Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the laborers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest - Luke 10:2.


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By Pastor Nadeem Saleem

Pastor Nadeem Saleem (M.A Political Science and M.A English) is chairman and Founder of Alpha and Omega Ministries of Pakistan. He has Completed his Biblical education from Logos College and Assemblies of God and is working as a Assistant pastor with �FGA" He is also an English Language Teacher for Bible Students. Pastor Nadeem also have been serving as a vice principal for five years at the Christian school, Franciscan School,  two years at St. Thomas School and one year at Lahore Lyceum. He is also running two evening schools for poor children in Lahore city and one in a village of Okara City. He is also running the Christian news channel in Pakistan as well. Pastor Nadeem is also a Translator and has translated � Prosperity� � Freedom of forgiveness� and �Life Above the Negativity� and his next project is to translate "Debunking Generational Curses."

His vision is to reach the un-reached millions of Pakistan through Gospel crusades, evangelistic outreaches, literature outreach, mass media, sports, educational institutes, native missionaries and to plant a dynamic church in every out-reached community and the least evangelized areas of Pakistan that does not have a Gospel witness. Pastor Nadeem feel a special burden for poor children and the young people of Pakistan and he is striving hard with his team to lead people to salvation.

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Prayer Needs:

Pray for the very severe Islamic propaganda of Islam on Christianity in Pakistan which is trapping many Christian into their net.

Pray that our native believers become more strong in faith and knowledge on how to disciple the believers on how to guarding their faith.

Pray for the strong fellowship of Pakistani Pastors regardless of denominations that they could work for the Lord sincerely without any greed or competition.

Pray for the people of Pakistan that they will avoid taking loan from others which entangles and compromise their lives and bring them into financial bondage.

Pray for the believers in Pakistan that will do their part as the body of Christ to grow the body and support the work of the gospel.

Pray for the eradication of poverty, unemployment and terrorism in Pakistan.

Pray for areas of stronghold in Pakistan that do not yet have established churches.

Pray for the children that are without education and basic needs of life.

Pray that we would succeed in building a small school system in the City of Okara and other places.

Pray for the orphans, poor, widows, rejected and needy people of Pakistan and for their spiritual and social needs.

Pray that The kingdom of Lord be expanded in Pakistan and every corner of Pakistan be equipped with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




Mushtaq Masih first BSM Micro Finance Loan receiver started earning from Business.


Praise the Lord that Mushtaq Masih who is the first man to receive loan has not started his own business of Fruits and Vegetables successfully but also able to start earring. How wonderful thing is this that this kiln worker who is generation slaved has started earning and the day will come when he will be able to pay back all money to owner and will not only be free but his next generation as well.


Mushtaq Masih in his new Shop with his own Business through Micro Finance Loan.


So, Please remember Mustaq Masih in your prayers and so his business so that he may continue to grow his business.




BSM Projector Shows Progress Report

September 2009-May2011


Total Projector Shows

Total Attendence

Total Saved

Total Mobile Bible Schools

Total Bible School Students

Total East       57










Total West     13










Grand Total         70






Please must read how BSM Multimedia Projector Shows Changing lives and families.


BSM Multimedia Projector Shows not only changing Lives and families but it also cause to change next generation. Irfan a young man  of 17 years old along with his two daughters and 2 brothers belong to the most back ward village of Kasur named as Marlay where first BSM Multimedia Projector Show was done. When Irfan attended the Projector show , it changed his life along with his whole family which not only led them to attend BSM Village Mobile Bible School but it sparkled the ray of hope in their lives to move further. When BSM Video Bible started in Lahore they were keen to graduate from Bible School but it was hard for them to come from far off village and there was God plan for them and God made a way for them to shift in Lahore where now Mr. Irfan and his two young daughters Shazia and Rehana are being graduated from BSM Video Bible College. Part time, Irfan is now doing Job and his family progressing in all way and impacting the other lives in village and City.




Thanks God for more 80 souls that have come to Christ in this Projector show that we held in the oldest historical city of Pakistan Harapa, Pakistan (Held on 31may 2011).


I am glad to give kudos to old woman that can't read Bible but now she is eager to hear and now she can do that through this. Halleluiah!!!!!!!!!


People said that the sermon What is my Cross has touched their lives and even saved people said that we now can feel what it means to carry our cross and become real Christians not name only.

Here is the video report.


