times pulling up water to fill. Their home was also the place where many of the teaching took place so their property was over run with many people. It was the very same family that donated the lot that the current congregation building is now on. They use the building during the day as a nursery school for very poor children which include feeding them.

After the first day of evangelism many from the congregation who partnered wit us to do door-to-door evangelism found their courage to take the bold step and take the lead the other days. The work will now continue. We have seen the beginning of neighbors caring for each other. We have seen souls won and needs met. Now there are saying the work is not at all difficult to do and they are more than able to continue.

I thank God for my health and the opportunity to really feel what it is like to be an inhabitant of this nation. It is most difficult but not impossible. Pastor Titus has a great deal ahead of him to accomplish but it is the work of the kingdom and God shall see it through. We are preparing a manual on health and sanitary conditions to teach and on this Thursday we continue again to another village to labor. There is nothing impossible with God.

To change the conditions of one community takes so little yet we find every excuse why it can't be done. Salvation, education and sanitary and health issues can turn things around. In some countries it can cost so little but those who have passed that way before have sent out false reports and have done little to make an impact. I have found out there are some missionaries around in some of these areas but the people have not seen them as they stay in their compounds. What report shall we render to the Lord. I believe that the bible is right when God says the last shall be first. Africa is indeed last and I look forward to her being first in the work of the Lord.

See photos from this outreach.

February 14, 2011


All is going well here in Bungoma as I am now fully recovered from pneumonia. God has indeed been good to  me. For less than $20 USD I was able to see a doctor twice and get medication to assist  me in healing. Since being here we have done much things. Yesterday I returned to the village of Maseilo and what a blessing to see how God has taken a community that once was the epitome of poverty and transformed it. The community is immaculately clean and the crops that have been planted are fairing very well. The congregation, when I left there 2 years ago numbered about 30 members and on Sunday, yesterday there were 51 children who attended the service as well as children's school. The adults were about 71 and not all were present. Everyone has been laboring together to assist each other. The widows are well cared for and the eldest mama Susanna now has a bed which before she was sleeping on the floor with several other grandchildren sharing the small hut with her. the roof was repaired when last there. She is doing well along with the other widows. $2,000 ksh was donated to assist the widows with purchasing a sack of maize flour so they can sell to earn their keep as well as the congregation giving them monthly support of food goods.

Mama Anna was also present whom we rebuilt her home 2 years ago and as her family were all Moslems most are now attending congregation with her. The land last leased is still being farmed and the produce is being shared among the congregation. We met with three secondary students who are in need of school fee assistance and soon we will seek sponsors to aid them once we receive the fee structure from their schools. One little boy with certain learning disabilities whom we assisted last year to receive special glasses will also be assisted with tuition. We have agreed to assist the women's department by acquiring more clothes for them to sell as I brought 2 suitcases of clothes on this trip. We also discussed starting a small store selling much needed food staples in the community that will help the members and community.

All resources will go to assist with school fees, uniforms, bibles, tracts, food, clothes, medical care, mosquito nets, etc. Next month the field will be planted in time for the rain. The assistant pastor received a donation as well as mama Susanna. We are also in the process of gathering data for a project which we prayed will bring relief to evangelistic efforts. One family in Bungoma received food donation. 2 congregation also received donations. Transportations has been provided for a pastor to travel from Burundi to Kenya to evangelize. A Kenyan evangelist who will join pastor Titus and myself on some evangelistic out reaches was provided with finances to obtain her passport for travel to several nations in June or July as the Lord leads. Of course pastor Titus and his family has received some donation to assist them in their daily upkeep. Living in this nation is not easy for many especially as a pastor. With his permission I shall include photos later. As I was a bit recovering from pneumonia and now recovered the tedious work of door-to-door will begin on Thursday.

Keep this mission trip in your prayers and know that we are operating on a small and limited budget and your help and prayers are greatly needed.

February 8, 2011


Pastor Titus has arrived from Bungoma to fetch me and  we leave on Thursday. We went into the city today to get some communion cups for the  congregations in the Bungoma area and to do some research for a sustainable business we hope will generate enough funds to finance the many projects started here in Kenya. So far what we have found looks reasonable as we have been praying for these 2 years that God will give us a good business plan and good strategies on how to finance this great work. Things looks extremely promising and we hope to have things up and running y by mid-July the latest. We believe that this is a God sent answer to prayer and that it will finance all evangelistic endeavors, pay school fees, help assist with pastor's needs, feed and clothe the poor as well as provide bibles, assist with purchasing medicine, mosquito nets and shelter for the homeless. This will be an effort for Africans by Africans.

Please pray that we will not meet with obstacles and that the committee loosely formed on this project will solidify and come up with a covenant agreement that will keep everything with integrity and accomplish what has been purposed. David said he has never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. We believe that this work will go forward in such a way that it will be a model for other congregations and ministries here in Kenya. I believe the bible says that Paul was a tent maker and was able to earn his keep. The disciples were fishermen among other things and so had a means of earning their keep.  i believe that to accomplish kingdom work we do not have to borrow funds or be indebted to do the work. God is our provider and He gives us strategies and knowledge on how to accomplish His work.

To day sister Faith whom i meet 2 years ago came to greet me at pastor Calleb's home. She shared her testimony with me. When she first came to the Lord as a teenager she was chased away from her home by her father who though she was under the influence of witchcraft but then years later realized how wrong he was and welcomed her back to the family. Since then faith has lead all her family to the Lord. Faith has an anointing on her life. She has been given a great tool used in praised and worship, her voice. She has a heart for the lost and involves herself in evangelism. Faith also has a clear understanding of the word and is a great teacher.

Two years ago the Lord showed me that Africa will be won by Africans. This year He is beginning to show me some of the people He will use to do this great work. Africa has all the people it needs but the gifts only need to be stirred up. I am most happy to give way to the vessels God desires to use here in this land. The work belongs to them. They only need the opportunity and assistance to get them where they need to go. I believe this financially sustainable project we are working on will provide for those needs. Faith has been given the necessary funds needed to acquire a passport as they are many opportunities to preach the gospel here in East Africa. Pastor Titus has now connected with Faith to labor together in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo. The doors are open. The work is for those who speak the language and understand the culture.

I look forward to working with them and seeing what God will do with this work. I also find pleasure in turning things over to them to manage on their own as I know that Lord will give them the grace and knowledge to complete the work. It is not His will that we enable others but that we disciple them to carry on from where there are..

February 7, 2001


Since arriving in Kenya I have been ill with pneumonia and trying desperately to recover. I am thankful to have been to a doctor and received antibiotics which has helped greatly but there is still the lingering awful cough I am left with. I am hoping to be rid of it shortly and on my way to a productive trip. I was a bit amazed that as far as cost I was able to go to a doctor and receive treatment for relatively fractions of what i would have paid in the USA. I joke with my host family that I can't afford to be ill in the USA but in Africa.

On this past Sunday I attended congregation at Wisdom Celebration Center where I was the primary speaker. It was a full house with many visiting pastors; some coming from a far way off. I had the opportunity to hear from the family of Brian whom was assisted with his school fees just this past December. The mother of Brian testified that she had broken her leg in three places and the doctors though they would have to amputate it but thank god it was saved and still on the mend. His father is a auto body repairman and makes a meager living as he does not have a garage. The family has been struggling with only one person employed and four children in school. Due to the hardship Brian was not able to continue in school because of his fees being so greatly in the rears. This fees has been brought current by Andralla Gibson-Smith, Beverly Headley and Annette Burke.

