Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.


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Statements of Faith


Calleb Osunga

Pastor Caleb Osunga works with other pastors to evangelize Nairobi. Much of the work is being done in Nairobi's slum areas that are hungry for the gospel.  The congregations affiliated with him actively participate in door-to-door evangelism and there is marked growth in each congregation.


Nairobi Updates




You can assist these ministries by donating tracts in both English and Swahili


Kenya needs rain

Food for the widows and orphans

Medicine for those children afflicted by malaria

Mosquito nets

Schools fees for the poor children and orphans and uniforms

Inoculation from childhood diseases

Repair damaged roofs of widows


In meeting these needs you should consider solving a problem not adding to it. Africa does not need a fish  over and over again but the ability to fish for its self. They need sustainable projects like cows and land to farm. These projects should be one time ventures that will give them the ability to sustain themselves and buy and grow their own food and pay their own way. This is practical Christianity. Please email the pastors listed above to assist.






So, the devil is roaming about seeking to devour Africa by all means. We are able to see how this fallen Lucifer, how he is trying to employ despotic African leaders like as Mugabe of Zimbabwe, etc. to destroy God's people through dictatorship and oppression. People are really suffering in Africa and they need the help from above (God's divine intervention) to come out of their multiple troubles, i.e. civil wars, tribal animosities, dictatorial leadership, poverty and disease, spiritual corruption, as well as economical hardships.


God is sending you to Africa as His divine envoy or messenger to speak the message that God wants your fellow people in the continent of Africa to hear and to turn from their wickedness to God.


God's church in Africa and the world over; is no longer God's church, it has turned to be a business enterprise for greedy and corrupt church leaders, who are always a hindrance to the spread of the gospel and who often have used secular authorities to kill, to jail and to persecute those who have a true heart for God and for souls.


Most religious preachers in Africa and the world have turned to be con preachers, who only need money from their flock to satisfy their own self-gods, and not for spreading the gospel to save souls. This is the time, the time has come for Africa and the world to arise from churchanity and denominationalism to God.


This is the time whereby God's true church is manifesting and she is going to spread the gospel from God's oracles and not from the theological studies point of view. God's true church is a living organism and not a man-made and dead building or shelter under which the true church goes to gather together to have fellowship one with the other and to worship her Head which is Christ Jesus. God's true church is spread all over the world. Christ is the Head of the true church.


But, we see around us, some false church leaders who have turned to be the head for the body of Christ, having grabbed God's position over His body, the church. The church has also kicked God out of her midst, and has accepted man's dictates to be head over her in the stead of Christ. That is why we are finding the modern church very asleep, very complacent, very compromising on God's word, very unwilling to be transformed into God's image, and always dragging her feet on going out of her worship place to catch sinners for Christ, and she is very prayerless. I cry holy tears when the Holy Spirit in me reminds me of the current spiritual corruption with dead state of God's church on a global point of view.


Majority wolves in the sheep's cloth are the church shepherds in the 21st century. They have persuaded people to follow in their unchristian footsteps and not to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Seeing, true pastors and true evangelists are not accepted in the modern church. They are unwelcome. Because, the church also has gone the prostitute and idolatrous way. And shocking enough is that majority of her members are also wolves in the sheep's cloth, who have denied Christ and the gifts of the Spirit and that of salvation. They are always committing adultery even in the sacred places, and for that matter, have kicked out the Spirit of God from her midst. Denying the power with presence of God in the church.


Good heavens! Let us raise a hue and cry for God's intervention for the devil has taken God's church captive and this is the time to salvage it from the teeth of God's enemy. The current church leadership have turned to be secular than Divine, they have turned to be men-pleasers than God-pleasers, they have left the presence of God for the evil presence of the Satan. They have defiled even the holy place, and taken the gospel and God's flock as if they were goods for sale to profit by. They have even tried to sell God's anointing for monetary gains. They have tried to mingle witchcraft with God's way of doing things. Things that will not mingle forever. For what relationship is there between light and darkness, and between Christ and Satan, and between the believer and the non-believer, and between righteousness with unrighteousness? There is not any relationship or friendship between the work of God and the work of witches.