BSM Micro Finance

A project of Revival Church International

by: Pastor Nadeem Saleem

Empowerment Program for

Poor, distress and   Bricks Maker People


History / Justification Background


                        Every one knows the current situation of brickyard in Pakistan. Bricks maker pass their life as a slave. Christians are among the poorest of citizens in Pakistan, and often their only resource is to borrow from wealthy Muslims. But when they are unable to repay the debts, the alternative can mean a lifelong sentence of indentured servitude. Through a survey report at brickyard in Pakistan, all of the workers that he meet were Christians who worked long, grueling days to pay off family debts�some that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Many of the workers, including children, labor more than 10-12 hours a day to reach their daily quota of 1,000 bricks. But at the end of the day, there isn�t even much nourishing food to eat, or any comfortable place for them to lay their heads and rest.

Bonded labor in the brickyards is a tragic fact of life for far too many Christians. The money couldn�t have come at a better time. You finally received the loan you had been hoping and praying for, and you were glad to know that you were able to pay for your daughter�s marriage. There was no way you would have been able to do it otherwise, but it was an important thing, an obligation, to provide for her dowry. The money also bought some desperately needed things for the rest of your family.

But your joy was short-lived, because you knew that it would be a long, long time before you could repay such a debt � if ever. The meager salary that you earned each week barely paid for the most basic necessities for your family, let alone to repay such a large amount of money to someone else. In the midst of your never-ending struggle to survive, the temporary relief the loan brought you quickly turned to despair. You are forced into your only option to repay the debt, and the money has now become the source of a lifelong sentence: grueling, backbreaking work in a brickyard. To make matters worse, your entire family, including your spouse and children, must also endure life in the brickyard right alongside you.

Discrimination is everywhere, say the Christians who work in the brickyard and live in the poor neighborhoods allotted to them. It exists from childhood, when education is denied or limited, and includes lack of employment opportunities and political rights.

Some time brickyard owners use their power and raped their girls. But people nothing arise their voice. Unfortunately in Pakistani Culture these misshapen think a stigma and people know that if they put up case then no one do marriage with her. They try to avoid this. Although it�s a wrong but they are unaware from human rights.

In some cases owners pushed they force converging to in Islam. Because; they have been trapped and they accept their religion.

Slavery is a social institution which makes certain human beings of the goods, or, like says it Aristotle, �a kind of animated property�.

The owner has his slave like a good or a thing, and can require of him work and other services without any restriction. He can refuse freedom to act to him and to move. He has the right to separate the members from the same family and to refuse a marriage. Slavery is thus a report of domination based on the threat and violence.


BSM have given first Non Profit and Non interest Loan to Mushtaq Masih.


It is very pleasure to tell you that today 30th May,2011, BSM has given loan first time in Pakistan to Mushtaq Mish a Kiln worker to bring hope in him and his family. He intend to start fruit business  in $200 and will sell like hawkers.  Please read his testimony.


 Testimony from Mushtaq Masih


My name is Mushtaq Maish and I am 39 years old. My wife name is Amina and I live in Bricks Kiln Kot Haji Najab Khan kasur Road, Talwandi. I have four children. My Eldest  daughter name is Mehwish who is 14 years old and she has to work in Muslims houses to live on.  I am bricks kiln worker. My other son name is Faisal who is 11 years old and then Asher who is 7 years old and these two sons have to work in bricks kiln place with me for nothing because they are slaved as I have taken loan from the owner of bricks kiln and has to work in full sun shine with my these children. these two sons can play like other children , can not study like other children, even their children will be slaved as well until we come out of this hell. My smallest daughter  name is Muskan who is 4 years old and she is growing with many hopes but who knows that she is also slaved.

One day, when I was attending Multimedia Projector show in Talwandi village, I was very upset at that time, and after the sermon I promised that God, I will carry on my cross in every situation but I also prayed God my elder daughter is under Muslims hands, My two sons are slaved with me. my other small girl will be soon. I asked God, that time is coming soon when my wife and I will have desire that Mehwish be married in good family but she is slaved like us in Muslims hands so God can you pull our family out of this hell. I wept, I said God, please give my family freedom, make a way for us.

After the projector Show, Pastor Nadeem came to me, he asked me to come to my office, when I came and met him, he asked me do you want to start your own business. I said, what!!!!!!!!! my own business. How can I do that. Then he told me about Microfinance's. I quickly assumed that its God who is talking with me through this.

 I saw ray of hope to get myself and my children free from the slavery. I could not speak but cried, thanks God! you heard me. I quickly told Pastor Nadeem that I intend to do business of fruit and vegetables  and I would do it in part time, and as business grow, I would start leaving the bricks kiln and will put our my family out of it.

When I received the loan and it was in my hand, I said, You people are like Moses for me because I and my whole family is in slavery like in Egypt and through this act, I can see that not only me but many others like me will be delivered from the slavery as well.

I also now have come to know that our God is live and He hear our prayers. he has heard mine as well.


Mushtaq Maish.

Prayer Request


Please pray that God open doors and we could uplift many poor people like him in Pakistan so that they could come out of slavery and could live satisfactory Christian life.