Once I hear the testimony of Brian's situation from his mother I was so thankful he had been assisted in the niche of time. It happened that Brian was at home because his fees were in the rear also due to his mother's injury and lack of employment. He was bothered with being in the home always and took to the streets. He became involved with 6 other boys on the streets getting into trouble and so on. There were 7 in all that were hanging around together when 6 of them were killed and Brian escaped the tragedy. Then his tuition was paid without knowing his story and now he is back in school safe way from the streets.

His parents invited us to their home after congregation on Sunday to have dinner. It was a stark reminder of how life can be. Their home is in the slums of Mathare in Nairobi. Thousands of people are crowded into this very small area and living  in rooms mostly. They share a lavatory with is also the washroom and in this building where Brian's family lives there is currently no electricity because the landlord has yet to pay the bill. Six family members share a room no more than 10x8. Brian  is away at school so there are only now mom and dad and his 2 sisters and 1 younger brother. They are all school age. The sister that follows Brian is due to be in school but due to lack of funds she was at home while mom continued to buy her school supplies in hope that she will soon get the funds. Her name is Sharon and her mother was given $100 USD to assist with her fees. So now she will be able to attend school for at least the first half of the school year. 

The room we were invited into for dinner was dark only then lit by two small candles. 13 of us were crammed into this small room to partake of rice, beans and chapati a flat type of fried bread. I came to realize then and there that this is the condition of many people in these slum buildings. on this one floor of this building there were 8 units of such size which house families this size and some even more. Some of these are windowless rooms, dark and impersonal except for the people who occupy the space. The room is gloomy and ordinary with only beds and clothing. In some of these rooms are people who yet have hope. Those that have found the Lord knows that He will not forsake them and they pray earnestly for a better way.

It s possible to make a difference in their lives and it cost so little. They are believing that their children will not suffer as their have but that education will give them a way out of the slums. Their are hoping that with that way out will also arise a new generation that will change the course of their nations history for the better. At congregation I had the opportunity to meet 4 young men that are in need of tuition assistance for September 2011. They testified that their faith is strong in the Lord that that they know God will not abandon them   in their studies and will not let their lives be a waste because their families lack the financial resources to see them complete their studies. These young men were eloquent in stating their needs and stood boldly before the congregation acknowledging that their are born again and trusting God to do a great thing in their lives. When I consider that outside the doors of that meeting place is the worst slum area in Nairobi and these 4 young men stood shoulder to shoulder resolved in their hope that God has not and will not abandon them I am most humbled. I know it is in the ability of these young men to accomplish their goals as I know it is in the ability of a few people to see it happen. I am confident that God will assist them.

There is room in the kingdom for all to assist. There are no lack of needs here and it takes so little to meet the basis need of education, less than $200 a year. It shall be done! Go d shall not indeed abandon these young men to the streets of Mathare.

Since arriving in Kenya many needs have already been met. Some of the clothing I brought has been distributed. Other school fees has been paid. Mary's bill has been brought current and Sharon, Brian's sister, has received $100 toward this term's tuition. It is good to see Joan again and it is exciting to be there when she arrives home from school and see here completing her homework and seeing the brightness and hope in her face because she has an opportunity at the age of 23 to be in secondary school along with girls much younger than her. Joan always have a smile on her face even though she wakes up at 5:00 in the morning to help prepare the home for the day and to make ready for school. Joan is the first up and the last to bed but always with a smile on her face. She told me how surprised and happy her mother was when first she told her she will be in school after all the years. Many did not believe it until they saw her in her school uniform. Joan wants to be an accountant. She has a new lease on life. With much joy she said she could not wait to finish school so she can help others like herself. I cannot imagine being in secondary school at the age of 23 but Joan dreamt it and she is happy to have her dream come true.

$800 in four years can change a person's life. It can also give hope to a nation who's generations are stuck in slums and villages in the interior who might indeed become the great future leaders of that nation if only given the chance.

I spoke in Wisdom Celebration Centre on Sunday to a packed crowd. There were many invited pastors from other congregations there some coming from a long distance for the teaching. The hearts of the believers here are thirsty for the taught word. I thank God that they are receptive and take things to heart. I was bless to meet old acquaintances and new ones. What a blessing it was to see the work that was began only 2 years ago continues unabated. The congregation continues to be active in evangelism using the tract I wrote 2 years ago. they continue to feed those that are hungry. A women's evangelism team started when I was here last with 4 women and now has grown to 15. Besides evangelizing in the slums they also go out to the villages. I was happy to see that the fruit has remained since my last visit. I had met a young girl during my last few days in Nairobi  who readily accepted the Lord and from that time on has been attending congregation faithfully and now is a part of the praise and worship team. The children's department has grown and there are members now from the very complex the congregation meets in. Many people would not find themselves going to congregation in many countries without the right clothes to wear but here, many come in  in rags just for the opportunity to hear a word from God.

I am humbled from what I see and count all things lost for the sake of the gospel. There is much to be done and it is good to see that they are people here who are taking upon themselves to see that their corner of the world is evangelized. The work belongs to the nations and Africa need must partake of their own harvest. The3y are being mobilized slowly slowly.

As to my health I am left with this terrible cough but thank God the antibiotics has done its work. I leave in a couple of days for Bungoma which is actually a 9 hour ride by coach bus across very dry and dusty terrain. I hope to be rid of this cough by then. Keep praying for this undertaking here in Kenya.

February 3, 2011


          I have been sitting in Heathrow Airport now for 10 hours waiting to connect to my flight to Nairobi. It is cold. I have a cold and i am in much need of rest even though I have managed to catch about 4 hours sleeping laid out in the seats. I have spent about $15 buying over the counter meds to help with the symptoms but the cold drafty air does not help. I can't say that I am anxious to get to my destination because I have learned to take things in stride. Everything at its appointed time. Connecting my laptop to the internet has not happened and so i lost some production time in posting. I did work on some text that has been on my heart to share on this journey back to Africa. It is coming as it should - Spirit lead.

          I now have this time toward the end of my wait to note some observations. i remember years ago travelling and how easy it was to dialogue with fellow travelers. Things have truly change and I do not think going back is an option. We are on a fast track going no where fast except high speed internet where people can network but rarely meet or exchange pleasantries. I remember many of the people I met on my journeys whom I had the pleasure of getting to know. I prayed with some, some prayed for me, some shared their heart aches and meals and family photos. Today it is so different. Just form a person's posture and the cell phone or iPod in hand you can tell they have put up their "Do Not Disturb" sign so don't even bother to strike up a conversation.

          There is much coming and going but very little interaction. In my mind I wonder about people where as in times now gone I could approach with a "Hello" and where are you off to?" I get the feeling that most people are suspicious of others where as before getting to know a person was a matter of broadening one's cultural horizon. I remember when I was livid about someone shadowing me in a large department store because I was black. That all seems so trivial in consideration of how things are. Cameras are everywhere and yellow clad security force is about never mind the undercover ones. People are leery of everything even though we are looking at a small percentage of people who can do a lot to damage in the name of god or whatever their issue.