But, God, but, God, is now raising up His true soldiers in this last days, the army that is not going to be called by any of the names of our churches or denominations, but by the holy name of Jesus. They will not want to know anything but Christ. They will not be interested in knowing the name of your church or ministry, but the name of Jesus Christ, who is God's ransom for all that believe in Him. Hallelujah!!


The Holy Spirit presence with power should begin to boil in our hearts now. Because, time waits for no man, and the devil can't tell you that he is going to strangle the next soul in sin outside of the Savior. In your daily devotions on your website ( ), you said, 150,000 souls are dying everyday. That is too much for the true men and women of God to stomach!! God forbid!


War! War!! War!!!! Let us go to wage wars against God's enemy and set free his captives. Jesus gave us His holy name to use in the battles against the enemy and He promised to be with us always till the end of the age. God has also given us the helper, the advocate, the witness with us, who is the Holy Spirit. He is our comforter and our victory. Because, Jesus is in us as the Holy Spirit, we are assured of victory in everything that we do. We are always walking with Christ the victory in our hearts. Our victory is not immobile, but mobile. We are not to be the scum of the world, we are the cream of God's kingdom. We show the way of life to the world. We are kings with Christ, who is the King of kings, and the Lord of lords and the great God above all gods. Jesus is the Judge of judges and He knows every one of us and our hearts. He said, He knows all men, and one needs not tell Him about men.


Let us go forth to bring in the harvest of souls, and dillydally not. Let us fan up the holy fire in us. Let us often chew the cud of God's word to fan up the flames of God's anointing on our individual lives. And after God, has anointed us with His Holy Spirit with power, let us go forth as God's true soldiers to bring in the harvest for souls from all walks of life. Behold, God's presence, and also His holy angels, has gone before us, even as He said to Moses, "And my presence shall go with you and I shall give you rest".


God will provide for our financial and material needs for missions around the world, because, it is He who owns all silver and gold in the world. It is God's duty to provide for His work. It is God's duty to touch and to speak to people's hearts to give to His work of evangelism. Ours is to believe in Him, and in His word of promise, and to be ready to go missions everyplace He sends us to. God will soon cause people to give to our missions for us to take the gospel to the ends of the earth for the salvation of souls and to bring them also back to Christ and to God's kingdom of light with righteousness. Let us arise from sleep and from being proud and self-righteous. Let us put on Christ. Let us step aside, and let the Holy Spirit to lead us, all the way in our missions, for He is one who knows, how to touch sinners by our gospel or the gospel of the kingdom of God's dear son Jesus. God is the one who knows how to humble proud people, and to make them submit under the obedience of the gospel of His kingdom of light.


Let us not stand in the way of the Holy Spirit, because if we do so, God will make us to be ashamed, and to even strike us dead. Even as He did to Korah, Abiram and Dathan, and the 200 princes that tried to withstand God's servant Moses to lead His chosen people to the promised land. Though, Moses, himself, did not arrive to the promised land of Canaan. God removed His breath from him because of his pride and of trying to stand in the way of the Holy Spirit and to try to do God's work within human efforts. So, the Holy Spirit is ready to fight against everything that will try to stand in our  way as we reach out to Africa with the gospel of Christ. God will fight for His own and give us the victory.


People may laugh at us, scorn at us, revile us, persecute us and say all manner of evil things against us falsely. They will even kill some of us, because, we teach and preach the full gospel about Christ and His kingdom. For we are not out to pamper people's ears, but to tell them, that it is time for every one of us to part with sin and the devil, and to yoke with Christ in righteousness.