$200 to start business can change Generations as Mushtaq Mish is hoping to change his family.

Let's pray and lets free the people as Christ has given us freedom.



Praise the Lord! We are continuing to save lives and bring people from all corners of Pakistan through Multimedia Projector Show.

Praise the Lord that today 200 souls made decision for Christ in Khanawala village, Pakistan

Here is the video report



I am so excited to inform you that we have inaugurated our fourth BSM  Educational school in Kiln work place of Pakistan where children have no way to read and write we took another step to reach education there.

Written reports and details coming soon.

Here is the video of the inauguration of this school.



I am sharing today Projector Show report (23 May 2011) in Mirwali village, Pakistan with you. Praise the God for more 68 lives that made decision for Christ. My heart is full of joy for these souls.


Here is the video report



We have launched our Video Bible College Today at Revival Church International-BSM. 40 students attended the first class today and we found this Bible college very effective as most well known servants of God are the professors in this Video Bible college that is the project of ISOM.


Today's lecture was on the "Foundation of Faith" and the students learnt a lot today. They were also given different kinds of assignment to do. One student who already completed one year diploma somewhere else, said to me after the class, " I think, I did waste my previous one year, I wish this college would have started from last year". One student said to me, I feel, I am sitting at the most high level of Bible college in the world. Another said, vow! it's amazing class with wonderful teaching.


S, here we go with your prayers. Here is the video link of our first class today.



I am so excited to tell you about the Multimedia Projector show that we held yesterday 16-05-2011 on Monday..

This Projector show was conducted the most nearest area to India and if you just cross the water you will see at the beginning of the video, the territory of India. We were amazed to know that we were the first to reach this area where 70 precious lives have come to Christ. After the sermon one family was weeping and came tell me that their one son convert to Islam so please pray for her. When I asked the reason why it happened the family informed me that this area is totally unaware of Jesus and so Muslims trapped the Christians easily> This made me to realize the importance of our team being there and we thank God that we are really reaching to the unreached of Pakistan.


So, please keep praying for the Arif family and for all lives that has come to Christ.

Here is the video report of this projector show.




Wow!!!!!!!!! God you are great!

I am very excited and happy to inform you that since September 2010 to now, we are reaching to the darkest areas of Pakistan through the Multimedia Projector shows, where "What is my Cross" sermon is being showed. Guess what!!!!!!!


So far 14,478 people have attended the Projector shows in 65 villages of Pakistan and 8,000 lives have come to Christ. Amen! Thanks to God for this wonderful result.


I am attaching complete  Excel report of these projector shows.


The report also tells about the follow up for these people. We conduct Mobile Bible Schools, and also educational schools after the projector shows. You can figure out this in the PDF report as well.


Please continue to pray as we have target to leave no darkest areas of Pakistan.

Prayer changes things so keep praying.


you can also watch all these 65 projector shows on our website. Some have not been linked up and will be updated soon.