          I want things to turn around. I want to go back to the days of hellos and goodbyes to new friends. I want people to be curious again about each other rather than suspicious. It is so boring in airports that all people have to do is shop. The stores are doing well and the people are dressing better but the love of many have waxed cold. I think one day we will be able to teleport ourselves to our destinations and no one will come in contact with each other. I feel it looming in the horizon. What's good? I take joy in watching the family and elderly couples huddle together and the young people on some group trip still finding time to talk even though their words are intersperse with vulgar four letter words and stale with sexual innuendoes. I see the young couples sharing a hug, resting on each others lap or shoulders, and most often I know they are not married but off to some fun filled illicit vacation.

          This is our world and where it is heading. I ask myself, "How do i get through to this generation?" For them the world has never been brighter. They don't see the darkness folding in on them and they have a, there is no God, point of view and look at what religious people are doing. They said it right, religious, but that is one thing. What about the true believer who cares and loves like God does? They can't see that because the majority of those people are held hostage Sunday after Sunday in religious buildings being entertained. Of course the world can't speak any different because they can't see us. it is the humanitarians like George Clooney and the like that are Hollywood manufactured that is trying to steal God's thunder because His children is to holy to venture out to the harvest where the fields are white.

          I see God freeing so many of His children form the life they longed to get away from and all they want to do is find a way back to it because they can't see His hopes and destiny for their lives. He is trying to reposition us but we lack insight like the sons of Issachar had. We are not in a position to tell anyone what to do because we are busy trying to tell God what is best for us. We pray for a change and when it comes we say not this kind. Someone is pushing our buttons and we don't even ask who or care. But Go9d is trying to deliver us from that precipice we are precariously perched on.

     I am ready for Africa to see her come out of her darkness and the backward way of life the world has pushed her into. It is time for the people of my ancestors to arise and let there be a highway out of Africa for all men to come to Jesus. Why shouldn't Africa be the one to make other jealousy of God. Indeed the last shall be first. This is a trip to teach, give bread to those that hunger and share the gospel and whatever else the Lord has in-store. I believe that African will win Africans and that the fruit shall remain. Last year I found my gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather Matthew Gibson who was born in Barbados in about 1635 eight years after the first 10 slaves were taken to the island and one year before slavery was made official. All these generations later I am the first to return again the second time.

          Is there someplace you ought to be? Are there a people that you must make the long journey back to and declare the day of the Lord? You can do it. You can because it is the Father's will for you to go and make disciples. You have lived this long life for yourself, now the days are growing short, try living for Him. It takes so little to do so much. To many a piece of bread is like a bag of gold. The word of God is like a soul thirsting for a drink of water and finally finding their fill. What is happening around the world should be a sign to you that something must be done and now is the time. I gave up nothing to gain everything. I have everything.

          I hope that you will be encouraged to step out in faith and see His greater plan for your life and the lives that He can touch through your courage to follow Him.

January 31, 2011


I am currently prepared to undertake this coming trip to Kenya. I have been blessed to receive about 140 pounds of clothing to be donated for a women's cooperative that will help pay school fees, buy mosquito nets, bibles, repair roofs among other things in the little interior town of Maseilo. I will be taking 2 suitcases over weight and one extra so that will cost a bit just to get the donated items there. I am most grateful to all the people who gave donations, Jill, Eva, and Jean. Jill was a blessing in donating funds to help with the extra suitcase. Harriett gave two donations for two pastors and all bags are packed and ready to go. Once I arrive in Nairobi and spend sometime there in ministry I will then be off to Bungoma where the work will continue. Please pray with me fro a safe and successful trip. I choose this time not to take malaria pills with me but to wait until I get there and purchase them so I am praying that I will have no problems and no reactions. The last time in Kenya I had side effects from the pills I was taking and am hoping that with the mosquito net I am taking and the sprays I will be ok.

To any of you who desire to assist with this mission trip you can scroll to the top of this page and click on the donation link and make a donation. Kenya has been experiencing a famine for the last 6 years. There are great needs to be met while I am there. Usually on my travels I provide food for families and with the cost of food on the rise it will be a bit more expensive this time around. This is an exert from my last correspondence from Pastor Calleb Osunga concerning the feed project:


Hello? How are you doing. We are very fine here.
We shall give out only maize maize flour because now there is a great famine at
this time, so the food which is most needed is maize flour that can help alot.
Tracts also will be needed to use for evangelism. At the time we feed flesh
the spirit also is in need, so we shall feed them both. James 2: 14-16.
Children are also there, we can give them something to eat like bread and milk.
The cost of maize flour are:-
1. Eight  sacks is Ksh. 16,000/=$216 USD
2. Tracts will cost Ksh 6,000/= $81 USD
3. Bread and Milk cost Ksh 4,000/= $54 USD
So the total amount is Ksh 26,000/= $351 USD

These who will do disbursement are pastors.
We are very grateful for the support you accord to us. God bless you abundantly,
We are eagerly waiting for you in February here in Kenya. Welcome.


You are welcome to send contributions for this project. Also, if you check the African Student's Fund page you will see that there are currently students in need of school fees. If you will consider assisting with this project your help will be greatly appreciated. The new tract for this year is called What If and we will like to distribute at least 50,000 this year so please offer your assistants on having these printed. The above quote is for 10,000 tracts so you can multiply that cost by 5. My budget for this trip as with any other is extremely limited so please consider the impact you can make personally make on the lives of others.

My prayer needs at this present time is that I can recover from the cold by the time I leave on Wednesday. Pray for transportation from the airport in Nairobi and that Pastors Titus and Calleb will be able to arrange all ministry activities without delay and unhindered. Pray that the souls that are hungry for the good news will hear it and readily receive it. Pray that they will not only become believers but soul winners as well. Pray for my good health and that the needs of my host families will be met.

January 11, 2011


All is well as the new year has started and finally arrangements has been made for my next trip. I will actually be heading to Kenya for 2 months prior to going to India. Since my last trip to Africa many project were started and I think it is only right to see them solidly established before moving on to India. The African Student Fund is now well on the way of being established and funds are steadily being established as individuals are stepping forward to sponsor students until we begin to see students eventually graduate and on the way to a viable income wherein they can then give back to the fund to help support their fellow students.

Pastor Titus in Kenya is operating the project with much integrity and 100% of all funds are going directly to the student's fees. He has formed a small committee to assist him in the project and they are doing well. One thing I hope to help expand on while in Kenya this year is to develop a process of identifying gifted students in the areas of science and math and help them reach their potential in a way to help develop Africa. Hopefully in the future we will find Africa producing many gifted individuals who can help bring Africa into the global scientific and technological market.

Of course God is no way out of the picture as creativity is one of His characteristics and we want to develop that in students but I believe that success motivated by a God given and supported talent can change a nation. We are praying for godly students and many who will one day find themselves as heads of nations, leaders, designers, and emerging technical people who can develop Africa with all its natural resources that has too long been exploited with no real benefit to Africa.