Oh, I personally, am ready to become a martyr for my faith. That will be an express way for me to go home to my righteous and holy Father and creator. For this world is not our home, our home is with God. We came from God and we must go back to Him through Christ and the cross. They will even throw some of us in jail. But, Jesus said, do not ponder what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will give us what to say in the right hour during our trials and persecutions. Let us come out of our carnal hideouts. For God has equipped us with power to wage battles against our enemies and He has given us the necks of our enemies to destroy them, in the name of Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us move with God. Let us have our ears open to the whispers of the Spirit of God within us. Let us not rejoice when sinners die outside the Saviour. Let us come out of our comfort zones.


For true victory is neither learned nor acquired from our theological seminaries, or earned within our comfort zones, it is earned while in the wilderness, and as we step aside to let God lead us all the way through. The wilderness is our spiritual college under the feet of the Holy Ghost. True victory in Christ is obtained from kneeology after we have parted with our base and unspiritual way of doing God's work.


Let us walk out of our comfort zones. And after we have done that to put on Christ, and to let Him guide our hearts, and to tell us when to launch out into the deep for a catch of souls. The time is now!!!


For in every second, our physical man is moving towards his unity with the earth from whence he came. And within the tick of a second our spirit man is also moving towards his unity with the Spirit of God from whence we came. For dust shall return to dust and spirit shall return to God. The biblical Job, when he was under attacks with boils from his head to the toes, said," Naked came I forth, and naked shall I go henceforth". And apostle Paul, also picked up Job's words and said, "For we came with nothing and we shall return henceforth with nothing".


Some other times, I wonder and cry tears when I think of God's work. Some of us in the world, who are believers in Christ and are servants of the Lord, and who have a heart for God and for souls, are prevented from answering God's call and fulfilling the Lord's Great Commission on our individual lives because of a lack of material and financial abilities. But, some of those brothers and sisters who have huge and fat bank accounts and that claim to be born again and servants of the Lord, they do not want to go out to win souls for Christ and for eternity. They only are satisfied with their wealth and some even do worship it. Some of them are full of pride and selfishness and such are the ones who claim to know it all concerning God's word and work and yet they are stuck in pride and self-righteousness, not willing to do God's work of seeking and saving the lost.


We know so many of such characters around us. Some of them are even spiritually backslidden, and are very critical of them who are true and committed men and women of God, and yet they are still holding onto the pulpit and bossing over God's flock. They are some of these backslidden, and so-called servants of God, who are still holding onto the pulpit, while they busy themselves in merchandising almost anything that is of God as if it was their own personal business enterprise. God forbid, that this should continue to be the modern style in God's kingdom.


Jesus said, "And you shall know them by their fruits....". For, not all who call Jesus, Lord, are God's. Some belong to the devil. But, all in all, God is seeking even the backsliders to come back to Him so that He will heal them and revive their spirituality. We need to love sinners but to hate their sins. We as true men and women of God should become role models for them that are outside and within Christ. God's heartbeat is souls, and so should be ours!!!


Most souls are dying in their sins outside of Christ. They are falling everyday! We have no time to waste in bickering and vain argument, we only have time for the harvest of souls for Christ. We have to depopulate hell and populate heaven. We have to run with God's vision for souls. We are not to be unwilling but willing to go and bring in the harvest of souls. Let us say with prophet Isaiah, "Here, I am Lord, send me!" (Isaiah 6:8).




Many of God's prophets and world renowned preachers like Morrice Cerullo and Reinhardt Bonnke among others have prophesied about Kenya, that it is God's springboard for the gospel to the entire world and after that comes the end. Kenya is that land south of Cush (Ethiopia) in the bible. So, Kenya is in the bible. The devil knows that; and that is why he is often hatching out plots how he could destroy the land of Kenya, which is the land south of Cush. The Satan attempted that during Kenya's last year post election violence that displaced 350,000 people and more than 1,000 others killed in- cold-blood. Other things that the devil is trying to bank on, so that he could set God's springboard (Kenya) for the gospel to the whole world prior the coming of Jesus, on fire; are the Kriegler report on the disputed presidential polls and the Waki's report on the post election violence that rocked the country in 2007. But we are praying God to intervene that no more bloodshed occurs in my country Kenya again.

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