  1   Educational Schools
  2   Bible Schools
  3   Projector Shows West
  4   Baptisim
Village Name Date Month Total People Saved
Tolo Wala 29-09-2009 September 350 300
Okara 002/10/2009 October 1000 300
Jodh Singh 27-11-2009 November 250 150
Marlay 20-11-2009 November 200 170
Kharay 21-12-2009 December 300 170
Talwandi 18-12-2009 December 130 130
Bahmani wala 10/12/2009 December 200 170
Soway Asal 18-01-2010 January 250 100
Kacha Paka 27-01-2010 January 200 100
Man 30-01-2010 January 250 150
Sha Pur 22-02-2010 February 350 200
New Mir 13-02-2010 February 110 80
Padian Usman 009-02-2010 February 150 100
Bhamani Wala 29-03-2010 March 350 180
Manga Mandi 30-04-2010 April 1400 1000
Gazi Road 26-04-2010 April 200 140
Fate Pur 22-04-2010 April 500 120
Latif Pura 20-04-2010 April 170 60
Francis Town 17-05-2010 May 220 160
Loharan Wala 24-05-2010 May 116 116
Shahdra 31-05-2010 May 110 90
Iqbal Town 14-06-2010 June 230 140
Sakandar Pura 21-06-2010 June 170 170
Khanay Harni 26-06-2010 June 180 140
Roday Wali 23-07-2010 July 105 60
Kangan pur 26-07-2010 July 210 160
Manak Village 30-07-2010 July 170 100
Polay Wala 009-08-20101 August 108 80
Ganda Singh 18-08-2010 August 275 105
Lakhnay Kay 23-08-2010 August 125 25
Kotloi,indian Boarder 006-09-2010 september 300 210
Sadar Diwan 13-09-2010 september 108 70
Qadi Wind, Bhtha No.2 27-09-2010 september 200 78
Landay Wala 7/10/2010 October 117 87
Khoday Pind 10/10/2010 October 85 70
Haji gaga 10/21/2010 October 128 39
Sandhay 11/9/2010 November 200 140
Rohray Wala,Faislabad 11/25/2010 November 300 145
Makhan Colony 12/6/2010 December 40 7
Rasool Pura 12/1/2010 December 140 47
Bhobatian Pind 12/4/2010 December 45 12
Fat-e-Abad 12/10/2010 December 300 245
Patha sohan wala 12/15/2010 December 170 56
Shamirpur 12/27/2010 December 100 21
Mochi Pura 1/5/2011 January 53 30
Roshen Bhalee 1/12/2011 January 200 101
Bagheel Singh 1/19/2011 January 230 170
Shekhupura 1/20/2011 January 70 39
Gulab Colony 1/22/2011 January 245 150
Gatti Station,Faislabad 1/26/2011 January 230 110
Raja Jung 2/2/2011 February 215 100
Bhaila 2/8/2011 February 148 82
Bahadar Pura 2/9/2011 February 130 100
Bhalay kay khurd 2/18/2011 February 300 75
Bangla near Bhatha 2/17/2011 February 150 75
Talab Saraye 2/24/2011 February 230 25
Bagri Village  3/7/2011 March 300 200
Noshra Village 4/4/2011 April 75 35
Bahamna Bad 4/11/2011 April 300 170
Indian another area 4/15/2011 April 200 80
Moran wala,Shaurkpur 4/19/2011 April 250 60
Shaikhupura,Pakistan 4/24/2011 April 100 30
Majid Wala Patha 5/2/2011 May 120 80
Mohala No.2,Talwandi 5/9/2011 May 250 60
Patha No.1,Qadiwind 5/11/2011 May 70 35
    Total 14478 8000



I am so excited to share with you BSM projector show that was done in Majid kay Pathay ( Kiln fire work place) on 2 May 2011 where 120 lives have come to Christ. Also, 3 Muslims women also heard this sermon and watched all projector show. I believed that , that would be a source of blessings for them. Here is the video report.




Today we have fed the 12 needy, poor widows in our church from Pennies from Heaven. Here is the PowerPoint.


Here is our short video of our Baptism that were given on 11 April 2011.  Please watch and celebrate these lives. Here is the video.




I am Blessed to share this Multimedia projector show report where more than 60 people gave their lives to Christ out of 250.

It was held on 18th of April 2011. Also the children were also blessed by the Cartoons of David.

No Fear, we will face the giant, said the children. Here is the video report




Here are photos of Pastor Nadeem and some believers in Pakistan who are celebrating Palm Sunday. We hear so much bad reports about Pakistan but look at this good report.


















I want to share this video report of projector show for which I am thankful to God for more 80 lives to Christ.


I am sharing a wonderful video of your projector show in Marlay village in Pakistan on 9th March, during the stay of Rev. Betty Swann in Pakistan. Here is the video link.



I am excited to tell you more 140 lives out of 245  that came to today Projector show. Here is the video report.



I am glad to tell you that today we have given baptism to 50 people. Here are a few photos. Amen!
Pastor Nadeem.







Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

I am so happy to share the report of our BSM Graduation Ceremony where more than 100 villagers have been graduated from "BSM Village Mobile Bible School."

I believe that many of them will be and are future leaders in Pakistan and will raise more leaders to lead Pakistani Christian and None Christian Nation to Christ.

Here is the video report


Just want to share the video report of our Educational school in Fath-e-pur village which was visited by Bill and Mom Betty Swann in March, 2011 in Pakistan.



I want to share my powerful Sunday night in Lahore, Pakistan when Rev. Betty was here.

It was 13th of March, 2011 when the Flow of Holy Spirit went through from everyone of us.

Since that time many new lives have come to Christ.

Here is the video report



Here is the Video Report of "Learning Center for restoration of Biblical Foundation."




Here is the video of BSM School of Worship inauguration report.




View a video on our guests visit from the USA  in Pakistan. This video shows our guest at the Food help Program in Kiln. The third video is from a live projector show in Bagri Village.



Praise the Lord for the more 70 lives that came to Christ yesterday out of 215. This projector show West was held in "Bhalay kay Khurd, Pakistan" on 18th February 2011.

Here is the video report



We decided to share Sunday school reports with you as well.

These are the following activities that we do in Sunday school.