Wile in Kenya there will be evangelistic outreaches, pastors seminars and visiting project sights. I encourage any of you interested in developing a ministry that best personify who you are and your gifts and talents to contact CTWM. CTWM is seeking you put individuals into their God given area of expertise in the ministry. Even if you are not interested in short-term missions you can still develop your own ministry that can help others become sustainable  and God centered. The early church supported each other and all needs were met. It is still possible in 2011 to continue the work first started. The world has enough resources to sustain everyone. The church has enough talent to promote everyone. Each individual with enough fair has exactly what it takes for God to use them to be a blessing to others if they can just see what they have as a God tool and not a personal I am going to get my first kind of thing.

When individuals give their hearts to the Lord He begins to transform them in ways that are physical, spiritual and emotional and yes, creative as well. This is how it was for the nation of Israel when their served the Lord their God. They were the envy of all other nations because their God was gave them a good report among the nations to the point that nations around them feared them as was at peace with Israel because they fear her God. This is how the gentile nations can cause Israel to be jealous after their own God. When the blessings of God falls on other nations who serve Him the nations of Israel will become jealous and turn back to their God.

Jealousy means to be envious of what someone else has. One can truly be jealous when someone else is doing well with something their themselves has cast off or taken little thought of.

I believe in these days to come we will see God blessing the third world nations because they will develop a real heart for the things of God. It will not be the rich and opulent nations that bring honor to God's name but the least things of this world. It is not the mega congregations that will bring honor to the name of God but the individuals who finally recognize that they are special to God and that they can be useful in their widow's mite. God is developing a Gideon force of the 300s not the 32,000. He will have all the glory because He is God.

Let this year be the year you take courage and move out into the work God has in store for you. Yes, for You. You are enough and sufficient to do whatever He sets your heart to do for Him. Just have the courage to do it. At times there may seems to be a slowing down or speeding up of things but stay focus and let Him lead and you follow. He will not ask you to do something that He is not able to supply everything you need for the journey. If something is not coming together just do not get frustrated. You will soon find out that He has a better plan or the right timing. I was beginning to wonder if I would be going empty handed to Africa but the Lord has been steadily supplying my needs. I had forgotten a promise I made when next I would return to Africa but God did not forget. The supplies are coming to meet that promise and then I remembered. But look how He did it, others gave. It was an opportunity for others to meet needs they never imagine they could do from right at home.


Thank you to Jill D., Eva Knight and Gloria Knight of the New York area who donated clothing for the trip to be distributed in Africa. Harriett Gibson from Barbados also contributed financial donation for two pastors who will be most blessed by it. All the people who have been supporting student fees and all those in the congregations who are praying for this trip.


Jill Eva Gloria Harriett


I am very thankful to all those who have contributed to the African Student Fund: Andralla Gibson-Smith, Annette Burke, Beverly Moriarty, Georgia Thomas, JCIA in Las Cruces New Mexico.

It is important to acknowledge what others are contributing because it has everything to do with accountability and integrity. It is important to so individuals that they donations are doing exactly what it was intended to do and it encourages the donors to continue to do what they can. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the same. These are all people who have done a little but have made a big impact.

God bless you in your giving and in your ministry. Pray for a successful year for CTWM and at present for this upcoming trip to Kenya.

November 31, 2011


Please see our African Education project


November 13, 2010


     I am currently in New York planning my next project trip to South India in January. I will be working on building into the orphanage and widow's home there a sustainable ministry project so they can provide for themselves the needed funds necessary to sustain themselves. I will take children clothing with me and any other supplies on hand for the care of the orphans.

     I will also conduct some pastoral classes for about 50 pastors and work along side staff at the homes. Currently I am getting funds needed for the educational projects in Africa and I hoped to make a quick return to Kenya in December but with the fees for school it seems a bit daunting and impossible but all things according to the will of the Father.

     I am thankful to all those who contributed to Brian's and Olive's educational fees. If you are interested in contributing to the India project please contact me at the email address below.

     The most detrimental thing to 3rd world nations in their ministries is when they begin to receive assistance form oversees and then it abruptly stops because the congregation or the individuals can't afford to continue. Many ministries count on these funds and so many collapse because aid stops. The purpose of CTWM sustainable projects is to build in projects that will generate the finances within the nation to fund projects. The projects or business are culturally relevant and viable. We do not tell the nationals what is best for them we ask what is sustainable in their economy and affordable. CTWM's sustainable project is teaching how to fish rather than giving a fish each time. This is also why the educational projects are important because it is a gift that keeps on giving and the students know that they must give back once their graduate and acquire a job from the education they received. Eventually there will be enough student as alumnus that will be able to fund the project in one way or another.

     Please remember that 100% of your donations are given to the designated project even when CTWM has to make up the difference when fees  are taken out for use of PayPal. For every $50 donation on the PayPal link $1.75. CTWM will add back the $1.75 so the contribution is made in full. CTWM also pays the Western Union fees to send the funds. Please remember that CTWM does not have a sponsor or anyone who contributes monthly or annually to its operation. No congregation or other ministry funds any of CTWM projects. Donations for projects are form Individuals or if the founder has a speaking engagement a donation will go directly to the project designated to.

     If you would like to help CTWM please consider purchasing books and CDs on the store link. Soon I hope to have book offered in e-book format which will be cost effective and accessible. The greatest challenge to CTWM is flight cost. In order to pay for a flight I have to be at home one month as my monthly income is $1300. 100% of this goes toward CTWM operation. Most ministries like this one operates on thousands and thousands of donated funds monthly and hardly much of the money goes toward the designated projects due to overhead cost. I am a squatter where ever I lodge in-between trips so I am able to put aside flight cost. Friends and family put me up so I do not have to flight across the USA to catch a cheap flight to anywhere.

     The purpose of CTWM is to demonstrate how someone like me and you can do much on little. If I can do it on so little you can do it with your much. I have no complaints except there is so much I want to do and I will not beg as I am trying to teach others not to beg by teaching them how to fish with their own sustainable projects.

     I hope that as many of you reach retirement age that you will consider doing what I am doing rather than spending your days fishing or golfing or shopping or sitting around some teach or garden party. There is an entire world out there waiting for God to use you in.

     Blessing and Godspeed to you catching your wave of ministry.

November 2, 2010


Barbados and many of the other Caribbean islands are cleaning up from the aftermath of Hurricane Thomas. Apparently there was an announcement that we would experience a tropical depression but by the time they realized it was a hurricane the warning to prepare was to late. I have to say I slept through the entire thing. I had a call from my cousin about 11pm on Friday night telling me that it will rain and be windy and I went to bed. During the night the electricity went off and although the wind was howling and they was emergency vehicles at some point passing I slept quite well. It wasn't until the afternoon of the next day after not having electricity or water that I hiked it down the hill to my uncle's house. I stayed there for 2 days and finally came home even though I still had no water. By this morning about 5:30 am I heard the water trying  to make a comeback in the shower. There are so many people still who have yet to get any service back. Many trees are down and the banana trees have been decimated on this island and many others. Barbados has suffered much damaged but not as great as other islands like the ones I visited last year on a mission trip. Those island have suffered much damage, St' Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada and surrounding islands. Please pray for a quick recovery.

Tomorrow will be the funeral for the late Prime Minister of Barbados. It was put off until tomorrow to give dignitaries from the other islands an opportunity to attend but with each island dealing with their own Hurricane aftermath it will impact attendance. I pray that we will all wake up and realize that God is giving us ample warning. It is not His will that any should perish so he gives us warning after warning. The entire world has been hit by one thing or another caught unawares. It is like a wave moving about the earth heaving its destruction here there and everywhere.