1. Prayer

2. Urdu songs

3. English Songs

4. Verses to memorize

5.Ethilca Etiquettes

6. Sermon

7. Food packets gift at the end of Sunday school.


Here is the video report


God is continue to bring lives to Him through Multimedia Projector Shows. More 100 souls decided to follow Jesus in the last projector show done on 9th Feb,2011. Please continue for these saved lives. Here is the video report


We, with your payers, are continue to bring lives to Christ. Praise the Lord for the more 80 lives out of 148 that came to Christ yesterday projector show that was done on 8th Feb,2011. Most of people from this area are magicians that accepted Lord Jesus as their savior. Here is the video report.


Just want to share this short video of our Today Sunday Service 6th February 2011. The move of Holy Spirit was there in our Church and everyone was blessed and refreshed. Here is the video link



I am glad to share with you the Projector show report East from "Raja Jung"  where more than 200 people came and more than 100 made decision for Christ. People of old age not only made decision after the sermon "What is my Cross" but also many children were touched by the cartoon message of "David and Goliath."

 Here is the video report



It is amazing, amazing to tell you that we have completed 50 Projector Shows this month.

Praise the Lord who helped us to reach to 50 different villages of Pakistan to take the Gospel and to win souls for Christ through the sermon "What is my cross"


So far  11,640 have attended and 6,783 have come to Christ. halleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please watch the 50th Projector show that was done on 26th January 2011.

Here is the video report.



Praise the Lord! On one side there is bombing and terrorism in Pakistan and on the other side the Lord is working to change the face of Pakistan. We are Thankful to Lord for more souls, 150 lives that came to Christ in the Projector Show that was done on 22 January 2011 in Gulan Colony Pakistan.

Praise the LORD! Here is the video.

I am also sharing the another Projector Show report West side where 39 lives came to Christ.

Its district Shahkupura. Here is that video.


Today was my birthday and I am so thankful to God that I got the most precious gift on this day. Yes, the most precious. 170 out of 230 came to Christ today during the Projector Show. Wow! What a great gift God gave me today on the 19th of January 2011. The sermon "What is my Cross" is still changing lives in Pakistan.  It's changing the condition of areas as well. Also, we are continuing to show the 5 Minute cartoons of Tom and Jerry on "Forgiveness" to children as well as the projector show. Here is the video link of this projector show.



This is the Inauguration Video report of another "BSM Educational School" in Fateh. e. Pur Village, Pakistan. Very excited that about 200 children showed interest for this school.

We distribute the school bags, copies, pencils, sharpners, razors to all children as well.



As you can see the work continues vigorously in Pakistan. We often hear news about the bad things that is happening there politically and other wise but how often do we hear that God is still God on the throne in Pakistan and His work continues. Pastor Nadeem is energetic and motivated for the things of God. He and his team work endlessly to feed, teach and evangelize even thought their resources are limited. Many of us have much more than we need but we do so little with it. I encourage you to support this ministry in Pakistan anyway you can. CTWM has been working with Pastor Nadeem for almost three years now and have found him to be a man of integrity and anointed of God. He puts all his proof of labor online so you can see where your support is going to. Please extend a helping hand to him. Scroll down and see the great work he is doing or go to his website and check it out. His details are above so please contact him and do what you can. CTWM wholeheartedly endorses this ministry.



Glad to tell you that we gave food to10 families today in Noshera village Pakistan.

we gave them rice, all kind of pulses, oil, salt, noodles, tea, and chips packets to children.

The families looks so happy as it was all and all for them.


Here is the video link of this food help project in Noshera,



I am sharing with you the outcome of our last Projector Show Report on 12 January, 2011. Praise the Lord that 101 lives made decision for Christ in this projector show. W also showed Tom and Jerry to Children and told them the message of forgiveness



I am glad to share this Projector show report video that was done January 5,2011.

Not many people are coming because of the sever cold these days in the villages but thanks to the Lord for the 30 souls the first fruit of this year in the first month.


This is the first time that we started showing Christian cartoons to children to bring them to Jesus and teach them the gospel. This time we showed "Tom and Jerry" on "forgiveness." Children and even older people watch it with interest and after the cartoon, I explained to them about Forgiveness according to the Bible.


Also, this happened  for first time since I have been doing projector shows. One small boy, after the projector show, came to me and said, "take this 100 rupees from my family because I and my family have loved what you told us about Jesus, forgiveness and "What is my cross."


According to the circumstances of Pakistan" the sermon "What is my cross" is not only liked all over Pakistan but it is bringing many souls to Christ as well. 1So far, 10,665 have heard this sermon and 6,213 have accept Jesus as their savior through this sermon in Pakistan. Praise the Lord.



I am glad to tell you that last Sunday we gave Baptism to 15 new People in our RCI-BSM Church. Praise the Lord!


I want to make request that please keep praying for these new Born Lives in Christ.

You can see a short video of this Baptism.



I am glad to inform you that after showing 37 Multimedia Projector Shows in East Side of Pakistan where more than six thousands have come to Christ and more than Ten Thousands have attended the Program, we have now launched the Multimedia Projector Show in the West Part of Pakistan.