May we all be diligent and get busy with spreading the good news.

October 29, 2010


     One of my goals for this ministry year is to help establish some educational projects in Africa to assist students acquired a much needed education. An education in practical degrees can really help improve the quality of life in Africa. Gradates with nursing, engineering, agriculture, nutrition, and technical skills like carpentry, electrical and plumbing can really make a big difference in Africa. This is part and parcel of a whole person focus ministry. It is an opportunity to impact all areas of society with the gospel. It is a way of demonstrating the gospel in practical ways. Learning house to build homes with screens can drastically reduce the occurrence of malaria. Teaching about crop rotation and adding a wider base of crops to the diet will improve health. Constructing better toilet facilities and learning about diet and immunizations can change the life span of a village. this is all apart of the good news gospel.

     People seem to think that miracles are in signs and wonders but the greatest miracle in some parts of Africa and other parts of the world is to extend life and improve the quality of life. This has a phenomenal effect on non-believers when they see believers sharing the gospel in these ways because it also impacts their lives as well. It is the will of the Father that we not only bless the believers but the unbelievers as well. They will know us by our love.

     I will be going to India to work on similar projects. The goal again is to teach them how to help themselves in their own cultural with culturally relevant projects. I will work with an orphanage and a widows home to help build in sustainable projects so they can feed themselves and others. David said in Psalm 37:25 "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." So, something has to be wrong when we see on the television believers begging for money to support the poor and needy oversees. Year after year money is sent and year after year all those that have been helps are not contributing to the assistance of others. It would be easier to help families start business and communities and congregations to start projects that would eventually be a sustainable project. What happens when funding stops. Once a family starts feeding a child and because of economics are unable to continue then that child is at a lost. I think that organization that promote such projects operate at a high overhead and the children do not really gain the degree of aid they should have for the amount tat is being contributed.

     If most people would do the math on the exchange of their dollar to what is suppose to be accomplished they would likely find that most of the money is going toward overhead. Can you imagine what a cooperative could accomplish in a village if they had the money to start up the project. When food is air lifted to most third world nations it sits in warehouses for months before it actually gets where it is suppose to go to. There is so much corruption in many of these nations that the food often times gets diverted, sold and end up in the coffers of the already rich.

     All I am saying is that they is enough riches in the world to meet the needs of most if we are diligent in seeing it gets into the right hands. Not everyone is able to go and ensure what they send is reaching where it needs to be had. Yet, instead of just writing a check every month and washing your hands of responsibility a little research rather than an emotional television plea could make a difference. There are so many retirees who have the time and finances to go themselves and start a project or check in on one. They could offer their services in ways like training in their field of expertise. they could teach their trade and thus improve that nation with technical individuals.

     If everyman would do his part things could improve. Anyone can start a business or other sustainable on less than a weeks salary if they really want to impact the world for Christ. Anyway, this is my heart's for this year and we will see what happens. If your heart is so inclined to help please contact me.

     May the peace of God be with you and guide you in all understanding. You are most welcome to join me on one of my mission trips. I travel light, live with a host family, and most often the accommodations are not modern but I am still here. At the least you will grow an appreciation for the much that you possess.

October 27, 2010


     One thing I am most certain of, I am not the master of my own destiny. I am in control to the extent of my obedience but He is in control of all of my life. I count nothing lost to me that He is not able to restore ten fold or more if he chooses. I have made my resolve - nothing doth hinder me from following Him. While the world goes forth to secure its own success, I go forth to save as many as I can. Is it lonely? Yes, at times, but that is only a feeling that will change with any given situation. Am I afraid? No, there is no fear being in the center of His will. Is the journey difficult? At times and then He gives you the most unexpected rest. A time to recover and be searched further to see if there be anything that would cause you to halt in the way. Are there always enough funds? Not as we in our human insight can see, but He take a widows mite and out do the rich man in his wealth. What man can do with his much God can do greater with our little.

     When I first started this journey I commit my heart's desires to pen and paper and say this is what I shall do for thee Lord. Then He spoke to my heart through a friend who told me to write my desires in pencil so God at His divine timing can erase and write in pen His perfect will. This has been my journey. There are times I am most definitely clear where He wills me to go and there are times when I just have a sense that I am doing the right thing at the moment. At other times I linger for a bit and then the door either stays opens or closes. You learn to recognize His voice and His prompting.

     Who we are in His presence has nothing to do with our feelings. It is not every moment of my journey that i feel elated and sitting on the mountain top. But that lack of feeling does not hinder me as to where i am and what I am to do. Our walk is not based on our feelings but rather in knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are His beloved child. Feeling will indeed change according to the situations and circumstances but the knowing - the faith that does not falter - is the peace that takes you on through no matter what happens about you. Doubt can not shake your faith because in spite of what you see and what you feel or even what you hear form others you know who's child you are.

     When you have integrity with God He will sustain you because you can truly speak to Him from your heart about everything and He there is nothing hidden. Does this mean that life can't hurt us or people can't trouble us? No, it means that what every the world wants to present to you you already know the outcome - what can separate me from the love of God, Nothing! The world might preoccupy your mind for but a moment but soon it will pass and on you go again. Soon, they will be less and less preoccupations and before they even approach you will see them for what they are. Before the issues have a change to take root and shake you for weeks and months in a moment of time it will flee from before thee.

     I am certain of one thing - God will supply all your need. You can do this work for Him. That which He desires for you to do. He has been speaking to your heart recently again about a thing He wants you to do but you have fear and doubt. It is time to take God at His word and let Him prove you in the thing He has asked you to do. just have courage and do this thing for him. He is ever with you. You know exactly what it is he is asking you to do so make preparation and be prepared for when he turns you into the way in which you should go in pursuing His kingdom. Do not think it robbery to give up what you cannot keep to do what He is more than able see you through. He is waiting for you to heed the call.

     I spent a great deal of time in the Barbados Archives trying to find some ancestry proof of my roots in hopes it will allow me to be somewhere but to no avail. I am reminded that God knows all things and will reconcile all things to Himself. In many ways I discovered more than I had hope for. I was able to trace my ancestors on this island back to about 1656. What is amazing to me is that they were all Christians being baptized and married in the local parish churche. That is a long history of faith. I have an awesome legacy left to me by my forefathers. as long as I can remember and as far back as the oldest member of our family can remember we have always been preached to and prayed for. My mother told of having spent the early mornings in her grandparents house listening to them pray for their children and their children's children and those yet to come along. Before I was conceived I was prayed for. Before the foundations of the earth the Father loved me. I am exactly where I need to be. I am indeed walking in the Way, in the Truth and in the Life. My ancestors survived the middle passage and they survived the brutality of slavery. I am here because life was precious to them, they fought to survive.

     Because the Barbados Archives do not go further back for me to continue the search for my ancestors on this island I have come to an abrupt halt in my research - one branch being African and the other came to a halt before I could hardly get started. God knows His own. I have a legacy to fulfill. It is time for all of us to make a stand. it is time for us to see where God has given to us a hope that no man can take from us. If you have not been left a legacy then start one, let this be the beginning of your generations with a purpose. It is time for those in the kingdom of men to choose whom we will serve.