Here is the video report of this Projector Show


Multimedia Projection Shows West Pakistan



I am glad to share with you about our another BSM School Inauguration that was done on 16th of  November,2010 where 102 students agreed to be a part of this school from the beginning.

we are praying to take this school to the 5 Levels.

Please see the attached PDF report of this school report.

Pakistan BSM Project Report



I am sharing a Multimedia Projector Show report of 9th November 2010.

In this projector show about 140 people made decision for Christ.


So far we have done 37 Projector Shows in 37 villages where 9,517 People have attended the Projector Shows so far and 5,660 People have come to Christ during 2009-2010.


Praise the Lord! that as we are now starting the Projector show west wing from this month then the ratio of doing projector show in more villages of Pakistan will be doubled.


More Projector shows mean, more people are attending, more are coming to Christ in Pakistan.


Here is the video report of projector show that was done on 9th November2010.






I just want to let you know that our team has new threat about the Dengue Fever in Pakistan. You can read more about Dengue Fever and virus.


The Mosquitoes that carry Dengue Virus are so common in the villages where our team go for Multimedia projector shows  and other outreach to tell the gospel of Jesus Christ. 100s of deaths have been accounted in Pakistan because of this Dengue Fever/Virus. Every hospital of Pakistan is filling with Dengue virus patients and near hospital of our ex-residence. we saw two death with our own eyes of Dengue fever.


Devil is changing its style and way to attack and make hurdle on our work. But there is victory with Jesus. Terrorism, political instability, Muslims persecution for Christian, Holy Quran matters, sick, illness, and many other viruses keep creating problems but this is your prayers that never make our team stop Evangelism through Projector Shows. So keep praying.


"Prayer Changes Things"


Pastor Nadeem



It has been a while since the last update to this webpage. There is much great news to update. Pastor Nadeem has been extremely busy in Pakistan spreading the gospel and making disciples in the villages he labors in. Here are His updates:

Email updates from Pastor Nadeem:

I am glad to tell you that we have inaugurated another "BSM Village Mobile Bible School" We are continue to establish BSM Village Mobile Bible schools in villages of Pakistan to raise and train leaders from the villages and it was our 7th Bible School in the Pakistani villages so far and by next month 8th BSM Bible school will also be inaugurated. Amen !

The "BSM Village Mobile Bible School report in PDF file.


I am glad to share with you the last projector show of  21st October, 2010 that was done in Haji Gaga, Pakistan. Not many but we are thankful to God for the 39 lives coming to Christ. Amen!


Here is the video report of this Projector Show



Recently Pastor Nadeem posted a video request on YouTube concerning helping with spreading of the gospel in his nation. He received treats from some Islamic Jihad organization. Please pray for Pastor Nadeem's work to continue unabated and unhindered. Somewhere in the world someone is laying it all down for the gospel. You can all help to further the gospel even if you can not go. Many nations only need resources that you possess to further the work. The people of each nation understands the language and the culture better than any other can. Let them do the work if they are will. Simply offer your help from afar. If they are willing to do the work then we can at least offer to get it done with what we have. Please pray for the nation of Pakistan and the believers who put their lives on the line to do so.

I have also posted a brochure to any of you who desires to connect with Pastor Nadeem's work and perhaps have your congregation form an alliance with this ministry in Pakistan as a sister ministry. This web page will show you how dedicated Pastor Nadeem is to the work of kingdom building and you will see his integrity. This is your opportunity.


I had recently sent out an email about President Obama's handling of Israeli affairs and the dividing of the state of Israel. Pastor Nadeem responded with this comment (I have his permission to post this) President Obama is called Muhammad Obama by the people of Pakistan and they believe he is a Muslim by faith.


Alpha and Omega Ministries of Pakistan Posted 2/16/09- I received information about one small building for my "Catch the Wave School of Skills and Art." We can hire a school for $1100 for 5 years with no monthly rent. On the hand for a small building we need $500 and $160 per month rent. I have found as second best opportunity. Please pray for this and If this building offer is from God, then certainly God will raise someone for this, otherwise we will go to another option for the school  building. There is one more option for own land for school with $200 per month installment in Eden land. you can learn more from  But there is time for everything and this is just our current prayer request for "Catch the Wave School of Skills and Art"
Pastor Nadeem


Pastor Nadeem has been busy these last few weeks working on food programs both for Christmas and in the city of Okara. His ministry feed the widows, orphans, and the poor of Pakistan.


I want to tell about one dream that I had. I saw that there was one Muslims organization and it had hung one sign " Israel Live Long." I asked them why they have written it as it is impossible to write this in your minds even. They replied" Time is short and we have hanged this board in order to save ourselves."