     Godspeed to you on your journey.

October 23, 2010


Today is a sad day for Barbados as it Prime Minister the Honorable David Thompson passed away from pancreatic cancer. While a nation mourns the tides of history continues abated for we are still ruled by the Most High and He is ever in command and control. One ruler leaves the earth and The One True God continues even though the world may not on a whole recognize Him as the creator and ruler of all.

Barbados is no different from any other nation on the earth and size does not matter, a nation is a nation and they all must answer to the true and living God. They will answer for the affairs of their nation and how well they treated their people, those to whom God entrusted to them.

We will soon find that great leaders and people, those that men deem to be great amongst men, will pass away. They will find at some point that the kingdom of men has not been and is not theirs to man handle anyway and any time they desire. The day will come when all nations and all of humanity will have to choose a side whether it be the kingdom of men or choose to align themselves with the kingdom of the damned.

We are fortunate to be in the generation where we can still count on political elections to decide who will rule and who will not. Yet the time will come when governments will topple and one will come forward who will claim to be able to unite us as one. It is then that the kingdom of men will realize too late that we are in a battle for the race of humanity and existence on the very earth we live on.

It is time for all of us to prepare for what is to come. It might not be in our generation but we can already tell from the generation of today who seems hell bound on rebellion that they will not take God to account. We have entrusted them with very little to stand on. Our hypocrisy in times pass has caused them to doubt the veracity of government, morality and society.

We have broken the backs of our future generations to a great extent but I believe what the bible states that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and He can give it to whom He wills. As the Northern kingdom of Israel was given into the hands of the Assyrians to punish them for their disobedience and the Southern kingdom given over to the Babylonians for the same purpose so will all the kingdoms of men be dealt with.

God did not spare Israel and He will not spare the gentile nations. I pray that the sons of Issachar will soon arise and discern the times and tell Israel what to do and that God will also give unto the gentile nations its own sons of Issachar to do the same.

All nations should grieve today for the lost of a leader whom the like of will hardly rise again. Those who arise in the times of the latter days will pale as leaders in comparison to those that have passed on. Political ambition is no guarantee that we will have a leader who is competent to lead and discerning to know what to do.

Today, politics seems to be only for the charismatic not for the learnt or the competent. The world will one day imagine that they is a need for one man to arise and take the place of all.  It will be because the nations will lose hope in their own sovereignty. The United Nations is our school teacher in this respect.

While men and women are still clamoring for what they can acquire in order to be  considered successful, the world continues to spiral out of control and no man takes it to heart. The ways of men have not changed. Every government is trying to clear off their deficit. They are all trying to improve the economy but unfortunately it will worsen. Perhaps a few nations will be spared, those who still have a fear of God. One thing I truly love about Barbados is that they might be some godless men on this island doing things that are unrighteous but the island is not God-less. There is still a fear of God. The worship and mention of God has not been stricken from our schools, government affairs or society at large. I think Barbados will weather the storm to come � at least I remain hopeful.

As Barbados mourns the death of the Honorable David Thompson I pray that Barbados and your nation will consider how fragile life is and how we ought not to hope in men but hope in God. As nations begin to collapse some gradually at first and some instantly I pray that righteous men and women will be found amongst you who will weather the storms on your nation�s behalf. I pray that when Jesus returns to rule on Mount Zion that your nation will be one which comes up to participate in the feast of tabernacles.

When I was in labor with my sons, I would have a strong contraction which lasted for a few seconds and then subsided for some time. I thought to myself that if this is all it will be I can handle this. After a few hours those contractions got fiercer and harder and although I experience some abatements here and there once they started again it worsen. This is how it is in the world. Some time calamities strike and we think how bad it is and then we have a break and we think, is that all. Then it starts again with more intensity and we have another break and we forget. We take a bit of a walk; a little sit down to recover but then it hits us without warning. This is how the end will come suddenly upon us.

The earth is experiencing its birth pangs, some are so mild we think nothing of it and others at times are so hard we like to reel from it but one day the pangs will not abate for we will give birth to chaos with great tribulations.

For all those who know the Lord and still recognize that the church still has a commission to preach the gospel I hope that you will revive yourself and be converted wholeheartedly to saving as many as you can. Every sign is for us to beef up the harvest. The locust is coming, gather into the storehouses for there are many in the valley of decision.

October 20, 2010

This mission year began with me in Barbados in the Western Hemisphere on the most easterly island in the Caribbean. I had been asking God for some time for a brief period of rest and a time to regroup. I had planned until I had clear knowledge to hang out in Barbados and do what I can from here. I have a small apartment that was truly a God sent which gave me much time to read, write, rest, and enjoy the company of my relatives. Thank God all that I have to furnish it is borrowed and so it was a good provision from the Lord. I have learned much about myself and God has been so gentle in showing me my inners and refining me for His purpose. Because I have not set down any roots or took on to myself anything that I would not be able to leave behind I am prepared to respond to God's prompting.

I am currently making plans to go to India a trip that has been on my heart but the timing had not seem right at the time. Things did not work out for an extended stay in the Middle east but I know that also is about God's timing and not mine. My brief time there was not wasted. I am amazed by God's alignments and connections. I am learning as I go and am truly feeling the heart beat of what I am called to do.

The greatest pleasure I find is in answering God's call without delay. I am prepared for whenever and whatever and yes, however. There is nothing I am holding onto so I can go whenever. Whatever He wants me to do I am prepared to do knowing that He will equip me. I have no qualms about how I might have to live or travel or endure because I can live on nothing and yet have everything needed. this is how it should be for all of us.

You are much more prepared than you think. You are just accustomed to your comfort zone but outside of it you will be amazed what you can handle and live without. If a natural disaster came and took all you have you will survive. If God ask you to give up all you have and follow Him exclusively you will be amazed how well you will make it. There is no fear in God.

Pray for me as I embark on this years mission. If you so desire to contribute to the India trip please donate on my website and email me as to exactly how you want the funds to be used. 100% will be used for that purpose. If you want to assist with my airfare or personal needs please do so on my donation link. Keep me in your prayers and thoughts.

October 18, 2010

My time in Barbados is coming to an end and I am ready. When I first started my mission journey a dear friend told me to learn to right my desires for the Lord in pencil so that he can erase them and write in ink His will. I have learn to do just that. I managed while being here for these last five months to live with all borrowed household goods. I refused grand offers from dear family members to buy me much needed furnisher. I have managed to live without a stove only a hot plate for the last month. I have managed with a broken fridge that defrost every 48 hours near spoiling all my frozen food. I have learned to wash my clothes by hand every night.

The upside to my time in Barbados is that I have been able to eat more than just oatmeal as my 3 squares a day. I have grown a fondness for corn beef and finally learned how to cook fish with out turning it into a shoe sole. LOL! I did some devotions on the radio and had great responses, family bible studies and evangelism among other wonderful things like being here for our first family reunion. I have no complaints. It is time to go and I am ready leaving nothing behind that I regret leaving except my dear family. Yes, I have gained some weight but never mind I will soon lose it as I get on the road again. My health is great even though I have some pains but I am told at my age to expect some. LOL!