I was very happy to see this dream.


Man has reached the Moon but Christians in Pakistan cannot go to Israel to visit the Holy Land. This is indeed a sad moment for one Pakistani Christian when he hears that someone has gone and is going to Israel. I still remember when I had the chance to talk with K. Joy Sandiford while she was in Israel. It was difficult for me to compose myself as I was overjoyed to talk with her because she was in Israel. I sent the love of Pakistani Christians to the Israeli people through K. Joy. I asked her to tell them that we love and pray for them a great deal. This is how I smelled the holy scent of Israel and with love and prayer I wait patiently to visit Israel.

Just read my Passport where it is written

�This Passport is Valid for all countries of the World except Israel.

I have a few questions to Muslim People of the World. How would you feel if you were restricted from going to Saudi Arabia to pay homage to your Holy Land and do Huj or Umra etc.

In the past centuries when Jews and Muslims lived together, there was a treaty between them. According to this Treaty the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) asked that all Jews would have equal rights as Muslims and if any common enemy attacks �Medina� a joint attack from Muslims and Jews would be imposed on the enemy. Your Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) also had a very good business relationship with the Jews and he enjoyed sitting and eating with them.

Why is it difficult for my Muslim brothers to remember and follow this love once expressed in the past by their leader . Today Muslims hate the Jews to the point where they cannot bear to hear their name. Why such hatred that even now there is this restriction of Pakistani Christians from visiting the Holy Land of Israel?

If you cannot love the Jews or allow the Pakistani Christians to go to Israel, then at least remember the previous actions and treaty of your past leader and his good relationship to the Jews and follow it as well. But our hope is yet in the word of God.   

Isaiah 2:2
And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.


Facts and Information about Pakistan

Pakistan is the third largest Islamic nation in the world with more than 150 million souls. 97.2 % of the population is Muslim. Christians make up 2 % of the population and suffer more than any other ethnic or religious group. But in fact, Christians are not 2% but more than 10% and Christian leaders have registered a case for this that a true census of Christians should be done again. Pakistan is in the very heart of the 10/40 window, the geographic area where 95 % of the un-reached people of the world live. Between India and Afghanistan,

Pakistan is a strategic nation. After the September 11 attack, Pakistan has become the focus of the world. Pakistan is a country with different cultures, languages, people groups, economical backgrounds etc. Pakistan has a desperate need for assistance in evangelism, Church planting, literature outreach, leadership training and strengthening the local Church. 97 % of the newly planted churches and new believers need a place to worship and fellowship. A shortage of Bibles, Gospel literature, faith-based books, leaders and training material makes it difficult for Christians in Pakistan to grow in their faith and sustain relationship with Christ. More than a half of Pakistan's population has never heard about Jesus.

Pakistan is an Islamic country, ruled by Islamic law. Christians of Pakistan makes up a sizeable population with more than ten million souls. But they have to face religious discrimination, religious intolerance, oppression, social subjugation and economic deprivation. 40 key posts are restricted for Christians in Pakistan Therefore Christians are less privileged and backward. And there is 295c law on Christians (the law of blasphemy) and up to this point thousands of innocents Christians have been sentenced to death through this law. The growing body of believers continually struggles under government persecution, because it is officially illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. Since the country's blasphemy law was created in 1991, an offended Muslim can accuse a Christian on almost any grounds. False and arbitrary accusations of speaking against the Quran or Muhammad are a common practice by Muslim fundamentalists. In the persecuted environment of Pakistan, 90 % of the churches are not truly established. The majority of existing churches need buildings for fellowship, they meet in open air. Native missionaries make great sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel. Many times they go without food and travel hundreds of kilometers just to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to other areas. In some parts of Pakistan, Muslim fundamentalists attack them and forced them to quit their work as well as faith. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to faithfully serve the Lord

Islam may be the greatest challenge before the Church in this century, but it may also represent the largest potential harvest. There are one and one-quarter billion Muslims in the world, nearly 25% of the world population. Most have never heard the Gospel of God's grace in Christ Jesus. Instead they follow a religion based entirely on works and judgment. If we don't bring the grace of God into that world, the hostilities of this decade will only grow and intensify. Politics will not resolve this issue; only the Church has the answer.
This is harvest time and the fields are truly white and ready for harvest. Let's take the message of God's saving and healing power to the ends of the earth and bring in a mighty harvest of souls for God's glory. Together we can make a difference in the lives of millions for eternity.
We would like to request you to take part in this greatest harvest in any Islamic nation. It will be a blessing for us to partner with you for His glory. Please pray for this Godly vision and join hands with us for national transformation under the power of the Holy Spirit.
This is harvest time and the fields are truly white and ready for harvest. Let's take the message of God's saving and healing power to the ends of the earth and bring in a mighty harvest of souls for God's glory. Together we can make a difference in the lives of millions for eternity.