Have you every felt a sense of expectation but not know exactly what about or what for? I am somehow elated to be going on. It is amazing when I hear His voice so clearly telling me it is time to go and just trusting He has it all in control.

October 4, 2010


            God will always prepare the place of your failure as a door of hope if you let Him. We can spend a lifetime burying our hurts, fears, and failing to overcome our greatest struggles because we don�t think that hope can arise from going back and taking a hard look.

            Before Israel could move ahead after Jericho and Achim�s sin they first had to discover what happened that caused them to lose the battle at Ai. Then they had to deal with sin in the camp and go back to Ai where they were defeated before they could press on into possessing the land.

            Many people spend thousands of dollars annually and over a life time seeking the help of psychiatrist who prescribe medication that numb the senses and prevent their patients from remembering the traumas that brought them to their Ai. I have heard many preachers tell their congregations to forget the pass and move on, but there is no moving on in God�s kingdom until the thing has been dealt with. It is because God wants us whole. The things must be dealt with no matter how great and painful. God wants our wholeness and in His grace there is nothing to great to be dealt with and we come out pure and clean form the experience.

            We must understand why we do things and why others do things that causes us pain. The bible says that the truth shall set us free and we are free indeed.  I know this is true. Coming back to Barbados is like returning to Ai. I know once I leave here I shall never have to deal with the issue of defeat at Ai again because the camp has been wiped clean.

            People think sin only has to do with something you have personally done but I think it is also something others have done to you. Not your personal sin but the sin of others that affect you. No, not generational curses, that is unscriptural but rather like Achim who sinned and brought it to his own tent. His whole family was in on it because they all lived in it and had to have seen what he brought in and buried. They were all participants in the thing. There is no way the earth within the tent could have been disturbed and no one took notice of it so they all knew and were all punished.

            Back to the point! We are all sinners saved by grace for those who receive the saving atonement blood shed by Jesus. This means we all come to the cross if you will with all our human frailties, wrongs, and disappointments.  No one on the earth has been excluded from this dilemma of the human condition no matter how self righteous one thinks them selves to be. It is a given we all have fallen short of His glory. This means that we all come to the table with something akin to Achim�s sin. We all come with something that prevents us from occupying the kingdom fully. In other words we can�t seem to get pass Ai and inter in.

            This is our key to wholeness, a good life and even evangelism. The word says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. In other words the blood makes us whole and we use our testimony to propel us onward into the kingdom while bring other along for the ride to glory. Shame keeps us from returning to Ai. Fear keeps us from returning to Ai. Denial keeps us from returning to Ai. Pain keeps us from returning to Ai. If there is something in your life that prevents you from being the person that God desires you to be it is because you have yet to return to Ai, the place where you were defeated and finding your door of hope there.

            At this place where you face your issues God will bathe you in His love and comfort you as He did Israel alluring you to that place where He can speak tenderly to you. The past cannot be forgotten it must be faced. When it is conquered it becomes a living testimony of how you overcame and so you get your tools for evangelism and life. The lessons you learned, the pearls you can offer someone in distress of going down the same road you once travelled, the beauty of what you have now become when once you were nothing but ashes, and all this becomes your armaments against the devils fiery arrows. The camp has been sweep clean of its Achims and now you can return to Ai and conquer.

            I am looking at Barbados as my Ai. I am learning things I never realized about myself before and by God if it isn�t making a difference in my life and that of others. There is no shame in grace. I am seeing the good and the bad in all of my life and what I though might have been a painful thing to learn is not at all. I am being equipped in ways I never imagined. I am more confident of what I need and am willing to hold out for God to provide because I am not being propelled by my emotions but by the spiritual things that I am learning.

There is a way that seems right but the end thereof is death. We can continue down the path we have been travelling for all our lives without trying to find out why we do the things we do or we can ask God to help us identify the Achim activities in our lives our in the lives of those that have impacted us so we can be freed of them. Let Achim perish once and for all and return to Ai and enter into your door of hope. Through your door of hope there is a way out for someone else. If you never arrive at your door of hope and conquer it, someone who has been waiting in the wings behind that wall of despair and around that bend of pain and giving up would never find they way out.

When you conquer you must give the report so others can be spurred on. You help stir up the gifts in other when you speak and testify of what you have gone through. There is no shame no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus. Whatever it is that someone is struggling with and if you have experienced your victory in that area then you must share. You must release the seed to the harvest. You must water the seed and then when the fruit is ripe it will be harvested.

If you want to impact your world then you must be willing to allow God to impact your life. Jesus told the woman at the well all she and done and it freed her to tell other to come and see a man that have told her all things. The woman who was brought to Jesus to be stone for adultery had come to her Ai. Her sin was in the open so there was nothing more anyone could say about her. They now had to go and confront their own sins. Jesus said where are thy accusers? In other words she had none left because she and faced it all there in the open. Jesus� response was neither do I condemn thee go and sin no more. When we face our Ai we are compelled not to sin anymore and to go and tell others. This is the way!

I should say that it is when you are willing to let God speak to your heart in all of your secret places like He was able to do with David you will not be scared emotionally by His revelations.  Like David you will be able to say, Search me oh God and know my heart and see if there be any wicked way s in me. The lovely thing about David�s character is that once he learned of his ways that was displeasing he repented and relented not to do them again. It is like drawing a line in the sand and saying to your self, I shall not cross that line no matter what.

The bible says that we are becoming lovers of ourselves. This means we are doing whatever it feels good to do no matter how wrong it is. We are becoming lovers of our selves but not loving ourselves to do right. Evangelism is also about teaching other how to draw the lines and recognize when they have crossed moral laws and what the consequences are and yes, more than anything else what it means to be redeemed and restored. How will they know they can be restored unless you tell them what you have done and how He restored you. All I can say to you is that is feels good to be free indeed.

Perfect? I am far from it. But greater is He who lives in me than he who lives in the world. His righteousness is imputed to me. I am made righteous by His making � it is a grace thing extended to all who will receive. Today I can help some people based on what I have experienced and what I know. Tomorrow I will be able to help more people based on what I experience and learn. Whatever the situation I will learn and release.

What grace you have it is because of Him

What confidence you have it is because of Him

What Joy you have is because of Him

So what have you to fear but fear itself?

Your hope is built on Him and Him alone

You can live with his revelations because they are refining

In the sifting the chaff is blown away and the grain revealed

You become the seed ready for planting


            It is God�s will for you to be whole and for your neighbor as well. Let Him make you into a living seed that can be planted into the hearts of men hence increasing the kingdom. Today, arise and let God make a way in you that leads others to return to Ai and there find their door of hope.

October 2, 2010


There is something so beautiful about this island yet so not good no different than I have seen in all the nations I have visited. Everywhere I look there is beauty and there is plenty. Yet the beauty I see seems a bit tarnished by life and wants. The beach fronts are being eliminated or washed away by greed to possess the land. The hotels are building up to the door of the sea and constructing walls tat are intended to keep the sea and natives out of reach of the tourist. Yet the sea comes in when it likes and reclaims what belongs to it.