What happening with Believers in Pakistan?

As you might have read little about believers in Facts and information about Pakistan that they are undergoing persecution in many areas. I still remember the warning of Taliban in Pashawar area for the believers that we either leave the area or get ready to die. Muslim looks down on believers. It has happened with me that once I drank from the mosque and I was warned not to spoil the water  again. As I mentioned before that 295c law is a sword on Christians and no one knows when and who  will fall prey to this law without any reason. Our female believers have been raped number of times and police did not even registered the case. Many Christian young girls because of poverty are compelled to work in Muslims houses and they have to face their lusty behavior. It is very hard and dangerous for our believers to preach among Muslims as the punishment is death. I salute many believers in Pakistan that are preaching the Gospel without any fear of death. I myself is working on one website to cope with Muslims propaganda with Christians in Pakistan and I know when they find out they will come to kill me.

On the other hand, many believers in Pakistan that are working sincerely for Lord have to face severe financial crisis and lack of facilities to reach the unreached yet they do their best and they deserve a lot of appreciation.

But we are thankful to the Lord that in big cities of Pakistan, the situation is changing and the Lord is sifting the hearts of many Muslims as they have admired the loving attitude of Christian people in Pakistan.

General Prevaiz Musharaff (Ex. President of Pakistan ) said! When the earthquake came.

�These are the Christians in Pakistan and from abroad that headed first to help our Muslims Brothers in their critical situation.�

God knows how to appreciate His people through Kings that are not from us.

Catch the Wave Ministry and Pakistan

The Lord connected me with K. Joy Sandiford from Catch the Wave Ministries for some specific purpose and the purpose that after prayers and communication with her proved to be very unique and needed. I obtain from her these words spoken for Pakistan.

"I also firmly believe that each nation must win their own to the Lord "

"Africa must be won by Africans, Pakistan must be won by Pakistanis" (By K. Joy Sandiford)

It is true that many Pakistani people and other nations like Pakistan think that when missionaries will come from United States, UK, Germany or Canada then we can work better to reap the harvest and win the souls for Christ. Unfortunately. People in Pakistan also believe that when a foreign evangelist or missionary place his or her hand on him/her then he/she will be healed.

I would like all Pakistani to read the following article of �K.Joy Sandiford� in this Endeavour. 

(From K. Joy Sandiford)  For decades evangelicals felt that it was the responsibility of the west and European nations to bring in the harvest of the world. In truth it is really each nation's responsibility to bring in their own harvest. We enable the nations when we go and try to do it for them. Our job is to carry the gospel unto the utmost parts of the world. "Carry the gospel" and "make disciples." The emphasis is also on "make disciples" because the disciples we make are those intended by the Spirit of God to do the hard labor in the harvest. The nation's disciples are those familiar with the lay of the land, the language, customs, and know what oppositions to expect and how to deal with them. Paul never lingered in a country longer than 2 years but he always left a body of believers established to do the work. Africa must be won by Africans, Asia by Asians, South America by South Americans, Europe by Europeans and so on. Each nation must ask God for strategies specific to their own needs and culture. This is how you will reap fruit that will remain. Catch a wave of strategies for your nation and take advantage of the time God has given us. Encourage each other, stir up the gifts in yourselves and spur on your fellow believers by example. Our job is to plant seeds, water what has been planted - make disciples and it is the Holy Spirit that will bring the increase. We spend so much time trying to force the increase to the point where we lose the harvest. Too often in the stores I find the fruits and vegetables not sweet or under ripe. It is because harvesters are picking the produce too soon and the fruits and vegetables not having enough time on the tree or vine finish the process on store shelves. The fruits and vegetable we purchase then lack vitamins and nutrients needed from the sun. You see, we must let the fruits stay a bit longer in the SON until the time of harvest and the Holy spirit will bring them in ready for the long haul. Turn now your attention to your nations needs and seek God on its behalf. Let us all work while there is still day. Remember, each part of the body serves a different function. Do not deny the brethren from doing their part. Some will plant, some will water. Put yourselves today in the path of the unbeliever and have in your mind the word of God ready to give every man an answer. Let your heart break for your nation and trust that God will prepare the believers there to do a capable job for it is God who works in them.  Let us all go now to our own fields and if given the opportunity to labor along side another nation do not enable them but do as Paul did, preach the gospel, make disciples and encourage the brethren to stir up their gifts and go to work their own fields. Do not linger longer than He intends for you to. The harvest is not intended to be yours but His.

May this year bring an increase in the harvest and may you find your way in His plan of salvation to the lost in your nation and where ever God leads you.

Joy with the joy of the Lord

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