            The sea don�t care what man takes, when it is ready it comes in like a rush and strips what is man made. It gives and it takes its sand as it pleases. The floods still comes and the winds still blow an things change. More and more the builders reinforce walls, roofs and their build highways and road to maneuver about but nature pelts down and continues to crash in however it seems fit to do. Many houses are covered with mold and mildew blackening the beauty of architecture. The wood ants/termites are chewing away at so people are becoming fond of brick and mortar and the humidity rises in an already hot climate. There are no forests from the days when the island was stripped of its undergrowth to make way for sugar cane plantations utilizing slave labor.

            A land that was once known as the island of milk and honey (coconut milk and sugar cane) for Jews fleeing the inquisition has to import most of its goods. The economy is dependent on tourism to survive. There seems to be a selling off of the land to any foreigner who has the cash flow to buy and build whatever. Little thought seems to be left for the future generations of Barbadians to come who would desire to homestead a piece of this rock.

Everywhere you look the fruit trees are bearing in abundance yet most of the fruit are not being harvested and consumed. The fruits are being wasted on the branches or the monkey comes and the birds and nips at the fruits and so the fruit perishes on the branches. As a child I remember that everything was harvested and sold or consumed by the family. Someone was picking tamarinds and making tamarind balls. People would call in someone to climb their trees and pick the fruits for market. I remember walking home from school and picking all kinds of fruits during their seasons and eating my belly full before dinner time. Now there are pailings/fences surrounding homes that keep the fruits from human consumption.

Everywhere I look I see cents new and old on the ground. Last year when I came here for evangelism out reach with my co-laborer from Singapore we picked up more than a thousand cents off the ground and donated them to charity. I asked then and still ask now, �Why don�t you pick them up� and the answer is still, �It is just a cent.� I find five cent, ten cent and twenty-five cent pieces also. It is like the land had abandoned it cents and senses.

There is erosion here physically, emotionally and spiritually. I see so much idleness even from many of the retirees. Even the young generation out of school seems to be a bit idle. The rum shops are everywhere as they were when I was a child but now the young inhabits those places too. When I was a child I saw only the older men and drunken women frequenting those places. It is not uncommon to pass a rum shop and see someone passed out on the side walk. Sometimes passing next to individuals it would seem that if one struck a match they would simply explode form the vapors coming off their breath.

The Rasta movement seems to have hit the island quite fiercely. Young people that were raised in a biblical faith seemed to have abandoned common sense and have taken on a naturalistic way of life that has not bettered them in any way at all. From what I see the Rasta life style is one of poverty, idleness, rum, beer and marijuana consumption and dirty dreads and body odors that warrants a days soak in lye. The hair seems to have become their signature of idolatry as if hair is their transport into the presence of the divine. A covering for the head has become a god maker, a veil of entrance into the holy of holies, a sacrificial lamb; it has become the ephod of the high priest and the anointing oil of gladness. How far we humans have strayed!

There is no sense to any of the ways we have chosen to bear witness of the Creator. He say we have offended Him and this is how I want you to be restored to Me and we say no way God, it is my way or no way back. He says render your hearts and we say no, I give you my hair. He say receive my Son and we say no take Bob Marley, or Buddha or the Virgin Mary. Reason seems to have deserted us.

Last year I met a Rasta with filthy dreads straggled and breaking off his head. He stank of rum and an unwashed body. The man came across the street after congregation telling me how absurd my faith was. I made a comparison of what his god had brought him to and what our God had brought us to. Yes, I told him he was filthy and stank and that he looked appalling in his rags. I asked him how come his god didn�t clean him up as our God has done for us. He was offended by my comment as to his appearance but rather like he was hearing it for the first time that he was dirty and smelly. He said, �I am dirty and smell?� I said �Yes, you are.� Meanwhile he took another swig of his beer and stood there looking at me like I was something off this planet. Say whatever you want but honesty is really the best policy.

Before I left the island last year the man literally cursed me out. Since coming back here his dreads are gone, his body is washed and I have not once seen him drunk. He is cordial to me and he seems to occupy himself with fishing and other worthwhile things. I see the Rastas everywhere and it is the same. The hair is so long that I fear like Absalom it will get caught up in a bough and they will hang. Many have so much hair their wear it under a large cap or cutoff panty hose or something. When I wore my hair in dreads I kept it short so I can keep it clean and that nothing would crawl in and bury itself in there. How do you tell people of that persuasion that hair is just a covering the Almighty gave us? How do you tell them that hair does not put you in His good graces but the shed blood and broken body of His Messiah? How do you tell them that a man must render his heart and not his hair? Some one always seems to think they have one up on God.

My island is like any other nation with its good and bad. Humans occupy it and so it stinks of bad reasoning. Each nation I have visited has its own cultural issues that separate them from the truth about God. Each nation also has the same issues that separate us from God. The gospel is being preached in the majority of the world and we are seeing the same results. While one nation rises in the faith another falls away. We can see the same trends of religiousness seeping in and eventually the tried and failed false theologies usurping sound doctrines until the faithful fall away in complacency or doubt.

He who endures to the end shall receive the crown of life.

My island is a beautiful place but the changes are not uncharacteristic to the rest of the world. Jesus said that we are to go into the entire world and compel men to come to faith. We have learned to huddle Sunday after Sunday behind four walls telling ourselves the same lie the Rastas and other religions tell God, not your way but my way is better God. He said go and we say we will build you a building and they will come. He said preach to the unbeliever and teach the believer making disciples of them so they can go and do likewise but we say let�s just preach to every one and if they be a disciple amongst us he/she will come forth. No one comes and no one wants to go. I�ve seen a lot of the world in my going and have learned a lot. The one thing that stands out is that we are all disobedient.

Someone said to me once that kids are the same everywhere no matter the culture or the language. Yeah! There are all curious to know and willful until they learn self control, limits and boundaries. I disagree with that statement. A child is its culture. What we sow we indeed reap. I am not speaking of generational curses, that false doctrine as the scriptures do not bear witness to that teaching; I am speaking about a child becoming a product of its environment. We by our choices make them and break them. Innately all humans have the same tendencies toile, steal, be selfish, etc. But from country to country I have seen a difference in children. From house to house I have seen a difference in children.

There is much work to be done and we who say we believe in the truth of God�s word must make a move and do what He tells us to do. We have to stop playing church and be the church. This island needs evangelizing as much as another nation.  Living below sea level is a dangerous place to play with God and trespass His commandments. We are not in a situation to barter with Him about how we go about His business.

To tell you the truth, I am tired, really tired. My body aches at times I have to literally crawl out of the bed in the mornings because I am having some pains that the doctor just took and x-ray and said that arthritis has set in. Sometimes the pain is so bad I just want to be knocked out. I need more exercise, better food, some health care and rest but what do you do when the laborers shows up to work but no one reports to the fields? I know that I am not the only one out here doing something but ghee, how often do you really run into a full-time harvester?

I am not asking you for your money. I am just asking you to do your part. No, your part does not mean you relegate your funds to someone to do it for you. You know the saying, �If you can�t go then send someone.� Go, to your work, to your school, to your basketball game or football game. Go to your committee meetings and send out emails or text messages or something. Just do something. You can�t pay someone to do your job for you, especially if you are retired. Whether it is my island or your nation, you have got to get up and do something. Just stand there and tell them the truth of God�s word. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. It is He who draws them to the word. Just open your mouth and speak. I want my island saved. What do you want?

This is a new mission year for me and I begin my journey in Barbados.

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